The following "position papers" were written by Dr. Greer over the past eight years to either summarize the state of our understanding of UFO/ETI issues or to provide briefing documents for members of the government or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They are divided into three main topical sections consisting of:

    1. Background and history

    2. The need for disclosure

    3. The implications of disclosure

Although they can be read in any sequence, in order to really grasp the depth and complexity of the whole UFO/ET issue, we recommend that you read them in the sequence they are listed. The sharp reader will find some repetition in some of the articles a result of the fact they were written as standalone documents for different audiences over a several year period.

In a number of the papers, our disclosure effort is mentioned. This refers to the mid-1990s efforts of the Disclosure Project to bring the whole UFO/ET issue to the attention of world leaders. The project held a major closed congressional briefing in April, 1997 to urge congress to hold congressional hearings with witnesses in order to bring the reality of the subject to the attention of the media, government, academics, and the public. No one in congress was brave enough to urge that hearings be held at that time.

There are other papers written by Dr. Greer on this subject that are not included in this Disclosure document due to space restrictions. Some of them can be found on the Disclosure Project website or in Dr. Greer’s book.

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5.1 Need for Disclosure and Dangers of Continued Secrecy

5.1.1 Operational Readiness and the Unidentified Flying Object/Extraterrestrial Intelligence (UFO/ETI) Subject: Why Military and National Security Leaders
Have a Need To Know

Steven M. Greer M.D., 22 August 1998


Key military and national security leaders have been inadequately informed on the UFO/ETI subject due to its management under Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPS). This lack of information has resulted in substantial national security risks. The risk of inadequate and/or dangerous actions by uninformed or misinformed leaders is greatly increased by the lack of in-depth briefings and discussions on this subject. Key areas of operational readiness are thus placed "at risk" by these leaders being dangerously uninformed or misinformed on such matters as the following:

Senior military leaders and senior national security leaders, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National Security Council, Senior Watch Officers in the National Military Command Center, key Congressional leaders, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Central Intelligence, among others, clearly have a need-to-know regarding the issues above.

Background and Introduction:

Since 1990, the Disclosure Project, a non-profit research organization based in the United States, has been conducting original research into the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). In 1991, an initial Comprehensive Assessment was completed and since that time the Disclosure Project has been investigating the subject through real-time field expeditions throughout the world and through the identification of scientific evidence and information sources with direct knowledge of the subject. Sources for our information and subsequent assessments include:

    • Collection of retrospective evidence with thousands of case reports, including military and civilian pilot encounters, military and civilian radar contact with these objects, landing trace cases, photographic and videotape evidence and thousands of pages of declassified government documents;

    • Extensive interviews with several dozen scientists, military and civilian witnesses in intelligence and other programs and civilian research witnesses who have been involved in covert programs. These witnesses have had direct, personal knowledge of UFO/ETI events and covert programs, including the retrieval and reverse engineering of extraterrestrial spacecraft and the covert applications of technological breakthroughs resulting from possession of these spacecraft.

The above sources and research have resulted in a number of assessments regarding the subject in general and national security implications in particular. These are provided as separate attachments to this document.

Overview of UFO-Related USAPs:

While tight compartmentation of intelligence and programs is often needed to maintain security of sensitive operations, excessive classification and compartmentation poses a threat to national security and military readiness and is contrary to Presidential directives. In the case of the UFO/ETI subject, extreme secrecy and multiple levels of special compartmentation has existed since the 1940s. This extreme secrecy, together with the special nature of the technologies involved, has resulted in a potentially dangerous situation with respect to lack of oversight of actions not in the national interest, significant degradation in military readiness to deal with events related to ETI/UFO and total lack of Congressional oversight.

The nature of the covert entity/USAP which currently manages the UFO matter is described in the above paper "Unacknowledged" in section 3.4. Briefly, this unusual USAP has the following characteristics:

    • Global in scope

    • Multiple levels of sub-compartmentalization

    • Primarily based in the civilian, privatized contracting/work-for-others sectors

    • Runs parallel to and generally separate from conventional government, military and intelligence programs, including other sensitive USAPs/black projects

    • Exists as a hybrid entity which draws from high technology corporations and compartmented, government, intelligence and military operations, but which in effect functions as an independent, separate entity

    • Apparently is controlled by no single branch of conventional government, military service or agency

    • In general, access to this project is by project-controlled inclusion and access has little to do with the individual’s position in government, military rank or position in the traditional (constitutional) chain of command

    • After nearly 60 years of studying advanced extraterrestrial technologies from retrieved ET devices, the group that controls this USAP possesses substantial technologies that may present a threat to conventional military assets and to world security in general

    • Funding for these operations is derived both from the so-called "black budget" and from "creative," non-governmental sources

    • Maintenance of secrecy/control over this project has been at all costs and has consistently violated legal, constitutional oversight and checks and balances and the rights of U.S. citizens

Discussions with a sitting Director of Central Intelligence, senior White House staff, senior members of Congress serving on key, relevant committees, senior military staff in the US and UK, among others, has shown that access to projects related to UFOs / ETI is not related to position or constitutional law. Five star Admiral and former UK Minister of Defense, Lord Hill-Norton has confirmed that a similar arrangement exists in the United Kingdom. Directed inquiry by such officials has not resulted in disclosure, even when the request originated from the office of the President of the United States.

Why Key Military and National Security Leadership Need to Know:

There are several inter-related aspects of the UFO/ETI issue, which necessitate key military, intelligence and national security leaders knowing about this matter. Failure by such leaders to be adequately informed has resulted in a situation wherein important decisions and actions may be made which could result in extremely undesirable outcomes. The capabilities of the UFO/ETI USAP allow for widespread deception of chain-of-command leadership and for surprise scenarios, which could be catastrophically misinterpreted.

Moreover, while there is no objective evidence that the non-human life forms behind the genuine extraterrestrial events are at all hostile towards the Earth or humanity in general, events could be - and more importantly we understand have been - negatively misinterpreted, leading to unwarranted human military actions against such ET assets. Such actions constitute a genuine world security threat about which conventional military and civilian leadership is unaware. In order to avoid the potential for future human military actions, which could lead, to a dangerous escalation of events, it is imperative that military and national security leadership be adequately informed on this subject.

Below is a brief summary of scenarios and activities, which illustrate why such leaders have an immediate need to know on this matter:

  • Misidentification of UFO/Extraterrestrial assets. Since there are both genuine extraterrestrial and look-alike human engineered ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) assets, the risk for confusion and misidentification is real. Such confusion could result in actions that could then lead to unintended results (See also False Indications and Warnings below).

  • Surprise by extraterrestrial object. In the past, senior military commanders have been surprised by the sudden appearance of extraterrestrial objects and have taken hostile actions towards them. For example, in October of 1981, such an object appeared off of the eastern seaboard, triggering pandemonium in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) Command Center. This object, estimated 300 feet in diameter and disc shaped, was able to rapidly move, in one radar sweep from an area off the coast of Newfoundland to off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. During this daylight event, the U.S. Atlantic Fleet Command Center went to Condition Zebra alert ("Stripes") and orders were given by NORAD to the CINC, ADM Harry Train, to identify this object and even force it down if necessary. Fighters were scrambled from land and sea-based forces and, while one fighter got close enough to clearly photograph the object, it moved in the span of one radar sweep from off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia to an area in the Atlantic Ocean near the Canary Islands, turned upward at a 60 degree angle, and left the Earth’s atmosphere. This situation, which resulted in surprise to the CINC, chaos on the Command Center Floor, and orders to force down the object (which could have had catastrophic consequences) could have been avoided with concept and scenario briefings to top military leaders and the development of clear "Special Rules of Engagement" (ROEs) for these unique situations.

  • Misinterpretation of Extraterrestrial Actions. It is our assessment that more that one extraterrestrial civilization is involved in reconnaissance of the Earth and in surveillance of global military developments. In the past, extraterrestrial concern over weapons of mass destruction has led to technological demonstrations at certain strategic sites, such as SAC ICBM facilities at Minot ND in November of 1975, which had its strategic launch capabilities inerted. Similar neutralization, we understand, occurred in the USSR. While such an event would understandably generate human military concern, it is important for such events to be interpreted in a broader context, which is non-anthropocentric. While one view may hold that this action demonstrated extraterrestrial hostility, it is more likely that, given the event’s non-violent nature, that it was intended to be a message of great concern over such globally destructive weapon systems. Unless leadership is adequately briefed on this subject, the potential for a catastrophic misinterpretation of extraterrestrial actions and intentions exists.

  • Extraterrestrial concern over space-based military assets. It is our understanding that the extraterrestrial view of human military assets being placed in space is very unfavorable and that in the recent past certain events have taken place which underscore this ET viewpoint. U.S. Space Command and other military entities dealing with space or which interface with and depend upon space-based assets need to be aware of this concern. It appears that ET concern is based on the increasing militarization of space, combined with a continued high level of human warfare and violence and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. There is also reason to believe that covert USAP programs are targeting ET assets with increasing frequency and efficacy (see below).

  • Multiple credible first-hand military and intelligence program witnesses have described covert USAP utilization of advanced weapons systems to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial spacecraft. Such events have apparently increased in frequency and accuracy since the 1980s. If true, this constitutes a grave national and world security crisis about which key leaders have an urgent need to know. In light of the testimony that we have heard, simple denials that such events are not occurring or are somehow justified are not sufficient grounds to dismiss these reports or take a hands-off approach. Key military and national security leaders need to fully investigate this matter and produce a full assessment of the situation for the National Command Authorities (NCA), the Chairman, Joints Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), and key congressional leadership.

  • Multiple, military and civilian witnesses involved in covert programs dealing with this subject and having first-hand personal knowledge have corroborated reports of UFO/ETI related USAPS’ intent to utilize reverse-engineered ET based technologies to stage (hoax) ET events of a violent nature. The existence of a very powerful covert USAP which possesses extraordinarily advanced technologies capable of materialization/dematerialization, faster-than-light travel, antigravity propulsion and related systems is in itself a direct threat to conventional and constitutional military and national security leadership and control. Such an entity, unless fully under direct, legal and constitutional chain of command oversight, and control, has great potential for abuse, deception and manipulation of traditional governmental leadership. For example, an important intelligence witness has described the planned use of ARVs in a false indications and warnings scenario in which the ARVs would attack conventional military assets to make it appear that we were being attacked by hostile extraterrestrial life forms. If military and national security leaders do not know of such covert human capabilities, they could be deceived by such a scenario and could then issue orders for unwarranted and potentially catastrophic counter-measures against genuine ET assets.

  • Sub-electromagnetic, non-linear communications systems of extraterrestrial origin which interface directly with consciousness and thought have been reverse-engineered by covert USAPs and can be used against civilian and military leadership in False I and W scenarios. Information directly from a foreign head of state suggests that this has already occurred. Such non-linear telemetry systems, which bypass linear time/space and interface directly with mind and thought can be modified to induce hoaxed but very real experiences in target subjects. Senior military and civilian national security leaders need to know about the potential of these systems, thus minimizing the deceptive value of such systems should they be directed against them. (Alleged "Alien Abduction" experiences are largely the result of the misuse of these systems by covert USAPs.)

  • NASA, civilian astronomers and other scientists are increasingly concerned about the possibility of an Earth orbit-crossing asteroid or comet impacting the Earth. Teams at JPL and elsewhere have already detected thousands of such Earth orbit-crossing objects within our solar system. Large impacts in the past have created what is now the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay and other geological features on the surface of the Earth. Most scientists agree that it is not a question of ‘if, but ‘when’, such an impact will take place. Conventional scientists have discussed using nuclear weapons and other conventional means to avert such an impact. However, it is clear that UFO related USAPS possess technologies which are far more advanced and which could be brought to bear on this problem. This is especially true of gravity-altering technologies that could be used to change the mass effect of such an object and move it off of an Earth-intersecting course. Since such an impact could potentially terminate human civilization as we know it, senior military and civilian national security leaders should have knowledge of and access to such UFO USAP related technologies. Moreover, use of such technologies in space for such a critical and beneficial purpose may be dependent on the perception by ET s that such space deployment would be only for peaceful purposes. We understand that this is not the current perception.


    • Disclosure of the reality of the UFO/ETI subject and associated technologies would certainly alter many aspects of life on Earth, including geopolitical relations, technology, economics and the general social order. Military and national security leaders unaware of the subject cannot adequately anticipate the far-reaching implications of such a disclosure and would therefore be unprepared.

      Since the Disclosure Project and others are actively pursuing such a disclosure in the relatively near future, it is important that leaders understand these implications fully and are able to respond to the challenges of such a disclosure in an orderly manner. Should a sudden, undeniable extraterrestrial event occur, it is even more important that military and national security leaders be informed and are prepared to respond properly to the situation.

    • The energy and propulsion technologies associated with extraterrestrial spacecraft utilize the zero-point field of energy, do not rely on nuclear or internal combustion engines and are therefore non-polluting. One of the great ‘wild cards’ facing the military and national and world security leaders is the eventual exhaustion of fossil fuels and the concomitant decay in the Earth’s ecosystem. With the rapid industrialization of China, India and much of the third world, the damage to the Earth’s ecosystem will only accelerate exponentially, even as the fuel sources are more rapidly diminished. Currently, we exist as a terminal technological civilization - a serious long-term security issue indeed.

      However, the covert USAP responsible for UFO/ETI matters has already reversed-engineered energy and propulsion systems which render the internal combustion engine obsolete. We estimate that this breakthrough occurred between 1954 and 1957. Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks, prior to his death, confirmed to a Disclosure Project consultant that "we already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity..."

      Long term national security planning necessitates the eventual (and preferably near-term) release of these technologies for the benefit of mankind and the preservation of the planet. Certainly national security and military leaders should understand these technologies, which will replace the entire global energy and internal combustion infrastructure. Moreover, they should anticipate the implications related to the release of such technologies so that the transition to sustainable energy systems can be as smooth and peaceful as possible.

These are a few of the national security and military implications of the UFO/ETI subject — any one of which justifies a full briefing to leadership on the subject.


We recommend senior military and national security leaders take the following actions:

    • Receive a thorough briefing on the subject by Disclosure Project leadership and military/civilian witnesses

    • Fully brief CINCS, and develop special ROEs for ETI/UFO encounters.

    • Independently investigate the subject and penetrate USAP operations related to the subject

    • Become fully involved in covert projects related to the subject to ensure that such projects are adequately supervised and are under the direct and continuous control of the constitutional chain of command

    • Correct and/or restrain any USAPS’s covert misuse of advanced technologies or weapon systems related to UFOs.

    • Attempt peaceful, cooperative engagement of these life forms and assiduously avoid violent military engagement. The Disclosure Project has a prototype project which was been peacefully engaging ETI for over 7 years and suggests that national and international leaders adopt a similar approach

    • Carefully consider the deployment of space-based military assets in light of the above information and avoid actions, which may be viewed as bellicose or hostile by extraterrestrial life forms.

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5.2 National Security Implications of the UFO/ETI Subject: A Brief Summary

copyright Steven M. Greer, MD 30 August 1995

National Security Implications of the UFO/ETI subject are profound and far-reaching, albeit currently largely unrecognized.

These implications may be considered in separate but related aspects: those intrinsic to ET activity and those arising from current covert management of the issue.

Historical Background:

Early National Security considerations dealt with concern over public panic arising from the detection of near Earth and Earth-landed extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS)and from the technological implications of advanced Extraterrestrial material as it may impact the arms race and cold war. Additional concerns were related to the impact on religious belief systems, the political order and economic systems.

Importantly, once actual ETS were retrieved in 1947, thereby allowing Extraterrestrial hardware to be studied and back- engineered for possible human military applications, the need for complete secrecy regarding the matter was deemed paramount by authorities at that time. Given the tensions of the early atomic era and the mounting "cold war" with the USSR, it is understandable that the introduction of Extraterrestrial technology was thought to be destabilizing to an already dangerous situation. Moreover, given the history of technological secrets related to atomic and hydrogen weapons being stolen by agents of the USSR, there was understandable concern that any technological breakthrough related to Extraterrestrial technology might find its way into Soviet hands. If such an event enabled the USSR to produce actual military applications before the US, obviously this would have placed the US military capability in a potentially catastrophic disadvantage.

Since the 1970’s, we have reason to believe that a degree of cooperation on this matter has evolved with the USSR and the US and perhaps other nations. Certainly the end of the cold war has largely removed earlier concerns vis a vis technological breakthroughs and the fear of Soviet aggression.

Moreover, the psychological reasons for secrecy related to public panic are not valid today. At least 57% of the population accept that UFOs are real and are of Extraterrestrial origin. And 30-40 years of space exploration by human society has prepared the population for the possible existence of other Extraterrestrial civilizations capable of space travel. In short, the previous concerns motivating secrecy are not relevant today.

Intrinsically, there is no reason to believe that the Extraterrestrial presence poses a threat to the national or world security. If hostility and aggression were related to their purpose here, it is likely that events congruent with hostility would have transpired long before now. It is our assessment that the Extraterrestrials are not hostile, but are very concerned with human capability related to warfare and the militarization of space. Activity by Extraterrestrial assets related to the neutralization of ICBM facilities and to containing military oriented space exploration should be understood in light of their concern over a known history of human aggression that has been coupled with the advent of weapons of mass destruction and space exploration. Indeed, given the past history of human military assets focusing on and pursuing Extraterrestrial Spacecraft, we believe the Extraterrestrials have responded with remarkable restraint.

Ironically, the threat to national security exists not with the Extraterrestrial presence, but the current covert management of the subject. In the absence of Extraterrestrial hostility over 50 years, current secrecy cannot be justified on the basis of fear of Extraterrestrial aggression. A disclosure related to the Extraterrestrial presence, if calmly and rationally presented, will not cause public panic in the US or elsewhere. 1995 is not 1945, and world society has evolved to the point where this information can be assimilated in a positive fashion.

In contrast, the covert and apparently extra-constitutional management of this matter is a real threat to national and world security, and undermines constitutional freedom and democracy. Unless it is terminated, this covert management will greatly harm US national security and the chances of a lasting world peace.

It is our assessment that the current covert management of this issue involves the following elements which are a direct, immediate and ongoing threat to the national security:

  1. The continued denial of the Extraterrestrial presence creates a situation where a sudden, undeniable, public Extraterrestrial event could induce panic, since proactive disclosure efforts, which could ameliorate public fears, are non-existent. It is likely that such a public Extraterrestrial event will transpire within the next 2-10 years or sooner. Therefore secrecy and denial are a real threat to national and world security.

  2. The current covert management of this issue appears to be operating independently and outside of the constitutional chain of command. The group controlling these operations, which involve reconnaissance, Extraterrestrial technology reverse-engineering, and space-based targeting of ETS (among others) is non-responsive to congressional or Executive branch oversight and control. This constitutes a real threat to the national security and to constitutional democracy and freedom.

  3. We have credible, first hand sources who insist that extraterrestrial spacecraft have been targeted by human covert space weapons and on at least two occasions have been destroyed. If true, the risks to world peace and security are real and imminent, and the continuation of these covert activities constitutes the gravest dangers to national and world security. Hostile actions taken by human covert assets against Extraterrestrial assets constitute a grave and immediate threat to the national security. A relatively small, covert entity, acting without consultation with the United Nations, the Congress, the President of the United States or the public is engaging in actions on behalf of all humans which endanger the Earth and world peace. Unless controlled, these actions could precipitate interplanetary conflict and a disaster for the world generally and the United States specifically. This covert management must be terminated and control of this issue returned to constitutional authority and to the public domain.

  4. The concentration of the technological advances related to the reverse-engineering of Extraterrestrial technology into the hands of a small covert operation constitutes a threat to the national security, to world security and to the future of the Earth. These Extraterrestrial technologies, which have been the object of covert research and development for over 45 years, are potentially of great benefit to humanity if used wisely for peaceful purposes, but are of immense danger when concentrated into a small covert operation that is unresponsive to the pubic or the legal and constitutional chain of command. The threat this poses to the US and world security is great, and the longer this situation continues, the greater the concentration of advanced technological power in the hands of a relative few. The secret control of such powerful technologies is inherently a threat to freedom, democracy and to our nation and the world. Its utilization for covert agendas outside constitutional control represents a grave danger to our country and must be restrained and reversed.

  5. Importantly, secrecy and covert operatives per se constitute a real threat to the national security, since national security in a constitutional democracy can only be legitimately related to freedom and democratic government. Only in very rare and well-justified circumstances can extreme secrecy and covert operations exist, since by nature freedom and democracy cannot co-exist with unrestrained secrecy and secret power. The profound implications of the detection of Extraterrestrial civilizations cannot be allowed to be the exclusive domain of covert operations that are unrelated to public discourse and consultation. To do so is to undermine the US Constitution, democracy and freedom, and this constitutes a serious threat to the national security.

  6. Finally, exclusive covert control of this matter has resulted and continues to result in the loss of opportunity for the world to come to terms with the Extraterrestrial presence in a peaceful and mutually beneficial fashion. This means that the people of the world, the United Nations and other international and national institutions are deprived of the opportunity to deal rationally with this issue. National and world security are therefore negatively impacted by the loss of opportunities in the following areas:

    • The Environment, which is seriously at risk for large-scale collapse over the next 100 years, would be profoundly improved if extraterrestrial technologies could be peacefully deployed. So-called zero point or free energy systems, which are non-polluting, would permit a sustainable technological civilization to exist on Earth and would transform the Earth environmentally and economically. Establishing peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with extraterrestrial civilizations would eventually permit us to understand and apply such technologies.

      • World unity and peace will be enhanced by the global realization that we are not alone in the universe. The acknowledgement of this fact will enhance the awareness that we are really one people living on the shared homeland of Earth, and many of the conflicts currently afflicting the Earth will be seen in a new perspective. This can be achieved without either deifying or demonizing the extraterrestrial presence, but rather placing it in a fair, scientific and neutral light. Eventually, world peace and a significant enhancement in the current geopolitical situation may result from the disclosure that we are not alone. An international infrastructure, and institutions capable of dealing peacefully with relations with extraterrestrial civilizations would, of necessity, evolve, and this in turn would strengthen world unity and cooperation.

      • World culture, ideas, science and many other diverse areas may benefit through the development of peaceful relations with other worlds. While this process may take decades, if not centuries, its delay only puts off the time when the people of the Earth will be united not only globally, but with other planetary civilizations as well.

    In summary, it is imperative to the national security that the President and Congress undertake measures to terminate the secret, covert management of the UFO/ETI subject. Failure to place this matter in open, public discourse and control constitutes the gravest failure of democracy and government in the history of the world. That we do this is the test of our faith in democracy and our faith in the people. As the 21st century approaches, we must roll up the cancerous excesses of secrecy that are the legacy of the cold war and unfurl a new era wherein democracy is reaffirmed and a lasting world peace is given a chance.

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5.3  New Energy Solutions and Implications for the National Security and The Environment: A Brief Overview for the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works

Steven M. Greer M.D., October 2000

The ultimate national security issue is intimately linked to the pressing environmental crisis facing the world today: The question of whether humanity can continue as a technologically advanced civilization.

Fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine are non-sustainable both environmentally and economically - and a replacement for both already exists. The question is not whether we will transition to a new post-fossil fuel economy, but when and how. The environmental, economic, geopolitical, national security and military issues related to this matter are profound and inextricably linked to one another.

The disclosure of such new energy technologies will have far-reaching implications for every aspect of human society and the time has come to prepare for such an event. For if such technologies were announced today, it would take at least 10-20 years for their widespread application to be effected. This is approximately how much time we have before global economic chaos begins due to demand far exceeding the supply of oil and environmental decay becomes exponential and catastrophic.

We have found that the technologies to replace fossil fuel usage already exist and need to be exploited and applied immediately to avert a serious global economic, geopolitical and environmental crisis in the not-so-distant future.

In summary, these technologies fall into the following broad categories:

A number of practical applications using such technologies have been developed over the past several decades, but such breakthroughs have been either ignored due to their unconventional nature — or have been classified and suppressed due to national security, military interests and "special" interests.

Let us be clear: the question is not whether such systems exist and can be viable replacements for fossil fuels. The question is whether we have the courage to allow such a transformation in world society to occur.

Such technologies — especially those that bypass the need to use an external fuel source such as oil or coal — would have obvious and beneficial effects for humanity. Since these technologies do not require an expensive source of fuel but instead use existing quantum space energy, a revolution in the world’s economic and social order would result. These implications include:

    • The removal of all sources of air pollution related to energy generation, including electric power plants, cars, trucks, aircraft and manufacturing;

    • The ability to "scrub" to near zero effluent all manufacturing processes since the energy per se required for same would have no cost related to fuel consumption. This would allow the full application of technologies, which would remove effluent from smokestacks, solid waste from waterways, because current applications are generally restricted by their energy costs and the fact that such energy consumption — being fossil fuel based — soon reaches the point of diminishing returns environmentally;

    • The practical achievement of an environmentally near-zero impact yet high tech civilization on Earth, thus assuring the long-term sustainability of human civilization;

    • Trillions of dollars now spent on electric power generation, gas, oil, coal and nuclear power would be freed to be spent on more productive and environmentally neutral endeavors by both individuals and society as a whole;

    • Underdeveloped regions of the Earth would be lifted out of poverty and into a high technology world in about a generation — but without the associated infrastructure costs and environmental impact related to traditional energy generation and propulsion. Since these new systems generate energy from the ambient quantum energy state, trillion dollar infrastructure investments in centralized power generation and distribution would be eliminated. Remote villages and towns would have the ability to generate energy for manufacturing, electrification, water purification etc without purchasing fuels or building massive transmission lines and central power grids;

    • Near total recycling of resources and materials would be possible since the energy costs for doing so — now the main obstacle — would be brought down to a trivial level;

    • The vast disparity between rich and poor nations would quickly disappear — and with it much of the zero-sum-game mentality which is at the root of so much social, political and international unrest. In a world of abundant and inexpensive energy, many of the pressures that have led to a cycle of poverty, exploitation, resentment and violence would be removed from the social dynamic. While ideological, cultural and religious differences would persist, the raw economic disparity and struggle would be removed from the equation fairly quickly;

    • Surface roads — and therefore most road building — will be unnecessary as electrogravitic/ antigravity energy and propulsion systems replace current surface transportation systems;

    • The world economy would expand dramatically and those advanced economies such as in the US and Europe would benefit tremendously as global trade, development and high technology energy and propulsion devices are demanded around the world. Such a global energy revolution would create an expanding world economy which would make the current computer and Internet economy look like a rounding error. This really would be the tide that would lift all ships;

    • Long term, society would evolve to a psychology of abundance, which would redound to the benefit of humanity as a whole, a peaceful civilization and a society focused increasingly on creative pursuits rather than destructive and violent endeavors.

Lest all of this sound like a pipe dream, keep in mind that such technological advances are not only possible, but they already exist. What is lacking are the collective will, creativity and courage to see that they are applied wisely. And therein lies the problem.

As an emergency and trauma doctor, I know that everything can be used for good or for ill. A knife can butter your bread — or cut your throat. Every technology can have beneficial as well as harmful applications.

The latter partially explains the serious national security and military concerns with such technologies. For many decades, these advances in energy and propulsion technologies have been acquired, suppressed and classified by certain interests who have viewed them as a threat to our security from both an economic and military perspective. In the short term, these concerns have been well-founded: Why rock the global economic boat by allowing technologies out which would, effectively, terminate the multi-trillion dollar oil, gas, coal, internal combustion engine and related transportation sectors of the economy? And which could also unleash such technologies on an unstable and dangerous world where the weapons applications for such technological breakthroughs would be a certainty? In the light of this, the status quo looks good.

But only for the short term. In fact, such national security and military policies -fed by huge special interests in obvious industries and nations — have exacerbated global geopolitical tensions by impoverishing much of the world, worsening the zero-sum-game mind set of the rich vs. poor nations and brought us to a world energy emergency and a pending environmental crisis. And now we have very little time to fix the situation. Such thinking must be relegated to the past.

For what can be a greater threat to the national security than the specter of a collapse of our entire civilization from a lack of energy and global chaos as every nation fights for its share of a limited resource? Due to the long lead-time needed to transform the current industrial infrastructure away from fossil fuels, we are facing a national security emergency, which almost nobody is talking about. This is dangerous.

It has also created a serious constitutional crisis in the US and other countries where non-representative entities and super- secret projects within compartmented military and corporate areas have begun to set national and international policy on this and related matters — all outside the arena of public debate, and mostly without informed consent from Congress or the President.

Indeed this crisis is undermining democracy in the US and elsewhere. I have had the unenviable task of personally briefing senior political, military, and intelligence officials in the US and Europe on this and related matters. These officials have been denied access to information compartmented within certain projects that are, frankly, unacknowledged areas (so-called "black" projects). Such officials include members of the House and Senate, President Clinton’s first Director of Central Intelligence, the head of the DIA, senior Joint Staff officials and others. Usually, the officials have little to no information on such projects and technologies - and are told either nothing or that they do not have a "need to know" if they specifically inquire.

This presents then another problem: these technologies will not be suppressed forever. For example, our group is planning a near term disclosure of such technologies and we will not be silenced. At the time of such a disclosure, will the US government be prepared? It would behoove the US government and others to be informed and have a plan for transitioning our society from fossil fuels to these new energy and propulsion systems.

Indeed, the great danger is ignorance by our leaders of these scientific breakthroughs — and ignorance of how to manage their disclosure. The advanced countries of the world must be prepared to put systems in place to assure the exclusive peaceful use of such energy and propulsion advances. Economic and industrial interests should be prepared so that those aspects of our economy that will be adversely affected (commodities, oil, gas, coal, public utilities, engine manufacturing, etc.) can be cushioned from sudden reversals and be economically "hedged" by investing in and supporting the new energy infrastructure.

A creative view of the future — not fear and suppression of such technologies — is required. And it is needed immediately. If we wait 10 – 20 more years, it will be too late to make the needed changes before world oil shortages, exorbitant costs and geopolitical competition for resources causes a melt-down in the world’s economy and political structures.

All systems tend towards homeostasis. The status quo is comfortable and secure. Change is frightening. But in this case, the most dangerous course for the national security is inaction. We must be prepared for the coming convulsions related to energy shortages, spiraling costs and economic disruption. The best preparation would be a replacement for oil and related fossil fuels. And we have it. But disclosing these new energy systems carries its own set of benefits, risks and challenges. The US government and the Congress must be prepared to wisely manage this great challenge.

Recommendations for Congress:

    • Thoroughly investigate these new technologies both from current civilian sources as well as compartmented projects within military, intelligence and corporate contracting areas;

    • Authorize the declassification and release of information held within compartmented projects related to this subject;

    • Specifically prohibit the seizing or suppression of such technologies;

    • Authorize substantial funding for basic research and development by civilian scientists and technologists into these areas;

    • Develop plans for dealing with disclosing such technologies and for the transition to a non-fossil fuel economy. These plans should include: military and national security planning; strategic economic planning and preparation; private sector support and cooperation; geopolitical planning, especially as it pertains to OPEC countries and regions whose economies are very dependent on oil exports and the price of oil; international cooperation and security; among others.

I personally stand ready to assist the Congress in any way possible to facilitate our use of these new energy sources. Having dealt with this and related sensitive matters for over 10 years, I can recommend a number of individuals who can be subpoenaed to provide testimony on such technologies, as well as people who have information on unacknowledged special access projects within covert government operations that are already dealing with these issues.

If we face these challenges with courage and with wisdom together, we can secure for our children a new and sustainable world, free of poverty and environmental destruction. We will be up to this challenge, because we must be.

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6.1 Introduction to the Best Available Evidence

The following sections present a series of well-know sightings and cases.

In a recent book on UFO issues, reporter and writer Jim Marrs states the following at the start of his Introduction (p. x):

"The controversy over the existence of UFOs is over. UFOs are real. Only those persons whose outlook prevents them from dealing honestly with the massive amounts of documentation and reports collected over the past five decades still cling to the idea that nothing soars in the skies of Earth exception man’s imagination."

Well, where is this "massive amounts of documentation" and why is it not more widely known? It is all around us, you just have to look. At present there is a boom in information about UFOs available to the public. For example, as of February 2001, Amazon Booksellers listed 581 books under the search criteria of UFO on their web site. For the more research oriented, there are several large compilations of sightings available.

One of the largest computer databases of UFO sightings in the public domain is UFOCAT2000, which has over 109,000 UFO reports and related information. As described on their web site (http://www.cufos.org/UFOCAT.html), the UFOCAT is the result of a 30-year effort that began during the Air Force sponsored Colorado UFO Project, also known as the "Condon Committee." UFOCAT was begun by Dr. David R. Saunders, who at the time was a co-Principal Investigator on the Colorado UFO study and professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado.

Another major computerized source of sighting information is the compilation entitled "*U* Database," which as of February, 2001 contains over 17,750 carefully filtered UFO events compiled from over 365 book, newspapers, periodicals and private sources. Information about this database can be found on the web at Larry Hatch’s web site.

For the last few years, retired Air Force Captain George Filer compiled and published (through email) UFO sighting reports, many with editorial comment, from around the US and the world. These are sent out on nearly a weekly basis. His reports for the last four years 1997 through 2000 are available on a CD from: Majorstar@aol.com.

For contemporary sighting’s information nearly as they happen, the National UFO Research Center (NUFORC) run by Peter Davenport (web site: http://www.ufocenter.com/) provides good information on what people are reporting to them and a searchable database covering reports over the past several years. What do these reports represent in terms of what people are actually seeing? Peter Davenport reported to us in a recent email that NUFORC receives on average 10-20 reports a day with a range of half a dozen to many dozens a day. He states: "Given that probably only one in 100 reports is recorded anywhere, that statistic provides some insight into how many UFO sightings occur per day. I suspect that the percentage of sightings reported may range to as low as one in 1,000." This suggests that there are perhaps 15 x100 or about 1500 sightings of UFOs per day occurring, which is several hundred thousands of sightings per year. Now, as to why this is not more widely known, that is a complex question, which, in part, this overall document attempts to address.

The evidence presented here from over two dozen witnesses is particularly compelling in that not only were most of the witnesses professionally trained (such as civilian pilots, military personnel, and police officers), but also in many of the cases there were multiple witnesses to the event. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to dismiss such professional reports when many of the events are supported by recently released government documents describing the same events. For most of these incidences there are government documents and they are referenced and included in Appendix I at the end of this briefing document.

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6.2 UFO Sightings Prior to the 1940s

Although the modern age of UFO sightings is considered by many to have begun with the publicity surrounding pilot Kenneth Arnold’s June 25, 1947 sighting of nine saucer-like objects in Washington State, objects we now would call UFOs have been described throughout recorded history. Several events described in the bible and in ancient Vedic literature have been considered by scholars to be UFO descriptions. A recent Reader’s Digest book on "Mysteries of the Unexplained" reports descriptions of sightings from ancient Egypt, Roman writings, as well as writings from the Middle Ages both from Europe and Japan.

Jim Marrs also describes some of these early sightings in his book. Many of these reports have been reviewed numerous times by UFO writers and will not be dealt with here. For an excellent historical review of the UFO issues since WWII up to the mid 1980s, see Above Top Secret by Timothy Good. Since our government’s interest in UFOs and maintaining secrecy about them began in earnest in the 1940s, the best available evidence cases start there.

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6.3 1942 - 1945: The Present Era Of UFO Sightings Begin

Some of the earliest case histories come from military officers in the early 1940s. In 1942, a photographer had set up on a busy street in China. With his large camera, he hoped to take photographs of visitors, which they would purchase as a souvenir. Suddenly, his attention was drawn to the sky, along with many others on the street. There, hovering silently was a large, dark disc-shaped object. The quick-thinking photographer focused his camera on the disc and obtained an excellent, clear photo of it. A military officer serving in the Chinese campaign prior to World War II was present on the street as well. He bought the photograph and apparently tucked it into a scrapbook of photographs he collected while stationed in China. It went unnoticed for years until a Japanese gentleman discovered the old album containing the 1942 photograph.

In August of 1942, U.S. Marine Sergeant Stephen Brickner was stationed in the Solomon Islands. He witnessed the appearance of multiple unconventional, although loud, flying objects. Sgt. Brickner wrote an account describing over 150 "wobbling" objects flying in a formation of straight lines of ten to twelve craft each.

Foo Fighters: During World War II in the European and Pacific theaters, and in India, pilots and crewmembers began reporting unexplained glowing balls flying in formation beside their military aircraft. Beginning in 1943, pilots flying over the Indian Ocean, Germany and elsewhere reported similar events, stating that the "balls of fire" raced across the sky at fantastic speeds. While it was suspected that the Nazis were flying some sort of missiles, rockets or electro-gravitic devices, intelligence efforts eventually surmised that the Nazis were also being tagged by these odd balls of light. Reportedly, an American pilot paraphrased a comic strip title from the day and stated "Where there’s foo, there’s fire." The term "foo fighters" was coined and stuck.

American Air Force pilots and intelligence officers flying over Germany, and particularly the Rhine Valley, radioed to the American radar center instances of seeing dozens of red or orange lights, flares or possible Nazi night fighters, "kraut fighters" or "kraut balls." The radar center, however, reported to the pilots that the radar screen showed the military plane to be alone in its airspace. Rather than being an isolated incident, the balls of light reappeared with increasing frequency throughout 1943 and 1944. Indeed, in 1944, two P-47 pilots each observed a "foo fighter" in broad daylight. Flying near Neustadt, Germany, one pilot reported observing "a gold-colored ball with a metallic finish." The second pilot, also flying near Neustadt, described "a phosphorescent golden sphere" with a diameter of three to five feet.

In May of 1945, American soldier Lynn R. Momo described "a fireball of rather startling nature" over Ohrdorf, Germany:

It was brighter than any star, or even the planet Venus. It passed completely from horizon to horizon in about two seconds. The path was through the zenith, so that whatever its altitude, its speed must have been enormous.

Momo went on to state that the object was soundless and had a "rising and sinking" or bobbing motion as it traversed from horizon to horizon. Momo said it reminded him of the reflection from a mirror that, when held in the hand, causes the reflected light to bounce erratically with the slightest movement. "A similar device was employed in World War II to project images of religious scenes on the clouds to frighten superstitious enemy soldiers. It was quite successful until they caught on," Momo reported.

The late American journalist Frank Edwards cited a report by Major E.R.T. Holmes from England which summarized sightings by B-17 bomber pilots of the 384th Group during a bombing run on the Schweinfurt, Germany industrial complex on October 14, 1943. Major Holmes stated in his report that the discs caused no damage to the bombers. The official military report was signed as follows:

Major E.R.T. Holmes, FLO, 1st Bombardment Squadron, to the Minister of Information 15, War Office, Whitehall, London, under date of October 24, 1943. (Mission No. 115 in the British records)

Frank Edwards and others believed that an investigation into this phenomenon was initiated in Britain, although it was flatly denied by the British military. Further, no evidence for its existence, other than a few documents such as the Holmes report mentioned above, has been uncovered. The alleged report was known as the Massey Report, apparently named for a Lieutenant General Massey. But Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard, the first Deputy Director of Air Intelligence to the Air Ministry in Britain, stated that there was no General Massey in the records of the British Army. However, a Hugh Massy was listed in the 1945 Who’s Who. Lieutenant General Hugh R. S. Massy was appointed eventually to the office of Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff. Was this Massy, who retired in 1942, the general who investigated the foo fighters? As with the nature and origin of these enigmatic flying objects, the report and its namesake remain a mystery to the present day.

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6.4 New Mexico Crash Retrieval and Landing Cases

According to an article in the April 1, 1966 issue of Life magazine, between June 1947 and early 1966, 10,147 UFO sightings had been reported. The term "flying saucers" itself sprang from private pilot Kenneth Arnold’s experience on June 24, 1947 near Mount Rainier, Washington. He saw a formation of nine rapidly moving disc-shaped objects while flying in a small plane. In the wild publicity and wave of sightings that followed during the summer of 1947, the term "flying saucers" was coined by the popular press.

The Roswell Incident:

On July 2, 1947, an object crashed into a remote field on rancher William "Mac" Brazel’s land. Mr. Brazel reported hearing a loud explosion during a severe thunderstorm. The next morning, he discovered debris scattered over an area which may have spanned fifty acres. Mr. Brazel notified the local sheriff’s office who in turn called the Army. The case created a stir when the 509th Bomb Group at the Army Air Force Base at Roswell Field, New Mexico, officially released to the press the astounding story that a flying saucer had crashed near Roswell. The Public Information Officer at the base who released the story to the press was First Lieutenant Walter Haut, who still lives in Roswell. The Roswell Daily Record ran the story on the front page in bold headlines: "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region." Two days later, the Army recanted, issuing a second press release claiming that only a weather balloon had crashed.

Major Jesse Marcel, a staff intelligence officer at Roswell Field, was assigned to the recovery operation. To bolster the "validity" of the second press release, a press conference was held in Fort Worth, Texas, where the debris was first taken, and a photograph of Major Marcel kneeling to examine remnants of a torn, silvery weather balloon was released. This balloon was eventually declared by the Air Force to be a "Mogul balloon" — balloons which carried top secret acoustical apparatus designed to "listen" for evidence of Soviet nuclear bomb testing. The Mogul was actually designed so that a string of much larger balloons kept it airborne. It bore little resemblance to a sole weather balloon. However, a major military retrieval effort resulted from this alleged "crash" of a balloon. Teams of Army personnel combed the site for days, clearing it not only of the wreckage (and, reportedly, the bodies of extraterrestrial life forms), but of every shred or scrap. The recovered debris was flown under deep cover first to Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas and ultimately to Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) in Ohio. It is difficult to imagine any sort of balloon configuration spreading debris over a fifty-acre area, or requiring a top-secret operation to retrieve the pieces.

During the early phase of the retrieval operation, Major Marcel showed some pieces of the debris to his family, admonishing them never to discuss it. The late Major Marcel’s son, Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., is a witness who is part of Disclosure Project. Dr. Marcel clearly remembers his father calling the family around the kitchen table that night. Dr. Marcel, then twelve years old, was shown items from the crash site, particularly small beams of lightweight material, lavender to purple in color, with hieroglyphic-like markings along its length. Dr. Marcel had a model made to his specifications from his vivid recollections as a 12-year old boy when he held and examined the material.

Another witness who was on President Eisenhower’s staff recounts being shown two sections of the small I-beams and a piece of foil-like material when he was in cryptography training in a basement office in the Pentagon in 1960-61. He was told that the material "came from the crash of a UFO;" he was not told from where and was not allowed to handle the material. He recalls being told that the metal foil could not be pierced, cut or burned. Our witness also clearly recalls hieroglyphic markings along the length of one of the small beams.

Roswell dwelled in the realm of rumor until 1978 when the late Major Jesse Marcel appeared on an NBC radio program and talked about the official debris retrieval at the crash site near Roswell. Major Marcel stated the following in an interview by nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman:

...that afternoon, we loaded everything into a B-29 on orders from Colonel Blanchard and flew it all to Ft. Worth. I was scheduled to fly it all the way to Wright Field in Ohio, but when we got to Carswell at Ft. Worth, the general nixed it. He took control at this point, and ordered me not to talk to the press under any circumstances. I was pulled off the flight and someone else was assigned to fly the stuff up to Wright Field..."

Why Roswell? Quite simply, because the 509th was the only military facility in the country, and most likely in the world, holding nuclear warheads.

Other Crash Sites:

Whether the Roswell crash actually occurred near Roswell, or at another location in New Mexico, particularly Magdalena or Socorro (the Plains of San Agustin), Corona, or Aztec, remains in dispute, and whether there was only one or more than one crash of a possible extraterrestrial spacecraft in New Mexico has yet to be proven. In 1997, some of the best-known investigators of the Roswell crash reversed their opinions and claimed they no longer believed an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed in Roswell but rather it was either a balloon-tethered device or a highly classified atomic-powered military prototype craft. However, witness testimony as outlined above, as well as statements given to the Disclosure Project by other former military witnesses, confirm that there were several crashes in the southwestern United States in the late 1940s and 1950s. These witnesses and evidence uncovered over the years by several UFO researchers point to crashes of extraterrestrial space craft at these sites, along with Roswell: in or near Aztec, New Mexico; Kingman, Arizona; the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, inside the Mexican border near Laredo, Texas; and Paradise Valley (near what is now Carefree), Arizona. There is also a report by researchers Tommy Blann and Leonard Stringfield of a crash in Northern New Mexico in 1962. This pair of researchers also reported on a UFO on the ground at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base the same year, 1962, under heavy guard in a hangar.

Regardless of the precise location of any of possible crashes, there is a significant body of evidence, including documents obtained from the U.S. government through the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") which clearly indicate that secret retrieval operations occurred. It stretches the credulity to imagine that such closely-guarded operations would be necessary for a weather balloon, if we are to believe the second press release out of Roswell in July of 1947.

But an effort to obtain those documents spearheaded by Rep. Steven Schiff (R-NM) culminated in a disappointing dead end. Rep. Schiff sent requests through the GAO (Government Accounting Office) for any and all documentation regarding the crash of an airborne object in New Mexico in 1947. The GAO representatives performed a search and were unable to provide Rep. Schiff with any documentation.

However, other requests through the CIA and FOIA produced a memorandum dated March 22, 1950 from the Director of the FBI stating that three flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico (REF TO LETTER). Also two memoranda from October and November of 1947 state that a study was underway at Wright Field of flying saucers recently sighted over the United States, and that models were being constructed to be tested in a wind tunnel.

The New Mexico crash investigations have yielded persistent stories of extraterrestrial biological entities ("EBEs") who perished in or shortly after the crashes and whose bodies have been shuttled from one secret military base to another since the late 1940s. When we add into the equation the testimony of multiple living witnesses, or whose close family members confessed on their death beds, that small nonhuman life forms were found at the crash sites, one or more of which may have been still alive at the time they were found, we have at minimum cases which cry for thorough scientific investigation with all of the documents released for review.

The Socorro Landing Case - 1964:

Lonnie Zamora, a police sergeant in Socorro, New Mexico, reported the sighting of a UFO on the ground — complete with landing traces and small humanoid life forms. The incident occurred on April 24, 1964 and was the subject of official investigations by the Air Force, the FBI, and private investigations by other researchers, among them Dr. J. Allen Hynek. This incident is the first reported in the official Air Force UFO records involving landing traces and the sighting of humanoid life forms.

During daylight hours while on duty that day, Sgt. Zamora was in hot pursuit of a black Chevrolet which he first saw speeding past the Socorro courthouse. He pursued the vehicle north along US Highway 85 outside of town. He was suddenly distracted by what he thought was the roar of an explosion. Seeing blue-orange flames, he gave up the car chase for this greater emergency and headed towards a dynamite shack he knew to be in the area. Driving was difficult on the steep gravel and dirt road. He approached the area where he’d seen the flames, reached the crest and slowly drove westward. A shiny object came into sight about 150-200 yards off the road Zamora initially thought he was looking at a car overturned into a gully. He saw two small humanoid occupants, reportedly dressed in white overalls.

At about 4:45 pm, Sgt. Zamora radioed to headquarters and reported a possible automobile crash, stating his intent to be outside of his patrol car investigating. Zamora stated that he drove up the road to a vantage point where he could see into the gully. Zamora reported:

As I approached the scene, I thought it was an overturned car--on end, sort of. As I finally got a look at it, it was a shiny-type object. The object was like aluminum--it was whitish against a moss background, but no chrome. Seemed like a football shape like this. I saw two pair of overalls.

Zamora went on to relate that one of the people turned and noticed his car, seemingly startled. Zamora was approaching closer with the intent of offering help when quickly a loud roaring began. It started at a low frequency, rising to a high and very loud frequency, accompanied by a flame. Sgt. Zamora hurried back to his patrol car, hitting his leg on the fender and knocking off his glasses. The roaring object rose into the air and moved away from him. Zamora was quite frightened. He flung his arm across his face but turned to look at the object. "I heard a whine, then total silence," Zamora reported. He quickly radioed back to police headquarters, almost hysterical. A fellow officer, Sgt. Chavez, soon arrived at the scene. He stated:

When I arrived, Zamora was sweating and white...very pale. I went down to where the object had been. I noticed the brush was burning in several places. I could see the tracks on the ground. The object had left four perpendicular impressions in the ground. I noticed smoldering bushes, but they felt cold to the touch. I knew Lonnie had seen something--the proof was right there. Before I arrived, he had made a sketch of an insignia he saw on the side of the object. I secured the area and called the local military authorities.

Soon the area was swarming with spectators, reporters, an FBI agent and several others. Astrophysicist Dr. J. Allen Hynek flew in to investigate immediately. He in fact returned for two more visits to the site and interviews with local residents and Zamora, in whom he expressed belief. The FBI chief investigator on the case, Captain Hector Quintanilla, stated that soil and vegetation samples were obtained and tested at Wright-Patterson, measurements were taken and a thorough investigation was conducted. Yet the case was lost in red tape and no official determination was ever made. Several secret military test vehicles were mentioned by the press as possible explanations, all of which remained inconclusive. Sgt. Zamora was subjected to ridicule and finger-pointing which led him to leave the law enforcement profession and avoid discussion of the incident.

The sheer number of reports from credible civilian, law enforcement and military witnesses from New Mexico cry for a serious scientific investigation and a release of all evidence and material collected therein.

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