Well, it turns out we have word from the Dr. himself!!

The original post from WallRace is in brackets,

while Dr. Burisch's comments follow each bracketed quote.



[He drew four U shapes )V^( in a cross shape, with the opening away from the center. He said that the remote viewers/intuitives had been seeing and drawing this shape. He looked at me and said, "magnets" as if he was giving me a hint for a possible breakthrough by someone, but did not pursue that thread with me any further. He said he got to looking at that shape and saw that it created a German cross looking shape if you draw lines connecting the opposite ends of the Us. One section of this makes the shape of what he called the "Olphanic stargate."]

I mentioned the Cross Branchee and the Assistant Director the Maltese Cross. Indeed the
Sri Yantra and the so called Ophanic Stargate drawings fit well.

[Sterling´s notes/sketches from Dan´s sketches/comments ---- He then said he took some Q-tips and glued them together into the shape of an octahedron, and started moving it around in different orientations, and said that if you shine a light through the octahedron in a particular orientation (which he said would be obvious), that the shadow creates the "Olphanic Stargate" shape. He then talked about (by allegory?) that the same phenomenon applies in our DNA, that there is a spiritual reality that (sort of?) resides in a (side dimension?).]

This is, in fact, what I had to do, for before the last week you wouldn't spend the money necessary to get me what I needed.

[When he was done explaining this, he was like a child that had just discovered the most incredible thing. He looked at me to see if I "got it," but I think he got more of a "I wish I did, but I'm not sure I followed all that." It seemed like a lot of leaps to me without understanding one step to the next of his flow of logic. --- I imagine we'll be hearing more from him on that one.]

I guess I have to tell you this early, J. The flow of logic was: from
RV to drawing: The dots were connected and that formed a 3D structure. Drawing to Geometry: the original drawing's form was rotated, spatially, to determine what it would look like from other angles, then positively matched to the shapes of the Sri Yantra and the Ophanic Stargate drawings. Further, light passing through the octahedron provides a shadow that perfectly overlaid. This created a transitive logic sequence: If A=B and B=C, then A=C. We now have a positive match for the metaphysical relationship between the Sri Yantra, a platonic solid, the same solid's 3D form, and the Ganesh Particles (as they maximize entry to our world via an octahedral crystal from from a-quartz-after-b-quartz). We are but shadows of reality. Indeed we are the shadow figures in Plato's Cave.


This will be fully delineated in the model, as well as the remaining 4 platonic solid's relationships





In a visit by WallRace and Haardrawk with Dr. Burisch and B.J. Wolf on approximately 04/04/2004, Dr. Burisch mentioned an "Olphanic Stargate". Note well that the only real reference to the root word "olphan" I could find is that it is an antiquated form of the word "orphan". For information purposes, "orphan" is derived from the Latin root "orbus". This may or may not be Dr. Burisch's basis for the "new to me" (and www.dictionary.com) word "olphanic".

Anyhow, the drawing of four parabolic shapes with each successive vertex at 90º intervals around a circular path creates a shape similar to the following:


Figure 1 - "U's Shape"; Note that the red and blue lines are just guidelines for what was mentioned next.

It was mentioned that you could connect the "...opposite ends of the Us..." (WallRace post in DBCBv5 thread @ GLP [04/07/04 - 05:40am EDT]) to form a "German Cross" like shape.


While it is possible to connect the "right endpoint" of one parabola to the "left endpoint" of the next until all "endpoints" are connected to achieve a similar shape depicted by the red lines above, I chose the above way to depict the "German Cross". A "German Cross" from the WWI era is depicted right.

Figure 2 - A "German Cross" from the WWI era

Figure 3 - A regular octahedron

Next, WallRace quoted Dr. Burisch as stating that

"One section of this makes the shape of what he called the 'Olphanic Stargate'."

I am not entirely sure which section that is, but I hope that some of you out there can provide some insight for me.

It was then mentioned that an octahedron, depicted in Figure 3 left, was made out of Q-Tips by Dr. Burisch for experimentation purposes.

Note that an octahedron can be any shape with eight sides. I am making the assumption Dr. Burisch is referring to a "regular octahedron" which is depicted in Figure 3. Other examples of octahedrons include "...the regular octahedron, truncated tetrahedron, triangular cupola, hexagonal prism, seven-sided pyramid, square dipyramid, triangular antiprism, and boat." (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Octahedron.html)

Dr. Burisch was quoted as having mentioned that this Q-Tip octahedron could be projected upon a surface (a 2D representation) in such a manner that it would represent the same "Olphanic Stargate".


Below are some possible projections of an octahedron into the 2nd Dimension.

Figure 4 - An octahedron projected into the 2nd Dimension in four different configurations.

Again, I cannot clearly see the correlation, and would ask that any ideas be thrown my way, please. Though I thought it was interesting to note that the depicted "German Cross" and the octahedronal projection into 2D of a shape reminiscent of "The Star of David" are found in this same exercise.

I used to have access to magnetic/electric field modeling programs that would be able to handle the "U-Gates" shape (assuming the shapes modeled would be regular horseshoe magnets) to see if Dr. Burisch's mention of "magnets" had any relevance to the magnetic field modeled. Alas, I no longer have access to university labs and do not have the $30,000 for the software myself.