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September 2008:

Readers are advised that as they research the controversy surrounding the 'story' of Dan Burisch, that the disinformation artists who have been approved by MJ-12 and its successors and assignees have stepped up their program of lying and misinforming the public of what they know to be true.


Sycophants and yes-people that are unfamiliar with the true scope of the 'Big Picture' are now echoing lies about how the 'Catastrophe' has been averted,

"because the Looking Glass (a $4 billion smoke n' mirrors device that shows possible scenarios to the viewers, based on what they want to see) has told us that we (humans on Earth) are not on T-2 (Timeline 2, an artificial construct which is nothing more than an excuse to deny the poleshift)".

The claim by Dan Burisch - that we are allegedly on "Timeline 1, variant 83" - is pure balderdash, but highly sophisticated balderdash that has allowed for someone like Dan, who sincerely wants to do 'the right thing', to lie for his superiors, which are primarily MJ-1 and MJ-2 (DNI John 'Mike' McConnell and Vice-Pres. Richard B. Cheney, the two individuals most responsible for the illegal surveillance this writer and many others have been subjected to).


While those members of MJ-12 who have known all along about the pending passage of the 'brown dwarf' known as Nibiru/Planet X/Hercolobus/Wormwood continue to ridicule the idea publicly, they have spent the time since 1996 - when they relieved Dan Burisch of his National Security Oath - carefully keeping Dan aware of cutting-edge information that is stripped of any truthful data about the position of the rogue planet that will be seen in our skies before the end of 2009, what the ancients called "The Destroyer" due to its appearance and effects on Earth.


For those that sense there IS such a planet, or 'Big Event', they have carefully sowed the seed of the false date of 2012 in order to lull the reader to inaction (gosh, that's years away, they say). Instead, they have carefully groomed Dan to portray a false scenario, one that has been provided by the spiritually selfish extraterrestrials.


This is a highly sophisticated operation, and includes bamboozling the few members of Congress and other world leaders into believing that the pending passage of this planet will temporarily result in violent earth changes, yes, but that the primary concern is panic in the public. While there is truth to this (all 'disinformation' contains truth, the better to sell the lie), the fact is that we will NOT all pass through this 'frosty season' - as Dan likes to call it - unscathed.


In fact, the gov't. calculations for the casualties are as follows, as Dan Burisch himself provided to this writer in Jan. 2006 following his last viewing of said "Looking Glass":

DEAD:   4,157,581,116
LIVING:  2,747,168,200

Dan: They are grouped by continents, so the numbers are only close. The highlands of the US and South America are best. [best for survival - ed.]

ASIA DEAD:  1,704,608, 257 41% of the total

Dan: The numbers encompass all of Asia and all of the islands north of Australia.

NORTH AMERICA:  457,333,923 11%
SOUTH AMERICA:  415,758,112 10%

Dan: The numbers may account for migration during the last days.

EUROPE:  789,940,412 19%
AFRICA:    748,364,601 18%

Dan: Italy and Greece are carried in the Europe numbers.

AUSTRALIA: 41,575,811 01%

While Dan has been led to believe that "WE WILL SURVIVE!", I have been told that his sincerity is the most important ingredient in his presentation and if he had been told the full truth, he wouldn't be able to sell the lie that the 'Catastrophe' is avoidable.


It is not, unfortunately, but both Dan's version and the truthful version will not be allowed to be 'provable', in either event, because to do so would prejudice the public one way or the other and it is imperative that the public not panic.

The 'patriotic insiders' that have conveyed the 'Big Picture' to this writer have explained that there have been a number of "approved insiders", who have been guided to particular sources of online "information" (read: DISINFORMATION) in order to provide "answers" to the "UFER" community.


Truthseekers are advised to consider that these official bamboozlers will NOT be allowed to prove their assertions that,

"everything's going to be alright! So long as we all pray for Unity! and believe what the government tells us!".

While in the past this may have been useful to maintain so-called Domestic Tranquility, the fact is that most people are now beginning to realize that things are NOT all right; the fall of Wall Street in the middle of this month is yet one more example that things are NOT well, and that the greed merchants who have maintained the illusion of reality we see on the mainstream media are now being exposed and humbled for what they are, even as they beg the naive taxpayers they've lied to and exploited for years to bail them out.


August 2008:

Corroboration of Dan Burisch's orders wherein he is,

"hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world."

A copy of this order from Majestic 12 has been received and verified from a source within the 110th Congress.


I have redacted the telephone and fax numbers after having confirmed they lead back to the infamous "J"/MJ-1/'Dadmiral'/'Daddy-O' prior to his current appointment as Director, National Intelligence of the United States:

To: The Most Honorable Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, Majestic ID# H-6196-E

From: The Most Honorable MJ#1, for the Consistory of the Majestic 12, Washington, D.C.

Within and for the Consistory of this Majority assembled; by order of the Majestic 12, in Formal High Session, Thursday, October 12, 2005 A.D., you are hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world. You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense. Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross. Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences. You are hereby held to all ethical and moral boundaries, as in keeping with the standards set forth for Senior Agents of the Majestic 12. May God be with you, O' Son of the Majestic! We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose.

Your acceptance of this order is hereby requested forthwith.

This document arrived with other documents from a source that continues to confirm that Dan Burisch, while being truthful to what he "personally knows", has been carefully groomed to publicize a misleading 'extraterrestrial reality', and his sincere desire to help mankind - along with his ego - has been co-opted for fraudulent purposes by the same forces that purposefully bamboozled the American public and their Congress into justifying the illegal war in Iraq (the members of Majestic 12, as of their 'final adjournment' on Oct. 12th, 2005 are listed at the bottom of this web-page).


Because a fulsome and truthful 'Disclosure' of the 'extraterrestrial reality' would entail the embarrassment of these individuals, a situation they have planned for with full "Plausible Deniability", it has not yet transpired and what's worse, we may never hear the admissions the public so desperately needs to fully prepare.




Also, during the month of August, The D&M Show's public forum attached to the 'official' MJ-12-sanctioned website once again "majically disappears", this time over "contractual agreements".


(Newer readers especially should take note that the following was written by the same individual who twice pursued legal action to take down the genuine 'Golden Thread' forum attached to this site, detailed further down this page):

[From the desk of Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D., President, Eagles Disobey, Inc.]

As President of Eagles Disobey, Inc., on Saturday, August 16, 2008, at approximately 0200 Pacific Time, I ordered all active Boards/Threads on the Eagles Forum, locked.


Forum Registrations have been likewise "locked." Those who are presently members of the Eagles Forum, are eligible to maintain that membership and use the forum's location to Private Message (PM). We will periodically make a post, or a "news update," in an effort to keep the forum from cancellation.

A few minutes prior to this order, I made the prudent decision that I should lock the Eagles Forum to be in legal compliance with certain extremely strict business contracts which were recently signed, to which Dr. Burisch and myself are parties.


The Eagles Forum will remain in this state until further notice, but the public should be advised that it may be reopened for public posting in the future.

[There is 1 alternative, as we know the Eagles Team is included within the contractual agreements and can’t operate here right now: If a member of the general public, one we have had some interaction with, would like to step up as MODERATOR OF THE EAGLES FORUM, a non-administrative position, and that person would like to watch the Eagles Forum for Terms of Service and quietly (in PM) take care of any disputes which may arise between our fine members, we would be able to offer the Ideas and News Threads, as OPEN.


The MODERATOR would have NO ADMINISTRATIVE POWERS. They would be given no passwords, deleting or other powers. They would just agree to keep watch over the Forum, act as a peaceful mediator of minor issues, and if a Terms of Service Violation would arise, would notify me by EMAIL. I would then swiftly and silently take administrative action.


The public would know that it was ME who took the action, and no one else. If you are such a person and would like to SAVE THE EAGLES FORUM from being locked during this period, please notify me at {email address redacted - ed}. We would, obviously, not be offering this, if we wanted to lock the Eagles Forum.]

At approximately the same time as locking the forum, I communicated to the Director of Eagles Disobey, Inc., Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D., that I was likewise ordering the temporary closure of his personally prized "Think Tank" (TT).


The members of the TT (whomever they are) should be advised that their membership is being retained in records, as active and in good standing, that they may be assured on our individual "Word of Honor" that they will never be publicly identified by either Dr. Burisch or myself, and that should the TT be reopened, we will immediately attempt communication, using their last contact info, with the necessary information for readmission to that highly private area.

{WOOOO!!!! 'Highly Private Area!' Secret Squirrel Tree-house! Out of respect to Dan, this writer will respect the private identities of the select few so privileged, because the toll Majestic took on most of his adult life is pain enough - ed}

[Unfortunately, as Dr. Burisch is the primary Admin of that area, and due to certain clauses in contracts, he cannot delegate a Moderation Authority over it. So, it will have to sit silent for awhile.]

Dr. Burisch's private email address has been closed, by my direct instruction, for the same reasons as outlined above. My private email address has been likewise, closed. My public email address will remain open.


Dr. Burisch is not personally accessible, for at least the time being, to the general public.


July 23, 2008: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut credited with the longest walk on the Moon, appears on Kerrang! Radio and corroborates ET contact with human authorities:


Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Kerrang! Radio on July 23, 2008





June 2008: Dondep appears on Kerrang! Radio, an FM rock station in London:


Dondep on Kerrang! Radio in June, 2008




April 30, 2008: Dondep appears on UFO Undercover, a channel of the Paranormal Radio Network, to discuss Dan Burisch and the 'Warning':


UFO Undercover Guest DON DEPPELLER




March 2008: UncleJohn of the Golden Thread locates Dan Burisch's cousin Michelle, but the only acknowledgement comes from when Dan has his public email taken away by Marcia, leading many further to the conclusion that he is yet a prisoner of 'their' device, having his memories manipulated since the major memory wipe 'they' put him through in 1998 as a consequence of his rebelliousness.

March 10, 2008: Later in the month Dan Burisch gave a talk at Cal-tech, where J.J. Hurtak was in attendance, with a slide-show and discussion of his "Lotus Protocol" that had been hidden until its alleged "rediscovery" in the year 2091a.d.


As the official report states:

A Peculiar Silicate-Associated Phenomenon
Dan Burisch and Marcia McDowell, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, Retired

Research into the causes and nature of evolutionary processes, and the probable volatile origins of life on earth, have been accumulating for many years without sufficient direct and broad evidence, linking the Darwinian paradigm to the concept of “life origins.”


Data, since 2001, from field and laboratory studies of material collected from Frenchman’s Mountain, in Southern Nevada, may be yielding such direct evidence. While the present research is novel, it is based in a much longer history of unexplained and (we suggest) misunderstood phenomena, ranging from scholarly studies, to much older arcane reports.


The investigators have applied lasers, via trade-secret protected optics, on material such as clear quartz, natural silicate-containing minerals, and upon the silicate-clay, Montmorillonite. [There has been a recent resurgence of attention toward Montmorillonite, for its ability to promote the formation of RNA – an integral component to DNA-based life.]


When such silicate-bearing material was concurrently exposed to saline and a small electrical charge, a peculiar, well structured and reproduced, ionized gas phenomenon was promoted. Preliminary studies have shown that organized material, emitted from this locality of this “phenomenon,” can have a direct effect upon the genomes of nearby microorganisms.


While they are open to the suggestions and observations of those in academia and the scientific community, the principal investigators will advance an argument that the phenomenon may imply a novel genome “shuffling” mechanism.


If confirmed and found to be promoted by natural processes, such a mechanism could provide new support for theories involving life origins via self-organizing systems.


March 10, 2008

4:15 pm
SPECIAL LOCATION: Beckman Institute Auditorium


March 1, 2008: Dan Burisch attended a 'ufer' conference - something he at one time had disdained as tantamount to selling out - in Laughlin, NV.


As the official announcement read:

Disclosure Dialogue with Rob Simone & Dr. Dan Burisch
Dr. Burisch was a Senior Operative/Scientist, responsible first to the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12. During the 1991 Gulf War, he was assigned to a Black Ops Unit, and was deployed into the International Coalition’s Zone of Operations, for the purpose of counteracting a rogue military unit’s intended application of unauthorized biological warfare agents against the Iraqi Army.


Dr. Burisch experienced hand-to-hand combat after his helicopter was hit by enemy fire and crashed. After his return, he was ultimately assigned as a "Microbiologist V" at the Papoose Lake Facility (S4) and operated as a Working Group Leader on Project Aquarius, where his responsibilities included leading scientists in the investigation of a “J-Rod’s” (extraterrestrial entity) neuropathy.


Such investigation included being introduced into a Clean Sphere containment unit and interacting directly with the “J-Rod,” then processing, evaluating, and transforming tissue samples for reintroduction into the “J-Rod,” with the intent to ameliorate the pathology.

February 7, 2008: Continuing with the arrogant and heavy hand of censorship, the ex-Majestic operatives of the "Eagles Disobey" corporation have erroneously claimed copyright infringement by having the following video also removed by YouTube.


A Counter-Notification has been filed to hopefully put an end to this kind of chilling censorship. This video shows Dan Burisch apologizing to Dondep and his family for MJ-12 surveillance and harassment. It was made at Dan Burisch's insistence and was taken - ironically - from the surveillance camera in his operation's director's apartment.


Dan then gave the video, on VHS tape, to Dondep.





February 1, 2008: Once again, the heavy hand of Majestic censorship came down on the 5-minute video of "The Affidavit", the documentary snip below that was on YouTube for only a few days before they had it removed.




January, 2008: Following his stint working with Sion 'behind the scenes' brokering illusions between the various secret societies and occult control groups, not to mention select members of the 110th congress and Bilderberger conferees for whom he was brought in to bamboozle and dazzle personally, Dan Burisch and the various thugs and sock-puppets he has forcibly been surrounded with have re-entered public cyberspace with exaggerated attempts to belittle those on the 'Golden Thread' that dispute his Majestic-approved orthodoxy.


This in turn has given rise to the farcical and comical, setting the stage for his impending appearance at a 'ufer' conference to be held in Laughlin, NV in March at which he will divulge select information heretofore unavailable publicly regarding the Lotus Protocol.

Long-time followers of the twisted tale of Dan Burisch will be dismayed to know that, despite the cherubim's admonition to with-hold relevant evidence regarding the existence of the "Ganesh Particles" he is credited with having discovered (after being tipped off by his Zeta Reticulan patient and MJ-12 captive Chi'el'ah), he plans to do so anyway.


Without bamboozling the public. Members of the public are advised to be shocked and awed at his entourage of both ex-Majestic 12 operatives responsible for his safety from assorted "whackos" and "internet clowns" that have been alleged to threaten him.


Please maintain a safe distance when approaching this individual or his thug crew of assorted sock-puppets.

September 10, 2007: SIMMERING NEWS

According to mutual acquaintances, Dan Burisch has claimed that as of Sept 8, select units within the black-ops community would have begun widespread dispersal of the so-called 'Avian Bird Flu'.


This information was provided several months ago. It was later confirmed to me in a very personal way by sources connected to the municipal and county offices of readiness in this local area. From someone unfamiliar with this story, I heard that 'they' expected 50% to 80% of the population locally would be affected.

From additional sources, it appears that the SION group now consists of the following individuals, pending definitive corroboration due to glaring anomalies such as the presence of George Tenet as S-3 (Mr Tenet having been relieved of his position as MJ-3 allegedly due to Dan Burisch's refusal to accede to his demands to utilize the 'Blue Apples' in the underground chamber of the great Pyramid).


The current line-up is alleged to be as follows:

  1. S-1 McConnell

  2. S-2 Crain (Dan Burisch, now using his original surname)

  3. S-3 Tenet

  4. S-4 McDowell (The doctor of musicology, Marci herself)

  5. S-5 Bush (George H W Bush, not the megalomaniacal son)

  6. S-6 Inman

  7. S-7 Thatcher

  8. S-8 Tebbit

  9. S-9 Brzezinski

NOTE: There are 9 names, not 12. The J-rods are known to be highly sensitive to numerological concerns, and prefer the symbolic placement of 9 to 12.

August 22, 2007: BREAKING NEWS

Dan Burisch has been summoned back to active "black-ops" duty by the successor 'working group' to Majestic 12 (SION being the Priory of Sion, but only for the former MJ-1 - now DNI 'Dadmiral' John 'Mike' McConnell - one of his former aides, Dan Burisch and of course Marci McDowell, as well as Dan's wife Deborah Burisch).


This is yet ANOTHER apparent subterfuge, as sources now claim that the successor group IS SION. Dan has had to swear a new National Security Oath (for all government employees; if they so much as breathe a rational word about the coming poleshift, their lives are liable to be terminated immediately).


He has also been ordered to cease ALL public contact until after Friday, Dec 14, 2007. For background on this "black-ops world", please watch the Dr Deagle videos (links on the first page after entering this website).

Before disappearing once again into the black-ops night, Dan Burisch has completed another interview with Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassady and Project Camelot, in which he further details info and disinfo (but don't blame him; he's only passing on what he's been allowed to 'know') about the alleged stargates and the $4 billion citizen-funded Looking Glass machine that looks into the future for Majestic and informs their policy-making decisions.


To have some idea of the way in which this so-called "Looking Glass" works, look to the device shown in the movie "Paycheck", starring Ben Affleck.




This monstrosity is alleged to be the reverse-engineering of the human pineal gland. The closest we are allowed to see it is as the prop used in the movie "Contact", starring Jodie Foster.

For discussion on this and other aspects of the Dan Burisch Majestic-ordered 'disclosure', please visit the forum

March 23, 2007: Majestic-assigned thugs force closure of The Golden Thread

ONCE AGAIN, Majestic, or "MJ-12", has felt it necessary to sling the heavy hand of censorship against the Golden Thread by complaining to the operators of that somehow members of the Golden Thread forum violated the TOS (Terms Of Service) of said hosting community.


Unlike the previous action of Feb. 23, 2007, this action has now involved a third party who had generously volunteered to administer the new forum site for the Golden Thread. This party, and certain members of the Golden Thread, are now contemplating legal redress for the harassment and infringement on their freedom of speech, there being no threats or actionable slander evident in the claims made by Dan Burisch, Marcia McDowell or any other representatives of the successors of the Majestic.

Thanks to all the readers for their continued contributions and vigilance.

- Don Deppeller

March 25, 2007 - The new home of the Golden Thread can be found at: SAFE, SECURE, and susceptible only to DUE PROCESS of the LAW.


Majestic Shuts Down

FEB 23, 2007
In a move that admitted they felt they had no choice other than to use the heavy hand of censorship, Dan Burisch, Marcia McDowell and the Majestic thugs around them complained to the forum providers of the 'Golden Thread' to shut down the forum immediately, without notice. (It has since been restored for backup purposes.)


Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of a few readers, most of the Golden Thread from the site has been archived and will be available for reading here or at the new forum. To join in the discussion or stay abreast from the safety of your IP quietly, click below. The latest information is usually posted on the forum.
-'The Golden Thread'




  2. J-2: RICHARD B. CHENEY ('Big Dick')


  4. J-4: ADMIRAL BOBBY RAY INMAN (the 'Crypt-keeper')





  9. J-9: CAROL ANN THATCHER (succeeding temporary assignee Dan Burisch, who succeeded Romano Prodi, soon to become Prime Minister of Italy)

  10. J-10: ALAN GREENSPAN (yes, the Chairman of the Fed)

  11. J-11: HAROLD E. VARMUS (frmr. Dir., NIH)

  12. J-12: E. KELLY

  • ALTERNATE: Dr. Robert Gallo