July 11, 2005

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W.M. discusses the issue of The Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox, from the perspective of a remote viewing methodology.


(The problems that had been caused by the J-Rods who were using their technology to travel back in time,

and thereby creating overlaying time anomalies)




  • Can it be that what we think is physical reality is made up of an illusion, a play of light of quantum participant observer probabilities?

  • Is reality an illusion that is physically effective?

  • What if, just like you can hypnotize someone to think they were burned when they were not, and they suffer real skin burns caused by their imagination, that you could hypnotize masses of people to both experience a world they are conditioned to expect and believe, and also have them be unable to experience something they are conditioned to deny as being real?


The brain’s body image can lead the presentation of objectively measurable physical manifestations in the body.


This is the flip side of what we usually assume, which is also true, that experience of the physical body, through sensation and action, certainly lead to experience in the brain’s body image.


But on the other hand, given the placebo power of the mind to cause the manifestation of physical symptoms, and given masses of people could do it in concert, it is possible the entire agreement about what is reality can be manipulated, and reality itself can be herded.

  • Is there a global timeline placebo effect going on?

  • Are we in a situation where we have been manipulated by competing ET races into using our innate and possibly soon to be more awakened creative conscious spiritual energies in a way that serves them, but not always us?

  • Must they keep us asleep to get away with herding our souls like cattle for their own ends?

  • Are we being led along in a fairly controlled sleepy manner to preserve and continue steps toward a realizing a large global consensus blueprint future, a future that serves these ET society future human interests, not necessarily our own present day human interests?

  • What does the Dan Burisch saga have to do with this?



What is the DCTP doctrine?

  1. The DCTP (Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox) is a doctrine of the human race’s probable competing pasts, observer relative present and probable futures.

  2. A DCTP prime truth is there are strongly competing timelines or futures that are in a natural semi-quiescent laminar convergence right now, until the 2012 period is upon us when things change.

  3. The DCTP suggests that future humans are warning of an upcoming environmental catastrophe following the 2012 galactic energy related natural stargate amplifications in our solar system that will be possibly precipitated by the presence of some artificial stargates on the Earth. If this future transpires, it is a future that leads to the developmental evolution, for better or worse, of various factions of future humans, now known as J-Rod ET’s or Orion Talls.

  4. The DCTP suggests there is a future where a possibly pole shift related environmental catastrophe is averted and does not happen, and relative to this different time line, the future that generated the J-Rods as we know them will never evolve from our own, and we have taken a new path.

  5. The DCTP suggests the remaining presence of the J-Rods in our timeline, having originated from the alternate prior timeline, will effectively be world line immigrants from a future that they helped never happen for us.

  6. The DCTP suggests our distant descendents help us change our course in a way that precludes their own development in this new timeline, but they still exist in our timeline coming from that prior original future they traveled back from to,

    1. have helped us avert the catastrophe (Maji allied J-Rods), and/or

    2. help them raid our genetic stocks before the catastrophe (Illuminati allied Rogue J-Rods).

  7. The DCTP suggests future humans or J-Rods, have engaged in a future into past immigration, and are using current day human genetic resources as an evolutionary pit stop to recover factors they lost in their own originating timeline.

  8. The DCTP suggests there is a future where we continue to have an ongoing relationship with the non-Rogue J-Rods, and another where they stay relatively hidden, denied, unknown, and they either go to other planets, or otherwise gradually fade out of history. The ET phenomenon related to future humans as ET’s fades out.

  9. The DCTP suggests there is a future where if the so called Ark of the New Dawn were not to be deployed because it isn’t needed after all (hey folks, come on out, the weather’s great up here, no catastrophe like you thought, we dismantled those remaining stargates in time!)

  10. The DCTP suggests there are many timeline overlays going on, at least pre-2012.

  11. The DCTP suggests there are many externally introduced novel butterfly attractors that are being stacked into motion in our timeline pre-2012.

  12. The DCTP suggests that circa 2012 as we cross the galactic ecliptic natural stargate wormhole that exist along the galactic ecliptic will line up and activate in such a way as to cause a plenum of energy flux of some kind that will affect our solar system.

  13. The DCTP suggests that this natural stargate activation event will produce some changes in the solar system and the sun which, along with changes and energy flux associated with any natural stargates in the vicinity of our planet.

  14. The DCTP suggests that future humans have time traveled to the past – our present – and are working to steer timeline causality into certain trajectories.

  15. The DCTP suggests that the future humans experienced a catastrophe that began with an event that occurs around the 2012 timing, and this catastrophe may have included the activation of artificial wormholes or stargates left over from previous ET travelers, which activation may have precipitated a radical pole-shift and other things during or subsequent to that timing.

  16. The DCTP suggests that future humans have used the ability to time travel to return to a pre-2012 era in order to attempt to deactivate certain artificial stargates that may have helped precipitate disaster attributed to their activation during the 2012 timing.

  17. The DCTP suggests that these future humans, known also as ET’s or J-Rods, have also returned back in time in order to migrate their future human species into a more survivable and evolutionarily efficacious future.

  18. The DCTP suggests that timelines can be overlaid or stacked, and that we presently live in a causality nexus that combines multiple timelines and multiple loops of timeline feedback.

  19. The DCTP suggests that if due to their influence and present human actions, the historical catastrophe of their ancient history – our immediate future – does not happen, then it is understood the J-Rods will not develop in the new timeline as they did in the original one that developed them to their current evolutionary appearance.

  20. The DCTP suggests that if the catastrophe does not happen as it once did, the J-Rods who have migrated back in time will continue to exist from their heritage of the prior timeline they evolved in, but that humanity in the present new timelines will be spared an evolutionary path that led to the J-Rods current problems.

  21. The DCTP suggests that the J-Rods from more than one future have migrated back to our present era, specifically the 45’s (meaning they are from the future 45,000 years ahead of us...) and the 52’s, and that the 52’s, as a whole, are suffering from a terminal form of peripheral neuropathy (PN).

  22. The DCTP suggests that the 45 J-Rods, 7k years earlier in time than the 52’s, do not directly suffer from the PN syndrome are split into two factions, reasonable and unreasonable, or friendly and rogue, and that the rogue J-Rods resist following any agreements with current time human governments, and that the friendly 45’s and the 52’s have both formed treaties (Tau9)

  23. The DCTP suggests that the latest summed iteration of multiple composite timelines have, across different scales, a substantial degree of relative integral convergence of causality paths with all the prior feedback loop overlaid lines after the original line.

  24. The DCTP suggests the feedback loop overlay series of new time or world lines is constituted of varying causality streams in multi-wave paradox that we are currently riding together. The multi-wave time stream is comprised of the original and all the varying changed or tweaked world lines, through to the latest loop overlay.

  25. The DCTP refers to a composite of multi-potential range of different possible causality trajectories, with different relative outcome probability-to-actuality biases, but existing as an overlay. Living inside a multi-trajectory time stream stack, individual participant observer by their own resonance can individually bias their superposition-to-position to one or more of the different lines in the stack.

  26. The DCTP suggests there are causality trajectory potentials in the environment of stacked time stream potentials which all remain common across the lines. They remain singular or at least flow in unified fused convergent trajectory, and in this respect the timelines remain, at certain scales and domains of participant observation, relatively indistinguishable from each other.

  27. The DCTP suggests other novel or divergent future potentials are also resonantly competing with each other for substantially mutually exclusive future outcomes. Yet at other scales of observation, much of the different causality stream paths are largely similar to one another.

  28. The DCTP suggests the stacked timeline experiential paradox effect is intensified by how extreme the range of line-to-line novelty in the time line stream stack. The more extreme range the experience of locally or globally divergent timeline superposition-to-position dominance depends on the bias of the participant observer.

  29. The DCTP suggests multiple loop or embedded time streams can alternately flow in a laminar-like convergence or causal fusion or otherwise flow divergently and separately, depending on the participant observer population intentional variations. Does this suggest the native active intentional resonance of the participant observer can converge with one stream or another and entrain their conscious observer participant influence to reinforce to particular time stream potential over another?

  30. The DCTP suggests a paradox generating situation where the time stream is appearing to remain largely convergent and fused as if one singular largely composite world line, but on the other hand there are different causal trajectories which can super-positioned into position by the influence of participant observers. Does like attract like, and the laws of resonance entrainment apply in this regard?

  31. The DCTP suggests any given “reality” is comprised of convergent probability waves more than solid objects, and locality is a balanced convergence of both local explicate and entangled non-local implicate pattern potentials. If this is so, do mass convergent causal vector potentials literally tend to reinforce and steer global consensus causality in a direction that is consistent with the convergence of probability waves produced by masses of observer participants?

  32. The DCTP suggests the prime global, planetary and species strategic inference is that we live in a time that includes the progression of more than one future in the offing that will develop. Is it true the stakes are that these currently overlaid different future potentials are each and all vying for conscious observer participant quantum population? They each have spiritual quantum superposition advocacy to entrain our souls into their particular causality orbit. Which orbit we align to is the causality time line that more of our conscious energy will be invested in, and hence feeds forward to energize those future potentials, just as those future potentials fed back to look for (1) reinforcement or (2) change.

  33. The DCTP suggests that pre-2012 that several distinct time lines are stacked and overlaid and in relative laminar-like convergence, and that in the 2012 period there is a galactic scale alignment that provides a natural boosting and “turning on” of natural stargates in our solar system.

  34. The DCTP suggests that the natural stargates may accommodate and support spiritual evolutionary changes and transformation for human consciousness, and will additionally produce material effects on the electromagnetic environment of the sun and our planet. Is it thought by some of the future humans that during this event, the existence of some remaining artificial stargates on Earth may have radically influenced the progress of a natural pole shift in progress to unnaturally occur in such an accelerated manner that it has radical global environmental consequences?

  35. The DCTP suggests that some of the future humans wish to possibly avert the severity by removing or disabling any artificial stargates before the galactic alignment stargate boosting event.

  36. The DCTP suggests there are some future humans who have effectively migrated back to this present time and appear to want to,

    1. influence their precedent future so that it may not happen as it once already did for them (and still could for us), and

    2. emigrate to this present for its expedient evolutionary resources, such as for pre-catastrophe DNA pit stop, in order to genetically engineer and accomplish a future human species evolutionary potential recovery operation.

  37. The DCTP suggests if the future humans (who are here to be present timeline changers) avert the catastrophe that befell their species, they will still exist, and still have originated from their earlier now relatively defunct timeline, but they will now recover more of their lost evolutionary energy that was sapped by their historical accretion into that timeline, and more fully move on from their presence in this timeline.


    However, is it not also true they will themselves from present, after averting the catastrophe, diverge into a new timeline that becomes increasingly separate from ours as a species now moving along a much different future timeline trajectory?

  38. The DCTP suggests that the future humans who have time looped back are executing a present era DNA pit stop to recover those lost factors that their soon to be averted future had eventually stripped them of. These future humans, will, through this time looped DNA hybridization operation, produce a new future genetic line for evolutionary progress for them.


    It will hopefully combine what was the best of our human future in the post-catastrophe trajectory, with the best of their past heritage, our present pre-2012 gene pool, and permit them a recovered evolutionary trajectory.

  39. The DCTP suggests the new evolutionary trajectory project instigated by the future humans operating in our present era, looks to accomplish its ends by several somewhat conflicting means. In one instance one faction of future humans, the more logic and technology worshippers, descendents of present day Illuminati, are willing to resort to any means necessary to move along their evolutionary recovery agenda without much care for how it affects our timeline forward (since it won’t be them), and in another instance, the heart and compassion worshippers, the brothers from Orion, want to see a win-win where the new future timeline of the emigrated future humans only supports a better future for the current human species.

  40. The DCTP suggests the service-to-self expediency logic camp is uninterested in our new future timeline and its fate just using us as a free resource for achieving their ends for an evolutionary uplift, as and such, could care less if we still hit the catastrophe that befell them – these are the Illuminati linked Rogues.

  41. The DCTP also suggests, that in contrast, the service-to-others compassion camp is very interested in optimizing how this reverse time emigration of the future humans can also incidentally help to both,

    1. to avert the precedent catastrophic pole shift future that happened for them

    2. provide a disclosure of the 2012 events potentials in a way that can spiritually reinforce a more optimal evolutionary fate for present era humans.

    And this future human group is comprised of the non-rogue future humans – who are working with the present-era faction known as the Maji.

  42. The DCTP suggests the future human descendents of the Illuminati and Maji, in their various flavors, are both competitively influencing the present pre-2012 for their own ends, but with the Illuminati are willing to see a win for them and losing situation for us, whereas the Maji are predisposed to influencing towards a win-win, service-to-all outcome.

  43. The DCTP suggests that one faction of future humans called the Rogues wish to prevent disclosure of how humans may choose to populate different possible soul futures.

  44. The DCTP suggests that the some of the future humans known as Rogue J-Rods, wish to engage in soul-energy hijacking activity in addition to genetic energy recovery activity, and this may have an additional negative effect on the prospects of the current era timeline trajectory.

  45. The DCTP suggests that human souls from the future are influencing their soul ancestry in their relative past, our present, in to order to upgrade their own future.

  46. The DCTP suggests the future holds a known track of development that eventually generates three

  47. The DCTP suggests that of recent, the present day Maji allied future human J-Rods, have begun to appreciate how their ancestral genetic pit stop operation in our time will have further karmic consequence they will face in their new future if they engage in it with unwilling free souls.

  48. The DCTP suggests, that as a result, the non-Rogue J-Rods are largely curtailing their continuing abduction activity to obtain genetic material in order to forward their hybridization program. It also suggests they have recently chosen to “live” with the state of the art DNA hybridization level of accomplishment they have reached as of this point, and further suffice through evolutionary genetic tuning of the current stock, and also suffice also through the possible influence of certain present era-human new breakthroughs in energetic biological healing.

  49. The DCTP suggests, that in contrast to this, the Illuminati descended more Godless Rogue J-Rods dismiss abduction compassion considerations, and that even while they would like to obtain natural biological healing technologies uniquely discovered in the current loop by present humans associated with the Maji, they are far too arrogant and self interested to care about how much they “manipulate” and “use” the present era to serve their own timeline uplift resource piggy bank.

  50. The DCTP suggests that the Rogue J-Rods are against disclosure of the situation in any manner that would promote present day human species enlightenment, as this enlightenment provides human conscious souls freedom from their plans to continue to manipulate their ancestors, after a fashion, to be an expedient resource for their own upliftment ends.

  51. The DCTP suggests that as a result, these Rogue J-Rod future humans have deployed a population of near era time traveling human hybrids, often known as MIB’s, who are early products of prior accomplished future-human/past-human genetic hybridization work, to acts as a timeline enforcement operation.

  52. The DCTP suggests this causality control and containment operational force of MIB’s instigated by the Rogues is intended to accomplish the ends of

    1. preventing consensus awareness of their abduction activity and present era manipulating presence

    2. preventing scientific progress to develop technologies that could be used against them

    3. preventing any mass human enlightenment breakthroughs that could impair their capacity to manipulate present day era humans toward a future of servitude to their own future evolutionary ends

  53. The DCTP suggests from the Rogue ET view, that consensus acknowledgement and awareness of the ET presence will produce unpredictable responses among the genetic resource stock and thereby hinder their usage agenda.

  54. The DCTP suggests that substantial leap frog scientific progress due to the feedback of future technology into this current era can provide current era humans with the ability to combat the Rogue agenda.

  55. The DCTP suggests that the natural consequence of the 2012 period stargate activation will boost and accelerate present day human observer participant co-creative quantum energetic potentials, and that this influx into the population during this period will cause the presently semi-convergent laminar time stream flow following that period to diverge into several increasingly distinct and increasingly divergent timelines.

  56. The DCTP suggests that pre-2012 these laminar timeline streams can be more easily crossed back and forth naturally by observer participants depending on their conscious resonance.

  57. The DCTP suggests that there is a dimensional war or timeline resonance competition in the present day laminar flow for more soul energy migration into the different lines, and that these factions of different future human ET societies realize. They will only be successful to the degree current present era humans behave in accordance with their desires.


    The Rogue J-Rods desire to control and use this current day era as a “natural resource” to be exploited for their own future hybrid and future non-hybridized evolutionary ends, and the non-Rogue J-Rods desire to cooperatively both help themselves and us in the present, by

    1. recovering lost evolutionary factors for them own future development,

    2. contributing to our new catastrophe-averted future timeline some more balanced material and spiritual potentials

    3. enabling a limited voluntary evolutionary consensus agreement level exchange and integration of their existence between themselves and present new timeline humans to support a more optimal trajectory future for the preservation of the species

  58. The DCTP suggests if the non-Rogue J-Rods recover lost factors from our present era they will assure themselves of avoiding an evolutionary dead end future.

  59. The DCTP suggests that if the non-Rogue elements contribute to averting the catastrophe that will help karmically balance the use they have made of the present era as an evolutionary pit stop for their continuing into a new future from this loop back point.

  60. The DCTP suggests that if the non-Rogue J-Rods help enable an optimum evolutionary engagement by present era humans of the natural stargate activation and boost during the 2012 period, then this will feed forward to produce new evolutionary future spiritual factors that will feedback to support their new course in even deeper positive participant quantum energetic karmic loop back terms.

  61. The DCTP suggests that the non-Rogue J-Rod future humans are allied with the present day Maji human faction, through a treaty called the “Tau-9 treaty for the preservation of humanity”, but that the Rogues are not a party to this treaty, which is why they are called Rogues.

  62. The DCTP suggests that the present day Illuminati are building a number of Arks to survive a predicted abrupt global change due to the hypothesized 2012 stargate activation, and that their descendents will become the Rogue J-Rods.

  63. The DCTP suggests that if the global catastrophe is averted by whatever means, that the re-direction of quantum observer participant energy away from their precedent future will result in a weakening of their capacity to influence our future in their current era loop back immigration trajectory.

  64. The DCTP suggests that if the post global pole shift environmental catastrophe does not occur, that there are significant positive benefits reaped from the 2012 natural stargate activation period. The benefits could be to alternatively produce a human consciousness liberating evolutionary leap frog, and a level of enlightenment among the masses, that will produce a new set of future timeline trajectories that will compassionately steer the course of humanity into a virgin future of untold beneficial futures and heights, and in fact fulfill the original evolutionary directive to evolve the consciousness of humanity into its optimum potential as future creative agencies in the universe.

  65. The DCTP suggests that if the Illuminati connected Rogue J-Rods can obtain the secrets of new biological re-vitalization technology associated with the discovery of how to produce Ganesh particles, (cellular level effective electromagnetic energy bundles which carry the potential to heal as well as potentially harm), that this could help them to achieve some of their desired ends with regards to their DNA hybridization and recovery goals.


    However sharing this disclosure is being reasonably withheld by the Maji in order to possibly influence the Rogue J-Rod current course of action, and as a result have them abide by some of the Tau-9 treaty objectives.

  66. Another prime DCTP truth is that Post 2012, the different timeline streams, “old lines” (original and earlier loop back and forward), and new ones (later loop back and forward), will increasingly and naturally more and more separate and diverge into less and less interacting phase coherence with each other. There is a global timeline split event coming up soon.


    When there is,

    1. enough mass population cohesion of competing conscious observer quantum energy potentials, combined with

    2. enough natural quantum resonance boosting factors (2012),

    ...then, several different global futures can and will establish themselves in different mass-quantum phase positions of forward time.

  67. The DCTP says there is a future where the original environmental catastrophe occurs. The Ark is deployed, and the illuminati style Ark distant descendents eventually become the J-Rods, apparently more Rogue than not. The post-catastrophe surface dwellers survive and some eventually head for Orion to become the Talls, the others head elsewhere as an Ark society, and the classic archetypal H.G. Well’s Eloi versus Morlock like human evolutionary split somewhat transpires.

  68. The DCTP says there is a future where the catastrophe is not averted, though attempted to be averted, and things go so bad that the loop back J-Rod Rogues use us effectively as spiritual batteries for their own future benefit (The Matrix movie was close to revealing the nature of our illusion). These Rogue folks are like a spiritual vampire soul sucking slow motion 911 Al Qaida attack on the sly against the whole human species. They don’t want their presence to be known, since history has proven it potentially fatal to getting away with soul trapping, and they don’t want us to figure out how to be free of them, and they are afraid we might use our awakening to control them.

  69. The DCTP infers that the Rogue J-Rods are scared of what our spiritual potential can unleash in terms of our own newly possible futures. The Rogues prefer us to not have the capacity to be transparently at-one-with-and-within the wonderful conscious creative quantum energy potentials that 2012 alignments can forge that robs them of their unknowing human livestock flock. That is their greatest fear.

  70. The DCTP identifies that humanity as a whole is quantum volitionally participant in their different mass futures from different grouped biases of quantum accretion potential.


    The fact is, present time humanity could become the conscious, subconscious, or unconscious victims of its own negative future that has already cruised into existence ahead of us, and is even already bouncing back to us in a shout for help, and watch out!! Or, humanity can increasingly become a fully awake conscious creator in the matter of its future.


    Furthering that opportunity for conscious choice and influence for the preservation of humanity, is the choice that the DCTP recognizes and is challenged to provide an answer to, without shooting itself in the foot, without the cure killing the patient. Hence the operational need for extreme discretion about the process of disclosure and assimilation of the DCTP truths into the pre-2012 culture.

  71. The DCTP suggests the natural life boosting effects of the 2012 timing will one day begin to boost different global competing futures, and amplify their diverging into increasingly separate and distinct global future timelines. While we all will continue to exist in all the futures, our conscious volitional quantum soul energy has a choice as to where we take most of our consciousness.


    When we take enough of our consciousness somewhere – that somewhere becomes more physically real and solid and dense. When we take very little of our consciousness down another possible free-will timeline, that timeline tends to hold less energy, and is comparably, a more dream-like phantom reality.

  72. The DCTP suggests there the more conscious you become by connecting with the consciousness that exists, the more potential you have to be an agency, in your own way, of helping to steer the mass quantum field towards more optimal self-corrective revision.

  73. The DCTP suggests there are Blue Apples everywhere at all scales of creation and life, from subatomic, to atomic, to molecular, to electromagnetic, to cellular to organismic. Blue apples are simply all the active hyper-dimensional toroidal vortex connection points of and between all conscious local “life” or “soul” in the universe at large.

  74. The DCTP suggests that Blue Apples are natural spatio-temporal locations, points and regions and events where the non-local oneness continuum that encompasses this universe is more actively linked across dimensions, from local to non-local. Blue apples are the natural wormholes between local physical life and non-local spiritual life. Blue apples connect the energetic beingness vortexes of universal soul into individual expression. Blues apples connect the tough-love of transpersonal consciousness and unified beingness that is the force of evolution with individual souls, lifeforms, and all diversity of identity in time and space.

  75. The biggest DCTP secret is our spirits, souls and hearts, if awakened, are natural and very powerful blue apple stargates.

  76. The DCTP suggests there is a dimensional war for harvesting our soul creative energy into different future timeline realities. Heaven, hell and purgatory timelines are a literal choice for the future physical existence of the human species. Every human soul, consciousness itself, is in reality a blue apple, every auric Chakra is a blue apple, every type of vortex relationship between this dimensionality and others at all scales is a blue apple - blue apples of the solar system gravitational EM field, the blue apples of the planetary EM vortex field, blue apples in the magnetic cross lines of the geo-electromagnetic Earth field currents, blue apples of geophysical mineral life, plant life, animal life and human life.

  77. The DCTP suggests technology based artificial blue apple stargates exist, whose presence on Earth may cause an Earth EM field flip short-circuit or blowout during the 2012 period, and cause consequent disastrous global environmental conditions following the 2012 period.

  78. The DCTP suggests there have always been competing streams of future mass consensus reality timelines, and that competing reinforcement of different paths, different futures currently embedded in the larger time stream is a manipulated affair. There is more than one past, present and future timeline potential that is unusually converged for a while right now, all mixed for our integrated pleasure right now, as our opportunity to solve the questions of conflict that this world presents.

  79. The DCTP suggests that if we solve the challenges of compassion and inclusion, of sensitivity and courage, and we dismantle the artificial stargates that are a symptom of an overload of arrogance, we then avert a planetary system overload, things go more smoothly, and the natural 2012 period stargate activation becomes all the more wonderful an opportunity for awakening and vitalizing a new untrammeled future, an undiscovered new world, where instead of a catastrophe befalling our arrogance, there is, in contrast, a grand resonance of spiritual awakening that heralds a bright future that is newly born.

  80. The DCTP suggests that right now, we are pre-2012, so now is the time to make the difference by waking up from our slumber, and begin to realize how we have our individual and collective strong mass quantum probabilities associated with and invested in several different distinct futures.




The DCTP Transcendence Debriefing

  1. Transcending the DCTP suggests identifies that the more energy patterns in the time and space of the subconscious or unconscious mind are at odds with the intentional energies of the conscious mind, the more we are dis-integrated and in a Gordion knot slumbering to the consciousness of the living loving infinity that surrounds us.


    Our multi-dimensional soul vortex, that is the portal of who we are as pure beingness, in this numb slumber, ends up stuck with much of its essential quantum influential conscious awareness capacity being ineffective in directing its own course.


    The true and hidden potential and natural powers of quantum creative influence remain elusive and hidden from easy access by the average human soul.


  2. Transcending the DCTP suggests that your consciousness is deprived of much of your energy capacity as a soul, due to all the mind numbing, feeling numbing, arrogance increasing preoccupations, distractions, negative investments, unhealthy engagements, recessions into the subconscious, or into the unconscious, the buying global propaganda, the refusal to think or feel, not growing up, not being alive, not loving and not being connected to the truth and feeling and the beauty and the pain and intricacy of all that is in your worldly perceptual sphere.


  3. Transcending the DCTP suggests you can be an agency of conscious compassionate loving spheres of intention and quantum accretion influence that far exceed your local limits of prescience.



  4. Transcending the DCTP suggests it is our natural potential as human beings to be completely connected with God, to consciously accept the invitation from the universe, every living thing, every changing thing, and all the beauty and chaos within the whole and all its parts.


    It is not only our birthright, it is our invited responsibility to wake up now and make the coming 2012 natural stargate quantum blue apple life vortical reality boosting events occur to our maximum evolutionary benefit.


  5. Transcending the DCTP suggests that transpersonal awareness, is experiencing your relationship to the wholeness and connection of other souls and connection to the universe of course. Transpersonal awareness is the natural connection between the spark of divinity that is your conscious soul, with any of the chaos and intelligence of creation.


    This awareness is expressed through the enlightenment of the internal conscious awareness capacity to be in directed and receptive sentient and sensorial union with any and all of the spiritual and material aspects of any object of perception. This skill is available to everyone as an effortless experience to have, if they tell the truth to themselves. This is effective without anything other than childlike humility to truly wake up and see what is, and not what you expect or want.


    This is sharing connection, riding the quantum entanglement currents between everything in the living and alive universe that is, discovering how all of the consciousness of creation is available to be connected with your own consciousness, if you so truly invite it and intend it and allow it and become its agency.


    When you consciously experience higher self and unconscious self manifestations that allow you access reality at a larger and deeper scale, all of creation can be a synchronistic reflective medium of who you are and who you are becoming in the beyond.


  6. Transcending the DCTP it is calculated, that right now, circa 2005 on planet Earth the global mass quantum accretion power distribution is as follows:

    1. 10% Higher conscious creation, up from recent past

    2. 10% Unconscious creation, down from recent past

    3. 60% Subconscious creation, down from recent past

    4. 20% Conscious creation, up from recent past



  7. Transcending the DCTP suggests if you are personally over 50% in the conscious domain for yourself, you are as enlightened as anyone can ever typically claim. But if you are volitionally all spent in the unconscious domain then the momentum consensus blueprint future is more probably your future.


    If you don’t consciously stand for something, you fall for everything.


  8. The DCTP suggests there are future timelines that are more probable depending on what part of the quantum future power distribution you are biased to.


  9. Transcending the DCTP suggests if you have invested too much of your 'blue apple' soul energy in the subconscious domain, then you are slumbering through the predilection of your personal story, your local concerns, your perceptual habits, patterns, scripts, contracts, karmas, and illusions.


  10. Transcending the DCTP suggests most are asleep in the real dream of the real world, unable to awaken from the realness of the illusion they have invested themselves into.


  11. Transcending the DCTP suggests the secret truth beyond the DCTP is there is a universal mind-heart-infinity symphony of all beingness hoping we will reach out and become a co-creative friend, companion and partner in the larger creation’s unified intentional quest for evolving higher orders of love and consciousness.


    To eventually each of us have the capacity to recover the yield of all the soul energy lost into all Maya wheels of pain and unconsciousness we have passionately invested ourselves in to learn, understand, love, become one with, and eventually transcend.


  12. Transcending the DCTP suggests the secret truth of enlightenment is that simple innocent yet wise humility, honesty, sensitivity, vulnerability, caring, courage, openness, receptiveness, and desire to experience and know more of love, along with a little discernment, is and has always been the natural answer to realizing the desire for union and connection and cosmic belonging with all life and beingness.


    These habits of humility, being as the wise fool lilies of the field, can make transparent all the mysteries of the soul’s own grain of sand within the world’s disguise, freeing one to forge into a new future never before predicted, never before possible, and that will become more spiritually integrated in ways that are currently unimaginable by any individually bound consciousness, agenda or storyline.


    It is virgin timeline territory and virgin consciousness evolution territory.


  13. Transcending the DCTP suggests it is the destiny of more and more souls to eventually choose the timeline of more love and less pain, more beauty and less violence, more oneness and less chaos, and more enchantment and less crisis.


    But to actualize this higher evolutionary path, we must not be the ones that somehow escaped the problems in the world, but be the ones that found a way to consciously solve and resolve them.


  14. Transcending the DCTP suggests that the optimal future timeline is the timeline where all the problems were solved, not avoided. The irony is that the timelines where the huge problems are avoided and ignored or covered up are the timelines that run into serious problems.


    Creating something wonderful requires waking up and getting to work, not expecting someone or some spiritual agency to fix it for you. For this reason it is asserted that some disclosure of the hidden truth of our situation occur.


    As a species if we can wake up to and recognize what is at stake, we may change the course of the future the DCTP fears will transpire.