from BJ Wolf
February 2003

Hi Jeff,
I have great news. I can positively report that Dr. Dan Burisch is alive, and has been found and photographed participating in a Formal Majestic Operation that took place at the Frenchman's Mountain complex, just East of Las Vegas, near the Stargate hill during the first week of February, 2003.

I rearranged my travel schedule to allow me to be in Las Vegas at the same time as the operation was supposed to take place. I asked for help from Alan Gudaitis, the Regional Director of MUFON in Las Vegas, and he agreed to accompany me into the hills to help document what might happen. He and I both had an extensive array of equipment, and were able to capture literally hundreds of frames of pictures, as well as about 10 minutes of radio chatter from Dan at the time of the operation.

The rumors that Dan gets saluted by official personnel have also been confirmed. I have photographic proof. His driver (who was later identified as his wife - belonging to PsyOpsSec within Majestic) exited the vehicle, walked around to his door, opened it, drew herself up to attention, and snapped up a salute which she held for several seconds until he emerged from the vehicle and returned it.

I have much more about this operation documented on and will be adding more as the days go on. There was such a large volume of documentation made during this operation that I can't get it all posted in one or two days.

But, contrary to tainted information that I received last fall, Dr. Dan Burisch is very much alive. He was observed, recorded, photographed and those photos were later viewed by Bill Hamilton who knows Dan after having interviewed him extensively. And upon my return from California, I showed the photos to Doreen Crain, Dan's mother for her comments. She was able to identify the driver as Deb, her daughter-in-law, and the passenger as Dan in the photos I showed her. There is no longer any doubt!

The question remains, why was tainted information passed off to me last year. Probably an attempt to derail the ongoing investigation into Dr. Burisch, his work on the Lotus Project, and his connections to Area-51, S4, and Majestic. Dan had become perhaps too vocal, talking on several occasions to Bill Hamilton and even granting Bill and I the opportunity to videotape our last interview with him. Maybe Majestic was just trying to make Dan vanish from the public eye. Well, that's not going to be so easy. Too many people refused to give up hope. Too many got clandestine word that Dan was indeed still alive, people such as 'DonDep' who I believe may have heard from the same source as I did; a previously unknown contact that finally gave me a push in the right general direction with postings to my message board on Eagles.

It's clear that people are interested in what Dan is doing, his connections into Majestic and MJ-12, and what he can tell us about the goings-on at Area-51, S4 and other super-secret bases. Whether or not we are able to get all the truth uncovered, just knowing that Dr. Burisch is alive makes me think that the optimism I saw in so many of the UFO researchers and observers alike was justified.

BJ Wolf