from The Mystery of Dr. Burisch

CC: Deborah Burisch (CoDirector), “Binah” (Assistant Director, Data Analysis)
From: Dr. Dan Burisch (Director)
Date: 01-09-2004

Please be advised that research relevant to the construction of the theory and model has been completed. In fulfillment of the orders provided (Blue Doc 04-07), final research data was compiled, this morning (0000-0500) at the Frenchman Complex, prior to the massive publicity/awareness surrounding a national “Lunar Destination Speech.”

With authority as Director of Project Lotus (Staar-Flower), I hereby issue the following instructions:

1. The Remote Viewing Unit is to be immediately closed. This decision is based, in part, on security concerns.
2. Lotus Support Unit’s science and engineering personnel are to immediately receive temporary reassignment orders, as directed by the 12. (My heart and deep gratitude goes out to each and every one of you for your hard work.)
3. By order of the 12, all corresponding NatLabs are to be cut from the internal communications loop (Blue Doc 04-91c).
4. Three Individuals from our community have been assigned to the “Model Building Project - End Phase I”. Those individuals have already received a personal card from me, in their Friday’s envelope, with an image of a White Dove and a Number (1-3) on it.

A. Individual #1 is assigned as the “Bibliography Coordinator”.
B. Individual #2 is assigned as “Image Coordinator”
C. Individual #3 is assigned as “Proof Read/Copy Coordinator”

All three individuals are hereby instructed to be at my location, on the date and at the time listed on the back of the Dove card. Your present assignment is on hold until completion of the Lotus Model, estimated, December, 2004. All three individuals are therefore directed under my supervision until such date as they are released. You are Deep Blue and your marital / child care status has been taken into consideration. Your PIP doc (to arrive shortly) will describe all arrangements necessary.
5. By order of the 12 (Blue Doc 04-92), Staar Surveillance is ordered ceased, internal cameras have been turned off.
6. By order of the 12 (Blue Doc 04-92a), DIA/SRT “Team Blue” is ordered onsite. Personal security detail will be derived from that unit.
7. As of January 01, 2004, all interrogatories were ceased, by order of the 12 (Blue Doc 03-1077).
8. As of this date, January 09, 2004, I will receive no community visitors. This prohibition is set until further notice.
9. All transport personnel are to be reassigned to liaison NAFB, for dignitary conveyance.
10. Binah is hereby directed to compile/bundle data-sets and report back to be no later than January 15, 2004.
11. By order of the 12, my participation regarding Edward's “Sweet 16's Coral”, derived from VMS, is placed into abeyance until the completion of the Model (Blue Doc 04-204). You guy's can enjoy the weather for a year down there!
12. All “RR’s” will be directed to new assignments by the 12.
13. Supply personnel will continue onsite without change and will receive instructions, within days, as to how communication flow and supply requests will be made.



Personal Notes

This is it, folks! Following T9, we can engage Phase II, and begin transition toward Phase III, Phase IV having been ordered completed by 2011. Should I have not personally survived to that time, an Alternate Director has already been personally selected by me and “she” has been notified and accepted the position. Com/Assist by R’s (no matter how personally valuable) is hereby directed- ceased. Thank you. You guys are wonderful! In answer to many questions, I have placed personal medical concerns into abeyance until after the model is complete: the needs of the many apply.

May God grant us safe passage through this building process. I can only hope that the upcoming public-cover “failure preparation announcement” (as I like to call it) will bear fruit for an extended mission and leap to the Red Earth, after a successful passage through 2012. I wonder how the timelines will collapse and how reality will then look? Pyramids become mountains? Ha! Ha! If not, at least Tebah-Genesis will be in a safe place for continuance of our species, the soft light then shining on what’s left of earth, providing some hope for the future. My thanks also to the Brits that have come west to assist and observe, makes me feel at home in the Prefect’s hut all over again!

Oh God, forgive me my transgressions and failings, and grant that the project’s theory will fulfill the requirements placed upon us by those in power. Grant guidance to those who make such decisions for us and place upon them the mantle of your wisdom. O Lord, grant to those of us, now embarking on this writing, clarity of thought, that we may seek the Truth, no matter what it may be. Grant this to us, O God of Creation, in the spirit of peace for ALL humanity!

Now, the order from this desk that you all have been waiting for, and the title selected by me for this operation (I borrowed it from a movie that touched me so deeply in the 1970īs):

We rig for success for humanity! Rig for Op, “Silent Running”

Dan Burisch

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