by BJ Wolf

from EaglesDisobey Website


Something new has landed in my mailbox. This, after an announcement that Dan may not be currently at the residence (Apt #162, Sunchase Apartments, at the corner of McLeod and Desert Inn - Las Vegas), seems to confirm that he may now be, or may recently have been housed at Sector 4 while preparing a new document relating to the Lotus/Staar-Flower project.

The heading on the document cites Sector 4, Pavilion 3, Residential Bay 1, Unit 2. Could this be similar to an address inside Area-51/Sector 4/ one used for their residential accommodations?

The document is an 18 page draft, identified as R#02-02 with extensive notations by Dr. Burisch in the margins. I know Dr. Burischís handwriting to see it, and am confident that these are indeed in his handwriting.

It was accompanied by a floppy with four small photo images showing Dr. Burisch reading from some papers that could be the document. I am not sure, of course, because the photos are not too clear. I will try to enhance them so I can see what is on the papers in his hands, but I posted them in the form I got them in.

I have scanned each page of the document and will post them for review and consideration as rapidly as I can. The contents in several sections are particularly troubling and thought provoking.

"click" image below  to enlarge and to see the full document of 18 pages