Eagles Unchained

Part 5

Photo Report - Cellular Information


{Editors Note: my contact sent me the following after the run was terminated}

Subj: Re: Electromagnetic Rings (EMR)
Date: 2/23/02 10:47:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

[He’s] dead tired after post-calibration, camera speed logging, and first review. …. has the cells becoming "revitalized" by the Ganesh ON TAPE!

{Editor’s Note: This was just the beginning of the cellular information that eventually was provided to me from within the project. It seems that Dan is in the habit of making videotape composites of his work for archival purposes. This process usually results in several tapes full of edited bits of experimental runs — one such tape made its way into my possession with accompanying notes about what was contained therein.}

(The arrows below point to Ganesh particles that were being produced from ground quartz crystal from the Vishnu Schist. The dark object is a portion of quartz. As it was described: the particle was liberated from the rock.)

These three photos (below) show the gas bubble as it grows out of the quartz, holding a Ganesh particle inside. These gas bubbles may be the ones that were described forming with hydrogen gas. The videotape clearly shows them growing, and taking over the other bubbles which popped.

Ganesh particle is visible above arrow.

A cluster of Ganesh particles as they form in the gas.

Still one more view of a Ganesh particle.

This next series of images was taken from the section of the tape identified as “Particle to Cell” Transformation. It appears to start out as a particle, then extends dark ‘feet’ into the surrounding areas. These ‘feet’ seem to dent in, and the surrounding area is affected. Later it becomes differentiated into a nucleus area and surrounding structures. Later in the series the nucleus begins to show distinct structural changes.

This next group is taken from the section identified as “Cross-Bridge”. This appears to be a cross-bridge, formed of many cells which came into being from the quartz, to gas, to cell process. The Cross-Bridges seem to attach to the spiro cells which were placed in the experimental solution. (As you can tell from looking at these images, they were taken from a videotape of the microscope data smuggled out of the project.)

When the cross-bridge structures collapse, then do so in a rapid motion, falling away from the side of the spiro cells.

After the collapse of the cross-bridges, portions of the tissue vibrates, almost shudders rapidly, then pauses before vibrating again.

Changes began to take place rapidly in the nuclear portion of the new cells, as well as portions of the target cells. The Ganesh particle cells were having an effect on terrestrial cells.