by M. McDowell, B.S., M.A.

Preamble from the editor:

This text with the document is proving to be very controversial: The medical terms seem to be correct but MDs who have reviewed this say it doesn’t compute medically or it reads like a "salad." But, at the same time these "experts" say "they don’t understand the science." BJ mentioned to me that there are "gaps" in this text and that Burisch or Dan Crain was not that forthcoming as you might see. She had to take her hand written/tape notes and transcribe them while spending many hours in the library looking up medical terms. She is the one who put this text together and not Dan Burisch who was not always cooperative as mentioned. Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming.


Dan Burisch, formerly known as Dan Crain, has been involved in covert operations at the lab facilities underneath Groom Lake and Papoose Lake/Site4 since the early 1990s. Comment from editor: The above should read "in and underneath Papoose Mountain which is where S4 is located or the SE corner of Papoose Mountain."

This document Q94-109A leaked from a source at Area-51, details the work done by Dr. Dan Crain (Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.) on extraterrestrial tissue obtained from a live source. The aspiration samples were gathered and evaluated by Dr. Crain in his capacity as a microbiologist for the United States Navy.

The document itself.... The document (below images) provided to me by my contact was in rather poor condition. It had been copied in a rush, and the quality of the photocopy left a lot to be desired. I worked to clean up the image, after scanning it into my system, but I was only able to do so much. The majority of the document was transcribed word for word, and is presented here for the public to evaluate.




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5 - (original of figure 4)


Dan Crain signed this document, and the signature has been confirmed.


This section contains the word for word transcription of the original document. It is being provided because the original came in a difficult form to read.


The original images that were received were hardly readable and had been rapidly photocopied.


The settings of the copier were not correct, but there was no time for a second try. That is why they appear to be so dark. The originals were also copied in reverse.



Recombining human and non-terrestrial DNA?

Dr. Burisch is currently involved in a new covert project, the details of which bear a striking similarity to his work at Area-51, as outlined by document Q94-109A. The powers that have demanded his current participation, literally at gunpoint, are attempting to use his skills to alter certain elements of our DNA and RNA codes.

This new research bears a striking resemblance to what they were trying to do in document Q94-109A: reverse engineer and recombine human and non-terrestrial DNA.

The strenuous objections of the microbiologists on the project several years ago helped to slow the research, but now if left unchecked, the current experimentation could spell catastrophic disaster for human evolution... future human evolution.

In early conversations with Dan Burisch, he indicated that he was very familiar with the biology (cellular biology and biochemistry) of a "Captive" extraterrestrial housed in a lab located deep under the desert floor at Area-51. I had made some notes concerning our conversations which are reproduced here, at least in part. These conversations were later substantiated by the document Q94-109A which is the main subject of this publication. However, in our earlier conversations about extraterrestrial biology Dan indicated to me that:

"They use a somewhat combined variety of oxidative phosphorylation and ARF mediated COP-coated vesicles. It’s also involved with an analog of clathrin-like coated vesicles.

(see, HERE for mechanism by which clathrin coats mediate receptor-mediated endocytosis).

Through their electron transport chain (oxidation), both ATP and GTP are formed simultaneously. The organ, that corresponds to their lungs, gulps or traps the hydrogen which is then pumped through active transport using ’spiracle’-like tubes into an analog organ, much like our alveoli." See jpg for Q94-109A.

For more on this document please see Q-94109-A Document above. And, for a reported drawing of "J-Rod" mentioned in the document please see, Drawing of J-rod. I commented that it didn’t make sense to me, since hydrogen simply did not seem to possess enough electrons to make it a viable candidate for this function. Dan smiled and said, "Look up the nature of chemiosmotic coupling and translate the Faraday constant under their type of membrane structure and you’ll find it works just fine. The GTP is used in a feedback loop to essentially download the hydrogen electrons......


They have a highly powerful ATP-synthase-like enzyme that assists quite well. Then he looked at me and with a quizzical expression said, "Happy?" I nodded, kind of dumbfounded - figuring that he was done, but he continued on, "Where the multi-subunit components could be adequately represented in the human system in two parts, ’their’ components work in a chain-like matrix; sort of a ratchet function that fully utilizes the energy draw down. In other words, the f0 and f1 is actually represented by f0a,b,c,d....f0x and so on...


The multiple matrices allow for higher yields of lower energy ATP." As nearly as I could figure it, he was saying that the lower energy ATP was sufficient [possibly?] because of their natural environment. I bounced this idea off him. He answered by saying "No, not really. You see, ’they’ are on an evolutionary downturn. Their entire genome is becoming defunct. My job was to back engineer their neural cells - really small microglial tissue."

As incredible as it may seem, these extraterrestrials apparently need our help. They might be more technologically advanced than we are, but they are apparently having some real problems in the "biology" department. After these conversations took place, I obtained the document Q94-109A which describes Dan’s interaction with the extraterrestrial that is known as Captive, living in a "Clean Sphere" deep underneath the Papoose Lake site at Area-51 (this should read "underneath the Papoose Mountain site").


In an effort to ascertain its authenticity, I showed Dan a copy of the document, with his signature on the last page. I also showed him copies of his signature block obtained from his [now] estranged mother before she moved out of Las Vegas. Dan demanded to know where I got the document, went sheet white, started to sweat and refused to make any further comment.

Comment from editor: This could be one of the prime reasons for all the reported Alien Abductions or, Aliens needing human DNA? Does this pose a threat? Please see, Former President Reagan on the "Alien Threat?"


Annotations by M. McDowell, B.S., M.A.

Here are some brief annotations with bearing upon the text of document Q94-109A. Annotation regarding plating studies of aspirative samples: So essentially, each of the 100 original sections of the biopsy material was plated and cultured - in other words, grown into a mass of living tissue generated from that particular section of the biopsy material.


This mass of tissue was then subsplit into smaller sections, labelled alphabetically for specialized analysis. Given the information contained at the beginning of the report, Dan himself performed 275 individual biopsies over a two year period. If you calculate the number of biopsies he performed, multiplied by 100 (for the number of splits made from the original biopsy material each time) you wind up with 27,500 cellular tissue cultures grown in that two year period.


Then take the number of subsplits for each (if they used an alphabetical nomenclature, we should have at least 26 subsplits) and you find that they cultured approximately 715,000 individual tissue batches during the time of this study. Of course, that is only considering this particular study. Let’s face it. 715,000 tissue cultures is probably a conservative estimate.


There are most likely a great many studies being undertaken at any given time, concerning Captive. In a taped interview with Dr. Crain in 1994, he discusses this matter, although he did not refer to this document by name or number. It seems clear then, from this portion of the report that the original study was conducted by the team operating under a ’blind’; in other words, the scientists who performed the original study: k(lower-case)-24, were unaware of the true nature of the samples. They didn’t know that they were from an extraterrestrial biological entity, and as a result, they could only go so far with their evaluations. Their own chain of command was simply not willing to reveal the pertinent information to their own scientists, some of the finest minds in the country, who were gathered together for the specific purpose of conducting highly classified research.

Given the fact that later sections of this document talk about the back-engineering of alien tissue samples in order to correct a problem, I have to wonder ’what method were they employing in order to engineer the correction?’. Especially now, in light of the continuation of this bioengineering process through the Lotus Protocol, and Dan’s staunch refusal to provide his superiors with the mathematical keys to the DNA and RNA base pairings necessary for them to backengineer human genetic material.

However, the report does state that the team was eventually ordered to use human cells (from a cadaver) to recombine with alien cells in an effort to repair the genetic damage discovered as the source of the biological problems under evaluation.

They used allogenic recombination, which resulted in allomeric response (a localized result) however the systemic neuropathy continued. Then they tried sequential plasmid recombinations using bone marrow from a human cadaver only identified by a number and an autopsy document. This yielded better results. In fact, the report states that the introduction of the cell matrix inoculated into the EBE produced a stoppage of the pathology over a wide area in the body. It appears that Dan and his team resisted performing studies involving secondary spermatocyte stock due to the clear 'cross breeding intent’ implicit in the work.


However, he was compelled under orders from his Commanding Officer to do so. He says that such a line of investigation should be followed with the greatest concern and hesitation. The leak of such success could cause a ’wild’ strain that could be catastrophic to us as human beings. I believe that this is what he was alluding to in the early portion of the report when he said "While the writer must present the findings" indicating a certain reluctance to endorse everything in the findings,

"it must also be stated that the operating group members have made a unanimous declaration that certain methods to alter the present genotype should not be carried out."

This is unusual in the extreme - for a group of scientists on the cutting edge of explorative technology to agree that something (anything) should absolutely, positively not be done is so rare that it deserves a great deal of thought as to why such a statement was made. Their ethical objections may have put a halt to the experimentation between 1994 and 1996, however the powers that funded and authorized that research have never abandoned hope of altering human DNA.


The new project, LOTUS is the latest attempt to manipulate human DNA and RNA in ways which will be catastrophic to humanity if they are allowed to go forward unchecked.

Continuation of Partial Detail from Document Q94-109A (to see full content go to above images)


".... The plating activities were entirely successful at C/Sphere S.T.P., save K-24-16, K-24-36, and K-24-81. Heightened osmotic pressure from excess colloidal suspension was interpreted as the reason for cellular stasis and death. Equal Combinations of pressurized dictostelium-desoxycholate agar media, racemic to 10.000/100.000 (%) glucose-acetate medium produced the highest cellular, figuilar, growth rates (1.000 generations per 26.302 days). Nominal contamination-restriction protocols were followed (see: Cross contamination protocol 6, N.R.L., Document Number Q-93-016B., for procedural guidelines.)"


"Cellular preparations were presented by the "E.B.E.-Cross-Contamination and Viewing Protocols (Sections 1-4)", as approved, 2 April 1993 (N.R.L., Papoose Site 4, Document Number Q-93-016C.)


"The previous analysis (k{lower-case}-24) of then ’.... cells of an unknown origin...’ yielded presumptive declarations that such specimens were operating under different methodologies than known terrestrial counterparts. That study also attempted the same process of ’back-engineering’ the cellular constituents, but yielded little more information than the basic cellular morphology, organelle analogs, membrane and communication patterns, and pathways of cellular constituent biosynthesis. Study K(upper-case)-24 was deemed necessary, by the authority structure, for the purpose of handling aspirations of a fresher nature, whose in situ value would be known, and wherein a clear purpose to the investigation would be open to the operating group under the writer’s control."


"The order was interpreted, clearly, as a study in the classification of neuronic dendritic repair failure, the establishment of the probably mechanisms of such failure, and the ascertaining of possible previous conditions (conditions that would necessarily have been present for acceptable evolution) when such repairs would have been successful. Additionally, the operating group took the opportunity to "back-engineer", together with theoretical applications, a potential route of ultimate repair of the dysfunctional system.


This report declares that the present operating group fulfilled the aforementioned order, and was also successful in positing the most likely route of genotype repair, a pathway completely reparative to the present phenotypic status. While the writer must present the findings, it must also be stated that the operating group members have made a unanimous declaration that certain methods to alter the present genotype should not be carried out. This position of conviction is held for moral and bio-ethical considerations, as such actions may deter from the normal process of natural selection in the human species."


"Initial observations of extraterrestrial microglian-like-analog neuroblasts {?}(MENB’s) revealed an approximated morphology to all such extraterrestrial cells, that being hypotrophic perikaryons (as opposed to terrestrial counterparts), with a multipolar-type generalization. The presence of an external and internal cytoplasm, specifically herein defined as the neuroplasm (as previously described in k{lower case}-24), was again presented, with the organelle fusion being also demonstrated.


The neruofibrils were present, with a 1-to-1 terrestrial relationship of neuroprotofibrils (c. 0.009 mm). It occurred to the investigator that the neuroprotofibrils were selectively anastomosed to nissl-like bodies, extending afferently from the nuclear material, through the internal cytoplasm, then further cementing to the exterior of the internal cytoplasm (the ’ground substance" of the external cytoplasm); however, such processes continued along primary axon units, but terminated at the primary-axonic-dendritic-process juncture (where the exoplasm sufficiently thinned allowing branching dendritic processes). This finding led the investigation toward its ultimate conclusions."


"At the point of neuroprotofibril excision, the analog to the Incisures of Schmidt-Lanterman, Neurokeratin-like networks, and solid Endoneruium, cease. Cross culturing revealed that selective culture necrosis was not the origin. Further, such early terminations were found at highest rates (38 hits per 50 units at 25,000 diameters magnification), when adjacent to higher numbers of fibroblast-analogs, within the endoneurium. This correlation extends to myroneural junction regions, with a near 1-to-1 correspondence. Histologically, each myoneural junction viewed, demonstrated excessive filament depletion at the nominal axolemmal ridges, with high concentrations of mitochondrial-golgi-analog(s) (MG) at/near each synaptic trough’s Basal Lamina, along the sides of each subneural cleft.


This demonstrations drew a conclusion of a pathological process that may associate myocyte physiology, fibroblast-analog response and/or mediation, membrane interactions, and axoplasm response. This is where I usually say -’hold it - try that in English please...’ but unfortunately Dan was extremely unwilling to comment upon anything in this report - with the exception of his signature on the last page.


I got out my science books, and hit the library, but most of the scientific terms used in this paragraph came with descriptions that were equally complex. Suffice it to say that it appears that the EBE neural tissue (at the point at which it was excised or removed from the subject) appears to have only a modest similarity to terrestrial models. And that cells which were cross cultured and studied (using various magnifications and conditions) tended to show excessive filament depletion at certain specific areas in conjunction with the presence of a mitochondrial-golgi-analog cellular unit. In humans, the golgi-mitochondrial cell structures facilitate the biochemical release and storage of energy for later use by the cell.


"A detailed analysis of membrane activity was conducted, via freeze fractures (STM), separative biochemistry (UCFG/MOA/MP), and selective histopathological supravital staining (LM). [*See attached coding for machinery references*] The results indicated that the hydrogen mediated phosphorylation, as was presented in a Danielli model in previous reference k{lower-case}-24, occurred at higher rates of successful energy budgeting (5.000%, average, power) at those areas where sub neural clefts were shortest.


Further, the highest concentrations of mitochondrial-golgi-analogs were found at the shortest of such clefts. This necessary proximity was found at each analysis, and was therefore determined as part of the pathological process. External membrane structure, showed ion channeling at less concentrations, where the myoneural junctions met the above criteria for pathology.


"Present channel varieties were bordered by long chain (via MP/HPLC/GC/MS) glycoprotiens [IgA equivalent at IUPAC tertiary top chain representation - NeuAc((2-6)...], later coded (vial gel electrophoresis and PCR) specifically to expressions from the Major Histocompatability Complex (MCH) at locus HLA-Cw3(a), and seemingly selective to those ion channels that disfavor membrane disequipibria, thus lack of net polarity, and where protodesmosomes from the fibroblast-analogs communicated to the sides of the subneural cleft areas/ That fibroblast-protodesmosomal-analog association has not been entirely explained."


"It appears that the protonated phosphorylation complex, within the MG-analog, operating (as best known) is rather more interwoven with voltage gated membrane channels than previously thought. A classification analysis was completed (via MP) in order to verify the mode of regulation, the results of which demonstrated that the cristae-compartmentalized electron transport system (bioregulatory parallel capacitors), operated in a triad of spherical cristae, generating and temporarily per serving at 7.100 X 10 exp (-12) uJ per cycle.


This was accomplished by reflux of hydrogen, via the MG-associated Phosphoenylpyruvate Phosphotransferase-analog (PEP-analog) active pump, and using glucose-6 phosphate as a carrier, also found preserving energy within the system (passive exothermic emission), within bio regulatory solenoid). The minimal output of this system (passive exothermic emission), within the cellular matrix under study, enabled G-proteins to modulate voltage-gated calcium channels, and simultaneously, internal lignad and kinase modulated varieties to act in antagonism. It was the localized effect of this antagonism that interrupted the potential sufficiently to begin collateral elimination of synapses (following complete disruption of the excitatory porential, at -75mV, and with K+ efflux), through progressive acidosis, secondary to the PEP-analog’s output. This was the agent of neuropathogenicity."


"Correlating to increasing age, from interview with JR (Sigma authorized), higher rates of neuropathy are found. Additionally, gene mapping has postulated a correlation in the age-dependent expression of the lgA equivalent to the organism-wide efficiency of receptor tyrosine kinases (Q-94-109C/D). From that line of evidence, repair processes were found altered, by a translational control inhibition at pp90exp(rsk)-analog. Simply put, repair was faulted, via increasing age, by insufficient specific protein kinase levels."


"Attempts to rectify the problem, val allogenic recombination, resulted in allomeric response. The neuropathy continued. Human Subject #58-001 (refer to autopsy Document Q-96-029) supplied bone marrow for sequential plasmid recombinations via electroporation. Sequential addition of expression loci for pp44 superscript(mapk/erk2) yielded a theorized alternate pathway, via pp70 superscript(S6K) kinase, to translational control through S6 phosphorylation. Transplantation of such cell matrix inocula resulted in attenuation of the neuropathy, not localized, but over a considerably wide area (2cu mm inoculum to 100 sq. mm resolution)."


"Under order from the investigator’s Commanding Officer, transgenic inocula, resulting from liposomal fusions, were attempted using secondary spermatocyte stock, with the same degree of success, however, the mechanisms of that result remain unknown. Such lines of investigation, with a clear ’cross breeding’ intent, should be followed with the greatest concern and suggested "hesitation", as the leakage of such success could promote a ’wild’ contaminant species to further the experimentation in an unabated fashion. The ultimate results of such a possible genetic introduction into the human population could be catastrophic."


"This report is respectfully presented for consideration by Danny Benjamin Crain, Ph.D. (Captain, United States Navy, N.R.L.) Working Group Leader, Project Aquarius, R-4800, Papoose Site 4"

Updates by Bill Hamilton

10-09-02 Proceedings of the Journal of the Arizona/Nevada Academy of Science "An Analysis of Tumor Cell Specificity" 1984 and "The Role of Secondary Oxygen in Tumor Cell Recognition" 1985 by Danny B. Crain.

Arizona Nevada Academy of Science

Science Interrogatory Dr. Dan Burisch replies to one of the interrogatories regarding a question as to how he differed in his views from the Intelligent Design theorists. The Last Letter from Dr. Dan B.C. Burisch This message was a response by Dan to another member of the "Projects" and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist.

I have recently completed a third interview with Dr. Dan Burisch on a variety of subjects and I let him speak for himself. Hopefully, many of you will see this interview in the future and make your own decision since this area of UFO research is very controversial. Dan spoke of his recent temporary deployment to the Dulce underground facility associated with Los Alamos and the request put to him to assist on a project involving a retrovirus obtained from the alien genome (For viral DNA in the human genome please see Human Genome Bears a Virus Related to HIV-1) and its use in biological warfare.


He said "No" to participating in that project as he felt that it exceeded his ethical boundaries. He stayed at that facility for about 48 hours. He mentioned they had a little monorail that transported them on a level when traveling any distance. He also used the word "tram". He was returned afterward to Nellis AFB, Nevada. He spoke of those who control the alien projects - Majestic and the Committee of the Majority having 33 powerful men (see, Scottish Rite Temple "the Executive Chamber; the room in which the Supreme Council meets in session. The room contains 33 seats, one for each of the 33 members of the Council") who they answer to.


He spoke of the road to catastrophe that we are currently traveling down unless something is done to avert it (he confesses he does not know what that would be). He spoke of another group beside the Aquarius group that is known as STAAR (1) and how they handle the milieu of ongoing alien interaction. He said we are operating on a treaty basis with the Reticulans and that the treaty is up for renewal on a 9-year basis and that is coming up in 2003. He did not go into the details of this treaty.


He covered a fair amount of territory in a 71-minute period. BJ was present and contributed to the Q&A. Whatever one’s reaction will be to Dan’s statements, whether disbelief, amazement, outrage, acceptance, or rejection, one will find plenty of food for thought. Dan hinted that perhaps they want some of this info to go out to the public. He states his reasons for going public himself and why he believes they have not deep-sixed him over his disclosures.


He won’t say everything as more than once he had to ’think about it’ before making a statement.