ABHIDHAMMA. ~The collection of treatises which embody the metaphysics of the Buddhist philosophy.
AHAMKARA. The Ego-making faculty.
ANANDA. Bliss.
ASANA. Posture. Any correct position of holding the body.
ATZILUTIC WORLD. The Archetypal World that gave birth to three other worlds, each containing a repetition of the Sephiroth, but in a descending scale of brightness. See Diagram.


BABALON. Our Lady. See Equinox V. The Vision and the Voice.
BETH. Second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It is the letter of Wisdom, Magick, Mercury.
BHAGAVADGITA. Sacred hymn of the Vedanta Philosophy, translated by Sir Edwin Arnol in The Song Celestial.
BINAH. Understanding. The Third "Emanation" of the Absolute. The first "He" of the Tetragrammaton, the "Mother" of the Trinity. See Diagram.


CHIAH. The Creative impulse or Will. The Second principle of the fivefold constitution of man. See Diagram.
CHOKMAH. WISDOM. The Second "Emanation" of the Absolute, the "Yod" of Tetragrammaton, the "Father" in the Trinity. See Diagram.
CHORONZON. See Equinox V. The Vision and the Voice, 10th Aethyr.


DATH. Knowledge, child of Chokmah and Binah in one sense, in the other the empty and structureless condition of Choronzon.


EXEMPT ADEPT. Grade 7=4. which refers to Chesed, a correspondence of Jupiter. See Diagram.


GEBURAH. Strength; the Fifth "Emanation" of the Absolute. The Sephira of Mars. See Diagram.


HADIT. The infinitely small and atomic yet omnipresent point. See Liber Legis, Equinox VII. also Liber 555.
HARPOCRATES. The Egyptian God of Silence, the babe in the egg. (The image of the concealed Father.) The Lord of Defence and Protection. See 777.
HORUS. In Egyptian cosmogony, the child of Isis and Osiris. The true Magick of Horus requires the passionate Union of opposites. The new Aeon of Horus. The Crowned and Conquering Child. See Magick.


IPSISSIMUS. Grade 10=1. Is beyond all comprehension of those of lower degrees.


JECHIDAH. The quintessential principle of the soul. One principle of the fivefold constitution of man. See Diagram.


KARMA. That which is made. The law of cause and effect, see Science and Buddhism. Crowley's Collected Works, Vol. 2.
KETHER. The Crown. The First "Emanation" of the Absolute. Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether, but after another manner, Malkuth reflects Kether, for that which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above. See Diagram.


MAGICK. The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will. See Magick in Theory and Practice, by the Master Therion.
MAGUS. A Magician; also, technically, a Master of the Grade 9=2. The highest grade which it is ever possible to manifest in any way upon this plane. Attains to Wisdom, declares his law, and is the Master of all Magick in its greatest and highest sense. See Equinox VII., Liber I., and elsewhere.
MAJOR ADEPT. A grade of Adeptship. 6=5. Obtains a general mastery of all practical Magick, though without full comprehension. See Equinox I. and III.


NESCHAMAH. Intuition. Aspiration. Intelligence. The Third principle of the fivefold constitution of man. See Diagram.
NEPHESH. The "Animal Soul" of man, senses, emotion. The Fifth principle of the fivefold constitution of man. See Diagram.
NUIT. Infinite Space. See Liber Legis and Equinox VII., p. 11.


OSIRIS. The Ancient Egyptian Redeemer, father of Horus.
OCTINOMOS. Master Magician.


PYRAMIDS. The City of Binah, the Third Sephira, referred to Saturn. The final destruction of the knowledge of Dath opens the gate of the City of Pyramids. See The Vision and the Voice.


QABALAH. "The Tradition of the Secret Wisdom of the Hebrews." See Equinox V.


RUACH. The Intellect and other mental qualities. Reason. The Fourth principle of the fivefold constitution of man. See 777, and Diagram.


SABB(ACE)E PI DUKKAM. "Everything is sorrow."
SAMADHI. Ecstasy or Super-consciousness. Etymologically: Together with the Lord."
SAMMASAMADHI. Right Samadhi.
SEPHIROTH. The Tree of Life. See "Temple of Solomon," Equinox V. The Sepher Sephiroth, the Book of Emanations, describes the gradual evolution of the Deity from negative into positive existence. See Equinox I., VIII. Suppl., and Diagram.
SILA. Virtue.


TAROT. The Book of Thoth, a pictorial epitome of the Ancient Initiated Wisdom. A method of Divination based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.