Books By Aleister Crowley

mentioned in the Commentary

The Soldier and the Hunchback ! and ? The Eqx. I, i.

Berashith. Coll. Works, II, 233

The Vision and The Voice (Liber 418). The Eqx., I, v. Reprint, Barstow, Cal., 1952, with Commentary.

Liber VII (Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli). Out of print; some reprints available.

Liber Legis. The Eqx., I, vii.

The Book of Thoth (The Tarot). London, 1944.

AHA! The Eqx., I, iii.

The Temple of Solomon the King. The Eqx.

Household Gods. Pallanza, 1912.

Liber LXI vel Causae. The Eqx., III, i.

Liber 500. Unpublished.

The World's Tragedy. Paris, 1910.

The Scorpion. The Eqx., I, vi.

The God-Eater. London, 1903.

Liber XVI. The Eqx., I, vi.

777, London 1909. Reprint with Commentary, London, 1955.

Liber LXV. The Eqx., III, i.

Liver 0 (Liber VI). The Eqx., I, ii.

Konx Om Pax. London, 1907.

Book 4, part III, same as Magick in Theory and Practice. Paris, 1929.