LIBER                      LIBER

          ARCANORVM  tau-omega-nu    CARCERORVM tau-omega-nu

          ATV tau-omega-nu TAHVTI             QLIPHOTH

          QUAS VIDIT                 CVM SVIS

          ASAR IN                    GENIIS


          SVB FIGVRA                 ADDVNTVR SIGILLA ET

          CCXXXI                     NOMINA EORVM

A.'. A.'.
Publication in Class A.
N. Fra A.'. A.'.

{Illustration on facing page presents a considerable problem in representation. It is composed of 44 sigils in two parallel tables with a cross reference column between them. These sigils correspond to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In this attempt to describe, the layout and captions will be presented first, and this will be followed by somewhat inadequate descriptions and partial representations of the individual sigils. Layout and captions:


           CUM SUIS GENIIS               CUM SUIS GENNIIS

            .---.---.---.                 .---.---.---.

            :G  :B  :A  :     Compare     :A  :B  :G  :

            :---+---+---:    A  with Tz   :---+---+---:

            :H  :V  :D  :    B   "   G    :D  :H  :V  :

            :---+---+---:    G   "   B    :---+---+---:

            :T  :Ch :Z  :    D   "   A'a  :Z  :Ch :T  :

            :---+---+---:    H   "   Ch   :---+---+---:

            :L  :K  :Y  :    V   "   K    :Y  :K  :L  :

            :---+---+---:    Z   "   D    :---+---+---:

            :S  :N  :M  :    Ch  "   H    :M  :N  :S  :

            :---+---+---:    T   "   Sh   :---+---+---:

            :Tz :P  :A'a:    Y   "   M    :A'a:P  :Tz :

            :---+---+---:    K   "   V    :---+---+---:

            :Sh :R  :Q  :    L   "   S    :Q  :R  :Sh :

            :---.---.---:    M   "   S    :---.---.---:

            :Th         :    N   "   Sh   :Th         :

            .-----------.    S   "   Z    .-----------.

                             A'a "   P

                             P   "   Q

                             Tz  "   A

                             Q   "   P

                             R   "   Z

                             Sh  "   T

                             Th  "   B
In the above, the Hebrew letters are in the upper left corner of each box, except those of the right column of ...MERCURII... which are in the upper right corner of each box.

Next, here is a description of the content of each box. This is necessarily incomplete in that some of the sigils are too obscure to admit a description.

The boxes of ...MERCURII..., mostly reflecting Tarot correspondences to the Hebrew letters with some astrological and Thelemic used as well:

HB:Aleph : This is a widdershins swastika (nazi shaped) of thin lines with all line elements parallel to the sides of the box. There is a small circle about the central intersection. There are four dots in symmetric array, one in the center of each space defined by an arm of the swastika. Greek letters in capitals appear at the ends of the arms of the swastika, oriented toward the outside. Counterclockwise from lower right: Tau, Alpha, Rho, Omega. (The suggestion is that Aleph is swastika shaped and spins out TARO).

HB:Bet : This is a composition of three separate forms. The central one is a vertical wand with a three pointed crown at top. To the right is a simple vesica. To the left is a Shiva-lingam consisting of a round top vertical shaft on a flat base. (Tools of the Magus).

HB:Gemel : This sigil cannot be fully described. It is composed of two shield forms in upper right and left with lines depending. The two forms are separate. The shield in upper left is hatched with nearly horizontal lines, descending slightly toward right. This shield has a slightly concave top with extension to the upper left and is completed by two convex sides which join in a downward point below. The line from the left shield issues from the upper right side as a short upward diagonal, curves down in a arch to the left, recurves down to the right with a curve issuing convexly upward toward the lower right base of the shield while the principle line continues as a lesser curve toward to bottom of the box --- giving a "y" shape in the lower part of this line. The shield in upper right is hatched with nearly vertical lines, deviating slightly downward to left. It is defined by three curved sides, a concave at top slightly downward to the right, an elbow curve forming the left and bottom edges at slight angles in parallel and at right angles to the hatching and a curved line to form the right side nearly parallel to the left but extending below the shield. The line associated issues from the left side symmetrically to the line of the other shield, but ends below in horizontal elipsoidal spindle, point to left, below the shield instead of a fork as did the other. (Possibly male and female or female pregnant and barren).

HB:Dalet : This sigil is composed of five elements. There are two off vertical lines curving inward from the upper quarters of the box to frame the sides. In the upper center to center is a figure rather like a radish: The bulb has a small line extending below and has inner semicircles touching the right and left parts of the circular bulb, at the inner top of the bulb is a rectangle pierced by a point that flares up to right and left to form a sort of confine for what would be the foliage on the "radish", this last portion contains an array of ten dots forming an inverted tetractys. The remaining two elements are a "T" to the left below of the "raddish" and an isosceles triangle with point up to the right. (Probably vulvicular symbolism).

HB:Vau : This figure is a circular ring, right eye of Horus in center, thirteen clockwise hooked flames about the outer rim. In a circular pattern concentric and inside the ring are following characters from top clockwise: V, infinity, V, 3, V, 10, V, 8, V, O. (Plays on unity of V.V.V.V.V. name and other Thelemic elements).

HB:Heh : This is a simple upright pentagram formed of solid lines. In the bays formed by the points with each other are the following symbols, clockwise from upper right: Mercury, A, Sulfur, I, Salt. (Out of alphabetic sequence with the preceeding, may be wrong letters. It appears to be an epitome of five with emphasis on alchemical aspects.).

HB:Zain : This sigil is composed of four elements. At top center is a crescent with horns upward crossed by a vertical arrow, point down and fledging at top. Beneath this is a lineal upright pentagram with five lines issuing radially out from the intersections of the points. To the left below is a Neter sign like a golf club with head to the left on a vertical shaft, three dots vertically below the head. The last element is to the right, the same as the one just described but the head is to the bottom below the dots and points to the right. (Simple diagram of Lover's Trump).

HB:Chet : This sigil is a solid black pentagram of narrow points, one point to top and the intersections of the points have issuing wavy rays on outward radials. (Possibly the idea of contained force associated to Cancer and the Chariot in the Royal Arch).

HB:Tet : This sigil is chiefly a large equilateral triangle with point upward, inside it and sharing the same base and axis is a smaller equilateral triangle. Between the upper apexes of the two triangles is a circle with a dot in center (sun symbol). Midway on the excluded space between the sides of the two triangles on left and right are two small shapes that may be flowers. To the left of the larger top apex is a circle dot (sun) and to the right is a Leo symbol. Within the smaller triangle is a pattern of

Roman numerals giving the value 666: D

                                    C L

                                   X V I. (Sun in Leo and 666).

HB:Yod : This sigil is a traditional "Aladin's lamp" occupying the bottom half of the box, handle to left and wick spout to right. A single vertical line emerges from the wick hole and terminates in a cross with serifs on its three end points. (Lamp of the Hermit).

HB:Koph : This is a circle with one vertical diameter and two others dividing the interior space into six equal parts. Greek capital letters appear at top: Sigma; at lower right, Tau; and at lower left, Rho. (Wheel of Fortune with letters for the three figures).

HB:Lamed : This sigil is based upon a scrolled "U" shape. This is slightly more open at the top than normal and has two tight spiral loops outward and down at the line ends. There is a dot below. Immediately above the lower dip and within is a lineal trident (a "Y" with continuation of the vertical. Above this are three horizontal dots. Above the dots is a simple figure of a horizontal line with two verticals down at its ends and a single vertical across its center. This last vertical element terminates above the upper part of the "U" in a feather of Maat with plume to the right. (Scales of Justice).

HB:Mem : This sigil is composed of a hollow, double walled, equilateral triangle with a cross issuing from its apex, the cross being terminated on the three open ends by serifs. The upper arm of this cross touches a horizontal line. This horizontal line proceeds to the right, makes a right angle and drops in a vertical to terminate in another serifed cross at the lower right of the box. (Simply a Hanged Man on a gibbet with the inverted Sulfur symbol for the figure).

HB:Nun : This sigil has a rectangle below with the letters LVX inside. Above this are the Roman numerals CXX. Above this is an inverted "V" of two straight lines having small circles at the ends of the lines and at the junction. (Possibly refers to the R+C mystery of the tomb of Fr. C.R.).

HB:Samekh : This Sigil is composed of two shapes like a rectangle cut in half horizontally and separated vertically. The lower elongate "U" has a vertical rising a short distance from its base, and all three verticals terminate above in three-serif crosses. The portion above is the same inverted except that the vertical continues both above and below the figure, the lower portion ending in an arrow head and the upper in a 3- serif cross. The letters QST appear across the shaft of the arrow. (This is an allusion to Sagittarius and the rainbow paths on the Tree of Life).

HB:Ayin : This is a circle with ocular mark at top, pierced from below by a nail. The nail ends in two round bulbs below. There is a Sigma to the left of the base and an Eta to the right. (Possibly a goat in coitus).

HB:Peh : Below is a large letter Ayin. Immediately above this is a lineal letter "Y". Above this is a small circle with a short line dependent below, essentially the antique Greek letter Qopa. (Looks like a stick figure about to fall into a Hell-mouth).

HB:Tzaddi : The basic figure is a deosil swastika. This is contained by an open box shape formed by four coils at top, bottom and sides. Within the chambers so created are letters and a shape. Clockwise from upper left: The shape is the sword of ten points on the Tree of Life; O; N; B.

HB:Qof : The central motif is an inverted "Y" shape of equal angles. Below this is an upright equilateral triangle. Above is a crescent moon with horns pointing right. To either side and near center are two mirrored patterns. The one on the left looks like a Theban "k" with a Nun to its right, all on a slope toward the lower left. The pattern on the right is a mirror reversal. (Possibly a stylized Moon Trump).

HB:Resh : The sigil is compound. Above is a six-pointed star, one point up, the points slender and the center formed by a "happy face". Below is a crescent with horns upward. The numbers 6 and 9 are dependent from the lower left and right points of the star. Three vertical dots descend from these on either side to pass just beyond the horns of the crescent. There are two Netteru symbols just inside these columns of dots, the one on the left having its head at top and to the right, the one on the right having its head at bottom to the left, within the hollow of the horns of the crescent. (This is generally modeled on a type of the Sun Trump, with indications of mutual oral intercourse.)

HB:Shin : This is a perspective drawing of a four sided pyramid, sides shaded and opening to the lower right as a tiny white rectangle at the base. There is a horizontally transverse rectangular chamber on the lower-left to upper right diagonal visible within the pyramid. (Clearly inspired by the tomb symbolism of the Judgment Trump).

HB:Taw : In the elongated box at the bottom of the table is a connected design. To the left is a thick numeral "1", sans-serif. To the right is a thick ring or zero. These are connected across the bottom by a squiggle which forms a vertical loop in center before continuing on. (Possible the 1 and 0 Thelemic motif).

The boxes of ...CARCERORUM QLIPHOTH..., mostly reflecting Tarot correspondences to the Hebrew letters with some astrological and Thelemic used as well. Most of these are too irregular in shape to permit exact description:

HB:Aleph : This is an open interior form shaped like an "E" made of string with an extension of the common loop to the left below. The thing has hair up the back and part way along the upper arm. There are needle teeth below on the upper arm and above on the middle arm. The general effect is like a grotesque head, virtually all mouth.

HB:Bet : This is a complex and decorative device. It is delineated on left and right by two curved swords, they are straight and curve in only at the top, cross hilted with serifs at bottom. There is an "equals" sign immediately below each hilt. Between the points at top is a thin crescent, horns up. A large and flat dish-shaped crescent, points up is at bottom, the lower arc broken by two pairs of very short transverse lines to right and left. There is a dot asymmetrically below the lower crescent to the left (possibly a printing fault). There is a small wiggling crescent shaped line like a smiling mouth above this. Three wavy lines are vertical on and to either side of center. Two dots like eyes complete the sigil between the upper ends of these lines. The whole figure is like a face emerging from smoke out of a bowl and between the two "swords".

HB:Gemel : This composite is a face. The eyes are two dots with small curved brows over them from the outside and not passing the center. The nose is a simple crosshilted sword, point to top. There is an oval with ocular ellipse inside at top for the mouth and a thin solid crescent for the chin. The cheeks are set forth by inward curving lines crowned at top by tiny outward tending, tiny curved clefts.

HB:Dalet : The basic figure is a vertical and flatly compressed "S" shape to left, a similar twig extending across that and past center at top. Below are three elongate drops with bulb to right forming a lower base with the end of the upright. Dependent on a short line from top is a water triangle with a fern-like stalk of three curls issuing at the top right base and drooping to the right.

HB:Heh : Two dot eyes beneath harry eyebrows. A plump "U" shape below that for a nose. A dot below that for a mouth. A beard formed of three crosses, two at cheeks and one at bottom and two squiggles between them.

HB:Vau : One vertical line diverging in two angle lines like a "Y" at top. This is crossed by a horizontal line at center and terminates below in a small cross. Just above the termination is a short horizontal line which diverges in two short diagonals ending below in crosses. The upper four line ends have the letter Yod as their terminators.

HB:Zain : A vertical forked stick in center, fork small at bottom. A curved arc across the lower quarter, ends down and terminating in linear shapes like earphones with the openings to the right. At an angle over the top of the stick a little below the upper end is a deep, thin, hollow crescent, horns up, the left higher. This crescent terminates on the right in a very small crescent, horns up to right, and is crossed by a short line just a bit below that. The short line ends in diverging thin crescents.

HB:Chet : This is a complex doodle. There is a squiggle beginning in the upper left area, forming somewhat of a tail for the head and neck of a camel extending across the center of the box. A simple line curves down from the base of the neck and attaches to the feet of a horizontal face-down human form at bottom.

HB:Tet : This is an odd sort of thing rather reminiscent of one or two of the elongate Goetic sigils. It has a harry face like that of a dog at the left, ears with the eyes dots and the nose and mouth represented by a straight line with a button at top. A flat dish on its side issues from this to form the body. There are four feet below represented by upright vesicas in a line, these being connected to the body by curved lines like knees angled to the left. There is a tail in the form of a curved line that issues from the far right end, curves above the body in parallel, makes a tight bend and curves back above that to trail off slightly upward at the very end.

HB:Ayin : This is a shape like that of the sigils of the Archangels. It is lineal, starts on the left center in curved line that comes up toward the center above. This bends back and down from a cusp in a tight little curve, then up again in a cusp and a slightly wider down curve, up to a cusp and then straight down for a short distance, small circular loop and curve up to right in another small circular loop. Then horizontal back to the left just through the top edge of the first loop and drooping down to end in a serif cross.

HB:Koph : Top center, a circle with horns at top and a cross of vertical and horizontal diameters inside. Below this a radial extends downward for a short distance and then breaks up into three flat "S" curves ended in simple loose crosses.

HB:Lamed : Composite figure: Simple Libra type balances to left and above, no support. The lower pan hangs at an angle toward the center. The bar is diagonal in the upper left quarter of the box. The upper pan is blown horizontal. There is a form like a hockey stick angled from the lower left toward the center with the head vertical. A human head tops this, looking to the right. A horizontal line crosses the stick head below the human one, the right end terminating in a circle with a black and sinuous Yod inside. The left takes a angle down and touches the lower balance pan. In the lower right is a sword, angled up toward the serif-cross hilt to the right.

HB:Mem : This is a storm cloud with eyes and a sort of mouth. It is very flat and five shapes like icicles hang from it to the left of center. The letters N V H are vertical below the cloud and to the right of the icicle shapes. There is a downward pointed fledged arrow parallel and to the right of the letters.

HB:Nun : Left center is an "X" of two crossed sticks with a flower in center. Just above and to the right is the point of a scythe blade, arcing up to above top center and beyond before it curves down in a lineal handle ending below center in a serif-cross hilt. A stylized and crowned corpse to right holds this in right hand (shown as a short of brush). The head is a simplified death head canted to the right. The neck is narrow, The body and left arm look like a plucked chicken with a wishbone for a tail.

HB:Samekh : Difficult to describe. The lower center is misshapen cross of Malta ending in a blunt pestle below. A narrow isosceles triangle touches to top of this from above with its point. There is a pair of tiny golf-club shapes at the top base of the triangle, heads turned outward. This complex depends from a line that diverges symmetrically to either side at top. This line is wavy and reaches down on the left to touch the bristle end of a shape like a shaving brush. The line on the right forms a vertical word: SKRL, and continues down and below the bottom in crumpled waves to connect up the to handle of the "brush".

HB:Ayin : Odd shapes. There is a figure like an apple with two tiny leaves to left and top. A face is on this with curves for shut eyes and a downward curve for a mouth (nose?). Below this is the letter "B". Issuing to the right from the mouth point is a hollow lineal figure of curved lines, two lobes at top, a letter "K" below that, the lower lobe extended in a shaft toward the left center bottom and a rounded end at the bottom. The letter "R" is to the right, a little below midway of this shaft. The letter "N" is beneath the shaft end.

HB:Peh : This is a barten with letters. The top has four crennels, simply, with the letter "D" in air above. The upper walls drop from the end crennels, right angle outward and then drop to the base. The base continues the walls with another small angle outward and a drop to a horizontal line across the bottom and extending slightly beyond each wall. There is a flattened rectangle within this base. An inverted "U" with serifs forms the door above this rectangle, and there is an inverted Latin cross hanging from the top inside that. Two windows complete the structure, inverted "U" shaped with flats cutting off the bottoms and inverted Latin Crosses acting to divide them are situated in the upper section and just past the first outward bends. The upper walls are flanked to left by "N" and to right by "V". The lower walls are flanked to left by "V" and to the right by "S". The base is flanked on the left by "M" and the right by "D". The word "SUE" is beneath the base.

HB:Tzaddi : This is one image. The lower part is a face, natural chin and sides smoothly going up until the ears appear as short laps to either side. Above this are two tapering lines, curved from below the ears and ascending in slight convergence to the top half of the image, about twice the height of the face above the chin. At this point there is a structure composed of two semicircles. The arcs are broken by vertical lines with a gap between in the lower part. In the upper part the arcs are interrupted by vertical elipsoid with a smaller horizontal elipsoid at top. The details of the face itself are a natural mouth, a little "U" shaped nose, two dots for eyes, brows meeting in a third arch.

HB:Qof : Three black crescents, horns down, are in vertical array in the center. They dwindle from the largest on top to a smaller near the bottom. Below the lowest of these is a vesica on its side. There is a fan of lines extending down from the upper arc of the vesica, creating an image a bit like a shell. To the right of this shell a series of seven crescents arcs upward to the right and comes a bit back toward the center at top. These crescents have horns downward at various angles to accommodate the curve, and the size increases slightly as they rise. A similar curve of crescents proceeds upward and to the left from just beyond the left side of the shell. These are more strongly incurved at top and reach nearly to the upper border of the box. There are twelve in this curve, with the ones near the shell being about half the size of those ending the curve near the upper limit, waxing in overall size as they go up.

HB:Resh : There are four elements to the sigil. In the center above is a black disk, the lower edge of it has a slender white crescent. Below this is a small horned circle with a dot in center. A line descends vertically from this small circle. A short horizontal bar crosses this line near the bottom and the ends of this bar drop verticals just short of the termination level of the main vertical line. Neteru are on either side, the one on the left has the head at top left, that on the right has its head at top right.

HB:Shin : This is a face melded into an exploded drawing of a rectangular box. The top rectangle has "NON" inside. The next rectangle has small rectangular "ears" to either side and "PAT" inside. The next down rectangle has "EBO" inside. The bottom contiguous rectangle has a set of lips and a lower lip fringe beard. To the left and right of the upper rectangle are two angled dashes for eyes and beyond them two slight curved lines for brows.

HB:Taw : This is a strange sigil. From the right: Two large lower case letter "i"'s, sansserf. From near the bottom of the left most is a horizontal squiggle of three vertical loops, then a curve to vertical and another horizontal squiggle of five downward loops, the last loop of this starts an arched squiggle up to the top of the next structure. The next structure is a vertical bar, from the bottom of which a curved squiggle arches right and about, crossing the second horizontal squiggle and reaching back over the left top to the upper end of a second parallel bar. From the bottom of this second bar a squiggle diagonals up about half the height of the bar to the left, continuing as a horizontal squiggle into the underside of the last element in the sigil. This element loops like a simplified drawing of a turtle, head downward and belly toward left. Back spotted in the pattern of Acquisitio and only two legs showing. This last could also be a sheep, such is the simplicity of the drawing.}


(This book is true up to the grade of Adeptus Exemptus. V.V.V.V.V. 8 Degree, 3Square.) 0. A, the heart of IAO, dwelleth in ecstasy in the secret place of the thunders. Between Asar and Asi he abideth in joy.
  1. The lightnings increased and the Lord Tahuti stood forth. The Voice came from the Silence. Then the One ran and returned.
  2. Now hath Nuit veiled herself, that she may open the gate of her sister.
  3. The Virgin of God is enthroned upon an oyster-shell; she is like a pearl, and seeketh Seventy to her Four. In her heart is Hadit the invisible glory.
  4. Now riseth Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and dominion is established in the Star of the Flame.
  5. Also is the Star of the Flame exalted, bringing benediction to the universe.
  6. Here then beneath the winged Eros is youth, delighting in the one and the other. He is Asar between Asi and Nepthi; he cometh forth from the veil.
  7. He rideth upon the chariot of eternity; the white and the black are harnessed to his car. Therefore he reflecteth the Fool, and the sevenfold veil is reveiled. {71}
  8. Also came forth mother Earth with her lion, even Sekhet, the lady of Asi.
  9. Also the Priest veiled himself, lest his glory be profaned, lest his word be lost in the multitude.
  10. Now then the Father of all issued as a mighty wheel; the Sphinx, and the dog-headed god, and Typhon, were bound on his circumference.
  11. Also the lady Maat with her feather and her sword abode to judge the righteous. For Fate was already established.
  12. Then the holy one appeared in the great water of the North; as a golden dawn did he appear, bringing benediction to the fallen universe.
  13. Also Asar was hidden in Amennti; and the Lords of Time swept over him with the sickle of death.
  14. And a mighty angel appeared as a woman, pouring vials of woe upon the flames, lighting the pure stream with her brand of cursing. And the iniquity was very great.
  15. Then the Lord Khem arose, He who is holy among the highest, and set up his crowned staff for to redeem the universe.
  16. He smote the towers of wailing; he brake them in pieces in the fire of his anger, so that he alone did escape from the ruin thereof.
  17. Transformed, the holy virgin appeared as a fluidic fire, making her beauty into a thunderbolt.
  18. By her spells she invoked the Scarab, the Lord Kheph-Ra, so that the waters were cloven and the illusion of the towers was destroyed. {72}
  19. Then the sun did appear unclouded, and the mouth of Asi was on the mouth of Asar.
  20. Then also the Pyramid was builded so that the Initiation might be complete.
  21. And in the heart of the Sphinx danced the Lord Adonai, in His garlands of roses and pearls making glad the concourse of things; yea, making glad the concourse of things.

Aleph     Aa'au-iao-ua'aa [a'a=Ayin ] .      .      .      .   :Amprodias

Bet       Bea'a-theta-aoooabitom      .      .      .      .   :Baratchial

Gemel     Git-omega-nosap-phi-omeg-allois    .      .      .   :Gargophias

Dalet     D-etanastartar-omega-theta  .      .      .      .   :Dagdagiel

Heh       Hoo-oor-omega-ist    .      .      .      .      .   :Hemethterith

Vau       Vuaretza --- [a secret name follows]      .      .   :Uriens

Zain      Zoo-omega-asar .     .      .      .      .      .   :Zamradiel

Chet      Chiva-abrahadabra-cadaxviii .      .      .      .   :Characith

Tet       Theta-ala'aster-a-dekerval  .      .      .      .   :Temphioth

Yod       Iehuvahastana'a-theta-atan  .      .      .      .   :Yamatu

Koph      Kerugunaviel  .      .      .      .      .      .   :Kurgasiax

Lamed     Lusanaherandraton    .      .      .      .      .   :Lafcursiax

Mem       Malai   .     .      .      .      .      .      .   :Malkunofat

Nun       Nadimraphoroiza'a-theta-alai       .      .      .   :Niantiel

Samekh    Sala-theta-lala-amrodna-theta-a'aist      .      .   :Saksaksalim

Ayin      Oaoaaaoooa'a-ist     .      .      .      .      .   :A'ano'nin

Peh       Pura-theta-metai-ap-eta-metai      .      .      .   :Parfaxitas

Tzaddi    Xan-theta-asteransh-koppa-ist [sh koppa = sh, q] .   :Tzuflifu

Qof       Qani-Delta-nayx-ipamai      .      .      .      .   :Qulielfi

Resh      Ra-a-gioselahladnaimawa-ist .      .      .      .   :Raflifu

Shin      Shabnax-odobor       .      .      .      .      .   :Shalicu

Taw       Thath'th'thitha'athuth-thist.      .      .      .   :Thantifaxath


         NOTE BY H. FRA. P. 4 Degree = 7Square (1899) ON THE R.O.T.A. BY THE

                         QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS

Units are divine --- The upright Triangle.

Tens reflected --- The averse Triangle.

Hundreds equilibrated --- The Hexagram their combination.

1. "Light." ---[Here can be no evil.] Aleph  The hidden light---the "wisdom of

                                      God foolishness with men.

                                      Yod  The Adept bearing Light.

                                      Qof  The Light in darkness and illusion.

                                        [Khephra about to rise.]

2. "Action." --- Bet  Active and Passive --- dual current, etc. --- the

                  Alternating Forces in Harmony.

                 Koph  The Contending Forces --- fluctuation of earth-life.

                 Resh  The Twins embracing --- eventual glory of harmonised

                  life under Sun.

3. "The Way." --- [Here also no evil.] Gemel  The Higher Self.

                                     Lamed  The severe discipline of the Path.

                                     Shin  The judgment and resurrection

                             [0 Degree=0Square and 5 Degree=6Square rituals.]

4. "Life." --- Dalet  The Mother of god.  Aima.

               Mem  The Son Slain.

               Taw  The Bride.

5. "Force" (Purification). --- Heh  The Supernal Sulphur purifying by fire.

                               Nun  The Infernal Water Scorpio purifying by


                               This work is not complete; therefore is

                                    there no equilibration.

6. "Harmony." --- Vau  The Reconciler [Vau  of Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh] above.

                  Samekh  The Reconciler below [lion and eagle, etc.].

                  This work also unfinished.

7. "Birth." --- Zain  The Powers of Spiritual Regeneration.

                [The Z.A.M. as Osiris risen between Isis and Nephthys.

                     The path of Gemel, Diana, above his head.]

                Ayin  The gross powers of generation.

8. "Rule." --- Chet  The Orderly Ruling of diverse forces.

               Peh  The Ruin of the Unbalanced Forces.

9. "Stability." --- Tet  The Force that represses evil.

                    Tzaddi  The Force that restores the world ruined by evil.