Nibiruan Physiology
By Robertino Solàrion



R. Solàrion, in times past, with a friend's boa constrictor named Syphilis.

Some Basic Differences Between

Nibiruans & Tiamatian-Neanderthals

N : Third and Fourth Dimensional, with Access at the Highest Levels to the Fifth

T : Third Dimensional Only (with certain exceptions!)


N : Reptilian in Species, Advanced Lizard-like Appearance

T : Mammalian in Species, Advanced Ape-like Appearance


N : Larger Body Structure at about 15 feet (5 meters) tall

T : Smaller Body Structure, like most humans


N : Ageless (as adults), Long-Lived

T : Aging, Graying, Short-Lived


N : Red, Golden, Green, Blue, Brown Skin Pigmentations

T : White, Tan, Brown, Black Skin Pigmentations


N : Blue-Black, Petroleum-Based Blood

T : Bright-Red, Saltwater-Based Blood


N : Hairless Body Surfaces

T : Hairy Body Surfaces


N : Abundant Facial Hair on Males

T : Scant Facial Hair on Males


N : Baldness Gene from Female to Male

T : No Baldness Gene


N : Cool-Blooded with No Need for Sweating

T : Warm-Blooded with Sweat-Cooling Mechanism


N : Lack of Body Odors

T : Bacterial Body Odors


N : Periodic Hibernation at the Oort Cloud

T : Non-Hibernatory


N : Offspring Incubated in External Hardshell Eggs

T : Offspring Incubated Internally in Mother's Womb


N : Internal Genitalia on Males

T : External Genitalia on Males


N : No Pubic Hair

T : External Pubic Hair


N : Absence of Need for Urination

T : Frequent Urination


N : Hard, Dry Excrement

T : Soft, Moist Excrement


N : Presence of Tails, primarily on Males

T : Absence of Tails


N : Presence of Horns, primarily on Males

T : Absence of Horns


N : Presence of Wings, primarily on Females

T : Absence of Wings


N : Up to Seven Fingers and Toes

T : Five Fingers and Toes


N : Long, Claw-like Fingernails

T : Short, Smooth Fingernails


N : Gold Teeth & Silver Bones

T : Calcium/Phosphorous Teeth & Bones


N : Multiple Pupils in Each Eye

T : One Pupil in Each Eye


N : Primarily Vegetarian in Dietary Habits

T : Primarily Carnivorous in Dietary Habits


N : No Desire or Instinct to Wear Clothing (as "skin," only for "adornment")

T : Instinct to Wear Clothing (for lack of other "outer skin")


N : Propensity to Sun Tan

T : Propensity to Sun Burn


N : Susceptibility to Frostbite

T : Resistance to Frostbite

The following is a personal opinion based upon information from the usual sources used by me in this research : the Sitchin material, books by Bramley and Boulay, and references on mythology. As far as I know, this matter has never been dealt with in this specific manner; so all of your comments and contributions regarding this subject will be welcome indeed! I also hope that your spines tingle a little bit.

First of all, inhabitants of the Planet Nibiru, both the Nefilim and the Anunnaki, are tall. Males range in height from 15-20 feet (5-6 meters); females range between 10-15 feet (3-5 meters). So if any of them were to decide to pay us a visit at home, our chairs, beds, commodes, showers, ceiling heights, door heights and so on would be too small for them. They couldn't fit into our "cubbyholes." That fact alone means that our planetary civilization is now beyond their control, because how can they control us if they can't fit into our dwellings and workplaces?

They are reptilian as a species, whereas we are mammalian. We surely wouldn't like the sight of them, and undoubtedly vice versa. Their skin is probably much like the silky smooth surface of, say, an anole (faux chameleon), although it's probably more of a golden than a green/brown color.

They stand upright as we do, on two large feet, each with up to seven toes; and they have arms and hands with up to seven fingers on each. But unlike lizards, they have long hair on their heads.

In The New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, we find the following description of a "god" named Cú Chulainn from the Celtic mythological tradition (page 233), the equivalent in my opinion of the Nibiruan Baron Ninurta :

"In his normal state Cú Chulainn is pictured as a young man with well-defined physical attributes. He had seven pupils in each eye, seven fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot. His cheeks were multi-coloured, yellow, blue, green and red. His long dark hair was of three tints, dark close to the roots, red in the middle and lighter in colour towards the tips, suggestive of the practice of the Celts of smearing their hair with a thick wash of lime. Rich and gorgeous jewellery adorned him, a hundred strings of pearls on his head, a hundred golden breast ornaments. Far different was Cú Chulainn in his battle-frenzy when his body was seized by contortions. He turned round in his skin so that his feet and knees were to the rear and calves and buttocks to the front. His long hair stood on end and on the tip of each hair was a spot of blood or a spark of fire. From his open mouth spurted fire and from the top of his head a jet of black blood rose mast high. One eye receded far back into his skull while the other protruded onto his cheek. Finally, on his forehead appeared the 'hero's moon,' a strange inexplicable sign. When in this state Cú Chulainn's fury was uncontrollable and he needed to be plunged into three vats of cold water before he could be pacified."

Fanciful nonsense, one might ask? Well, if this were the only indication that we have of the Nibiruan physiology, perhaps. However, myths of "peculiar gods" exist in many cultures all across our planet. The Mayas and Incas depicted male "gods" with elaborate beards; however, the Indian males themselves have very little, if nonexistent, facial hair. How could a primitive Cro-Magnon Indian culture artistically portray a god with facial hair if amongst the males of that culture, facial hair was nonexistent? If one of us were to decide to draw a picture of a humanoid, even a caricature or a cartoon image, would we be inclined to draw seven pupils in each eye and seven fingers on each hand? Probably it wouldn't occur to us to do that. Think about it.

But to return to the matter of Nibiruan physiology per se, obviously there are physical differences between them and us. They have more fingers and toes, and their eyes probably have multiple pupils or lenses, like many insects do. Some analyses, such as the one by R. A. Boulay in Flying Serpents and Dragons, suggest that the Nibiruan males often have little horns that protrude from the tops of their foreheads, like goats. Many males have goatees instead of full beards. Some of them have tails that go from their coccyx bones at the bottoms of their spines down to ground-level, probably helping them steady their large body sizes. Even we Cro-Magnons, who are a cross-breed between the Nibiruans and the now extinct Neanderthal Tiamatians, have little coccyx bones, or "tail bones," at the bottoms of our spines. Our eminent scientists inform us that these "tail bones" are "vestigial remnants" from our "ape-like" ancestry. Really? These so-called "tail bones" came straight from the Planet Nibiru!

Consider the following scenario, as was first postulated by R. A. Boulay and is being amplified here :

Nibiruan Queen Ninkhursag did as she was told and successfully created the perfect Adamu and Eva, thinking that they could mate. But to the chagrin of the entire "Council of Twelve," it was discovered that, like so many other hybrids, they couldn't produce their own offspring. To say that the Nibiruans were pissed off at that point would be putting it mildly. They'd counted on this experiment to work! For them it was a matter of pride that their creations should exhibit more of their own characteristics than those of the local animal. They could have controlled a reptilian-based creation much more easily than a mammalian-based one. But here they realized that if they truly wanted their slaves to be self-procreating, they had to yield on this point. Otherwise, the Adamu and Eva would die, requiring the cloning process to continue ad infinitum. So they undid the hybridization!

A serpent -- a reptile! -- appeared and seduced the Eva into consuming a certain nutrient, specially used to undo corrupt hybridizations. She ate and gave it to the Adamu. This nutrient caused them to lose their reptilian outer-skins, exposing their more mammalian-like under-skins to the air. No wonder they felt "naked." Before the dehybridization, the genitalia of the Adamu would have been tucked safely inside his outer reptilian skin. If you've ever seen two lizards mate, you'll know what I'm talking about. A male lizard's genitals are safely tucked up inside its body under the skin until the time comes to mate. Then it mounts the female from the rear, she curls her tail up over her back, and he causes his penis to go "inside-out," entering her from the rear. They can stay hung-up like that for hours, and they don't really like humans to stand there and watch. They don't scamper off, but they sure do scowl at you! Also a male lizard doesn't use his penis for urination, only for copulation. As far as I know -- and you can email me to correct me if I'm wrong! -- a lizard, male or female, doesn't urinate in the first place. Frogs do, but frogs are amphibian.

At any rate, the consequences of this creation for the Nibiruans were great, and they knew it in the first place. It is the creed of the Universe that "creator gods" such as these [and in this regard John Baines in The Stellar Man states that there were "higher gods" who didn't want to let the Nibiruans have the power of creating new life, but the Nibiruans were allowed to have it anyway] are bound by laws and ethics to see to the future well-being of the races they choose to create. So the Nibiruans were stuck with us Cro-Magnons, like it or not. They had to civilize us and culturalize us. They knew from experience that we didn't like the looks of their species, so they couldn't control us directly as kings or whatever. Well, they eventually hit upon the idea of religions whereby they could control us through ideologies based upon fear and guilt.

Regarding the Cro-Magnon male genitalia, the ritual of circumcision probably arose in Mid-East "Nibiruan Territory" as a rebellion against the covered genitalia of the reptiles. A circumcised penis would always be exposed to the air of Tiamat, whether flaccid or erect -- the ultimate slap in the face to the male Nibiruans, who hated Tiamatians and thought they stank.

Here are a few more of my personal conclusions.

The instinct for males to be "clean-shaven" is from our Neanderthal side. The instinct to grow mustaches and beards comes from Nibiru.

The trend, prevalent even today among youthful bodybuilders, to shave all body hair is from Nibiru. Body hairiness would come from Tiamat. This instinct was also "popular" in Ancient Greece and Rome. Many racial types, like the Orientals, are more hairless than others. That hairless tendency/instinct comes from Nibiru.

The practice of grooming and styling one's hair also came from Nibiru, because if you really think about it, there's not one other single animal species on the face of the Planet Earth/Tiamat that has cranial hair like human Cro-Magnons. We should give Queen Ninkhursag credit for that, if nothing else.

Perhaps not all of them have exactly seven fingers or toes, but occasionally a human mutant is born with six fingers and toes. Some chameleons that I've seen -- and I've been watching chameleon behavior since 1964 -- have only five "fingers"" and "toes." No matter how well you treat them, and I treat them nicely because I want them to gobble up all the mosquitoes that inhabit my premises, they are always somewhat suspicious of you. A praying mantis will let itself be your "pet" but not a lizard! WE SCARE LIZARDS!

After Nibiru's errant moonlet collided with Tiamat in what is now the Pacific Ocean, blowing the continent of Lemuria to smithereens about 500,000 years ago, leaving behind the so-called "asteroid belt"; and after Tiamat careened into its new orbit, along with captured Kingu as its new moon, chaos would obviously have been occurring here on Tiamat. Most of the population probably perished. Life on Tiamat would have been forced to evolve in its new cosmic environment or face extinction. Our Nibiruan "Gods" must have seen the handwriting on the wall, that is, the eventual extinction of Neanderthal, which is perhaps another reason they had for their creation of modern Cro-Magnon Sapiens.