by Robertino Solàrion
Texas, 1 October 2000

Nail Of The North. Hyperborea. The Cosmic Tree. It sits atop a tether linked to the Earth's North Pole. But it is visible only in the Northern Hemisphere, no matter where the actual North Pole is located along the Polar Pivotal Belt, with respect to the Pyramid Complex at Cairo.

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, in the last couple of years before his death in November 1979, wrote in the KRONOS Journal about a "Night Sun" that used to be in the Earth's sky, like a second satellite or whatever, stationary above the North Pole, and visible both day and night. When one eventually puts all of this into the context of the Planet Nibiru and Hamlet's Mill, then one sees a pattern, which is an understatement at this point in time.

In a KRONOS Journal before his death, in only a single article with perhaps a colleague's follow-up commentary, Dr. Velikovsky theorized that at one time in the past, around the time of Moses and the Exodus, there was a "second sun" in our sky, a "night sun" which was dimmer than our "ordinary sun"; and since it was stationary above the North Pole, it was visible day and night only by those in the current Northern Hemisphere. It was a "reddish color", and its presence meant that there was never any /total/ nighttime darkness as there is today at a time of the New Moon. He documented its existence from various world mythologies that mention such a phenomenon. For various reasons, he proposed that this "night sun" was the Planet Saturn, basing a lot of his reasoning on linguistic data regarding the names of the gods in various ancient cultures. He further postulated that this "night sun" was linked to our North Pole by an electromagnetic "water beam" of some sort. This overall idea was expanded upon by David Talbott in his video Remembering The End Of The World, available for sale on the Web.

  • But it was not the Planet Saturn. It was the "Rogue" Planet Nibiru.
  • Mount Olympus. Mount Meru. Mount Kailasa. Hyperborea. The Cosmic Tree.
  • Bifrost, The Rainbow Bridge To Asgard.
  • The Night Sun.

As I've noted, I have been a part of the Velikovskian School for many years. After Dr. Velikovsky's death in late 1979, as time went by, this highbrow intellectual school split into two factions, the "purists" who are now affiliated with Charles Ginenthal's The Velikovskian (to whom I belong), and the "revisionists" who are those affiliated with David Talbott's Kronia Communications Group.

David Talbott's video is magnificent, technologically speaking -- but a yawner overall. He needed a good film editor. But that aside, his animated presentation of "The Cosmic Tree" (or, as he puts it, the Planet Saturn) and its relationship to many of our ancient symbols is quite remarkable. His problem was -- he didn't know what he was talking about. He claimed that this "planetary thing" up above the North Pole was the Planet Saturn. He didn't even once mention the literal "Cosmic Tree" of Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, let alone anything related to the Planet Nibiru.

Whether one is a "purist" or a "revisionist" in the Velikovskian School, there is no place for any mention of the Planet Nibiru and Zecharia Sitchin. They denounced Sitchin's hypothesis and put it behind them several months before Dr. Velikovsky passed away. And that is where I beg to differ with even these "purists". When Charles Ginenthal published my lengthy treatise in The Velikovskian regarding my mathematical analysis of ancient history, if I'd even barely mentioned the Planet Nibiru, he would not have published it at all. These Velikovskians do not concede in even the most insignificant way that there could have been "gods from outer space". And Jews that most of them are, as is Sitchin, they undoubtedly are kept quite up-to-date on these Planet Nibiru ideas. They are robots, to put it bluntly, because they don't have the courage to venture from the purely physical side of the Universe to the "metaphysical" side. They would never link their "scientific" theories to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, for example; else all the other "scientists" up in the Ivy League Universities would ridicule them to no end, such as late Jewish Professor Carl Sagan who was one of Dr. Velikovsky's greatest critics, and who would also have laughed in Sitchin's face. They are obviously egotistically more concerned about their own personal reputations and professional laurels than with finding the ultimate truth about these cosmic catastrophes. This is Jewish in-fighting, pure and simple. Let's call a spade a spade, not that I have anything personal against Jews. I just wanted to point that out. Even Sitchin refuses to acknowledge that the Jewish Yahweh could have been one of those "evil" Nefilim.

More for sentimental reasons than anything else, I continue to subscribe to Charles Ginenthal's journal. I recently got a notice that the new volume would be forthcoming and that I needed to renew my annual subscription. He added that this next year's journal would be devoted to the problems of chronology in relation to these catastrophes. I yawned but sent my money. And a few days ago, the latest journal arrived. It contains the following articles :

"The Aristotelian Cosmos"

By Charles Ginenthal

Charles Ginenthal is a prolific writer, and his journal is his vehicle for publishing his writings. This article is a history of astronomical thinking in ancient times, presented as a way to assist us in understanding our modern selves. His opening paragraph reads as follows :

"The theory presented by Immanuel Velikovsky maintains that, because the human race has experienced global catastrophes in historically ancient times, all humanity carries in our psyches the subconscious memory of those disasters. What then would be the most basic desire underneath all human activity? According to Velikovsky, our most strongly driven impulse would be to not only make ourselves secure and safe from cosmic danger but to also make our world secure and safe from destruction. Thus, all our endeavors, including the pursuit of astronomy in its grandest theories, is a search for security and safety and not a search for objective truth because that truth is too unbearable. That truth suggests to this author that although we are willing to accept our own personal death and even that of our species, we cannot confront the possibility that our world can be obliterated and the evidence of our world's existence die with that obliteration."

"Were The Hittites Lydians?"

By Emmet Sweeney

No, they were Assyro-Babylonians. This is a polemical attempt to provide an alternative to the basic historical tenet of Dr. Velikovsky that the Hittites were the Assyro-Babylonians. It is a futile attempt. This article would not be worth reading.

"The Periodic Cyclicism Of Ancient Catastrophes"

By Donald W. Patten

This article is the reason for my own present thoughts. See below.

"Propaganda And Scientific History"

By Charles Ginenthal

Charles begins this essay with the following statements, as it is yet another perspective on "The Velikovsky Affair".

"The following discussion regarding Christopher Columbus and the flat Earth is almost all derived from Jeffrey Burton Russell's 'Inventing The Flat Earth, Columbus And Modern Historians'.

"Noam Chomsky, considered one of the finest intellects of our time in his writings and on television, has presented the view that in a democracy, where military violence is forbidden in silencing opposition to those in power, propaganda becomes the weapon by which to stifle dissent. He is an outspoken critic of the press in the United States and has thoroughly exposed how our much-prized democratic press disregards its often biased and irresponsible abuse of power.

"With this in mind, this author will describe two historical debates as presented in popular culture and the press by which propaganda (misrepresentations presented as truth) have been employed to misinform the public. One of these debates is said to have occurred in Spain where Christopher Columbus was confronted by educated, high-churchmen who claimed that Columbus could not sail around the world because it was flat and his ships would sail off the edge of the Earth into an abyss. This is historically false. The second debate is that between Immanuel Velikovsky and Carl Sagan held at the AAAS Symposium on Velikovsky in San Francisco in 1974. The version that Sagan vanquished Velikovsky, as presented in popular culture and the press, is also propaganda (misrepresentations that look like the truth). This version is likewise historically false."

These articles by Charles Ginenthal would certainly be worth reading. This edition of the journal ends with about 20 pages of miscellaneous information that Charles obtained at a June 1999 conference at the University of Bergamo in Italy, which was hosted by Professor Emilio Spedicato. Charles includes such matters as the dating of the Sphinx, the question of Antarctica equalling Atlantis, the Nefilim, and a number of other short quotes from various people, including Alan Alford, David Talbott, Donald Patten and Flavio Barbiero. This is the first time, incidentally, that Charles or even any of the Velikovskians have mentioned such "occult" ideas as the Great Pyramid or the Nefilim. The conclusion can only be that they can ignore these peripheral discussions no longer. They have awakened, hopefully.

The Periodic Cyclicism Of Ancient Catastrophes

This one caught my eye at once, and I gave it some serious consideration; and that is what I wish to share my observations about here. Suffice it to say at the outset that nowhere in geography Professor Patten's 27-page essay is there any mention of The Cosmic Tree, The Night Sun or The Planet Nibiru. Thus, ultimately, his observations are mere rhetoric in an on-going ridiculous discussion that refuses to admit the ultimate truth into the equation in the first place. These Ivy Tower academicians, whether pro- or anti-Velikovsky, will never find truth with reasoning of this nature, no matter how sophisticated they may appear to be on television or at a White House dinner.

That is the point that Charles is ultimately trying to make in his propaganda essay, and as noted, they are now starting to take note of "occult" subjects which they hitherto laughed about, nervously of course.

At any rate, let me set the stage for my comments by quoting Professor Patten's introductory remarks. You will begin to see at once where this is going.


"Berossus, interpreter of Belus, affirms that the whole issue is brought about by the course of the planets. So positive is he on the point that he assigns a definite date both for the Conflagration and the Deluge. All that the Earth inherits will, he assures us, be consigned to flame when the planets WHICH NOW MOVE IN DIFFERENT ORBITS, all assemble in Cancer, so arranged in one row that a straight line may pass through their spheres. When the same gathering takes place in Capricorn, then we are in danger of the Deluge." Stanley Mayer Burstein, "The Babylonaica of Berossus" (Location and Date omitted).

In, and only in, ancient Hebrew literature can one find accounts and descriptions of ancient catastrophes that have been intermixed with ancient chronologies. Thus, two aspects of the dating of those catastrophes is possible. One aspect is the calendared day of the month which identifies the location of the Earth in its orbit. The second aspect is the year.

Fourteen separate catastrophes can be identified covering some 17 centuries B.C., and end with the last catastrophe, as described in both the Book of Isaiah and in the Jewish Talmud.

Calendared dating cites the day and month of a catastrophe, but not the year. Five of the fourteen catastrophes are dated this way. They are :

  • The Flood Of Noah October 24 (daytime)
  • The Sodom-Gomorrah Holocaust March 20-21 (nighttime)
  • The Exodus Catastrophe March 20-21 (nighttime)
  • The Gideon Catastrophe March 20-21 (nighttime)
  • The Last Catastrophe March 20-21 (nighttime)

[COMMENT: "The Last Catastrophe" obviously would have been the one that occurred in 687 BCE, when King Sennarcherib's Assyrian Army was destroyed at Pelusium, Sinai, with the help of a "cosmic event", although here it is dated at 701 BCE, which should have been 702. See below. RS]

The last four of these catastrophes are identified as having occurred during the night of the "Passover". The word "passover" connotes [that] something, perhaps a planet, was passing close by our planet, creating vast crustal, oceanic and geomagnetic catastrophism.

[COMMENT: "The Planet Of The Crossing" -- could it also be referred to as "The Planet Of The Passing Over"? Here, immediately, one finds the first flaw in the reasoning of Professor Patten. RS]

The Passover date was invariably the 13th of Nisan on the old 360-day Nisan calendar of the Jews. From this comes the old wives' tale that Friday the 13th might be unlucky. March 20-21 is notable in several other ways. To astronomers it is the vernal equinox. To farmers, students and others it is the first day of spring, and to Israelis it is the anniversary of their Day of Independence, the night when Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of the land of Egypt.

[COMMENT: This would have been the year 1587 BCE, which marked the previous arrival of the Planet Nibiru and its docking/tethering to our North Pole. The Planet of the Crossing, the Planet of the Passing-Over, had returned. As for Friday The 13th, that legend derives NOT from 13th Nisan, but from the fact that The Last Supper of Jesus and the 12 Apostles -- 13 men in all -- concluded in the early morning hours of Friday, the Passover Crucifixion Day, when Jesus was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, dragged before Pilate at dawn and hung on the cross at High Noon. This event also gave birth to the idea that "13 at table" is an unlucky dinner combination; and until recently, most hotels and office buildings did not include a 13th floor, going directly from floor 12 to floor 14, which we still see in some old elevators. RS]

March 21 was also a date of destruction and chaos, of diastrophism and catastrophism, in ancient Rome. It was their "Tubulustrium". The Romans feared Mars to the point that Mars veneration dominated Roman religion for 1,000 years. In Latin, tubicen means "trumpeter", tubulatus means "hallowed", and tuburcinor means "to devour". Tubulustrium is cognate with many English words relating to trouble. Included are trepidation, trespass, trial, trumpeter, tumble, tumid (bombastic), tumult, turbid, turbulence, turgid (also bombastic, turmoil, etc.).

[COMMENT: Reading this, of course I am thinking about the Planet Nibiru. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, Rome was founded during the "tumult" of the departure sequence of the Planet Nibiru, in 762 BCE. There was a memory of a planet's involvement in this event. If Nibiru had undocked and departed by no later than 687, then after a century, no eyewitnesses would still be alive, and such a memory of Nibiru's destructive powers could easily have been shifted to a scapegoat Planet Mars. Furthermore, this tumultuous noise that Nibiru apparently makes as it heralds its arrival undoubtedly gave rise to the Jewish legend of the trumpet of Gabriel, announcing the return of "The Lord Of Hosts"! RS]

The Romans also had an old wives' tale relating to March 21. "Beware the Ides of March." The month of March, Mars' month, is also cognate with marauder, to march, marshal, martial, martyr, etc. The Latin preposition "cata" means "thrown down from above" as in catastrophe, and "de" means "down from" as in disaster.

Including the four Jewish Passover catastrophes and the Roman Tubulustrium of March 21, there were five catastrophic times on the same day when the Earth's orbit was in a hazardous position in the heavens. With such a pattern, one might well ask whether these ancient cycles of catastrophes were periodic rather than non-periodic.

A periodic event is one that always occurs at a predictable time. Tide tables are an extension of the periodical of tides, which are themselves a result of the Moon's gravity and the periodic rotation of the Earth. The orbits of all planets are periodic. The orbits of all planet satellites are periodic. The spin rates (rotation rates) of all planets also are periodic, and thus are predictable.

Examples of events that are cyclic but are not periodic are winter blizzards in the Dakotas, summer monsoons in India, autumn hurricanes in the Caribbean, and the time when apple blossoms bloom. These are all functions of the weather which has seasonal patterns, but they are not periodic to the day and hour, and even to the minute.

Cited are four if indeed not five or six indications that the ancient March catastrophes were on the same day of the year, coinciding with the vernal equinox. Hence, five questions must be asked, and each of these questions are basic to the theme of this conference concerning the recent history of our planet.

(1) Were the ancient catastrophes a result of ancient planet flybys from space?

(2) Did the very first of these March flybys set up or organize the location of the Earth's vernal equinox?

(3) Was that assaulting planet Mars, or the Greek Ares, or the Santa Indra, or the Phoenician Baal, or the Sumerian Enlil, or the Egyptian Horus? All of these words are the planet Mars in various ancient languages?

[COMMENT: Note the final question mark above. It is not a typo by me. Was it a typo by the journal, or did Prof. Patten intend it that way? As we know, some of these words did NOT refer to Mars. Indra = Enlil/Zeus/Osiris. Baal = Belus/Bel/Marduk. Enlil is not Mars, as noted. However, Horus does indeed equal Ishkur/Ares/Mars. RS]

[The Names Of The Gods by Rob Solàrion]

(4) If so, how close did Mars come to the Earth, measuring planet center to center?

(5) If so, how frequently did Mars assault the Earth?

Eight of the nine planets orbit on one single plane, the ecliptic plane. The only exception is remote Pluto. If a marauding planet crossed the Earth's orbit once, going out toward aphelion, then (being coplanar) it would also have to cross the Earth's orbit a second time, when approaching perihelion.

[COMMENT: Exactly! The Planet Nibiru comes up from below the South Pole, below the Ecliptic, "crosses" or "passes over" the plane of the Earth's orbit to reach perihelion above our North Pole, where it rests for 900 years as a "Night Sun", only to "cross" or "pass over" the orbit a second time on its downwards return to aphelion at the Oort Cloud. RS]

Only once in ancient Hebrew literature is there a calendared date given for the onset of a catastrophe, and that happens to be the worst of the catastrophes, Noah's Flood. Genesis XI indicates that date was the 17th day of the second month. What day was that?

[COMMENT: This is a significant remark, which Prof. Patten himself failed to grasp. If ONLY ONCE is a true calendared date given for a catastrophe, then those others which are dated to a "passing over" are speculative as to whether they /actually/ occurred on the "Feast of the Passover" in the modern calendar. RS]

Throughout the ancient Near East and Middle East, the "Tishri Calendar" was used. Tishri was the first month, and the first day of Tishri was the new moon of September when the old 360-day calendar was functioning. New Year's day for the Tishri calendar was named after Mars. The third month, Khesilg65 [sic], seems to have been named after Jupiter. The 17th day of Marchesvan [named for Mars] on the Old Tishri calendar, when Noah's flood began, was our modern calendar date of October 24 (Sept. 7 + 30 + 17).

There are three other items of evidence that agree with the October 24 date for ancient planetary flybys. One is the Roman Armilustrium, the second Roman celestial fear day. It was toward the end of the eighth month, October, named after the Latin number for eight.

Ancient calendars were revised when the Earth's orbit shifted from a 360-day year to a 365+-day year and that was a time of considerable calendar confusion. Our conclusion is that the Armilustrium, the second Roman day of fear, was on October 24, and was the same day as Tishri 17. Scholars of ancient calendars have a variety of uncertainties.

[COMMENT: It was the contention of Dr. Velikovsky in Worlds In Collision that the year consisted of 360 days PRIOR TO the catastrophe that marked the Trojan War, the Founding of Rome, the beginning of the Greek Olympiads, the Era of Nabonassar at Babylon, the Great Earthquake, the Great Eclipse, the Day that the Sun devoured the Moon. As I have shown in my "Mathematical Analysis Of Ancient History", this date was 15 June 762 BCE. AFTER that date, because of a cosmic catastrophe of some sort, our rotational speed increased to 365.25 days per year. This change in rotational speed resulted from the undocking of "The Night Sun". Yes indeed, there was "considerable calendar confusion" as Dr. Velikovsky has unravelled in his Ages In Chaos series, which describes the duplication by "ghost correlations" of 600 years in the histories of Egypt, Assyria/Babylonia/Hatti, Greece and Lydia. And this "variety of uncertainties" continues to vanish as the years go by. RS]

A third indication of catastrophism in late October is the Celtic Samhain. It was also a time of cosmic disaster and destruction, when a planet portrayed as a witch with a cometary tail portrayed as a broomstick crossed the heavens, from east to west, on a night close to the full moon, bringing much frightening noise, screeching, thundering, quaking, etc. The other Latin day of fear, the "Armilustrium" was simultaneous with the Celtic Samhain and both are believed to have been October 24.

[COMMENT: Gabriel's Trumpet again. This witch on a broomstick in England was seen as a flying serpent in South America. The Planet Nibiru itself would become the witch or the serpent's head, and its electromagnetic tethering beam -- poised to strike the Earth's North Polar Belt, causing a Polar Axis Shift -- would become the broomstick or the flying serpent's tail -- as this fearful planet made its way through the "crossing", put on its brakes and "screeched" to a halt, scaring the bejesus out of everybody from here to Timbucktu! RS]

Of peripheral interest are the quick-frozen mammoths and rhinos of Siberia and the quick-frozen bison of Alaska. All had sedges and other vegetation in their mouths when quick-frozen, and that vegetation was in the seed seasons, the autumn. That icy catastrophe was an autumn event.

This is supported by sub-sealevel ice near Little America, on Antarctica. There the ice is 7,000 feet thick, but 4,000 feet of the ice is below sea level today! The ice that is below sea level is intermixed with volcanic ash, and the deeper the ice is, the thicker is the volcanic ash mixture. That ice is composed of oxygen-16 with no oxygen-18 isotope. That ice is also composed of hydrogen with no deuterium (heavy hydrogen) isotope. That ice is unmelted despite its sub-sealevel existence for thousands of years.

All water or ice in glaciers on the Earth, in ground water, in clouds, in oceans, rivers, seas, and creeks contains admixtures of deuterium and the oxygen-18 isotope. The genesis of this sub-sealevel ice of Antarctica is from space, not from the surface of the Earth, and its oceans. That icy catastrophe also occurred in the mid-autumn, something like the Samhain, the Armilustrium and the onset day of Noah's Flood.

[COMMENT: Despite the exact date of the catastrophe itself, there is no doubt that material from the Planet of the Crossing reached the Earth, some of it in an icy state. That these catastrophes occur swiftly and without warning is exemplified by the mammoths and bison, which were hurtled from a temperate climate into a harsh polar environment, killing and freezing them instantly. The rapidity of these catastrophic changes has been thoroughly described by Dr. Velikovsky in Earth In Upheaval. RS]

Figure 1 illustrates the probable orbit of Mars in the Catastrophic Era. Figure 2 illustrates the probable dating of fourteen catastrophes in that period, thirteen of which are recorded in the Old Testament and most of which are also recorded in the Talmud, plus the Tower of Babel Holocaust.


It is at this point that Prof. Patten's reasoning really begins to collapse like the proverbial house of cards. He provides a diagram of a purely hypothetical "old" orbit of Mars, crossing the Earth's orbit in two places; then he proceeds to document the presence of the Planet Mars in all of these various catastrophes.

Visualize a circular Earth orbit around a central Sun. Then imagine a larger Mars orbit, with its aphelion in its current orbital location but its perihelion WITHIN, though only slightly, the orbit of Earth. If both Earth and Mars were to happen to cross paths at the two points where Mars' orbit actually intersected Earth's orbit, then disaster might follow. Thus, by using his own definition of "periodic" or "cyclic" events, these encounters would /seem/ "cyclic" but could theoretically be predicted, given current technology. The trouble is that Mars' "new" orbit is not like this "old" one. It would have taken an even "greater event" to move Mars' orbit into its present location. As you can see, there is no logic of any sort for this Mars theory (which is probably what Carl Sagan argued about, incidentally!), so the rest of Prof. Patten's essay is of no further importance at all to us, other than perhaps to offer a tidbit of detail here and there that one was not aware of. And finally and most importantly, no explanation of any kind is offered as to how Mars shifted from its "old" orbit to its "new" or current one.

The idea that Mars specifically was responsible for a series of minor catastrophes in the 7th Century BCE comes straight from Dr. Velikovsky's Worlds In Collision where he postulated that Mars was on an "errant" orbit for a time and had a series of near-collisions with the Earth, which terminated in 687 when Mars' orbit stabilized into its current location. Also, note the presence of the Exodus Catastrophe in the list of events, below. According to Dr. Velikovsky, the Exodus accompanied the near-collision of the Planet VENUS, not MARS, with the Earth; but here apparently, Prof. Patten has lumped that one together with all the rest. But it is a moot point : both were caused by the Planet Nibiru, not by the Planets Mars or Venus.

Prof. Patten's Figure 2 is a chart of dates, showing various "flybys" of the Planet Mars, in columns denoted October Flybys and March Flybys.

2484 BCE Noah's Flood (October)

This is the "traditional" date. It can be mathematically challenged, however. Suffice it to say that it is my contention that this "flood" occurred during the arrival of the Planet Nibiru PRIOR to its arrival at the time of the Exodus and Santorini Cataclysm.

2321 BCE Peleg Catastrophe (March)

1944 BCE Tower Of Babel Holocaust (October)

The Tower Of Babel "holocaust" was not the result of a "cosmic" cataclysm. It was a political move by the Nefilim to confuse the languages of early Cro-Magnon Sapiens.

1889 BCE Sodom & Gomorrah Holocaust (March)

This was also a "political" event in connection with the Third Pyramid War, the last one of them, restoring Emperor Anu and Empress Antu to the thrones of Nibiru. This destruction of the spaceport satellite cities was not the result of an inter-planetary near-collision. It was an act of war.

On the other hand, if such events as Noah's Flood represent a previous arrival or departure of the Planet Nibiru, given its orbit of 3,600 Earth Years, then this "traditional" date for Noah's Flood is mathematically impossible.

1587 BCE + 3,600 years = 5187 BCE

5187 BCE, over 7,000 years ago, would have been the prior arrival of the Planet Nibiru. Subtract 900 years for its "custodial rest period" at Hyperborea, and you get a prior departure date of 4287 BCE. Then, Nibiru was absent during the whole period from 4287-1587 BCE. Thus, Noah's Flood would have to placed logically and mathematically either around 4287 BCE or 5187 BCE. The only book of the Bible dealing with any timeframe earlier than Moses is the Book of Genesis, and it is not any stretch of the imagination to surmise that the precise dating of events in that book is incorrect in the first place (given all the confusion that resulted historically the next time that Nibiru came and went -- see Ages In Chaos). The stories of Genesis are undoubtedly only vague legends of times long past in days of old when oral traditions were the rule. That is a discussion for a different time, however, as enticing that it may be.

1728 BCE Job Catastrophe (October)

1445 BCE Exodus Catastrophe (March)

Note at once that this date is the "traditional" date and is not supported by my own line of mathematics, nor by that of Dr. Velikovsky who placed the "Venus" catastrophe and the Santorini Cataclysm at around the year 1600 BCE. Nevertheless, this is the point at which all the subsequent dates mentioned by Prof. Patten are to be considered, because this event, if not this date, marked the last arrival of the Planet Nibiru.

1404 BCE Joshua's Day The Sun Stood Still (March)

This was obviously the day of the last Polar Axis Shift, when due to the changing axis, the Sun would have appeared to be stationary or move in an odd direction, prolonging the length of the particular day. As it is written in The Bible, "there was never another day like it before or since".

The Israelites wandered for 40 years in the desert before arriving at the Promised Land. The number 40 in Middle Eastern colloquialisms simply means a long time or a large number. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. It rained for a long time. They wandered for 40 years. They wandered for a long time. Jesus fasted in the Wilderness for 40 days. He fasted for quite some time. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Ali Baba and the Big Gang of Thieves. Thus, it is impossible to know if the Israelites actually wandered for 40 years in the desert or for quite a number of years. Thus, it would be impossible to determine just how many years after the actual Exodus that this unusual day of Joshua occurred, since it is also not known exactly how long after Moses' death that this day arrived.

Probably the Planet Nibiru arrives from "the crossing", extends its broomstick serpent-tail electromagnetic beam -- the trumpets of Gabriel sound with an awful fury! -- and as the tail lashes the Earth, trying to lock onto the North Polar Belt, the Planet Nibiru circles around; and after a few years it is able to secure its position as the Hyperborean Night Sun.

In short, whatever caused the Polar Axis Shift of approximately 1587 BCE, there is no doubt that one occurred and that it was caused by the proximity and activity of some "foreign" celestial body.

1296 BCE Deborah-Barak Catastrophe (March)

1241 BCE Gideon Midnight Bash (October)

1080 BCE Samuel Catastrophe (March)

972 BCE Davidic Catastrophe (March)

864 BCE Elijah-Homer Catastrophe (March)

756 BCE Jonah-Amos-Joel Catastrophe (March)

701 BCE Isaiah-Hesiod Final Flyby (October)

After the orbit of Nibiru had stabilized into its tethered position, then there would have been no "inter-planetary flybys" until the departure sequence had to be initiated, which occurred on 15 June 762 BCE, as noted above. Thus, the date of 756 here, which does not even fit the Velikovskian chronology that uses 747, is immediately suspect for mathematical accuracy, even though we know to which event it is referring, i.e., the Great Eclipse of historical astronomy. Dr. Velikovsky postulated that due to its errant orbit, Mars passed perilously close to the Earth in a periodic cycle of 15 years between 747-687. Significantly, 762 is 15 years earlier than 747. Nonetheless, what happened in these periods of 15 years was connected not to Mars but to the departure sequence of the Planet Nibiru, as it circled around the Earth/Sun, gaining slingshot momentum for its long 2,700-year journey to the Oort Cloud and back. These "mini-catastrophes" can be dated to the years 762, 747, 732, 717, 702 and 687.

Whatever might have happened on the dates of 1296, 1241, 1080, 972 and 864 BCE certainly happened during the time of the past Cosmic Tree Night Sun period; so if there was any "divine" influence on these events, catastrophic or otherwise, those "custodians" on the Planet Nibiru might possibly have been involved.

Ultimately, everything that was ever written or said between the years 1587 and 687 BCE must be viewed in the context that there actually existed a "Night Sun" -- a "Heaven" -- floating at the end of a "tree trunk" tether atop the North Pole of this Planet. And the evidence, as you are seeing, is becoming overwhelming.

At this point, Prof. Patten takes the various catastrophes event by event in reverse chronological order. The various particulars of each event will not be analyzed here, because the Mars premise is false to begin with.