by Lucy Pringle


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Lucy Pringle was educated in England, France and Switzerland and has travelled widely. She is a Founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies a Founder Member and Chairman of UNEX (Unexplained Phenomena Research Society).

She lectures at home and internationally, including the Darwin Society at Christ's College, Cambridge, the Scientific Exploration Society, The College of Psychic Studies and Alternatives, London. She also writes, appears on TV and broadcasts extensively on the crop circle phenomenon.

Her book Crop Circles, the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times, a highly illustrated and penetrating investigation into the subject, was published by Thorsons, Harper Collins in September 1999. Her most recent book: Crop Circles: Art in the Landscape is a widely acclaimed and stunningly beautiful anthology of the subject.

She works with scientists from all over the world and she has the UK's most comprehensive photographic crop circle library which may be seen at her web site.

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Hard on the heels of a mild winter, spring appeared heralded by possibly our earliest ever crop circle.


On the 15 April (2007) a glorious ring containing seven arcs of ascending size, appeared on the plateau at Oliver's Castle, nr Devises, Wiltshire in oil seed rape (canola). The glorious yellow emphasized the size and magnificence of the formation which although reported on the 15 April could have been there a couple of days previously. Not only might it have been the earliest event but also certainly the largest and most complicated ever to appear in this particular crop. Reports on the ground lay from people examining the stalks were favorable.

May was a wonderfully sunny and warm month as indeed was the start of June but subsequently the weather deteriorated rapidly into a wet and dismal summer. Were there fewer formations than usual as a result of these poor conditions?


No quite the reverse; unexpectedly we had more circles then the previous year.

Winterbourne Monkton (uk2007af)

East Meon (uk1995ck)

One of my favorites was the circle at Winterbourne Monkton (24 May 2007) containing nested crescents that was surely a close and long lost relation of the wonderful East Meon formation of July 1995.


Its visual harmonious quality was a joy to behold.

On the first June one of the most important formations of the year appeared in barley at Yatesbury, Nr Avebury Trusloe in Wiltshire (see below).

Yatesbury, Nr Avebury Trusloe in Wiltshire

A five-fold spiral spanning almost 300 feet in diameter, it contained 57 tiny circles.


Charlie Balloch, a professional musician from Arizona, likened the formation to a Pythagorean Spiral. Named after the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras, the Pythagorean Comma or Diatonic Comma was known to the Chinese some 200 years BC. and possibly even earlier to the Babylonians. It demonstrates the harmonious relationship between number and music.

On receiving Charlie's email I got in touch with Jim Lyons from York University who replied saying:

As soon as I looked at the Yatesbury photos and saw the `missing` circles, instantaneously I knew it was a Standing Wave Fractal - just what I have been working on for the last two years!


The Pythagorean Comma is the fractal part of the nesting of harmonics. Basically in Earth Energies (Crop Circles) the numbers 9 & 8 occur. 9/8 -1.125 is approximately a major tone on the diatonic scale which dowsers have known for decades describes earth energy patterns.


There are equivalently six tones in a major scale 5 tones + 2 semitones =6 tones. (9/8)6 is 2.0273 which since a scale doubles the frequency gives the ratio 1.0136, the round off being the Pythagorean comma.


This is the basis of the fractal nature of all scales. In particular, I am applying Global Scaling Theory to not only Crop Circles but also the whole process of Consciousness, particularly its non local properties.


The theory is based on standing waves in logarithmic space. This may sound highly technical but it is simply the piano keyboard! The Universe is a glorious keyboard with strings between every atom of matter (holographic) and by implication all mankind!

On the same day in an adjacent field appeared one of the smallest and simplest formations of the year.


A plain circle containing the most amazingly complicated ground lay. I buried my bottles and later retrieved them and sent them to Jim Lyons for full trace mineral testing. The results were as follows. The most important changes show an ascending scale of nitrate level starting from the first control 437 and 438 to the bottle 440 buried in the centre of the formation.

See Water Analysis Tables.

These results were intriguing but became even more tantalizing on reading that the original nitrate content on the bottle of Volvic water. 6.3 mg/l and yet the highest nitrate presence that was found in the bottle buried in the centre was only 2.570 mg/l.

Jim Lyons's comments:

Having now been through the various measured parameters, besides the nitrate results, there are two other potentially interesting results to note. Firstly, the water pH is distinctly lower for sample 437 - this is only slightly alkaline at 7.4. The remaining values are all around 8.3 which is quite common.


Again sample 437 has a noticeable higher( 15%) electrical conductivity @ 0.230 mmhos/cm than the others. Recall we have noticed this before. In addition 437 had a slightly greater dowsable aura then the others, around 10%. However, none were very large, being fractionally over normal say for an immature crop.

As for the nitrate results, these were quite unexpected and indeed do show a steady increase through the sample numbers.


The percentage changes are

  • 437 - 438 17.5%
    437 - 439 20.7%
    437 - 440 71.3%

We have to ponder the mechanism here as to how this can happen, since no known material inflow of nitrate can occur through the glass. I can only suggest at this point in time it is akin to the results we achieved with electrical effects some time ago involving combining Oxygen and Nitrogen in some form of discharge. This topic certainly deserves some more investigation.

I have plotted the results in a bar chart.

However possibly the most tantalizing event of the summer was yet to come. It occurred on the night of 07-07-07.

East Field Formation July 7, 2007

As there has been much controversy over the East Field Fractal Necklace formation that appeared during that night, I will now endeavor to pull together all the strands of this intriguing tapestry.


East Field, Alton Barnes, Nr Marlborough is an enormous field covering approx 100 acres of hugely undulating uneven ground.

East Field, Wiltshire, UK Formation, 2007

On the night of the 6/7th July a man parked his car in the silage pit at the bottom of East Field.


Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle Café interviewed him and this is what he told Charles. At approximately 10.30-10.45 pm that evening a dark blue jeep containing several people pulled into the silage pit. It was there for 7-8 minutes with its lights shining into his car.


In return he flashed his lights at the jeep. Someone wearing a military type jacket with a hood made of stiff rigid canvas like material got out of the jeep and came up to his car. He could not see the person's face due to the hood. He told Charles that he was sitting in the back of his car with the back window open so that he could see the stars and also the field. He was watching a DVD (with no audio attachments or headphones) that was placed in the small space between the two front seats.


He asked the person from the jeep if he could help him but there was no response and the person turned around and walked back to the jeep and it drove off in the Pewsey direction.

Five to ten minutes the jeep returned swinging round in a circle so that it faced the exit to the silage pit. Four people got out. One was wearing a light checked lumberjack shirt and the others three wore dark clothes. They left the silage pit walking on the road behind the hedge out of his vision.


After a short time they returned and one by one they jumped down the bank over the thistles into East field. They were carrying no equipment. The man in the car was awake till about 2.30am when he dosed off until about 4.40am when he woke and saw part of the formation for the first time. He had heard no cars enter the silage pit during that time.


He did not go into the formation initially as he was of the opinion that it had been made by the four people he had seen enter the field earlier; indeed it was not until later when he saw Charles Mallet and others coming out of the field about 7.30am that he went in himself for the first time and decided that there was no possible way that the four people could have made a formation of such a size and complexity in the short period of time that has elapsed.

Mathew Williams states that he and others made the formation. That they had not made any plans, that there were no undulations in the field and that the flash soon after 3am was due to one of his team of hoaxer's hair catching fire!

He also says that he and his team were still in the field making the formation at 4am and the reason they were not spotted by Win, Gary and Paula was because they were invisible due to the phenomenon's special properties.

The story continues with the principle player Win Keech, an engineer now working as a Computer Engineer, who also worked as a designer at Rolls Royce, and was a pilot in the Royal Air Force for a short time.

His great interest in UFO's is approached from a scientific and objective point of view.

In 1991 he witnessed a pale luminous disk above the crop in East Field and the subsequent appearance of a small circle. As the disk traveled slowly across the field it was the size of a small dinner plate before expanding to approx 20 feet in diameter. It then became stationary hovering over the crop; the corn beneath shook, rattled and fell naturally, taking only about 3 seconds. The disk then moved away across the field contracting as it did so.


Keech went to where he had seen the luminous object and found a small circle of approx 20 ft in diameter.

On the evening of the 6th July 07, Keech still keenly interested in UFO's, arrived at the car park at Knapp Hill. He parked his car further along the track and set up camera equipment on the roof of and inside his car and then walked up to the peak of Knapp Hill overlooking East Field and also giving him a clear view of Lockeridge behind and Milk Hill to the west. He finished setting up these cameras by 11:08 and he reached the top of Knapp Hill by approx: 11:15 - 11:30. This was confirmed by his girl friend Ann Shield who received a text message from him saying that he was all ready, steady go.

His continually running equipment consisted of a CCTV camera with infrared; this was linked directly to a bank of VCR recording machines ran off a battery power supply.

He also had an extremely sensitive SONY VX 2100 camcorder. This was used as a spot scope and was mounted on a tripod for scanning the field. It was recording into a JVC gr-dv500 camcorder.

Keech tells me that:

The Sony vx2100 was at the time of 07-07-07 the most light sensitive (professional) camcorder available... it has a quoted light sensitivity of 1 lux, but in practice can be made to perform beyond that using manual settings of the slow shutter mode - enabling it to image slightly beyond eye sensitivity, in color at broadcast resolution.


It was used as a high zoom (12x) color spot scope for the first half of the night, recording to its mini-dv tape. Due to the intense wind blown condensation (almost drizzle), the tape head moisture protection interlock activated preventing recording to its own internal tape when we first imaged the formation (around 3:20am bst) (see photo)... consequently I output the video from its imaging system directly to a JVC gr-dv500 (compact high bandwidth camcorder) via a fire-wire to fire-wire connection, using the JVC's mini-dv tape recording in place of the vx2100.


Previously the gr-dv500 had been used to record directly from the cctv camera mounted on the back of the Seben Generation 1+ image intensifier with 3x lens which was used for general sweeps of the intensely dark area.

The image intensifier has certain drawbacks - it has relatively bad resolution and the image suffers from some spherical aberration, which means that it is in sharp focus at its centre, but slightly out of focus away from the centre ... it is however roughly 1000 times more light sensitive than the human eye and works by accelerating a photon cascade within a video tube and projecting the image onto a green phosphor screen - and works when nothing else is sensitive enough.


A YD66 (0.02 lux) cctv was mounted to view the image and the output went directly to the gr-dv500 via an AV composite video output. When not scanning the field the gr-dv500 was placed in the inside of my jacket to protect it from the condensation/drizzle. By experiment it was found that when recording to the gr-dv500 from the vx2100 the digital time code of the vx2100 was superseded by the gr-dv500's own time code.


The gr-dv500 was affected by some energetic process that night which changed its time code by 9 mins from the previously synchronized GMT time.


It is also of note that the internal photo memory stick of my Ericson photo phone was also scrambled that night, possibly by the same process.

In order to cover all eventualities he had a vast amount of other very sensitive equipment so that if one item had shortcomings other equipment present would cover it.

With his equipment he could see all that was happening, not only the lights of the cars but also he would have seen and recorded anyone entering the field using infra red lights of any kind. His VX2100 camera could have zoomed in and identified them. He could also hear any sound very clearly.

His dog had been behaving very strangely in that area that day which was another reason why he felt he should do a night watch.

On a still picture at 1:23am, he saw nothing in the field but he said it was such a very dark black night that it would have been hard to see anything at all. Keech kindly agreed to send the footage to Rodney Hale for analysis. I have known Hale for many years and apart from being an expert in his field he is also a man of integrity and impartiality. He is a Chartered Engineer and MIET (Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology) and Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.


By carefully overlaying the photos taken at 1:15am and then taking the average of them all, Hale found a shadow in the field that appeared to be part of the formation closest to Knapp Hill.

Combined picture taken at 01.15am BST

The four photographs were timed at 01:12, 01:13, 01:14 and 01:23. 'Since the combined photo is an average of these times, I have called it 01:15.' It is striking to see how the upper part of the formation closest to Knapp Hill seems to be present in the field at that time.


The below metrological image taken at 1:27 am on the 07-07-07 shows Wiltshire under thick cloud.

Cloud Cover

Keech said that he would have to have another look at his findings, especially the video, for evidence of activity at that time, and perhaps come up with a re-appraisal of the sequence of events and how the flash might fit into things.


However he still has a colossal amount of footage to examine so the findings may take some time to emerge.

He tells me that:

With respect to Hale's analysis, I do agree that something appears present on the enhancement by Hale.


What it is, neither of us are certain - my concern is with noise artifacts in the Sony's internal processing and that at such low light levels, the effect of shadow from cloud-streetlight scatter/reflection from Alton Barnes must be considered - I would not like to say what we are looking at in Hale's enhancement - I would like it to be a pre-cursor to the formation, but I cannot prove that so will not present that as fact.


The photos Hale used were taken on Sony DSC-F717 semi professional still camera, with 5X f2 lens and 5 mpix resolution on a ccd chip larger than subsequent models. The photos were very long exposures (up to 10 secs) and this is where we must be very careful about noise. In the absence of light, the imaging sensors produce random noise signals called dark noise - this is a natural quantum effect of the transistors of the ccd sensor.

What the long exposure noise reduction system of the Sony does is first take the photo (with the noise), then retakes the same exposure length with the shutter closed. It then subtracts the dark image noise values from the image - which is fine, except that the noise is truly random and so an exact time spaced cancellation cannot be achieved.


The images that night were also saved in a jpeg format, for space saving on the memory stick used - this also adds noise by degrading the uncompressed image using a lossy compression process... that is it throws away information that cannot be retrieved afterwards - it also does this in small block sizes by comparing levels of surrounding image pixels and is a processing model based on the eye's perceptual model... so we have to be careful when enhancing, that the compression process hasn't added previously hidden image compression artifacts also... when overlaying different images for enhancement this can be a problem... so we have to be very careful about the conclusions - but Hale has worked very hard and has done a good job.

Taking into consideration the events earlier that evening when the men were seen to have entered the field without equipment and clearly without lights else they would have shown up on Keech's instruments, is it possible that they were able to construct the larger part of the formation in the one hour and forty-five minutes that had elapsed?

Gary King and Paula Presdee-Jones joined Keech about 1:30am. At 3:08am there was a huge flash that lit up the whole field but was of such short duration that Keech said that if you had blinked at that moment you would have missed it.

At approx: 3:15am the picture taken at that time shows a large shadow in the field.

Two of the witnesses King and Presdee-Jones raced down the hill whooping with joy and excitement and were the first people to enter this gigantic formation. They said the fallen crop was so fresh and springy that as they stepped on it, it sounded like breaking glass. It is one of the most magical events of ones life to be the first person to step into a new crop circle.

When Keech entered the formation about 4:50am, his dog once again became excessively agitated and wolfed down quantities of fallen crop and promptly went down a tramline and was sick twice. I have many reports of people compulsively eating the fallen crop.

The formation stretches for 1033 feet and is 500 feet wide and consists of 150 plus circles, the largest measuring 184 x 164 feet. Interestingly many circles are ellipses not circles. The ellipses were shown to be exactly in relation to the slope and gradient of the land. An indication that the crop circle force was descending from above.

The flattened crop covers nearly 2.25 acres or 87,000 square feet and when standing in the top part of the formation it is impossible to see the lower part and vice versa, making it impossible to humanly construct any accurate image or communicate from one end to the other.

The mathematics contained in this formation are complicated fractals hence its name the Fractal Necklace.

I was lucky enough to fly over it just seven hours after it appeared and seeing it from above was amazing. It was so enormous we had to fly up to about 2000 feet in order to get the whole formation in the frame. Interestingly the field looked flat from the air and it wasn't until I went into it that I realized quite how hilly and undulating it was.

Each year I organize a day when we conduct scientific research. This year we were measuring the endocrine system to see how the hormone levels might be affected, also how our body organs might react.


Hazel Naughton of Nutrivital (ex. Biotech Health) wrote telling me that:

We tested 8 researchers on the Asyra machine. The first test was carried out indoors at the Avebury study centre, the 2nd, about an hour later, was conducted on the edge of the field near the crop circle and the 3rd test was carried out in one of the large circles of the crop circle itself. We carried out all three tests within 2 hours so that the effects of eating and drinking would not alter the results.


(Again I'll email which tests were carried out from work but briefly we tested the baseline which consists of the main areas of the body to see where there are energy imbalances, the causal issues behind these imbalances and hormones).

Those tested were Lucy, Janet, Anne, Jackie, Gianni, Jim, Roger and Christopher.

There were 5 who showed increased energy imbalance when in the circle. Lucy (from 5to 7), Janet (5-7), Anne (8-13), Jackie (6-7), Jim (4-6). Giovanni and Christopher showed less energy imbalance in the circle and Roger stayed the same.

Our tests can show the causal issues behind the energy imbalances - the library holds many thousands of reasons, from viruses to bacteria, parasites, hormones etc (a list will be included from work) but some that I found interesting as they do not come up very often are Geopathic Stress, harmful energies, polarity imbalances.

From the readings in the circle the following had these causal issues show up:

Jackie, Christopher, Janet, Anne and Lucy. So 5 out of 8 showed up with Geopathic stress.

5 showed an energy imbalance in their kidneys when in the circle. They were Lucy, Anne, Giovanni, Jackie and Christopher.

The 4 who started these tests with the most energy imbalances were Gianni, Christopher, Jackie and Anne. All 4 showed a kidney imbalance in the circle and 3 had an immune system response in the circle - hopefully showing some healing taking place. Certainly both Gianni and Christopher's readings were greatly improved when in the circle. The exception to this was Anne but her immune system had shown up from test 1 which suggests that her immune system was already working hard at bringing her back to balance which would explain it not showing up when in the circle.

4 out of the 8 showed a Gallbladder imbalance in test one and they were all balanced in test 3. They were Anne, Jackie, Christopher and Gianni. Gianni's actually showed up as having increased energy in test 3 which I found interesting as he has had his gallbladder removed.

4 showed an increased hormonal activity when in the circle. Lucy, Janet, Gianni, and Christopher.

4 showed an imbalance with melatonin (which governs our sleep/wake cycles and regulates body rhythms) in test 3, Anne and Jackie showed it in test 2.

After we had concluded the tests several of us lay down in various parts of the formation.


Two people came into the same small satellite circle with me and we all experienced feelings of immense and peace and euphoria. We felt as thought we were in our own interdimensional energy space and quite apart from the outside world. I have experienced this before and call it the 'Cathedral Effect'. We also felt as though our energy levels had been considerably raised.

The following day many of the people who were present with me experienced strange effects.


Indeed I have had many reports sent to me by people who also encountered strange happenings. A man who visited the formation on the first morning took 4 camera batteries with him. Three were newly charged rechargeable batteries; the fourth was a completely new non-rechargeable battery. To his dismay he was only able to take four pictures as one by one the batteries drained as soon as he put them into this camera.

A woman who took her Remote Keyless Car Entry Device into the formation with her, found on her return to her car that her device has been completely wiped, all the information had been erased and it was now unusable! The information can be erased or reset when exposed to strong Ultra Violet light of a certain wavelength whilst the flash ram can be cleared or scrambled with an electrical charge.

The controller chip would need a significant electrical charge to disrupt operations along the lines of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).

Hazel Naughton who had been with me in the small satellite circle after we had concluded the tests and who ran around skipping like a school girl and who had lain flat on the ground, reported that she had suffered from appalling nightmares (the type that wake one up in a muck sweat they are so terrible), panic attacks and vibrating fingers; she also found it very hard to concentrate.


These effects lasted for almost a week.


George Petry reported:

I've been very weary but not aching, and mentally unfocussed, particularly yesterday where I got no work done....just pottering and talking with people. Sleep has been very disrupted and unsatisfying. I woke this morning at 01:29 and never really got back into a deep sleep.

Anne Leonard, Vice President of the Dowsing Society, financial adviser and founder of Operation New World, at wrote about how she felt the following day:

"...felt dizzy and dopey. I don't know how else to describe it but really the day floated by somehow. I had a letter to sign and send off and I WAS NOT ABLE TO DO IT."

I had not heard from Christopher Weeks so telephoned him on the Thursday after our visit.


He told me that unlike the others he had wanted to get out of the circle almost as soon as he entered. His heart was thumping and he felt unwell. He told me that subsequently he had had panic attacks, terrible dreams, depression and his mind had been like 'treacle'. He had been unable to get on with his work.

The night after our scientific tests, I woke at 1.20am with the most terrible pains running from inside my toes all the way up my shinbone to just under my knees. I tumbled out of bed and clung on to the side of the bed for what seemed like an eternity. The pain was excruciating and I did not know how long I was going to be able to cope with such a degree of agony. After approximately 10 minutes the pain went leaving a dull ache.


I felt sure my legs would be covered in bruises the following morning but to my amazement there was not a blemish to be seen. However my legs ached for the next five days. I am a crampy person but this was something quite different, my muscles were not in spasm, also it seemed that the pain was located close to or IN my shinbone.

My experience reminded me of a report sent in by someone who had entered the formation on the morning it had appeared and who had knelt down on the flattened crop:

I went into the formation 1:30pm and had left the field itself by 2:30pm. Time of the first 'spasm' to both legs: eight and a half hours later, lasting for about twenty minutes. Then there was a gap of about 3/4 of an hour and then I had another 'spasm 'on the right leg only, same area.


First event: I was walking normally from a sofa in my living room towards my hall, when some 20ft from the sofa, the sudden onset of pain some forced me to the floor, due to the complete seizure of both legs. The pain was generated from beyond the toes to just below the knee. Up the line of the shinbone. It was not in the muscles - all of which were quite relaxed during this experience.


I am not a 'crampy' person, and want it on record that this experience, while producing very acute physical responses - did NOT actually occur within the bone or leg itself. I also immediately knew that this was related to my earlier visit to the crop formation in East Field. So I waited it out, while testing my ability to stand up from time to time.


As soon as it ended, I staggered into my kitchen and treated it by drinking cider vinegar with honey and hot water.

The second attack to the right leg occurred after I had gone to bed. It was also unstoppable, even in trying to bend, tense and straighten muscles - there was no way of stopping the pain which again focused on the length of the shinbone.


Again the muscles were completely relaxed. However, knowing that this was a crop event, I used my mind to control the pain, get out of bed and go and get more cider vinegar, honey and hot water. Although I had a lingering sensation in the area around and external to, my right leg only, for several days after the event - it did not come back.


Given that my events, occurring outside the physical body, do not concur with the actual physical symptoms of Peroneal nerve problems, I am thus far of the conclusion that this event occurred in the etheric but was 'picked up' by the sensors in the physical body.


Perhaps surprisingly, I find myself, grateful for the experience - it is still most educational!

In order to try and get a scientific explanation I eventually went to see my doctor who ruled out any vascular condition due the fact that my legs were not bruised.

She said I had described a nerve pain. We have a nerve called the Peroneal that is associated with the sciatic nerve originating in the L5 lumber spinal chord which would act as a neuro-transmitting agent, being triggered as a result of some unknown energy force, possibly electromagnetic. It would appear that the pain was as a result of a change in the current transmitting through nerve cells.

Another member of the team told me that she had also been woken with terrible leg pains during the following night and had been unable to get back to sleep.

A report came from a man as he approached the formation from the direction of the silage pit which lies by the road running from Alton Barnes to Pewsey. As he neared the formation his vision became 'whurry' and his whole vision split into two halves with a horizontal line separating the two halves. One section going one way, the other section going the opposite way.


His vision was clear in the middle. He does not wear spectacles and has normal vision. He did not see any change in the colors and it has not happened to him before or since. Could the cause be due to his normal muscular conversion being spontaneously distorted? The eddy currents in his brain seemed be affected. We have neurons that run to intraocular muscles.

A woman who on entry was as excited 'as a schoolgirl all over again and full of life', went from one circle to the next, each one feeling different. She then started to feel that everything was not 'OK', couldn't relax and felt nauseous.

Another report,

"I made a short meditation, drawing down the power of Sound, Light and Love. Felt like standing in the warm sunshine, very happy. Jerked out of the meditation by a helicopter right overhead. When I opened my eyes I saw the wheat and surroundings in black and white. No color for 30 seconds. Never experienced altered vision before".

N.B. Thirty seconds is a long time.


Editor's Note: The East Field formation was also reported at EarthFiles by Linda Moulton Howe. EarthFiles reported that:

"the military activity began... There were a lot of helicopters. There were Apache helicopters, Lynx, Gazelle, and they were all circling continually the East Field..."


Still more from East Field 07-07-07.


A visitor from Canada wrote:

"After lying down for about ten minutes, I proceeded to stand up, at which point, half way up, I was strongly pulled backwards to the ground, hitting my head and back very hard. As I was getting up, I felt and saw a circular motion around me like waves of energy going very fast especially to the side on the right behind me going very fast. It took me a couple of days to find the words to describe how I felt. I felt I had become part of two magnets coming together."

When I wrote back suggesting that her symptoms sounded like a 'Drop Attack', she replied,

"I am not looking for an answer to what happened to me. Imagine being picked up by a very large wrestler and THROWN DOWN with all his might on to you back, then you have some sense of what happened."

Ann Shield, Win Keech's girl friend wrote telling me that:

I entered the circle at about 5.00 am in the morning, (fourth person in) and it felt electric and buzzy - making the hairs on my arms stand on end. I felt euphoric too while in the circle, but after I'd left it felt that I didn't want to go back there, and in fact was very keen to return home to North Wales, as planned for that day.


I thought this a strange reaction on my part, as I have been accompanying Win on these research trips for a couple of years, and this was what we'd been waiting for, yet I didn't seem to want anything to do with it - very puzzling, when I look back?

When I got back to North Wales that afternoon, I was very excited and told lots of friends about it. I had a strange experience that afternoon, when I called my son in London to tell him about it. I expected his usual cynicism and skepticism, but as I was describing it and telling him that we'd spoken to people in the Silent Circle cafe, he replied that he was actually looking at a picture of the Silent Circle in the Daily Express as we were speaking!!!


Just a strange coincidence, but interesting!

I am not prone to nightmares, but had some horrible ones, probably for about 2 weeks afterwards. I can't remember them now, but they were nasty and stayed with me all day, dreams of death, injury etc.

I had a sore throat and sore eyes also for about 2 weeks

I am not generally a moody person, quite laid back really, but felt very angry for a long time - probably a month or even more? I am a counsellor, so fairly self aware, and again, am generally a positive person, not given to dwelling on negatives. I tried to find all sorts of explanations for why I felt so bad for so long, but there didn't seem to be any tangible reason

I also had a disruption to my menstrual cycle

Another odd thing had happened the day before, when Win and I were on the top of Knapp Hill, trying to find a suitable place to set up the cameras. It was very windy and rainy and I had been taking photos of the Golden Ball circle and just sitting on top of the hill with my dog, Blue.


When we decided to go down the hill again, I felt incredibly energized, and the dog was excited too. We ran all the way down the hill, and I wasn't even out of breath when I reached the bottom????? (Although I'm not totally unfit, I'm not that fit either!)

All in all, although I was thrilled that Win had captured the amazing footage after all this time, and bowled over to be there to see it ,and be in it so soon after it was formed, I don't think the experience had a positive affect on me. It also made my dog vomit!

These are just a few reports I have received, certainly the effects reported have been the most extraordinary and varied that I have ever received from one formation. Thousands of people visited this event and I would be most grateful to hear from anyone else who experienced anything strange as I am building up a dossier.

To find any of these in a normal everyday environment is most unusual. (There have also been instances in the past when credit cards have also been wiped clean!)

Plants kindly collected by Mallet from East Field 07-07-07 were sent to Jim Lyons who reported that:

I have been in touch with my researcher Fabien Deswartes of Green Chemistry who is a leading UK expert on wheat straw and its uses. They will analyze the oils from two samples of the East Field formation. The analysis they do is quite unique and we have no idea what may turn up but it will be world first.


It takes time as it uses CO2 extraction processing which is a very sensitive technique. They will then use gas chromatography which will tell us exactly which oils are involved. They have a large database so will be able to tell us exactly what has happened to the straw (if anything)!

Herewith his written reply:

I carried out some wax analysis using Gas Chromatography (GC) just before Xmas to look at the chemical composition of the wax covering the surface of the two samples you gave me. Unfortunately, there is no appreciable differences between the two wax extracted - which indeed are very similar to waxes from other wheat varieties. Sorry it did not work out!


The results were inconclusive. This result does however tie in with Dowsing results which indicated very little variation in crop energy across the formation.

Report from W.C. Levengood, Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, Grass Lake, Michigan in which he told Linda Moulton-Howe of Earthfiles:

This formation was a very puzzling one since I've never seen anything before that did not follow a consistent pattern. For example, in the first page of my report, you'll notice I have Table I showing significantly altered node lengths in the control plants taken at different quadrants of the field.

Page 1, Research Report from Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, August 12, 2007, by W. C. Levengood:

One of the characteristics of wheat is how uniformly it grows and how you can depend on controls to give you an idea of what's going on in the field. But in this East Field, couldn't do that. In the northwest quadrants, the samples Charles Mallett took there showed statistically significant in node length and a decrease in seedling development factor.


Again, neither one of them (as control samples) should show any significant difference between the northwest and the southeast and yet the control plants collected from those parts of the field outside the formation were significantly affected.


Double Bell Shaped Curves (Bimodal) in East Field Seedling Germination Tests

A simple bimodal distribution, in this case a mixture of two normal distributions with the same variance but different means. The figure shows the probability density function (p.d.f.), which is an average of the bell-shaped p.d.f.s of the two normal distributions.

Jim Lyons comments:

I have read the seeds growth analysis. The bi-modal effect is no surprise to me. There is a lot of evidence (not yet totally watertight) that the basic mechanism of formation is indeed two phases. Firstly, the triggering effect which is electrostatic discharge to ground (just like a lightning strike).


For East Field thus seems to have been very dramatic and hence one would suspect that crops would be affected directly by this process, which influences growth rate in its own way. This is not normally of such great importance. The second effect is the release of energy from underground water - this is key to all earth energy effects, certainly not uniquely crop circles.


There are a large number of underground streams in East Field with lots of crossing points between them giving rise to many possible centers for energy release. The rising bubbles of energy which grow as they rise breaking through the surface is the normal mechanism for crop energisation. This comes from the microwave frequencies associated with the gyration (circulating) of electrons around the magnetic field lines. This is a standard mechanism in the ionosphere which in this case effectively extends to the ground.


Therefore we are not introducing any new physics here, simply extending its normal regime of operation. This process is the electron avalanche which we are also studying here in connection with other plasma phenomena.

One further point; you may recall me talking about the strange dowsing results I was getting. There was not the normal marquee roof shape energy distribution over each circle one normally gets. The results were remarkable uniform across each circle. This was quite unique! Also, I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on trying to measure things; not normal for me!


East Field is unusual in having many underground streams across the field with many crossing streams. It is this arrangement of underground water that gives rise to so many blind springs and vortex centers which are each a potential source for a circle. Hence we get many multi element formations in this location.

I am pursuing getting the water results ASAP.

Indeed the results of the water I buried inside and outside seemed to correspond with Levengood's findings.


There was very little overall change in the samples.

Average change 18.3% certainly not dramatic.


Even the buried control went up which is interesting though not surprising. At least these results are compatible with the general feeling that lots of energy was spread fairly evenly.


I would at least have expected under normal circumstances to have seen at least one result near the centre of a circle to have shown a figure of say getting on for 4mg/l.

Due to these results we decided to do more tests. The first one being to send one of my 100 ml bottles from the same batch as those I had used this year but which had not been buried.

The results were as follows:

Jim Lyons comments:

The spectrum analysis is very similar to the NIR work we did earlier. We will use water and identify from the spectrum which mineral is which and how they vary in relative proportion within the formation.

Water analysis (ADAS SA3 test) over several years has shown significant changes in nitrate levels for bottles buried within formations. This is analogous to nitrate tests undertaken on crops as well as soil. The mechanism for these changes are considered to be due to electrical discharge effects which bind Nitrogen-N & Oxygen -O together to form nitrates.

The situation in water samples is more difficult to comprehend. Chemically the only possible process is for air within the bottles 80% N, 19% O to be absorbed and dissociate within the water. How this process occurs requires further investigation. The changes in both Potassium and Sodium levels indicate that their nitrates in solution are undergoing some dissociation.

It is now known that for future water testing as above, an additional unburied sample from the same original source of water is needed to act as the true base line value. Quantitative changes on nitrates and their parent elements need to be undertaken to very possible mechanisms. In addition, it seems appropriate to undertake further sample testing using Mass Spectrometer analysis.


This will indicate much more clearly how nitrate levels change during the bottle burying process.


The rest of the season seemed somewhat of a damp squib by comparison.


However we were graced with some beautiful events such as the Ashbury 'Butterfly'. The farmer kindly allowed people to visit the formation by appointment requesting a small donation. He marked out the way into the field and the signs guided us to the formation thereby making it easy for visitors to find their way and the farmer protecting his undamaged crop at the same time. I wish more farmers would adopt this method as it is to everyone's advantage.


The person who felt as though she had been flung down by a wrestler whilst visiting the 07-07-07 formation suffered the same symptoms to a lesser degree in this formation.

There were other glorious formations at Martinsell Hill, Chute Causeway, Chute, Wiltshire.

The awe inspiring Escher cube formation at Sugar Hill, Upper Upham also produced some strange effects:

"I'm afraid the Sugar Hill formation has been the death knell of my idiosyncratic mobile!"


Visited the formation late yesterday morning (4th August). Wanted to ring a friend to say it was worth a visit, but could only get a minimal signal - took phone down tramline, and no signal at all, so decided it was because the field was in a dip. But the signal has never returned - tried in various places all the way home; once got a message on the screen saying Access Denied, but apart from that nothing.


Battery OK, just no signal. Boosted battery when I got back, but nothing doing! Will take mobile into the shop sometime and see what they say, and will let you know."

An addendum 3 days later:

Quite extraordinary - switched the mobile on several times yesterday to check for signal. Nothing. Same again this morning. Met friend for lunch and was telling her the story of its demise, switched it on, and suddenly a faint signal, but didn't last long enough to make a call.


Same again ten minutes later. But half an hour later, full signal and full service resumed. So it had been out of action for about 48 hours, and now seems back to normal - though whether normal is normal, or its own version remains to be seen!

All in all this was a most an interesting and intriguing year and the water research results have left us with some exciting results which will lead us to make some amendments and adjustments in our methodology next season.

Again many thanks to everyone who has kindly sent me reports of their experiences. I am enormously grateful to you all for taking the time to complete what must seem a lengthy and awkward form. Please keep them coming in as my research depends on you.


Due to your help I now have the largest database in the world in this area of research into the field of electromagnetic fields on living systems.