by Linda Moulton Howe

July 30, 2009

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Yatesbury, Wiltshire County, England

- After midnight on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Yorkshire engineer, Winston Keech, had set up his four infrared cameras on a pole looking across the East Field wheat below Adams Grave. The rest of the huge East Field had not been planted this year and was a mass of dark soil next to the far west end wheat. Winston is an entrepreneur who develops renewable energy systems and is fascinated by crop formations.


He wants to see what he can capture on infrared (IR) videotape, and the carpet of East Field wheat seemed a good place to night watch.


His four cameras are Samsung 0.0002 lux infrared with 570 line resolution on closed circuit TV, mounted on a high T-bar in front of his van.

Engineer and renewable energy developer, Winston Keech, on July 14, 2009,

set up his van a little after midnight with four Samsung 0.0002 lux infrared with 570 line resolution on closed circuit TV,

mounted on two high T-bars in front of his van.

Image 2009 by Winston Keech.

Win Keech also used a high resolution, fixed lens, Digital Still Camera (DSC-R1) with 10 megapixel images made by Sony.


The combination of the still camera with the four infrared cameras mounted on the pole helps give angles to gauge distances and heights and make comparisons between the visible color world and the infrared’s shades of grays, blacks and whites. Comparisons also help Winston to identify which images are only in the infrared.

Winston began filming with his IR video cameras and at 12:24 AM on July 14th, the infrared captured two flashes of light followed by two large dark spots that move around in the wheat and appear to be later joined by smaller, moving grey spots, all moving until 1:44 AM.


Then the large moving anomalies disappear, after two further flashes, from the infrared videotape.



Speeded up movie of first light flash and first appearance of dark objects that move at that location in East Field.

Later that location is exactly where the basket weave circle pattern

is first reported in thick fog by three Norwegian visitors to the East Field near sunup.

Movie 2009 by Winston Keech.



Same light flash sequence with added frames to see slight motion of dark objects

where the flash occurred in the East Field location of the subsequent basket weave circle pattern.

Movie 2009 by Winston Keech.


Still frames of sequence from first light flash,

second light flash and appearance of two dark objects in East Field wheat.

Still frames 2009 by Winston Keech.

Winston confirmed that on the 1:05 AM visible still and IR video images, before the disappearance of the larger spots, he could still not see any shadow or indentation in the wheat that would suggest the flash of light and moving spots had created a crop formation.

Winston Keech adjusted the RGB Gamma in his infrared cameras to increase contrast in the East Field images

after the light flashes and dark objects had moved around,

but there is no indication of any shadow of a pattern that would be found at sunup.

RGB Gamma Adjust image 2009 by Winston Keech.

But forty minutes later at 1:45 AM, the first shadow line appeared in the East Field on the infrared video that was later confirmed at 3:15 AM on Winston’s visible light camera with RGB reduced to penetrate thick fog that had gathered over the wheat.


At 4:36 AM, a man and two women from Holland were walking along the edge of the East Field and walked close by the formation, detected a shadow and eventually the tightly woven basket weave circle pattern with two arcs extending from it was reported.

After the fog cleared on July 14, 2009, there where Winston Keech's four infrared cameras

videotaped after midnight to sunup was this tightly woven circle with an arc extending from each side.

Aerial image 2009 by Olivier Morel WCCSG.

Nearly 170-foot-diameter "woven" wheat circle with long arcs projecting from two sides

was reported in the East Field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, on July 14, 2009.

According to infrared, the extraordinarily intricate formation appeared in a half-hour time window before sunup.

Aerial images 2009 by Russell Stannard.

For other images and information: Cropcircleconnector.

The next day on July 15, 2009, Charles Mallett, Director, Silent Circle Research Centre,

 took his digital camera to the same place Win Keech had parked his van and set up the infrared cameras.

Tramline comparisons between this color photo with the basket weave pattern

now there and the light flash infrared image below show it's the same site.

Image 2009 by Charles Mallett.


Frame Comparison of IR Light Flash and Dark Figure with Basket Weave Pattern



Animated comparison between Winston Keech's July 14, 2009, infrared frame

of light flash and dark figure with color still image the next day on July 15, 2009, by Charles Mallett.

The light flash corresponds exactly with the location of the subsequent basket weave pattern.

Comparison animation by Eric Vanden Heuvel.


More Infrared High Strangeness July 7, 2009 Near Knap Hill
One week before the East Field event, on July 7, 2009, Winston Keech was running his infrared video cameras at 3:24 AM near Knap Hill, not far from the East Field, when he caught another highly strange "moving shadow" that suddenly lighted up in two rapid phases and eventually dissipated.



Speeded up movie of sudden, strangely patterned light near Knap Hill,

not far from East Field, on July 7, 2009, at 3:24 a.m,

that seems to “release” a small, walking entity that dissipates.

Movie 2009 by Winston Keech.



Slowed down movie of sudden, strangely patterned light near Knap Hill,

not far from East Field, on July 7, 2009, at 3:24 a.m,

that seems to “release” a small, walking entity that dissipates.

Movie  2009 by Winston Keech.

Winston refers to the strange infrared event as the "tiny entity" because as he emailed me:

“The height is estimated against the height of the grass surrounding the entity and the known (1 meter) height of the distant fence posts in frame, with known distance exceeding three times that of the entity to camera and later compared against the size of rabbits that hop along the same piece of hillside an hour later! The tiny entity is just over two rabbits tall!”

The eerie implication is that whatever suddenly lit up in the grass, seems to move on legs and then dissipates into thin air might still be moving around unseen in the fields.


But what is it? What is it doing? And why?