July 8, 2009

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The human Being is comprised of a number of energy centers or chakra points. 1-7 are located within and associated with the physical body, the 7th or crown chakra just above the head.


The alignment and activation of these centers opens the being to multi-dimensionality through the crown and to the chakra centers outside the incarnate ‘self’.


There are believed to be 5 outside the body that are accessible to the human Being, reaching out progressively and connecting us to atmospheric, lunar, solar, galactic and universal consciousness.

The tentacles are non-symmetrical and seem to depict an organic, moving layer or sheath around the jellyfish. Their purpose is protection.


Once activated the 12-point chakra system, through the crown ‘doorway’, will open human Beings to multi-dimensionality and envelop the physical body in an ethereal, protective shell. The tentacles also seem to suggest our awareness or consciousness flowing freely into the unified field.


We are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery as we awaken to our essence and full potential.

Sol Ar





Earth’s magnetosphere changes into the shape of a “jellyfish” whenever it is impacted by a severe solar storm

Whenever a severe solar storm impacts directly on Earth, then our planetary magnetic field or “magnetosphere” changes into the general shape of a “jellyfish”: see below videos.



That seems to be what those crop artists were telling us at Wayland’s Smithy on May 29, 2009:

The new crop picture shows also seven “eclipse” symbols in its central tail (white numbers 1 to 7), as well as seven streamers hanging off below (yellow numbers 1 to 7):

Both of those features suggest that a solar storm may impact Earth on July 7, 2009, as has already been suggested by several other crop pictures from April or May (see bishopcannings or roundway2).

The new crop picture also shows a small, horizontal, four-circle band just between its head and its long tail (blue arrows, left or right above). That feature closely resembles a crop picture from July 20, 2008 which told us about eclipses (see time2007x).


Indeed, the suggested date of July 7, 2009 for an upcoming solar storm will be a penumbral lunar eclipse (below image).

“If directed at Earth, a coronal mass ejection is harmless to people, but slams into Earth's magnetic field, thereby distorting it into the shape of a jellyfish buffeted by a strong current. The most severe CMEs may cause geomagnetic storms capable of disrupting satellites, radio communications or power systems

(see www.atlasaerospace.net/eng/newsi-r.htm?id=50).

“Coronal mass ejections typically disturb Earth's magnetic field, distorting it into the shape of a jellyfish buffeted by a strong current. This interaction also energizes electrically charged particles, trapped within Earth's magnetosphere, and so causes bright auroral displays”

(see istp.gsfc.nasa.gov).

Have English crop pictures ever predicted severe solar storms before?


Andy Thomas noted several years ago (see cropfiles.it):

“The ‘galaxy’ crop pictures of 1994 displayed Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon in the constellation Cetus, exactly where they would appear on April 6-7, 2000. When that date finally arrived, the Earth encountered a very powerful solar storm, and an aurora borealis was seen across many European or American countries, much further south than would normally be the case.


Some wonder whether those crop pictures were trying to tell us, that something important would be happening to our Sun on that night? It seems beyond coincidence. It also seems to show that the intelligences behind those crop pictures have the power of premonition.”

Once we study this new crop picture further, a more complete report can be made. No need to be too concerned!


Other severe solar storms impacted on Earth in 2000 or 2003 (as noted above), but hardly anyone took any notice, apart from some professional astrophysicists who became very excited.

Finally, we would like to thank Steve Alexander for use of his excellent aerial photographs, which make scientific analyses such as this possible.

Harold Stryderight

The CMM Research Group






I don’t think I am the only person who will recognize the formation near Wayland Smithy to be a jellyfish. It is a wonderful, unexpected shape and it looks nothing like I’ve ever seen before in the fields.


Wondering what that could mean I searched the internet for an explanation and I run across Japanese mythology which speaks of Ryūjin, a dragon king. Ryujin, wanted to eat a monkey’s liver to cure a rash. He sent the jellyfish to fetch a monkey, but the monkey tricked the jellyfish.


When the jellyfish returned empty-handed, the outraged dragon king beat the jellyfish until all of its bones were crushed.


This is why the jellyfish has no bones.

I like the coincidence of a jellyfish and a dragon in one story knowing that Dragon hill is so close to this formation.

Annemieke Witteveen





A jealousy fish

A particular sensational formation is “the jellyfish”. Although the image shows, as usual within the crop circle phenomenon, an abstract geometrical configuration, it is obvious enough that a jellyfish wants to be expressed.

When I read the reactions on crop circle connector that appeared immediately after its discovery I was surprised by the interesting astronomical and astrophysical idea’s that were found. It seemed to make sense indeed, but I was nevertheless left with the feeling there had to be more.

Reflecting on the astrophysical comparison with the earth magnetic field that looks more or less like a jellyfish, one could ask why the circle makers didn’t directly choose for the image of the magnetic field? Taking the tentacles in consideration it becomes obvious that the image really wants to get the idea of a jellyfish across.


After all, no smooth magnetic contour-lines can be seen. It are the tentacles that do it.


They are an exception on the geometry.

picture 1

Earth magnetic field under the influence of solar wind.

Apart from the typical tentacles you can also reason towards the other direction, meaning that there is not a real jellyfish expressed but one that is tending towards geometrical abstraction. Because of these geometrical shapes associations can be made with eclipses and meaningful numbers. So, it would also be discredit to hold the formation for only a symbol. The different interpretations seem to have their value.

I would like to come forward more with the idea’s that stand for the jellyfish as a symbol. In particular the jellyfish as a symbol for tormentation I believe is most appropriate, although different meanings can also be the case.

I think that the jellyfish as a symbol will become extra relevant in the time we are going through right now. As if we are to meet more and more jellyfishes on our transformation journey towards the near end of 2012.


As if the jellyfish aspect in our existence has become activated and that we collectively having to learn to deal with it.

picture 2

A Jellyfish

Confronting the momentary phase of global developments in which humanity finds itself, more and more irritations or situations of torment can easily appear. In practice it will most commonly be about learning to let go all sorts of attachments.


These can vary from material possessions to claiming to be right. On top of this there is an interesting phonetic resemblance between ‘jellyfish’ and both ‘jealousy’ and ‘selfish’. The combination of jealousy and selfish seems to make jellyfish (or jealousy fish as you wish). So from this angle it becomes clear that having to let go of attachments concerning close relationships can as well easily be the case.

So, we may learn to deal with selfish jealousy.


Initially, it doesn’t matter to much if it is about hidden jealousy or recognized jealousy. But as soon as jealousy gets recognized than it becomes apparent that it needs the kind of treatment that gives it its proper place. Many people find jealousy or selfishness a negative thing and therefore an unwelcome something.


So, they develop a tendency to push it beside or act as if it does not exist. Nature teaches us that such a tendency does not really work. In fact it often turns out to course misery in the shape of disease or conflicts.

Is one able to acknowledge the selfish jealousy, than that will work out as an advance towards release. It makes us more honest with our selves so that it becomes easier to direct the energy in a creative and positive way.

You can read more about this formation and also about others at my website.





As soon as I saw this magnificent jellyfish formation I dug out my dissertation I wrote in 2004, because it includes some relevant research:

The jellyfish are the most beautiful and wondrous creatures of the ocean. They can also be the deadliest animal on earth... Jellyfish are 98% water. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually, and they have a three-part lifecycle. If they are not brooded in the belly of the fish, their larvae form by colonizing on the seabed.


Sexually, egg and sperm are released into the water. Once fertilized the larvae form a second strata, which can come in the form of a 'polyp hybrid colony' (low organization of hybrids supported by a stem). Individuals then split off from their colony form adults. In asexual reproduction, the medusa simply release their denominations in mid-water.

This happens on a curious sidereal cycle (in alignment with the planets and the stars) or synodic lunar-cycle (in alignment with the moon) every 29.45 days (Lee, 1986).

"This... star alignment pattern has been dubbed the 'Harmonic Concordance' by John Mirehiel [and] also is the call to the Spirit of humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact, spiritual beings sharing a physical experience."

(Erotokritou, 2004).

My course was music industry management & popular music, but by the third year I was totally bored so I decided to say the whole music industry is totally out of synch with the realities of the universe. In fact, the international standard to which all instruments and computers are made is at a different pitch to the harmonics of the sphere on which we live!


A used to be at 432 to 435 but today it's 440. The first efforts to change it from its natural (based on the human bel canto singing voice, like all instruments used to be, historically from the time of Verdi) was Joseph Geobbels in 1939.

Bit of a soapbox flashback there, sorry... anyway, if you want to post any of that you are most welcome.

Hamish Jackson




First time in ten years following Agroglyphs that I need to disturb you, sorry.


But I cannot give up to say some interesting thing: The ship from Mr. Spock in the actual Star Trek movie (2009) is called "The Jellyfish", the bearer of the strange and dangerous "Red matter"!

Alex MacDowell






On May 30 this year 55 pilot whales beached themselves on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa.


See story: pilot-whales-shot-near-cape-town-rescuers-couldn't-save-them.

On May 29 the “jellyfish” crop formation appeared at Waylands Smithy, perhaps relating to the warming of and pollution in the oceans, which gives rise to an unhealthy overabundance of jellyfish, and perhaps an omen about the whales beaching themselves just one day later. At least one respected animal communicator was told by the whales that they beached themselves due to getting sick from the pollution in the oceans.

Then on June 2, the formation at Milk Hill appeared, which to me resembles a group of whales swimming in circles, in an abstract sort of way. This seemed to me to be a fitting tribute and honoring of our whale friends’ extraordinary “group” passing.


It is hard to see the details of the formation from the photographs, but if you look at the diagrams, you can see the details very clearly, which to me fairly accurately reflect the image of many whales, with their eyes, mouths and fins, as they all swim in circles, one inside another. One for all and all for one.

Information and message from the beached whales, as communicated by Anna Breytenbach (http://www.animalspirit.co.za/):

“The majority of the whales were sick and dying… as a result of swimming in some sort of chemical effluent in the ocean, to the northwest of Cape waters.


This invisible toxic stream affected them internally in such a way as to cause slow die-off. With that their immune systems also crashed, making them very susceptible to and ill from parasitic infections. A few of them were physically fine, having withstood this - but they weren’t going to leave their family members.


So they swam ashore with the dying ones. One for all. They beached because they wanted to die. They chose the Cape beach so as not to have to navigate the stormy, rough seas around Cape Point in their weakened state, and because they want humans to witness (the) whales’ dying, on the bigger/planetary level too.


They said “the Mother” (the ocean) is being poisoned, and so are they. It’s time humans woke up to this and witnessed the effects. They predicted that there will be more strandings in the next moon cycle (which I found interesting given that the International Whaling Commission sits again in the last week of June apparently.)


The whales appreciate the compassion and care that people showed in trying to return them to the water, but would have wished to be given the choice, i.e. pointed out to sea/re-floated once, and then left to die in peace if and when they returned. Humans holding vigil for them with understanding would have been far better than the forceful, violent means ultimately used.


In between the above thought forms are the emotions and soulfulness of their consciousness that cannot be expressed in words by this mere human…”

PS: You may notice that the pilot whales have a slight resemblance to dolphins in some aspects, and it is very interesting to note that the “whales” depicted in the Milk Hill formation of June 2, milkhill2009, resemble a sort of a cross between a dolphin and a whale.

Submitted with love and respect for the whales

Brad Laughlin




Jellyfish as a spiritual symbol can represent Power and Light, Balance, Trust in Spirit, Abundance, Acceptance, and Intent.


Some common facts about Jellyfish are that they are transparent; have been around for 500 million years; rely on currents of the oceans and winds for movement; head toward the Polar Regions during warmer seasons; only eat what is necessary to survive; and sting to protect themselves.

We can learn a lot from Jellyfish about living in harmony with Mother Earth. Go with the flow and float through hard times. Trust in Spirit to provide and listen to your instincts. Live in Balance. Ancient cultures, including Mayan and Celtic, looked to animals and nature for guidance both spiritually and physically. It could be that the essence of true spiritual knowledge is held within the transparent form of Jellyfish.


Are we drifting aimlessly and not actively crossing the currents that lead us toward our goals of living harmoniously with natural forces?

This is a photo I took of a jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

Lavender Tucker





Jellyfish Crop Circle and the Schumann Resonances.

I am no expert, but I have a desire and a want to know these things and their meanings. Quite by accident, I think the last two recent crop circles have much more to say and are possibly inter-related.


Since, I'm no expert, I'll leave the analysis to you and yours and without further delay, here is the related article (click below image) which shed some "light" on the jellyfish crop circle.

And the same jellyfish type lightning is now on this website. What would happen to an aircraft if they were struck by one of these? www.spaceweather.com

Stephan Joseph






The second animal of the season is a Jellyfish.

Jellyfish brings an understanding of the proper use of softness rather than rigidity. It calls for an ability to alter one’s previous rigid concepts of the circles meanings to include direct messages about and from the Earth’s creatures.

Jellyfish is able to float on and in water. It has the ability to move in emotional waters without fear. It understands that properly using its emotions represent life itself.

If the Oceans and the life that lives there become unbalanced, then it allows for another species to take advantage of that imbalance. This is just what Jellyfish did.


There has been a major ‘bloom’ of Jellyfish in all the oceans worldwide.

Jellyfish = imbalance

So far we have as follows:

Octopus = intelligence over emotions (fear).

Jellyfish = imbalance.

Diana Roth/animalspirits

www.animalspirits.com (since 1998)