by Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
June 6, 2009

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In a recently recorded interview (below video), Dr Frank Drake responded to questions concerning the scientific detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. He stated his view that radio signals are the optimal way in which extraterrestrials would communicate with humanity.


He gave NASA communications with satellites and space missions as an example of the appropriateness of radio signals.


He said that the Search for Extraterrestrials Intelligence (SETI) should focus on those parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are the most appropriate for radio signals from extraterrestrials.



Prof. Frank Drake, Founder of SETI, about Chilbolton message
by exopolitik
June 03, 2009

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In answer to the question of whether some crop circles were a possible extraterrestrial response to the 1974 Arecibo message, Drake said:

"aliens would know better than to communicate with humans in this ridiculous way".

In response to Drake’s comments veteran crop circle researcher, Colin Andrews pointed to various features of crop circles that reflect an extraterrestrial origin. Andrews may well be right.


Crop circles could be created by extraterrestrials using torsion fields for remote communications and other purposes.



Chilbolton Crop Circle

ET answer to 1974 Arecibo Message?


Dr Drake said that,

"the universe has made it so that radio is the preferred method for interstellar communication."

Radio signals, however, would form an extremely cumbersome and impractical means for interstellar communication. The distance between the Earth and the closest star, Proxima Centauri, would require approximately 4 years for a radio signal to travel the distance.


This would be very impractical and so another form for communications would be necessary.


In response to Drake's comment, Colin Andrews said:

"I don't believe there will be a signal of any kind because ET is already here, right under SETI's noses and are interacting and influencing earth events, by means of some crop circles."

The idea that Crop Circles are the means by which extraterrestrials communicate with humanity is very plausible.


A possible clue is hidden in the very name “crop circle” - that is the swirling clockwise or counterclockwise patterns of the stalks used to make crop circles. Could the principle of rotation be somehow used in both making crop circles and how extraterrestrial communications occur for interstellar distances?

A torsion field describes the influence a spinning object exerts on its environment.


In the case of a slowly spinning stationary gyroscope, for example, the torsion field has been observed to be almost zero. However, for moving gyroscopes rotating at velocities above 20,000 RPM, the torsion field has been observed to have a number of interesting properties. Russian scientists have been the leaders in the study of torsion fields.


The most revolutionary results so far reveal that torsion fields impact on gravity and travel faster than electromagnetic radiation or radio signals. Professor Nikolai Kozyrev, a Russian pioneer in the study of torsion fields, experimentally confirmed that torsion fields travel at least 109 times the speed of light.


The speed was observed to be even greater when it came to detecting stars in real time:

When the telescope was directed not at the visible but at the true position of a star, the detector then registered an incoming signal that was much stronger. The registration of the true positions of different stars could be interpreted only as registration of star radiation that had velocities billions of times greater than the speed of light.

Stars generate enormous torsion fields due to their very high angular momentum.


Kozyrev’s observations were experimentally confirmed by numerous other Russian scientists together with a few western colleagues. This made it possible to study stars in their actual astronomical position, rather than its past position from radio waves or visual confirmation by telescope.

The work of Kozyrev and other scientists points to torsion fields as the optimal means for extraterrestrials to communicate over interstellar and even intergalactic distances.


Powerful rotating gyroscopes using plasma traveling at several million RPM, for example, would be one way in which a torsion communication device could be developed. Each gyroscope could rotate at a distinct frequency that could be immediately detected at interstellar distances for communications. It would be analogous to building a cosmic piano that could be heard anywhere.


If torsion field communication devices are the standard means of extraterrestrial communications, then we also have an answer to how crop circles are formed. Using some kind of torsion field generator and monitor, a crop circle could be created at great distances, even interstellar, by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.


This may explain videos of what appear to be the formation a crop circle by spinning plasma balls of light (below video) that appear to be under remote intelligent control.



Lights Forming Crop Circles

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The idea that advanced extraterrestrials use radio signals for communications, as Frank Drake suggests, is a 20th century anachronism.


Russian astronomers have clearly demonstrated that torsion fields move at superluminal speeds and thus form the optimal way for interstellar communications to occur.


Insofar as crop circles are created by some rotational generating principle or torsion field, they may well be, as Colin Andrews suggests, a form a communication by extraterrestrials. Remotely generated torsion fields may also explain some of the paranormal phenomena associated with crop circles that Andrews claims have drawn much official interest.


The message to SETI scientists is that they need to understand torsion fields if they hope to communicate with extraterrestrials.


Alternatively, they may simply catch a helicopter ride to the next series of crop circles.