by SagkeengCFS
May 16, 2014

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Practical Wisdom

from a Manitoba Elder...


Manitoba First Nation Elder Dave Courchene explains the origins and lessons of the First Nation Seven Teachings.


The lessons of,

  • the Bear Spirit (Courage)

  • the Beaver Spirit (Wisdom)

  • the Eagle Spirit (Love)

  • the Buffalo Spirit (Respect)

  • the Sasquatch Spirit (Honesty)

  • the Wolf Spirit (Humility)

  • the Turtle Spirit (Truth),

...are all retold in this 11 minute video in both English and Ojibway.


At Sagkeeng Child and Family Services (in Sagkeeng First Nation and Winnipeg, Manitoba) we support and empower our families and community.


Services we provide include workshops in parenting, traditional skills like making star blankets, moccasins, hand drums, ribbon shirts and harvesting wild rice.


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