by Dr. Maria Sági
New Dawn Special Issue

Vol 14 No 6 (Dec 2020)

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Maria Sagi

holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. The creator of the Sagi method of informational healing and diagnosis, she is the author of 12 books and more than 150 articles and research papers published in Hungarian and translated into English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

The science director for the Club of Budapest, she lives in Budapest, Hungary.

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In the modern world, remote healing has been relegated to the realm of 'fiction'...


This is now changing.


Compelling evidence has been amassed in experimental parapsychology and the quantum sciences that the phenomena of information-based healing are real and important.


The Akashic Field theory developed by the Hungarian philosopher of science, Ervin Laszlo, explains these phenomena and represents an important development in the contemporary healing arts.


In this article, I link the new paradigm pioneered and developed by Laszlo with the phenomena I encountered in my twenty year-plus experience as a healer.

A new paradigm is entering mainstream science.

Scientists realize that space is not empty and that what they have been calling the quantum vacuum is, in fact, a cosmic plenum.

It is a fundamental field validating the ancient concept of the Akasha.


As Laszlo tells us,

the Akashic Field interconnects all things and conserves the trace of all things.


It is a constant and complete memory-store of the universe.


The existence of interconnection and memory in nature is no longer fantasy:

it is an established fact.

And it is directly relevant to the practice of healing.

Healing can be practiced not only locally, but also non-locally - at a distance.


This is possible due to a direct connection between the mind and consciousness of the healer and that of the patient.


This connection is mediated by a universal information field that Laszlo calls the Akashic Field (see Figure 1).




The above graphic illustrates the hypothesis

that all people, including the healer and the patient,

are embedded in a cosmic information field that connects people

and conserves the trace of their thinking and acting.

Every living system has his/her cluster of waveform vibration

constituted by information in the Akashic Field.

The information that constitutes the cluster is real,

and it is conserved.

It is retrievable, in principle, from the Field.

The living individual, as all quanta and systems of quanta in the world,

is not above or beyond the Akashic Field, but embedded in it...

The morphic pattern of one individual - his or her informational trace - interacts with the morphic pattern of other individuals. Their interactions shape the cluster of vibrations that defines the species.


I call this collective cluster,

"the generic pattern of the species"...

It is the norm of viable functioning for all members of that species.

The generic pattern of the species integrates the morphic pattern of the members of the species.


In the generic pattern, differences between individuals are cancelled out. In the context of healing, the generic is the pattern of reference for health and vitality.

We are capable of maintaining our organism in a state of health as long as our individual morphic pattern matches the generic pattern of the species.


The information that determines the functioning of individual organisms is distributed throughout the atoms, molecules, tissues, cells, and organs of the body.


Every deviation of the individual's morphic pattern from the generic pattern means,

a weakening of the individual's life-energy and the diminishing of his or her level of health.

If not corrected, it invites the onset of disease even before the symptoms of a disease appear in the body.

The subject's mind and consciousness orient the match between the individual's morphic pattern and the generic pattern of the species.


If the mind and consciousness of the subject are open and sensitive to alignment, the health-promoting match can be achieved.

The information sent by the healer to the patient promotes and reinforces this match.


When it is achieved, the patient's organism can maintain its vital functions in the domain of health and viability.

Malady and malfunction are errors in the way individuals match their individual morphic pattern to the generic species pattern in the Field.

Life on the planet could emerge and persist because a significant percentage of living systems achieve the match of their individual morphic pattern with the pattern of their species.

In traditional societies, people made intuitive and spontaneous use of the information they needed to create this match.

Shamans, medicine-men, and spiritual leaders above all in ancient Egypt, China, India and Mexico have been promoting this match intuitively.

Thereby they not only reinforced their own vitality but contributed to a higher level of health in their tribe and society.

Ancient cultures accepted the reality of subtle energies and used the bioenergetic processes that take place within and around the physical body in their healing.


Although they go by different names, subtle energies and related spiritual elements have been basically the same in all cultures and all periods in history.

Healers now know that psychological attributes such as,

  • constructive beliefs

  • positive thinking

  • healthy aspirations,

...have an important role in redressing the disorders of the body.


Western medicine dismisses these psychological approaches and focuses almost entirely on the biochemical and physiological manifestations of disease.

This predilection has historical origins.


When the mechanistic/materialistic paradigm of classical physics became dominant, the healing of the body and the healing of the mind went separate ways.


The observation and therapy of the body became limited to the domains of the natural sciences, and the functioning of mind and consciousness were assigned to religion.

Nonlocal information-based healing was relegated to the domain of religion and spirituality.

Today, this separation of science and spirituality is ever more questioned.

Some age-old ‘spiritual' insights are being rediscovered as bona fide elements in science.

In my practice, I use information as the instrument by which to effect healing.


Since all organisms are basically information-based entities - imbued by the active form of information that David Bohm called "in-formation" - through 'in-formational' means,

we can treat the cause of an organic malfunction, and not only its symptoms...

Given that the information imbuing the myriad processes of the organism is nonlocal (intrinsically interconnected and conserved), we can treat the condition that is the cause of a disease even if it occurred in the past.


This contrasts with the mainstream method of Western medicine where (except for branches such as neuropsychoimmunology) diagnosis and treatment are largely limited to the actual physical-physiological condition of the patient.







Healing with information is space-independent and time-independent.


In light of my experience, it is rendered possible by the "tuning" of the healer to the Akashic information and memory field - the field that conserves and conveys the morphic pattern of the individual as well as the generic pattern of the species.


The healer selects the information that creates an improved match between the individual and the generic patterns, thus reinforcing the energy balances of the patient.

The process of tuning oneself to patterns in the field can be compared to tuning a radio, a TV, or an online computer to the electromagnetic field.


We need an artificial device to transduce the signals in the frequency range that is decodable by our device.


In the case of information-based healing, that device is the brain.

Our brain picks up the signals that reach it from the patient as well as from the world at large.

But it can do so only within a limited range.


In the normal waking state, this range is relatively narrow.

Because of the widespread belief that our bodily senses convey all the information that reaches our brain, most people maintain that their experience is limited to the domain of sense-perceivable information.


However, now we know that when we enter into an altered state of consciousness, we extend the range of our perception beyond the receptive scope of our senses.

There are a variety of methods at disposition for selecting and fine-tuning the healer's receptivity. We can make use of any suitable device and modality for this purpose, such as,

a pendulum, a dowsing rod, direct touch, imaginative "channelling," and others.

We can also designate a substance or an object as a "witness" and focus on it.


The witness can be a photo of the patient, a sample of his or her writing, an audio or video recording, a lock of hair, or a sample of blood or saliva.

Every sample of the patient's body facilitates the retrieval of information from the organism of the patient.

If patient and healer are emotionally connected - as members of the same family or as close friends - there is no need for a witness:

the healer can tune into the field and retrieve information on the patient's condition through that intermediary person.

If healing takes place in a group, and someone in the group knows the patient intimately, it is nearly as easy to attune to information on the patient as if he were within the group.

In the next step, the healer evaluates and orders the information he or she gleaned by accessing the patient's individual morphic pattern.


Experience shows that every healer has his or her own system for doing this; many modes of diagnosis and healing are available, and the difference between them is often a matter only of cultural preference.

In the Western world, the handiest approach is to make use of the instruments of mainstream medicine, examining and testing the pertinent patient's organs and organ systems one by one.


Homeopathic healers can proceed according to the classical homeopathic system developed by Hahnemann, and physicians working with the method of psionic medicine can complement mainstream and homeopathic treatments by using the radiesthetic method.


Anthroposophic healers diagnose with the help of the anthroposophic system.

The healer can also work on the basis of the major Eastern diagnostic systems, such as the Chinese, the Ayurvedic, and the Tibetan...

Healers who can perceive the aura of the human body can perform their diagnosis based on the appearance of the various auric layers.


The color and density of the aura offers clues for diagnosis.


All these methods can help the healer ascertain the particular points in the organism that require treatment and to evaluate the information regarding the condition of the patient.

The information received by the healer indicates both the physical condition of the patient and the nature of his or her problem.


This information is not limited to the time the examination is carried out: it is distance- as well as time-independent.

A diagnosis from a remote location and from a point earlier in time may be as detailed and thorough as one based on direct examination.


The healer can discover whether the health problem is temporary or chronic and whether it originated recently or further back in the past.


He or she can also determine the causes of the problem, and to what extent they are due to harmful environmental conditions (even of such relatively "soft" varieties as electrosmog and earth radiation).


Then the healer needs to decide whether it is necessary to change the patient's milieu, or whether more favorable conditions can be created in the patient's current milieu.

The therapy to be recommended by the healer can be based on any of the available diagnostic systems.


The healer can also prescribe a variety of remedies, including,

  • standard allopathic cures

  • diet

  • phyto-therapy

  • homeopathic remedies,

...and others, and can advise the patient to procure the substances and create the conditions for the cure.

It is not necessary for the patient to be aware of the therapy. The important thing is that he or she invites and welcomes it. A negative approach of out-of-hand rejection, and even dogmatic skepticism, can block the transmission of healing information.

When the transmission is achieved, the entire organism of the patient is affected, not only the dysfunctional parts. The effectiveness of the healing can be measured by follow-up diagnosis, conducted either by conventional or information-based methods.

In regard to the physics of the healing process, we should note that space- and time-independence suggests that besides electromagnetic waves, scalar and other, still more esoteric quantum waves are involved in the transmission of the information.


This is possible because the healing information is unlikely to be carried by electromagnetic waves alone. In that case, the effects would attenuate with distance in space and in time. But there is evidence this is not the case.

On the basis of my own experience, I am convinced that the information I receive and send is transmitted by the universal information- and memory-field we call the Akashic Field...


The grounds for this conviction are evident.

The pertinent information could not be transmitted directly from the organism of the patient because that information is limited to the patient's present location and current condition.

But other healers and I can receive information on the state of the patient from any point in space and from any point in his or her life,

even just after birth, and sometimes before that, from the period of gestation in the mother's womb.


I can concentrate on any period I wish and find the point in time that is pertinent to the health problem of the patient.


Often I can pinpoint the traumatic event that created the health problem in the childhood of the patient by interviewing the mother or a friend or family member who witnessed the problem-generating event.


The pertinent point may even have preceded the current lifetime of the patient.

Although most health issues have roots in one's own lifetime, there are deep-rooted problems that could have originated in a previous life.

I can get information about the patient's earlier condition and relate it to his or her current condition. Doing so is essential for effective diagnosis, as many and perhaps all organic ills and dysfunctions have their origins in the patient's past.


The fact that I can move back in his or her life-history to any point after birth, sometimes to the period of gestation, and even to a prior existence, is a meaningful indication that a nonlocal field is conserving and conveying the information I receive on the patient's condition.




Testing the Coherence of the Organism

In the human body there are various forms and manifestations of coherence.

Of particular importance is the organization of the energy flow.


Its dominant direction is from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

The polarity of the cells and cellular systems is aligned to produce this flow, and this ensures communication between the parts and the organs crucial for the body's functioning.

If the polarization of a part of the system is reversed, the coherence of the flow is broken and an energy blockage results.


With the methods of new information-based medicine, we can detect the disturbance in the energy flow of the organism even before it provokes physical symptoms.


In an energy blockage, the affected organ or body-part is isolated from coherent communication in the rest of the body; a disturbance occurs in the flow of information between the affected part and the central nervous system.


To detect energy blockages is an important task of diagnosis in information-based medicine.

If we want to preserve the healthy functioning of the organism, we need to sustain the coherence of the body.

The self-healing potentials of the body cannot operate unless this coherence is present...

However, there are also disadvantages to the coherent operation of the organism.


If there is a local lesion (an injury) in the body, owing to the coherence of the affected part with the rest, this will affect the entire organism, and this can produce a diminished sense of wellbeing in the whole organism.


The local problem is amplified by the coherence of the body's information and communication system.

Information-based medicine explores how energetic influences and information processes outside the organism affect the overall coherence of information in the body.

It maps these connections regarding the extent to which adaptive resonance is created between the body and the environing world.


Disease is a disturbance of the resonance between the environing world and the body.


The highest level of adaptive resonance means health.

In my method of healing, the nature of the energetic condition of the body is shown by the movement of the bioindicator.


Changes in the information affecting the various parts of the body produce changes in the energy flow.

We need to identify information that is harmful to the body and attempt to neutralize it.


We can transform harmful inputs into beneficial ones and thereby improve the capacity of the organism to use coherent energy flows.

The functionality of the vital processes of the organism is determined by the interaction of the body with the embedding electromagnetic field.


Nobel laureate brain researcher Roger Sperry has experimentally shown this. Sperry demonstrated that the consciousness associated with the neocortex displays the functioning of the entire nervous system.


Consciousness reflects the functioning of the brain and the neuronal networks.

Positive or negative contents of consciousness affect all the cells of the body.


Positive contents of consciousness promote the coherent functioning of the system.

For good health, every cell in the system needs to function in harmony with every other cell. Any stimulus, whether external or internal, which proves positive promotes the coherence - the harmonious functioning - of the system.

Sperry's discovery has been confirmed by Bruce Lipton's experiments on endothelial cells.


Lipton succeeded in demonstrating on the cellular level that instructions arriving from the mind can overwrite instructions from the organism. The experimental finding is that endothelial cells in a tissue culture change their behavior in line with signals from their environment.

If the environment is rich in food, they move rapidly toward the source of nourishment.


In a toxic environment, the cells distance themselves from the source of harmful stimuli.

But Lipton found that signals coming from the central nervous system have priority over signals of local origin.

Austrian scientist Erich Körbler found that,

positive contents of consciousness bring an energy surplus to the organism, while negative contents depress the energy levels...

With favorable inputs, cell voltage builds up to -60 mV and even higher.


The molecular structure of the cell develops to enable further connections. Because of the coherence of this process, effects spread over the entire organism.

In my experience, the bioindicator reacts sensitively to changes in the psychosomatic condition of my patient: it indicates whether a subtle psychological factor, such as a thought or idea, is tolerable or intolerable for him or her.


It also shows how psychological changes act on the physical state of the body.

Negative, destructive or harmful events affecting the mind reappear on the physical level and affect bodily function.

This holds true even if the harmful event concerns another person, or we merely see it on the screen.


All survival threatening acts trigger one of the standard responses:

flee, fight, or freeze...

Learn more on this subject by reading Dr. Maria Sági's book "Remote Healing - Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field."