by Pierre Gosselin
May 26 2024
from NoTricksZone Website



Wind energy

is an environmental destruction machine,

warns veteran center-left columnist...


After the collapse of the Soviet Union and its communist block satellite countries in 1989, the West stood in awe, amazed by the environmental and economic wasteland left behind by the inefficient collective socialist system.


But since then, green radicals have taken over and it's safe to say that the next generation, in about 2060, will also stand in amazement before a similar mass wreckage left behind by the "Green New Deal."


The future generation will be asking:

"What the hell were they thinking?"


Source: Windwahn



German journalist Georg Etscheit explains why in a commentary at as Germany moves ahead at full speed with wind energy.


Etscheit names five environmental reasons why wind energy is leading to a Communist-scale environmental disaster in his article:

"Wind power and its devastating consequences for people and nature."


"The ruthless way in which wind power is being pushed through in Germany is reminiscent of the brutal way in which the "concrete faction" wrecked many German cities in the post-war period.


A wind madness inventory…," comments Etscheit, saying Germany's drive into wind energy has "run amok at the expense of people and nature."




Germany plans to add another 10,000 wind turbines in addition to its current 30,000, which means 2% of Germany's land area will be destroyed and industrialized, according to Etscheit.


What follows are Etscheit's five environmental reasons why Germany's wind energy insanity is a major threat:


  1. Landscape will be blighted, the addition of 10,000 wind turbines, with a height of up to 250 meters.


    The natural biotope surrounding these turbines will be irreversibly ruined.



  2. Endangered bird, like the red kite, will lose their habitats.

    It's estimated that an absolute collision rate of around 21 per year and wind turbine.

"With 40,000 or more wind turbines planned in Germany, the million mark would soon be exceeded."


  1. Bats and insects will be severely decimated

"Wind turbines also pose a significant threat to the 25 or so species of bat found in Germany…".


"…Wind turbines also have a significant impact on flying insects, as a study published in 2017 by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Oberpfaffenhofen shows … an estimated five to six billion insects per day at all German wind turbines during the warm season (200 days from April to October)."


  1. Hazard also for marine fauna

    Wind turbines have a negative impact from pressure and sound waves on some animal species with an extremely sensitive sense of hearing.


    The industrialization of the oceans could displace native marine mammals.

"If more and more offshore wind farms are built, this will have an enormous impact on the harbor porpoise populations in the North and Baltic Seas," reads a statement from the Society for the Rescue of Dolphins.


  1. Infrasound harming people

    People near wind turbines often complain of "severe health complaints such as insomnia, dizziness, headaches, depression, tinnitus, hearing and vision problems, and cardiac arrhythmia", and experts warn this will increase dramatically, and turbine setback regulations in Germany are being watered down.

Etscheit argues for a moratorium on the construction of new turbines but doesn't see this happening in Germany, where officials are pressing on with the madness "no matter the costs."