by Anita Baxas, MD
October 16, 2023

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I recently finished reading the new book by David Icke called 'The Dream - The Extraordinary Revelation of Who We Are and Where We Are'.

He already wrote about the nature of our reality and immediate after-life sphere, as being a simulation, in the last book 'The Trap - What it is, how it Works and how we Escape its Illusion'...

In The Dream though he goes much deeper and explains how, where and by whom - or rather by what - the simulation was created and controlled and the reason for its existence.


It boils down to our eternal consciousness our Divine Spark as he calls it in the book, being trapped in a virtual reality simulation being fed a "reality" we have come to believe as real.


Our body is like a virtual reality headset, gloves and earphones decoding information fed to our senses by the AI computer running the simulation from the lower astral levels.


Outside this simulation is Prime Reality, including Prime Earth, Source, All that Is - whatever you want to call it.

When our body dies, our consciousness is misled into reincarnating again and again into the simulation (planet crazy) in an eternal cycle like a washing machine that never stops.


Our memories of past lives are wiped to prevent us from realizing we are in a recycling machine.

Realizing our 'reality' is a simulation has to completely change the way we view what life is about.


Many if not most of us have been indoctrinated to believe that life is about advancing a career, making lots of money, having a big house, a fancy car, knowing important people (whatever that means) and then maybe as an aside, having a family, a good retirement plan, sending the kids to college and so on.


It's a rat race in a maze bound to create lots of negative emotions (loosh):

food for the demons and their system running the simulation...

Realizing we live in a simulation, we must ask:


The differences we have in opinions with others about politics, religion, gender, climate, culture, race and the bickering about minutiae in life all becomes irrelevant...

It only serves to divide us, pin us against each other, divert focus from what really is important for all of us to grasp.


It's not real...


We are all entrapped and need to get out of here or bring down the fake reality simulation.

Thus our priorities must change logically and organically.

It's no longer the Ferrari, the big house, the job, the money that matter but the love we have for others and others have for us...

Realizing we are all in the same boat, the priority becomes,

being of service to our fellow divine sparks and finding a way out of the recycling machine...!

Once we realize this, we have the rest of this life to prepare and discover ways to get out of this recycling machine when our body dies and rejoin Prime Reality.


If we don't, we will forget everything we know and learned, and in the next life we must rediscover all of it again, which may not happen for many lives.

Nothing is real with possibly the exception of our unconditional loving relationships with family, friends and our fellow humans who also are trapped divine sparks in this simulation.


A short while ago a field of information began penetrating the simulation from Prime Reality, called Truth Vibrations by David Icke.


Sensitive people and now more and more people who hadn't any psychic ability until now are connecting to this field and receiving insights, intuitions,

from outside the simulation...!

I will elaborate on the significance of this field and the connection to Twin Flames to bring down the simulation in one of my next articles.



How do we exit the recycling machine?


Nobody knows for sure as nobody has done it and returned, though I wonder about some special people who bring this information to us.

As David Icke writes,

We must first become aware of living in a simulation, in a dream.


We need to expand our awareness and reconnect with our Information Source, our Higher Self outside the simulation.


We can do that by going into heart space.


Shamans journey to the upper world and converse with their spirit guides.


This is something we can all do with a little instruction.


Once we leave the body, we must be streetwise and not be tricked into going into the light where we may see a religious figure or long passed loved ones or rather a fake projection of them.


We must not be intimidated by "elders, guides or councils" or other such figures they want us to perceive as "authorities" telling us that we have a mission to complete, that we have lessons to learn and other such bollocks...

If you burn your hand on a hot plate and then forget you did, you will never be able to learn the lesson that a hot plate burns your hand.


And why would there be a hierarchy in "heaven" when we are 'all that ever has been, is and can be'...?


Most importantly though,

we need to be in a high vibrational state and have the strong intention of leaving this place for good, returning back to Prime Reality or Source...

Two other books on this subject have recently come out that may be helpful:

1. 'Leaving the Trap' by Isabella A. Greene

2. 'Exit the Cave' by Howdie Mickoski

I believe many of us are instinctively beginning to see,

that the material things no longer really matter much...

They are just tools we need to live our daily lives.

What really matters is being of service, contributing to the whole, being compassionate with others and pulling and working together to get us out of here and bring the simulation down.

We can help others raise their vibrations just by being in a happy state ourselves or by helping them out of a difficulty to make their life a bit easier.


We can be of service by being a voice and disseminating the information.


We can point out drama for what it is, a Loosh creation tool.

Everyone has something to contribute.

Some have a talent to make people laugh.


Others have a talent to listen to the plight of others thereby lightening their load.


Others have healing powers, nurturing abilities.


Some create beautiful art and music or poetry.


Others are story tellers.


Some are good in volunteering at shelters for people or animals.

There are many ways each one of us can be of service.



We are living in the most extraordinary times ever and we have help from outside the simulation as many have said like David Icke and Christina von Dreien in Switzerland.



Tools to Connect outside the simulation


1. Going into Heart Space

Find a quiet comfortable place for you.


Close your eyes and do the following breathing practice to calm your mind, your body and emotions:

Breathe in to a count of 4, hold to a count of 2-4 (whatever is comfortable for you), breathe out to a count of 6 and hold to a count of 2-4.


Repeat this for a couple of minutes. This resets your fight or flight system and tells your body you are safe.

Focus on your heart. It helps to lightly touch your heart area.


Then conjure up positive emotions such as gratitude. We all have something to be grateful for. This will connect you to Oneness through your heart.


Feel the expansive love coming through you.

In this space you can also ask your heart questions. Answers will be quick and short and don't involve ifs and buts and other mind chatter.


Answers from the heart are true and feel expansive.


2. Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Shamans either drum or listen to drumming as the beat helps us reach a theta brain wave state.


They set the intention to travel to the upper world to meet their spirit guide, but by a connection made only through Source, and then have a conversation with him or her.

Sit in a comfortable, quiet space; begin listening to a drumming recording. You can find these on YouTube.


Imagine walking on a grassy meadow towards the huge world tree. Ask the tree to take you up to the upper world. Your ethereal body enters the tree and begins to ascend upwards.


Once you exit the tree, ask for your spirit guide to come and greet you and see who comes. Have a conversation with him or her. Conversations are usually a fast back and forth.


The answers come before you finish formulating your question as it's like telepathy. Once you're done, thank him or her.


Go back to the branch of the tree you got out from and ask the tree to take you back down. You descend, exit the tree, thank the tree and walk back across the meadow to your physical body in the place you are sitting and re-enter your body.


At this point the drumming should increase in speed to help you ground.


Once you open your eyes, make notes about your conversation. You will begin forgetting parts of it within a few hours, almost like you forget a dream.


You may feel ungrounded, even dizzy. In that case, go hug a tree or lay on the ground outside.

How do I know the information is real and not just from our own mind? I have received evidence several times that it is.


Information I did not know but received from my guide turned out to be extremely accurate, down to the name of a person and the features of another I have never seen or heard about. I could later verify this information with people who did know.


Discernment though is always appropriate and necessary.

A good beginner's book to learn about Shamanism and journeying is Awakening to the Spirit World - The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman. It comes with a CD with drumming tracks.

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