by Jon Rappoport
February 5, 2020

from NoMoreFakeNews Website





As always, I suggest that readers go through my recent articles on the China epidemic (archive here).


I can't recapitulate all the relevant findings every time I write a new piece. This article is a kind of summary of where I stand, at this moment. A rather crowded snapshot.

Judging from the history of epidemics that turned out to be duds:

West Nile, bird flu, SARS, Swine Flu, and so on,

...and judging from my research on these frauds, I see no reason to jump the gun and say,

"This one is different"...

Every time one of these threatening clouds passes across the sun, all sorts of people in both the mainstream and alternative press make dire predictions, ranging from,

"this looks like a global pandemic," to "the virus is a bio-weapon and will kill millions," to the ever-popular, "this is THE BIG ONE"...

And then, when the dust clears, and the dud is exposed, amnesia about having made those predictions sets in.

Now we have a variety of people claiming they know the Chinese coronavirus is a 'bio-weapon', for several different reasons. I have no cause to rail against these people.


As far back as 1988,

I documented astonishingly lax conditions in supposedly secure bio-research labs, and the distinct probability of all sorts of germs escaping.


I devoted many pages in my book, AIDS INC., to a history of bio-war research, grotesque animal experiments, and incompetent safety precautions in labs.


I have written about US companies and government-connected organizations sending bio-war materials to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s.

Proving that this Chinese coronavirus is a bio-weapon is a different matter.


If, as proposed, there are peculiarities in the genetic sequence of the virus, and it has therefore been tinkered with by humans... well, perhaps that is correct. I don't know.


However, I have deeper and more basic suspicions about published genetic sequences of viruses, from which that assertion is derived.



I don't automatically accept the published sequences as true or accurate or real...

For example, my most recent article included a very troubling interview that challenged the original isolation and identification of HIV - as in,

did researchers ever really find that virus?

If they didn't, we would be looking at fraud on a mind-boggling level... and any so-called genetic sequencing of the virus would be impossible, except as gross error or fraud.

If you can't find the culprit and you don't know what he looks like, how can you describe him?

To bolster this point - in past articles, I've detailed how, in the cases of SARS and 2009 Swine Flu, the purported viruses seemed to disappear.


That is, they couldn't be found in patients. Yet, reported case numbers of the "virus epidemics" continued to expand. One very real possibility looms:

the researchers never actually found, located, isolated, and identified these viruses in the first place.


Therefore, any published genetic sequences of these viruses were, to put in kindly, entirely irrelevant.

And therefore, to infer from those genetic sequences that such chimerical viruses were actually bio-weapons... well, that would be miles off the mark.

Many people would turn purple and apoplectic at the idea that published genetic sequences could be con jobs, hustles, and giant errors. But very early on, in the 1980s, I discovered how researchers will toe the official line, out of fear.


Imagine a mainstream researcher contacting the World Health Organization (WHO), or a premier medical journal, and saying:

"Your genetic roadmap of Virus X... I'm not getting the same result. My map is completely different from yours. I'm not even sure I'm sequencing a virus.


Will you examine my finding? We need more independent work. What the hell is going on?"

Here today, gone tomorrow.


That researcher would suddenly find himself out in the cold in his underwear. No perks, no publisher, no job, no reputation. And he knows this UP FRONT. So he keeps his mouth shut and swallows his objections.


For instance, in 1987, I had a highly respected virologist tell me he KNEW there was a serious problem in calling HIV the cause of AIDS, but he and his colleagues were going to "take a pass on this one."


He saw the political landscape.


He knew there was a rig-job in progress.

The human implications of naming a meaningless item as the cause of illness and death?


Did he even pause and think about that?

Regardless, he shrugged and turned his attention to other matters.


An overarching rule:

the researchers who disagree with the forced consensus don't get published in "respected journals," so their colleagues and the public never hear about them.

Moving on - THE VIRUS is a fake propaganda idea that has traditionally been used to cover up vast crimes and the destruction of human life in ways that have nothing to do with germs.


THE VIRUS is one of the greatest cover stories ever invented.


I've explained how propaganda about viruses is made to stand in for corporate and government crimes that make people sick and kill them:

  • contaminated water supplies

  • lack of basic sanitation

  • giant toxic agricultural farms

  • industrial poison-pollution

  • hunger

  • starvation

  • protein-calorie malnutrition

  • fertile farm land stolen from native people by corporations and governments

  • toxic medical drugs and vaccines

  • now, in Wuhan and other Chinese cities, unprecedented mixtures of toxic air pollution, causing lung damage....

The basic theme is:


This is sheer invention.


in fake epidemics, case numbers are always inflated by the devious use of categories that label and count people who aren't sick, will not get sick, will only experience something on the order of mild flu, or who are only numbers in computer-modeled predictions.

I documented the astounding fraud perpetrated by the CDC in 2009, when the overwhelming percentage of tissue samples from so-called Swine Flu patients revealed they didn't have ANY KIND OF FLU.


And the CDC went on to estimate there were 22 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the US in 2009.

The most widely used tests used to diagnose and label people as "case numbers of the virus" and "sick" and "infected" are inherently flawed.


For different reasons, the antibody and PCR tests do NOT prove that people are ill or are going to become ill. This fact, of course, leaves a gaping hole in the assessments of "epidemics." It also forces patients into toxic treatments they do not need.


It puts a potent fearful diagnosis in their minds that is entirely wrong.

There is now a rush to develop a new vaccine against the Chinese coronavirus...


I've warned readers that at least two of these vaccine technologies - DNA and RNA vaccines - are experimental and have never been openly licensed for use on the public.


Therefore, the population of Earth - if these vaccines are deployed - will unknowingly step up to the plate in a vast guinea-pig test. DNA vaccines alter the genetic makeup of recipients PERMANENTLY, in unpredictable ways.


RNA vaccines carry the admitted risk of causing auto-immune reactions.


Basically, this means the body would attack itself. The vaccine is the hammer in this dangerous "epidemic" stage play. It is one of the extreme payoffs for having fomented fear and the desire to "obey authorities."

In this "epidemic" and past similar instances, friends and colleagues have sent assessments up the flagpole which are far different from mine.


They are still my friends and colleagues.


I make no attempt to stir conflict among us.

We agree on many vital issues.


We will continue to agree.

All right - that's my snapshot.


This is where I stand, for the present, on the China coronavirus situation. Every point I've made, in broad strokes, in this article, is explained more fully in my recent articles.

I raise one more question for your serious consideration.


If highly toxic pollution in the air, in Chinese cities, is causing deep lung damage, and if the Chinese government is covering that up with a story about a virus - what is now happening to the millions of Chinese people locked down, with nowhere to go, trapped in those cities - breathing the air?

P.S. Several readers have sent me significant emails stating that Wuhan is a global center of 5G technology and deployment. I have written about the health dangers of 5G.


Is this yet another non-coronavirus vector for disease and damage? It would certainly not surprise me. I have not had the time to look into this thoroughly.


For the present, at least, I leave the job to others.

Well, I thought I was through writing this piece, but I need to make another crucial point.


As you can see from the list of crimes I mentioned above, where corporations and governments are making people sick and killing them - and then using the cover story of a virus to hide their crimes - illness and death can come and do come from multiple causes...


However, the public finds it hard to accept and understand this. Most people would rather seek out THE ONE THING that is the explanation. There is a deep psychological need to discover THE ONE.


That is a reason why THE VIRUS cover story works so well.

IT is portrayed as the single cause and the single evil.


It is the psychological magnet to which all sorts of particles attach.


This addiction has to be conquered.