by Veil of Reality
August 24, 2019
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This video gives an overview

of the Hyperdimensional Matrix, occult forces,

and what it takes to transcend the Matrix

on the path towards Awakening...



The reference I make about "the tunnel of light" at the end of the video has nothing to do whatsoever with the popular fringe theory of "the tunnel of light trap after death" as some people have implied.


My reference is a symbolism of emerging from the dark after the somatic descent into the underworld of esoteric self-work and shadow-work, i.e. confronting the dark within and then re-emerging "in the light" as your embodied divine true self (the esoteric alchemical "second birth" from lead to gold).


The difference should be obvious in CONTEXT of what is being said.


It's interesting how some people project stuff into it that is not there (as it tends to happen a lot with my work) and associate what I say with the after-death experience.


It's basically a "straw man argument" and "false correlation" fallacy, a distortion of what I'm saying, projecting meaning into it that is not there nor did I imply or hint at.


Regarding the "tunnel of light trap" and "trap of recycling souls" I have written about this topic in Soul Evolution, Universal Laws and Karma in The Body...