by Bernhard Pfennigschmidt
August 2017

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my name is Bernhard and I am speaking to you as a science oriented medical researcher. Visualize me as a messenger. I am not claiming anything that was not said by a Doctor.


I am not a Doctor, but I understand the essence of the following story:

This report is in no way a complete assessment of what is going on, nor is it written in a standard academic format.

With this document I want to give credibility to the arguments in favor of hydrogen's therapeutic effects by showing the results of multiple, peer-reviewed medical publications done on the subject.

I hope you enjoy learning all the facts about molecular hydrogen.


The reported multiple health and benefits for the well-being are stunning in its scope throughout the body.


Molecular Hydrogen has anti-oxidant like properties, is anti-inflammatory and cell protective with the potential to restore health and balance.


It penetrates the whole body at the sub-cellular level and inhibits the forming of bad radicals.

The promise is to re-enable the healing power of the body by preventing the formation of the damaging, health preventing, inflammation causing radicals; the cause and reason of most suffering and failure to heal.

The breadth and scope of human disease models that can be alleviated by simply drinking hydrogen-infused water, inhaling the gas directly and/or by applying topic water or gas is most impressive. A molecular level body tuning.

There are no safety issues with hydrogen, it has been used for years in gas mixtures for deep-sea diving and in numerous clinical trials without adverse events, and there are no warnings in the literature of its toxicity or long-term exposure effects.


Molecular hydrogen has proven useful and convenient as a novel antioxidant and modifier of gene expression in many conditions where oxidative stress and changes in gene expression result in cellular damage.

Hydrogen is reported to have no cytotoxicity even at high concentrations.


The safety of H2 for humans is demonstrated by its application in Hydreliox, an exotic breathing gas with a mixture of 49% H2, 50% helium and 1% O2, which is used to prevent decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis during very deep technical diving.


With Hydreliox in their tanks, scuba divers can safely pursue diving depths of up to four hundred feet.





The medicinal properties of molecular hydrogen appear to be promoted as early as 1888.


Many years later in 1975, the departments of Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Baylor University and Texas A&M published a great article on the potential use of molecular hydrogen in medicine in the premier peer-reviewed journal of Science.

However, it wasn’t until 2007, when Professor
Noda Y, Ohsawa I. of the Japanese Medical University investigated with nine colleagues the healing properties of a miracle fountain in Nordenau, Germany.


The group of doctors reported that the water is alkaline and contains small amounts of hydrogen which afterwards was found also in several other places on this planet:

The documented "healing" or "curative" waters of,

  • Lourdes, France

  • Tlacote, Mexico

  • Hita Tenryosui, Japan,

...waters that also contain dissolved hydrogen gas.

They published the report in Nature Medicine with the title 'Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals' which states that molecular hydrogen has selective antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity.


This is the 2007 study that started it all and caused all of the excitement.

Since that review article, the biomedical field took a strong interest in hydrogen’s therapeutic potential and has produced over 500 additional articles that have been published substantiating that declaration.


Currently about 150 different disease models have been studied, in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect (including the ones listed below).





I started to get information about health-improving benefits of Hydrogen in the beginning of 2017 and started to research "Molecular Hydrogen" in depth.

It turns out that hundreds of Japanese, Korean and Chinese Doctors are researching H2 since 2007. They have shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies the radical-destroying, multiple benefits to nearly every organ in the body.

This publications are free for everyone at the and websites.

It is practical for people to start with hydrogen employing the method of drinking hydrogen-infused water from the point of view of both efficiency and affordability.


Hydrogen related products have been invented by many companies and sold generally to areas such as,

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • China

The most common feature is preparing hydrogen-infused water.

This website is dedicated to explore and experience the full range and scope of hydrogen studies on humans not afraid to try confirmed, absolutely non-toxic applications with promises as great as,

  • calming the hands of Parkinson's disease

  • delaying Alzheimer

  • normalizing cardiovascular problems

  • reduce the frequency of heart-attacks

  • heal chronic wounds 33 percent faster

  • heal burn wounds faster

  • remove local pain anywhere,

...and who knows what else.


We don't have to wait for further human studies, hydrogen seems to be completely harmless, one can't overdose and it is a health promoting element right from the start of the application.

There are three kinds of hydrogen application:

  • One method is breathing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen directly


  • Another method is taking in hydrogen through digestion or the venous system


  • The third method is spreading hydrogen subcutaneously or introducing aerogenic bacteria to generate hydrogen.



-  Human Studies that are in the process of clinical trials and that have shown beneficial reactions are done on,

  • Cancer

  • Exercise

  • Inflammation

  • Kidney

  • Metabolism

  • Muscle

  • Nervous System

  • Skin

  • type 2 Diabetes

  • Cerebral Ischemia

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Parkinson’s Disease

-  Animal Studies that have shown beneficial reactions are done on,

  • Cancer

  • Cardio vascular

  • Eye and Ear

  • Gut

  • Inflammation

  • Kidney

  • Liver

  • Lung

  • Metabolism

-  In Vitro Studies that have shown beneficial reactions are done on,

  • Wound healing

  • Mitochondrial inflammations

  • Radical scavenging

  • Improved Blood fluidity

  • Lymphocyte protection against ionizing radiation

  • inflammation inhibition in retinal microglia cells

  • attenuates fatty acid uptake and lipid accumulation

  • inhibits the growth of human tongue carcinoma cells




Scope of positive H2 effects






A couple of lists of diseases benefiting from H2 exposure

List of disease models that benefit from Hydrogen Top 100 List:

Diseases and physiological states for which hydrogen effects are reported and classified by target organs (NIH):

  • Another list (hindawi)

  • A very complete list ( )

  • malignant carcinoma

  • colitis

  • encephalopathia after carbon monoxide poisoning

  • cerebral ischemia

  • senile dementia

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • depression

  • spinal injury

  • skin allergy

  • diabetes type 2

  • acute pancreatitis

  • organ transplantation

  • intestinal ischemia

  • systematic inflammation reaction

  • radioactive injury

  • retina injury

  • deafness

  • warts removal



That was intense, wasn't it?

It is profoundly documented on the Internet that molecular hydrogen is really different to all other gas therapies such as Nitric oxide, Helium and Oxygen and Oxygen. Hydrogen affects until now 38 disease models and what is not covered so far is probably not investigated yet.


Following the presented information, there is no doubt that Hydrogen will be a central and integral part of the future of medicine.

I'd like to invite everyone to take the time to deepen their knowledge of this miracle element in all senses of the meaning. Don't take my word, google "molecular hydrogen" and see for yourself. It's like Rocket Science... for Medicine.

According to users of the topic hydrogen application and various reports from the NIH, Arthritis is the disease that is most easy to revert the damages with hydrogen.

Isn't it impressive that by applying the gas to the hand or feet in a plastic bag we observe that the pain is gone for weeks after a 20 min session?

It is confirmed that H2 relieves and reduces the damages of the age related neurological diseases Alzheimer, Parkinson y Dementia.
Why prescribe "blood thinner" drugs when a glass of hydrogenated water has a very likely more positive effect and absolutely no side effects?

What about breathing the gas each day for several months with the promise that the eyesight improves to the point of abandoning the dependency to reading glasses altogether?


For Doctors:

You are the 'ones' that can judge with certainty and understand the details mentioned in the research papers from the NIH.


But it is very possible that you have not had the chance to experiment with oxy-hydrogen. This is an area of medicine that did not exist ten years ago.