by L.J. Devon
August 25, 2020

from ClearNewsWire Website

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In May 2020, celebrities, comedians, social media influencers and music artists got together to put on a virtual "One World Together at Home" concert that was full of messages and directives provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).


The virtual event was indeed organized and funded by the WHO.


The global health authority tried to use celebrity influence to manipulate the behavior of Americans en masse and raise money to further their agenda.


The WHO is, more or less, a global vaccine distributor, primarily funded by computer mogul Bill Gates. American taxpayers were funding the entity for years until President Donald Trump cut all ties with the WHO in April.


The WHO paid $135,000 to a PR firm named Hill+Knowlton Strategies to seek out influencers in the United States so they could be used as puppets to further the WHO's fearful pandemic message and to further their control over the public's minds and livelihood.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies is the same PR company used to generate public support for the war in Iraq.


This firm was also instrumental in getting the public to believe that cigarettes were healthy and non-addictive in the 1950s.


WHO uses influencers to push Bill Gate's agendas

In May 2020, just a month after President Trump cut ties with the WHO for misleading the US about Covid-19, many celebrities and social media influencers came forward with a message promoting subservience to a one world government and blind obedience to global health authorities.


Celebrity social media accounts began to send out messages to convince the public to stay at home, comply with orders and trust public health officials with their own health.


This stunt continued as the WHO refused to acknowledge scientific progress and success stories of patient recovery using therapeutics like

Instead, the public was to accept the WHO's fearful wait-for-a-vaccine doctrine, and everyone was told to remain completely clueless to the variety of,

  • over-the-counter medicines

  • herbal extracts

  • super foods

  • supplements,

...that can boost the immune response for healthy recovery of any coronavirus infection.


This use of "soft power" to influence the American public was discussed in great detail back in October 2019 at Event 201.


This pandemic preparedness seminar, hosted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, discussed strategies to counter "misinformation" and how to manipulate the public into compliance using celebrities and social media influencers.


In May, many celebrities agreed to "pass the mic" by allowing the WHO to use their social media accounts to indoctrinate the public with their directives.


According to documents filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the WHO earmarked,

  • $30,000 for "influencer identification"

  • $65,000 for "message testing"

  • $40,000 for a "campaign plan framework"...

Hill+Knowlton strategically identified celebrities with large social media followings and utilized individuals with engaged followers.


The crooked PR firm also called to action certain social media influencers who can shape and guide conversations.


The manipulation failed to work on a grander scale as millions of hard working Americans (who lost their jobs and livelihoods) criticized the celebrities for,

  • being out of touch

  • broadcasting their shutdown message from their multi-million dollar mansions...

It turns out that celebrities have less influence than previously imagined.


This hasn't stopped the WHO from merging with Facebook to restrict the free speech of Americans and to censor dissenting organizations.


Facebook dutifully uses "fact checkers" to remove and de-platform anyone who presents a view that is different from the WHO and the CDC...