by Mike Adams
December 02, 2019
from NaturalNews Website






A "narco state" is a nation where nearly every aspect of society - politics, law enforcement, media, etc. - is controlled by narcotics traffickers. Mexico is a modern-day narco state...

America has collapsed into a pharma state, where all the most powerful corporations, regulators and government entities are beholden to pharmaceutical interests.

  • The establishment media is largely funded by Big Pharma and uses its influence to promote pharmaceuticals while attacking nutrition and natural supplements.


    Federal regulators like the FDA and CDC function as little more than pharmaceutical cheerleading squads that hype the benefits of prescription medications (and vaccines) and protect Big Pharma's profits through regulatory monopoly enforcement.


  • The techno fascists like,

    ...are all-in for Big Pharma, promoting prescription drugs by censoring natural health information while pursuing their own for-profit medication and vaccine retailing operations.


  • Law enforcement is entirely controlled by Big Pharma, which is why the CEOs of powerful drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline are never indicted, even when that company admitted to running a nationwide bribery campaign involving 44,000 doctors.


    Instead of going to jail, they paid a fine to the DOJ and continue to conduct business as usual in the United States.


  • The judicial system is overtly rigged in favor of Big Pharma, too.

    • The vaccine has absolute legal immunity against lawsuits stemming from the millions of children who are harmed (and in some cases killed) each year by faulty vaccines made with toxic, dangerous ingredients.


    • In America, no parent can due a vaccine manufacturer for the damage caused to their child by childhood immunization vaccines.

  • The institution of "science" is totally corrupted by Big Pharma, and medical journals are almost entirely funded by pharmaceutical interests.


    Med schools teach doctors how to be little more than pharmaceutical vending machines, and even the "science" entries in Wikipedia are almost entirely engineered by Big Pharma sock puppets that pretend to be unbiased "editors."


  • Lawmakers in Washington DC are bought and "owned" by Big Pharma campaign donations and well-funded lobbyists.

    • The pharmaceutical industry has more paid lobbyists in DC than even the weapons manufacturing industry or the oil industry.

  • Even veterinary medicine is now totally corrupted by Big Pharma, to the point where vets largely just push vaccines and medications onto dogs, cats and even horses.


  • These same pharmaceutical giants are pushing the FDA to outlaw CBD products and criminalize even non-THC cannabis as a form of natural medicine.


    This is being done, of course, to protect the monopoly profits of the opioid manufacturers that are killing tens of thousands of Americans each year while raking in billions in profits.

Watch this powerful below mini-documentary, below, to learn more about how America has collapsed into a "pharma state."


Big Pharma is as grave a danger to the United States as the narcotics cartels are to Mexico.


If we don't end this pharmaceutical tyranny over America, this nation will collapse from runaway "health care" spending and pension payouts to the pharmaceutical giants.

Elizabeth Warren wants to pump another $51 trillion in Big Pharma's pockets by unleashing "Medicare for All" which is nothing more than a massive taxpayer-funded windfall of profits for the drug companies and cancer centers that keep people sick and medicated.