February 27, 2019
from AgeOfAutism Website

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Hermann Goering

reminiscent of Augustus Gloop

savoring a bit of chocolate


"Voice or no voice,

the people can always be brought

to the bidding of the leaders.

That is easy.

All you have to do is tell them

they are being attacked

and denounce the pacifists

for lack of patriotism,

and exposing the country

to greater danger"

Hermann Goering


The message of Hermann Goering has not been lost on our present day 'leaders'...


Today we are no more at threat from disease than at any time in recent history, but a few cases of measles - not a death in sight, not even an injury - can now be used to bring a once great nation to its knees.


Like Goering's "pacifists" we know perfectly well that there is no threat, certainly no threat which should involve citizens in voluntarily surrendering ultimate rights over their bodies to the state, and no grounds for turning well-informed doubters into public enemies.


These people want absolute power, partly because that is what they want, and partly because they are petrified of the truth:

they will say anything, do anything, to cover up what they have done to two generations of children (which is perhaps nothing compared to what they plan for the next), and they have no shame or dignity.

We thought we had learned something from the Second World War:

unfortunately, though, it looks as if many of our leaders learned from the wrong side...

After the war against what was supposed to be the most evil regime in human history the Nuremberg Code was instituted, which enshrined the idea that forced experimentation on humans was wrong, that informed consent was necessary for medical procedures.


Now everything is twisted so that these pitiful, incompetent, corrupt bureaucrats are becoming absolute dictators, answerable to no truth or criticism - allegedly protectors of ourselves against ourselves - the hirelings of the pharmaceutical state.


Meanwhile, the politicians prostrate themselves before revealed stupidity, and they do not really seem to be in charge of the game either.