by Don Snyder
December 01, 2018

from EdgeMagazine Website

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The word "Akasha" is Sanskrit for 'ether,' and it is defined as,

"the universal etheric field in which a record of past events is imprinted."

When describing the Akashic Records, many people use an analogy of a library with a book for every soul.


I prefer to think of the Akashic Records as a database powered by divine energy on the "ethernet."


When you access the Akashic Records, it's like going onto Google and searching for answers you know exist but aren't currently aware of.

Akashic Records are an energetic recording of each soul's journey over every lifetime on this planet and beyond, since the dawn of creation. Every thought, word and deed is recorded in the Akashic Records, including each soul's intentions in each lifetime.


You are connected to this energy whether you are in soul form, human form, or any other energetic form. Because of this connection, your soul's current intentions in this lifetime are accessible through the Akashic Records.


This can assist you in understanding your purpose and current life circumstances, while offering guidance about the best choices and possibilities available to you.

Because past lives are recorded within the Akashic Records, you can use them to support and better understand your soul's growth.


Past life experiences are often useful when trying to understand patterns and behaviors in your current lifetime. Knowledge from past lives allows for a better understanding of your "here and now," increasing insight to help you create a better you, now and in your future.

While the Akashic Records will give you possible actions for specific situations, they will seldom tell you 'exactly' what to do...


When a future is indicated, it is initially a probability or possibility with the result determined by your chosen action. Your records represent a constantly changing set of feasible futures that are presented as we interact with others and learn from knowledge we've already taken in.

Currently, you are making decisions based on a belief system that you were either raised with or have consciously chosen:

this belief system may, or may not, serve your highest good.

Instead of trying to decide if your belief system serves your highest good, you can use the Akashic Records to learn your soul's perspective.


Allow your soul to guide you regarding current lifetime circumstances, relationships, along with the best choices and possibilities available to you.

The Akashic Records have been an inspiration for every spiritual philosophy, mystical undertaking and mythical story that has profoundly influenced human behavior and understanding.


Information in the Akashic Records molds and shapes all levels of human awareness as it comes from a place of the divine Mind.


The sum of all consciousness and awareness is represented within the Akashic Records, allowing us to use the records for our own inspiration. Having your records open during a creative process is one way to use the Akashic Records for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Another use of the Akashic Records is during spiritual or energy healing.


By accessing the Akashic Records, your soul will attract energy, at the desired frequency, to channel for any healing needed by the soul. This is true whether you are doing healing for yourself or someone else, and it allows for a unique, multifaceted healing.

What I find most fascinating about the Akashic Records is that all information provided comes from a place of light, love and courage.


While some answers are not what you "want" to hear, they are always the answers you "need" to hear.

The Akashic Records are unbiased and forthright, always attempting to mentor, lead and assist each soul to its maximum potential. Therefore, it's important to access your records humbly, leaving your ego at the door...


Self-accessing other forms of psychic information can be difficult due to our egos and built-in biases.


With the Akashic Records, it is realistic to access your own records, provided you are truly willing to listen and ask for guidance from a place of light, love and courage.

Soul work means giving in to what is, accepting what is and being willing to change ourselves, allowing maximum soul growth (consciousness) in this lifetime.