by Aussie17
December 10, 2023
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Roberto Speranza

The current investigation

will delve into claims of

murder and severe bodily harm.


The useless idiots will eventually

all be thrown under the proverbial buses;

these include

public servants, experts, philanthropists,

agency heads, BigPharma, et al.

Of course, the guiltiest parties in the

 Intelligence Industrial Complex,

and their shadowy globalist partners-in-crime

that masterminded the

PSYOP-19 democide "pandemic"

will be spared…


Rome, Italy


High-ranking officials, including Roberto Speranza, Italy's Health Minister during the height of the pandemic, are the subject of an investigation by the Rome Public Prosecutor's Office.


The probe stems from what has been a series of startling revelations concerning the handling of COVID-19 vaccine safety issues by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

Internal communications, widely known as the AIFA emails, have been leaked, shedding light on what appears to be a disturbing level of prior knowledge regarding,

potential risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines...

The former director of AIFA, Nicola Magrini, is also entangled in the investigation, raising questions about the role leadership played in the country's vaccine deployment strategy.



Nicola Magrini

The allegations are severe.

Both Speranza and Magrini are accused of consciously deciding to put the Italian population at risk by not only pushing forward with vaccinations despite the known dangers but also mandating them for specific workforce sectors such as teachers and police officers...

As a nationwide vaccine campaign unfolded, encouraged by the government's assurances of safety, a variety of adverse effects came to the forefront, some with grim outcomes.


The current investigation will delve into claims of murder and severe bodily harm.


It is alleged that both Speranza and Magrini issued directives to local health authorities to suppress reports of immediate fatalities and grave side effects following vaccine administration, aiming to protect the vaccine campaign's integrity and public perception.



The investigation was initiated due to a complaint filed in May 2023 by the Free Lawyers (ALI) under the power of attorney of

  • the Listen to Me Committee (a private advocacy group that voices the concerns and grievances of over 4,200 individuals who report experiencing harm from the vaccinations)

  • the Association of Associated Security Operators (OSA Italy) led by Antonio Porto

  • the national general secretary of OSA Police (who succeeded the Provincial Secretariat LES Caserta)

  • the Democratic Financiers Union

  • the former White Senator Laura Granato...

With Italy having imposed mandatory vaccinations for certain demographics, the spotlight turns to the accountability of public officials in the management of public health crises and their impact on civil liberties and individual well-being.












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