July 2021

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'The Pass shall Not Pass...!'

-   Protesters take to Streets across France after Macron drops Vaccine Passport Bombshell   -
July 14, 2021

from RT Website





Protests against

mandatory vaccines and health passes

 announced by French President Emmanuel Macron

 in Paris, July 14, 2021.

© REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes



Police fired tear gas at demonstrators who threw rocks and bottles, set construction equipment on fire in Paris, and picketed state buildings across France, in response to President Emmanuel Macron's vaccine and health pass moves.

Mass protests all over the country took place on Bastille Day, the anniversary of the 1789 storming of the notorious Paris dungeon that kicked off the French revolution.


In Paris, police fired tear gas to suppress the demonstrators.



Photos and video from the capital showed protesters erecting barricades from materials found at a construction site.


Some building machinery left unattended was apparently set on fire as well.


One of the observers lamented the destruction of the mechanical digger, saying that the city's ubiquitous electric scooters would have made a better pyre.



RT France's Charles Baudry captured video from Paris showing that things calmed down a bit as the afternoon wore on.


His photos from during the day showed the extent and the energy of the demonstrations.


Social media posts about the protests included the hashtags #PassSanitaire and #VaccinObligatoire, referring to Monday's announcement by Macron that healthcare workers will have to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by September 15, or face losing their jobs.

Moreover, a "health pass" to be introduced in August will limit entry to bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping centers in favor of those who've either tested negative, are fully vaccinated, or recently recovered from the virus.


Macron had previously promised there would be no vaccine mandate or health passports.

French outrage wasn't limited to Paris, either.


Videos from around the country show protests in Toulouse and Marseilles in the south, Haute-Savoie in the southeast, and Nantes in the west, among other places...



"The pass shall not pass!" was the chant of demonstrators besieging the prefecture building in Nantes.












Liberté! Résistance!

-   A Photo-Report from France   -
July 15, 2021
from WinterOak Website



Emergency demonstrations were held in towns and cities across France on Wednesday July 14, 2021, as the state went full-fascist in imposing bio-security dictatorship.

In a televised address on Monday evening President Emmanuel Macron announced that "vaccination" was to be compulsory for all health workers and that, furthermore,

"vaccine passports" were to be required for everyday access to public spaces ranging from cafés and restaurants to trains and buses.

While some French people were panicked into signing up for the jab so that they could continue with their usual lives and summer holidays, others reacted angrily and quickly organized protests on the public holiday marking the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution of 1789.

In the Mediterranean city of Montpellier, large numbers gathered in the central Place de la Comédie and marched through the city streets.



There was a visible Gilets Jaunes contingent, but many described themselves as first-time protesters. Health workers, including a doctor, addressed the crowd.


One carried a placard (above) declaring:

"Sack me, lock me up, I will remain free in my choices".

"Liberté!" declared the chants.




"Non au pass sanitaire!"


"We aren't scared!" the rebels shouted defiantly and they certainly now knew they were not alone.

Applauded from shop doorways and balconies, they urged onlookers to join them as they made their way to the Préfecture, the city's government building, and encircled it, setting off fireworks.

By the time the march descended on the main railway station, it was bigger than ever.

Dozens of protesters rushed into the station concourse and there were scuffles with police inside before the demo moved off again into the narrow mediaeval streets.

More protests across the country are planned for Saturday.


While the response to the Covid coup in France had up until now been relatively muted, the authorities could well have now pushed things too far.




"A state lie against citizens' freedom. Everyone on the streets!"



"For your security you are deprived of your liberties"