by Keith Sherwood
November 08, 2023
from KeithSherwood Website

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In an article in the Washington Post, Daniel W. Drezner wrote:

"The Office of the Director of National Intelligence in the United States declared that,

'Four intelligence agencies lean toward the natural origins story (of COVID-19); one agency thinks it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and three other agencies could not even form an internal consensus.


Most of these assessments were made with low confidence'."

Given the American intelligence community's low confidence, the reticence of the Chinese government to share information as well as the suppression of opposing views, it should be clear that a credible cause-and-effect relationship between the disease, its origin, and symptoms has not been established.


That's why I'm offering a different take on its origin and its most unusual symptoms, particularly those attributed to Long COVID.

Many people in positions of authority would disagree with what I'm about to suggest, declaring that I'm just another 'conspiracy theorist'...


However, COVID has some strange features, which makes it disingenuous to classify it simply as 'another viral disease'...

Before we continue, it's important to recognize that humans are interdimensional beings, and that diseases that afflict them on the physical-material dimension have their foundation in non-physical fields of consciousness, energy, and etheric matter...!


But even the interdimensional nature of disease isn't enough to explain how COVID-19 emerged and how it has influenced those who've contracted it.




Anomalies of the Black Plague

There have been many theories that attributed pandemics such as,


  • the Black Death

  • the Spanish flu, factors other than bacterial and viral infections.


The black death is a case in point.

During and after the plague, many people believed that a cloud of bad air unleashed by God's agents caused the disease.

The credibility of this theory was reinforced by sightings of unnatural phenomena that took place in the period leading up to the onset of the Black Death.



There were reports of bronze objects that emitted a mysterious mist in the fields surrounding the towns and villages of medieval Europe.


People also reported seeing strange creatures who looked eerily like the grim reaper spraying mist out of a tool that looked like a scythe in the fields surrounding European villages.




The Alien Connection

Without the cooperation of the Chinese government, physical evidence that could validate orthodox theories remains elusive.


Considering that an extraterrestrial or extradimensional cause of COVID cannot be ruled out. Evidence already suggests that life exists within meteorites.


This theory, known as panspermia, has many supporters among contemporary scientists.

Panspermia asserts that life on Earth originally came from space, from either dust, meteoroids, asteroids, comets, or even other planets.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology believes an extraterrestrial rock that landed in China a short time before the onset of the 'pandemic' may have contained infectious viral material that could have been released into the surrounding environment.

It's interesting to note that a meteor lit up the sky over northeast China on Friday Oct. 11, 2019.


Those who saw it described it as being so bright, it turned the night sky into day. It's strange that investigators who combed the area afterward couldn't find a crater or any sign of the meteor.


Nonetheless, infectious material could have been spread through the atmosphere as the meteor disintegrated.

According to Wickramasinghe, this wouldn't be the first time something from outer space has killed humans. He declares that many illnesses, such as the 1918 flu 'pandemic' and certain outbreaks of polio and mad cow disease, may also have had an extraterrestrial origin.


With the unrelenting progress of 'global warming,' we can't rule out another possibility:

that dormant viruses from earlier epochs of Earth's history played a part in the advance of COVID.

There is also the curious case of Morgellon's disease, a condition suffered by tens of thousands of people around the world who believe there are tiny bugs and string-like objects living under their skin.


The controversial condition has no known cure.



The most famous person with Morgellons's disease is Joni Mitchell, who has described her illness as a,

"weird, incurable disease that seems like it's from outer space."

Mitchell's hospitalizations in 2015 brought the illness to media's attention.


It's fair to say that most medical professionals who've studied the disease believe it's a psychological condition rather than a physical disease or a manifestation of alien bugs.


However, it wouldn't be the first time medical experts dismissed something they couldn't effectively explain.

For the past forty years, I've worked with people who've suffered from debilitating ailments that included symptoms eerily like those suffered by Joni Mitchell.


In every case, those symptoms can be attributed to non-physical beings that penetrated a person's subtle field:

the field of consciousness, energy, and etheric matter that interpenetrates their physical-material body...

The interdimensional nature of ailments like Morgellon's disease explains why orthodox medicine hasn't provided a cure. To cure an ailment like Morgellon's disease, a practitioner must be able to respond to the disease on the dimension where it originated...


The same may be true of COVID and especially Long COVID, which has no known cure.




Case Studies

During the height of the 'pandemic', Paul Garner, a professor of infectious diseases, developed a cough.


Days later, he contracted an infection with frightful qualities.


It's one he likens to being "abused by somebody" or "being clobbered by a cricket bat."

"The symptoms were weird as hell," he says.

They included loss of smell, heaviness, malaise, tight chest, and racing heart.


Additional symptoms included a muggy head, upset stomach, tinnitus, pins and needles, breathlessness, dizziness, and arthritis in the hands.


Each time Garner thought he was getting better, the illness roared back.

"It's deeply frustrating. A lot of people start doubting themselves," he says.


"Their partners wonder if there is something psychologically wrong with them."

Since his expose was published, Garner has received emails and tearful phone calls from grateful readers who thought they were going mad.

"I'm a public health person," he says.


"The virus is certainly causing lots of immunological changes in the body, lots of strange pathology that we don't yet understand.


This is a novel disease. And an outrageous one."

Garner isn't the only person who has suffered from the strange pathology of COVID-19.

Jorg, a life coach in Germany, relates,

"I got COVID about 6 months after my third vaccination. Within a week, I developed a sore throat and difficulty swallowing.


These symptoms were soon accompanied by a cough, fever, and temporary loss of smell. I also experienced stabbing pains and itching in various parts of my body, especially in my feet, bones, and on my skin.


These symptoms tended to wander around my body.


Once I developed COVID, I found it significantly more difficult to concentrate and to remain clear and calm during my daily meditation.


The energy around me feels very strange, and it makes me restless. The only escape from the relentless discomfort has been withdrawing into myself.


But doing that has made it more difficult for me to experience my authentic identity."

As of 2022, patients who recovered from COVID and those who continue to suffer from Long COVID have described more than 200 symptoms.


This has made it difficult for the medical profession to diagnose the condition and treat it effectively. Treatment has been further complicated by the fact that many people with Long COVID suffer from periodic setbacks.

Neither Dr. Garner nor Jorg's experience are unusual.


According to the Office for National Statistics, at least 1.1 million people in the UK were reporting Long COVID symptoms at the start of May 2021.


The exact number of people affected by Long COVID worldwide is not clear, although studies show that around 10-20% of the individuals who caught COVID experienced continued symptoms, including different forms of cognitive impairment, for weeks to months after their original infection.




Brain Fog

It goes without saying that any form of mental impairment can have a severe impact on a person's life.


Long COVID patients have experienced many changes that defy a simple diagnosis, including the way they process information, concentrate, and express themselves.


The cognitive impairment that accompanies Long COVID has been branded "brain fog."

Dr. Joseph Khabbaza, who specializes in Critical Care Medicine and Pulmonary Disease at Cleveland Clinic, reports that he's often seen the symptoms of brain fog in the COVID patients he's treated.


While the medical community is still trying to figure out what causes brain fog, he explains,

"Brain fog is kind of a big one.


It's a kind of mental cloudiness - like you're in a daze. You hear a lot about it with mild outpatients, but we also see it more severely in the ICU."



The Ecology of Life in the Multiverse

I explained at the beginning of this newsletter that there didn't appear to be a credible cause-and-effect relationship between COVID and the symptoms attributed to it.


This is particularly true of brain fog.


Even before the 'pandemic', I treated people who suffered from brain fog and a host of other symptoms recently attributed to COVID. In virtually all these cases, the foundation of their symptoms was connected to the impact non-physical beings were having on their subtle field.

This is one reason why I can't accept the orthodox view of the medical community.

Those of us with inner vision have recognized that COVID is an interdimensional disease that has a strong connection to a class of non-physical beings that I call COVID Entities...


These entities inhabit a subtle dimension known as the astral plane:

it's the dimension where your emotions are expressed and shared and where your subtle energy field processes and transmits prana (life force energy)...

Although you may not be aware of it,

you have non-physical bodies, organs, and resource fields on the astral plane that enable you to interact with both interdimensional beings like yourself and non-physical beings...

Like the physical-material plane, you face many challenges on the astral plane.

One is the intrusion of non-physical beings...

Anecdotal evidence suggests that interactions between non-physical beings that are antagonistic to humans have increased dramatically as the Kali Yuga (the present epoch),

draws to a close in 2025...

This is not surprising since there are many non-physical beings that are antagonistic towards human beings.




COVID Entities



In the summer of 2022, I tested positive for COVID.


I experienced many of the same strange symptoms reported by Jorg and Dr. Garner. So, I examined my subtle field and located a swarm of entities that I knew intuitively were responsible for the disease.


I released them intermittently throughout the following days. This mitigated the intensity of my symptoms and aided in my rapid recovery.


When I was fully recovered a short time later, I used the same techniques to release COVID entities from other people suffering from COVID.


In every instance, symptoms either disappeared or were substantially reduced once the COVID entities had been released.

My treatment has been simple:

I strengthen my clients' boundaries.


Then I scan their subtle field; if I find COVID beings, I release them.

Working exclusively on the subtle dimensions and releasing entities interfering with the natural activities of the subtle field and physical-material body validates two important principles that spiritual healers and adepts have integrated into their work for centuries:

  • principle 1: the root of physical disease can be found in subtle field

  • principle 2: interactions with toxic entities can cause both psychological and physical disease.