by Joel Smalley
December 08, 2022

from Metatron Website




If you don't study history

and learn from it,

you are doomed to

make the same mistakes...



I have prepared this chart for future generations of world citizens (and perhaps even "public health" officials if there is still such a thing).

It describes what actually happened in England in the first 18 months of the COVID "pandemic" (2020 to 2021), according to the mortality data evidence, as opposed to the official propaganda narrative.

Hopefully, you will learn from these mistakes and not suffer at the hands of your "government" like the compliant fools that succumbed to mine.







COVID first starts killing 35 to 60 year olds on 08-Feb-20.


Left alone, it would have been associated with under 2,000 deaths, no more than any other influenza-like seasonal pathogen (ILSP), albeit late in the "season".

The government introduces "social distancing" measures to control the spread on 21-Mar-20. Instead of limiting COVID deaths, it increases all deaths as a result of increased stress, and inadequate or inappropriate medical treatment.

The official reported COVID death tally does not represent deaths associated with the virus at all.


It simply identifies which deaths caused by the government intervention were of people who also tested positive for the virus.

It is a completely useless metric...


You can see marked on the below chart that real COVID deaths do not begin to be fairly reflected again until 09-May-20.



A more useful metric is the total excess (or unexpected, or avoidable) deaths, over and above those that would have occurred without intervention.


These amount to well over 3,000, one and a half times as many deaths as the virus would have caused on its own.



AUTUMN 2020 / WINTER 2021

COVID returns in late Sept, just like seasonal, respiratory pathogens always do in England.


Left alone, it would have been associated with over 3,000 excess deaths, a little higher than regular ILSPs due to the damage done to population immune systems as a result of earlier interventions and prolonged use of masks.

The self-limiting distribution of death is interrupted abruptly by the start of the mass mRNA "experiment" (vaccines) in the week following 5-Dec-20, which coincides exactly with a reversal in reported COVID deaths as well.

The result of the medical experiment on otherwise mainly healthy individuals is excess deaths, over and above those associated with the ILSP, of over 5,000, again,

more than one and a half times higher than the deaths due to the virus itself...





In one of the most remarkable epidemiological events in history (that went completely unremarked by expert epidemiologists and journalists),

an ILSP returns in the middle of the "low season" and is associated with more death than a regular ILSP in the high season...

In the summer of 2021, COVID is associated with almost 2,000 deaths in half the time that a regular ILSP usually takes over the course of an autumn and winter.

That said, only half the deaths are officially reported as COVID-positive so the rest must be due to the impact of the mRNA experiment (vaccines) directly (which has widely published multitudinous other pathogenicities) and the ongoing negative collateral of the earlier interventions.