by Federico Dezzani
October 11, 2021

from FedericoDezzani Website
translation by Costantino Ceoldo
October 21, 2021
from Geopolitika Website

Original version in Italian


An epidemic with mysterious origins,

the sharp rise in the prices of raw materials,

Western societies that are increasingly

less cohesive and more resentful,

political divisive that oppose Vax to No Vax,

vacillating institutions,

the risk of a military escalation on the horizon

between Anglo-Saxons and Chinese...




How to harmonize these phenomena that are only apparently unrelated?


How to transform the widespread sense of uneasiness into a rational analysis? And where is Italy headed?

In 1997, the book "The Fourth Turning" by William Strauss and Neil Howe 1 was released in the United States, a text that has had some success in recent years, after the press revealed that Steve Bannon, the "special adviser" of the former President Trump, was a firm believer in the theories of the two authors.


The book states that Anglo-American society develops along centuries-old cycles: like a snake biting its own tail over the span of a century, Anglo-American societies are born, grow, mature and die, only to rise again and begin a new cycle.


These are the classic Gnostic-Masonic theories, which were already developed in the past by various historians and philosophers.


While recognizing that the text is a useful tool to better understand the history of Anglo-American society, it must however be premised that "The Fourth Turning" is not at all usable to read international politics (our beloved land-sea model is clearly superior under this point of view), 2 except to the extent that the secular cycle of Anglo-Saxon nations influences the international system and has repercussions in the wars waged by the Anglo-Saxon maritime powers abroad.

According to Strauss and Howe, the American centuries are divided into four phases which, falling into the current cycle, are made up of:

  • The Ascent (1946-1964)

  • The Awakening (1964-1984)

  • The Undoing (1984-2005)

  • The Crisis (2005-2030)

The authors argue that Anglo-American society, like a biological organism, passes from one phase of the cycle to another, as the four seasons follow each other during the year.


In reality, a careful analysis of history reveals that, instead of being natural as claimed by Strauss and Howe, the passage from one stage to another is artificially induced, that is, knowingly caused by the same Gnostic-Masonic circles faithful to the cyclical and secular model of history and supporters of a perennial movement.


In any case, England and the United States have now entered the last phase, that of the Crisis, in which the entropy and chaos of society reach the zenith and jeopardize the very existence of institutions, forcing, to end of a violent and bloody process of purification, to re-found the State on new foundations, establishing a new hierarchy of values, a new aesthetics and a new social order.


The Crisis is in turn divided into four sub-phases:

  1. A catalytic phenomenon: an abrupt break, a wall, a watershed.

  2. A regeneration: society is convalescing and begins to equip itself with new tools to deal with emergencies. The material and spiritual strength of society is directed towards the maximum.

  3. A Climax: society is faced with a "typhoon" or a "cataclysm", normally, a financial collapse that sweeps away the remains of the old order.

  4. A Resolution: the final phase of the Crisis normally coincides with a "total war", to use the definition of Howe and Strauss, alias a "hegemonic war" to use the definition of other historians, aka "a conflict between Land and Sea for the 'world hegemony", to adopt the definition that is dear to us.


    In sight of the duel for world hegemony, the US is becoming more isolationist, but more determined to help some allies:

translated into current terms, Washington withdraws from NATO and focuses on Five Eyes + India + Japan.

With incredible "foresight" (the book was written in 1997!), Howe and Strauss point to a number of factors that could act as catalysts for the Crisis:

a cyber-attack that destroys the American public administration, a terrorist attack with nuclear weapons, a default on the American public debt, an epidemic that leads to urban warfare in the wake of the quarantine, a conflict on the borders of Russia.

Covid, the epidemic that developed between the summer of 2019 and the spring of 2020, 3 was the catalyst event.


The post-pandemic political violence, the No-Vax demonstrations, the assault on public buildings are the signs of a collapse of institutions and the beginning of an uncertain period of transition.

The Climax, according to Howe and Strauss, will consist of the "Great Devaluation", that is a vertical collapse of the financial markets that will wipe out the middle class, favoring the compacting of society around a new Roosevelt and a new New Deal, more or less authoritarian.


As we have repeatedly highlighted in our analysis, 13 years of ultra-expansionary monetary policies (2008-2021), have pushed stocks to the stars and crushed bond yields to the floor: the post-Covid "flare-up of inflation", 4 artificially generated, it will probably provide the FED with the pretext for the rate hike, thus triggering the Great Devaluation that should be the fulcrum of the crisis.


Major infrastructural works, a new martial spirit and the almost total mobilization of the work factor (especially of males born between the 80s and 90s who will constitute the backbone of the industrial and military force in the rearmament phase), should finally accompany the Anglo-Saxon world towards the hegemonic war.


Howe and Strauss are not imbalanced in 1997 on the sides of the next total war, but in 2021 it is now evident:

Five Eyes + France + India + Japan against Russia, China, Iran and probably Germany.

The authors admit that "the resolution" by no means implies victory for the Anglo-Americans: at the end of the American century (1946-2030), the US could be defeated, thus starting a new cycle as a subordinate or even dismembered nation.


Nonetheless, the entire work is clearly designed to advise how to make the most of this historical dynamic that the Anglo-American Masonic elite guides and develops with a secular pace.


The catalyst of the Crisis, the Covid, has in fact come out of the American laboratories; the climax of the Crisis, the next stock market crash, will certainly be orchestrated by the City and Wall Street.

And how does the rest of the world fit into this picture?


How does it relate to the American secular cycle?

Here, we will consider only Italy.


As a defeated nation in 1945, Italy was perfectly "synchronized with the Anglo-American century":

indeed, as a defeated nation and in constant competition with the Anglo-Saxons in the Mediterranean, it was the object of a negative "amplification" of the phases of the cycle.

The period of the Awakening (1964-1984) in Italy did not coincide only with '68 as in France or the USA, but with a long wave of terrorism and violence which, among other things, also cost the life of the former Prime Minister Aldo Moro.


The disintegration period (1984-2005) was the beginning of the end for Italy:

"Tangentopoli", 5 orchestrated by London and Washington, and the dismantling of the IRI 6 deprived the country of its economic and political backbone.

A blow from which, as was easily predictable, Italy has never recovered.


The period of the Crisis (2005-2030) certainly sees Italy as one of the great global epicenters of the political-financial collapse.

In 2011, NATO destroyed Libya which constituted the African hinterland of the country.


In 2019, it is now established, Italy was a pioneering country in the Covid epidemic, perhaps the first in the world where the virus appeared.


In 2021, Italy is the subject of a scientific process of social and political destruction, aimed at fracturing society as much as possible:

Prime Minister Mario Draghi, "the man of Britannia", 7 adopts a draconian anti-Covid policy, unique in the world for severity, which produces the effect of unleashing the streets and polarizing public opinion on opposite fronts. 8

To be sure that the government's divisive policies plunge the country into a climate of civil war, the Anglo-Americans entrust the protests to "Forza Nuova" ["New Force"], the movement of Roberto Fiore, which in the long hiding abroad was able to avail itself of the protection of the British intelligence.

Everything now suggests that the climax of the Crisis, to be placed within a few years' horizon, will correspond to the default of Italy, which will thus amplify, once again, the Anglo-Saxon cycle.


However, for Italy, the Anglo-Americans do not foresee any recovery: the "resolution", the total war at the end of the Crisis, would in fact see Italy deployed against its external enemies.


That is, against the Anglo-Americans themselves.






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[5] "Bribepoly". A judiciary enquire about corruption in the public administration that, at the beginning of ‘90s, destroyed Italian First Republic wiped out of the Parliament many of the old political parties except, for example, the Communist one, now Italian Democratic Party. According to some authors and analysts, some of the judges involved were CIA and MI6 assets on payroll.


[7] The "meeting of Britannia" took place June, 2th 1992. According to some authors and analysts, Atlantic powers outside Italy decided to gradually destroy Italy with the help of internal quislings.

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[9] "Forza Nuova" is a far-right movement in the Italian Fascist political galaxy. Very few Italians follow this movement. It never had any political future.