by Tom Woods
December 11, 2020
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One place we haven't heard much about amid the COVID hysteria, is Cambodia...


Cambodia is reporting zero deaths from COVID.


Not zero deaths yesterday, or last week, or last month.


Zero deaths, period...!


Now you know the standard view:

places that "listen to The Science(TM)" manage to keep the virus under control, and wise government policy is what makes the difference between one country and another.

How anyone can still believe this in December 2020 is beyond me.

The phrase "policy invariance" is now one of my favorites.


It doesn't seem to matter what we do...

The mayor of Los Angeles even admitted that the behavior of the people there hadn't changed at all and they were seeing a major spike anyway.


He's so close to an important truth, but you know what they say:

none so blind...

Cambodia was ranked 89th in the world for its preparedness for an infectious disease outbreak.


Are we supposed to believe that the reason Cambodia is at zero is the huge supply of public-health PhDs they have there?


Could there be explanations other than government policy...?


Practically every chart in existence screams out this conclusion at us:

the charts in yesterday's email, which I hope you saw, being particularly revealing.

Here's the thing:

Dr. Fauci has been doing his level 'best' to give the impression that COVID is an equal-opportunity killer.


He will emphasize extreme outliers to give the impression that the average 35-year-old is at genuine risk, when the average 35-year-old has a vastly higher chance of dying in a bicycle accident.

Not only is COVID not an equal-opportunity killer for individuals, but it is evidently also not an equal-opportunity killer for countries and regions, either.

Africa has barely been touched by the virus - and again, not because public-health PhDs have been having their way.


In east Asia we've seen "policy invariance," according to Stanford's Jay Bhattacharya.


Hard lockdown in China, lackluster response in Japan, and evidently good results in both cases.

The COVID crazies in the West want to blame us:

why, if only we'd been like east Asia, etc.

But it's obvious, given the policy invariance, that something other than government policy is at work.


That could be:

Overall health, Vitamin D levels, age, or low obesity levels... or T-cell immunity (Bhattacharya's supposition).

In Japan, in fact, a September seroprevalence study yielded an astonishing result of 47%, which suggests masks and social distancing aren't the explanation for the low death count.


Lots and lots of Japanese had it (so they failed to "stop the spread"), but they didn't get sick or die - almost certainly because of preexisting immunity. Not because of the public-health PhDs...


If government policy were the explanation, there should be piles of corpses in Florida at the moment, where even theater and live music have made a comeback.


And yet such blue-state, "follow the science," ruin-people's-lives states like New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and New Jersey, among others, have worse hospitalization numbers per million right now.


All of this should be excruciatingly obvious by now.


And yet chances are, you're surrounded by people trying to blame you and your neighbors for their bad behavior - for bad behavior is what makes "cases" rise!

If the insanity has reached a point that you've decided the time has come at last to join my private group, where you'll be surrounded by normal people and be able to stay up on what's actually happening as opposed to panic-mongering lunacy, I remind you of an added bonus:

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