by Paul Anthony Taylor
November 6, 2020
from Dr-Rath-Foundation Website





A recent report published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that over the next 5 years the global cost of the coronavirus 'pandemic' will reach 28 trillion dollars...


In what is now the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s,

public health strategies such as lockdowns are increasingly destroying jobs, businesses and livelihoods, and wrecking national economies...

Unless science-based strategies based on nutritional and Cellular Medicine therapies are implemented, the crisis could leave deep and lasting scars that will be felt for decades.


In defending lockdowns and other draconian responses to the pandemic, politicians are frequently heard claiming there is no alternative.


Such claims are demonstrably false.


Research carried out by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute has proven that specific combinations of micronutrients are capable of blocking the interaction between the binding site of the coronavirus 'spike' and its entry point into human cells - the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2).


The interaction targeted in this research is the first step in coronavirus infection and is precisely the same biological mechanism focused on by vaccines under development worldwide.


As a result, it is already now possible for responsible governments to protect the health of their citizens, strengthen immunity against the virus, and save lives.





Why aren't political leaders implementing this research?



UK prime minister Boris Johnson

is said to be considering giving free vitamin D

to vulnerable groups in his country



So why aren't political leaders acting to implement this research into their public health strategies?


In some cases, they may simply not be aware of it. In other cases, rather than focusing on synergistic combinations of micronutrients, politicians look solely at individual vitamins.


An example of this occurred just recently when it was reported that UK prime minister Boris Johnson is considering giving free vitamin D to vulnerable groups in his country.

Research suggests vitamin D may be helpful in preventing and controlling coronavirus infection.


Mostly, however, given that they are generally surrounded by health advisors with connections to the pharmaceutical industry, the only interventions that senior politicians are briefed on are those involving drugs and vaccines.


To put it simply,

many of our politicians are being kept deliberately ignorant about nutrition...

The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in undermining the efficacy and safety of nutritional approaches.


Some political leaders are certainly aware of nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches.


However, many of them see such therapies as a threat to the pharmaceutical industry and its 'business with disease'.

In return for their strategic support, drug companies spend vast amounts of money funding their election campaigns.


Upon their retirement, such politicians are often rewarded with lucrative non-executive directorships for companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, or banking sectors.


Many have connections to the so-called 'Bilderberg Group' and other special interests.





Calling political leaders to account



Following the launching of the Iraq War in 2003,

the Dr. Rath Health Foundation filed a complaint at the

International Court of Justice (ICC) in The Hague



Following the launching of the Iraq War in 2003, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation filed a complaint at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.


Charging George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and others with causing injury to and the death of millions of people through the 'business with disease', war crimes, and other crimes against humanity, we called for them to be indicted before the ICJ.


While the ICJ has thus far essentially failed to take any action against the individuals cited in our complaint, crimes committed against the people of the world are still ongoing on a global scale.


As the economic destruction resulting from lockdowns continues to grow, it would clearly be na´ve for any political leader to consider themselves immune from prosecution.


One day, in the future, they may be called to account for their actions and asked whether they were ever aware of alternative public health strategies that could have been employed to counter the 'pandemic.


Those politicians proven to have been aware of the alternatives, but who failed to take any meaningful action to implement them, will have the most to fear.