by Paul Joseph Watson
13 October, 2020

from Summit.News Website





Olivia Wigzell


Sweden now has lowest death rate in Europe.

Swedish health chief Olivia Wigzell

explained that her country didn't impose

the kind of draconian coronavirus lockdown

seen in other European countries

in order to prevent the public from

developing "pandemic fatigue"...


At the start of the COVID-19 'pandemic', Sweden chose to go for herd immunity by refusing to impose a hard lockdown, meaning bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces and schools remained open and vulnerable people were told to shield while mandatory mask rules were avoided.

Despite the mainstream media predicting that this would lead to massive fatalities, Sweden has recorded under 6,000 coronavirus deaths and now has the lowest death rate in Europe.

The Scandinavian country's GDP fared better than the rest of Europe and now large segments of the population have developed herd immunity, reducing the impact of any potential "second wave."

Illustrating how the country is already virtually back to normal, a young woman posted a video of herself boarding a train in Stockholm showing minimal social distancing and hardly anyone wearing masks...


Now the director general of Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare reveals that one of the reasons the Swedish government chose not to impose a harsh lockdown was to prevent its population from development "pandemic fatigue."

"We did not choose the path of a complete lockdown of society, because we had other arguments for a systematic response to a pandemic," said Olivia Wigzell during the Pandemic 2020 - Challenges, Solutions, Consequences conference, which was held in Moscow.

"We were very afraid, we feared that people would develop such a pandemic fatigue, that people would get tired of restrictions.


But in Sweden, practically everyone followed the recommendations," she added.

Sweden's health care system was never overwhelmed, even at the height of the pandemic, and the country is now in a better position than any other country on the continent, virtually all of which continue to follow disastrous lockdown policies.