September 11, 2020
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Transverse Myelitis

Mysterious Illness Caused

during COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

May Lead to Paralysis



The COVID-19 vaccine participant whose
mysterious illness stopped the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trials is reported to be an inflammatory syndrome known as transverse myelitis which may lead to paralysis...


As per secret agreements with governments, the vaccine manufacturer cannot be legally held responsible for the side-effects of the coronavirus vaccine.




COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Stopped


Drug giant AstraZeneca has stopped global trials of its coronavirus vaccine after it caused a mysterious illness in one of the volunteers.


The company said it is investigating the cause of the unexplained illness but did not say who had stopped the trial.


The individual had been involved in the U.K. trials when they came down with the condition, which affects the spinal cord and is often sparked by viral infections, a source told The New York Times.





What is Transverse Myelitis?


Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord.

This neurological disorder often damages the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers (myelin).


Transverse myelitis interrupts the messages that the spinal cord nerves send throughout the body.


This can cause pain, muscle weakness, paralysis, sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction according to Mayo Clinic.



There are many different causes of transverse myelitis, including,

infections and immune system disorders that attack the body's tissues.

It could also be caused by other myelin disorders, such as multiple sclerosis.


Treatment for transverse myelitis includes medications and rehabilitative therapy. Most people with transverse myelitis recover at least partially. Those with severe attacks sometimes are left with major disabilities.


It's also associated with,

  • pain

  • muscle weakness

  • sensory problems

  • bladder and bowel dysfunction...




The Secret Agreements with Governments


There is a lot of unrest and distrust among people with regards to the COVID-19 vaccine and regulators and companies alike have been working to ensure people trust in the vaccine authorization process.


However, as reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a senior managerial executive of AstraZeneca has revealed in shocking details that,

the company could not be on the receiving end of any constitutional motion or face legal action for any possible side effects or unwanted reactions induced by its Covid-19 vaccine.



The company has agreements with governments as per which AstraZeneca cannot be held responsible for any side-effects of the vaccine,  and those affected will have no legal recourse.


AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine by most of the countries with which it has struck supply 'agreements'...