by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke
February 20, 2020

from FutureWorld Website






The highly contagious virus that has caused "The COVID-19 Outbreak", carries a significant vulnerability that may be immediately exploitable.


In other words, this coronavirus has the potential of being stopped, perhaps more easily than most people, and most health professionals, realize.


Dr. Dan Lee Dimke PhD, explains the science behind the fragile nature of this virus, and offers an easy, self-administered therapy that, if widely practiced, might offer an additional aid to ending this outbreak more quickly.




The experimental procedure presented in this video is NOT a cure for coronavirus!


It has not yet been tested or endorsed by any health authority. It should be ONLY be considered as one more layer of potential prevention IN ADDITION TO ALL OTHER PRECAUTIONS recommended by the CDC, WHO, or other health authorities - including hand washing, social distancing, coughing and sneezing into a sleeve, avoiding contact with others who display symptoms, getting tested for COVID-19 if fever and other respiratory symptoms develop, and seeking immediate medical advice if tested positive for COVID-19, or if symptoms persist or worsen.




Once the virus has migrated to the lungs, which may occur in up to 20% of patients within one to two weeks, the virus is too far from the external heat source to be substantially impacted by this procedure.


Benefits are likely to be highest when used for prevention and early treatment.




After viewing this video, if you elect to experiment with this procedure yourself, remember that you alone control the conditions for such a test and accept all responsibility for the outcome.


To help ensure your personal health and safety, it is important follow all procedures exactly as presented, using only the suggested heat sources. (Steam is NOT one of them).


DO NOT use excessive levels of heat that cause ANY level of discomfort.


DO NOT use older (pre-1990) external heat devices that are not equipped with a 2-button, Ground-Fault Interrupt Circuit on the wall plug - designed to prevent electric shock.


Spray with distilled or previously-boiled water at room temperature whenever possible.


Follow ALL manufacturer-recommended precautions for equipment use.


For sauna use, you may wish to begin with only 3 to 5-minute sessions and increase gradually, if needed.


Avoid sauna use entirely, if you are consuming alcohol, or have a fever or high blood pressure. And, consult your doctor before using a sauna, if you are being treated for any medical condition, currently taking prescription medications, or require any type of personal medical advice.


Safety first...!





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The novel Wuhan Corona virus now known as SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, Covid-19 have been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) - wreaking havoc on lives and economies around the world.


As nearly everyone who is watching the news has learned, Covid-19 is caused by a potentially lethal coronavirus.


But as many of the world's most brilliant scientific minds seek a biological solution to this current regional pandemic, it is possible that they may be overlooking a far easier and faster solution to this crisis.


Biomedical solutions are complex and costly.


But, their most glaring drawback is that they take time to a lot of develop. Time is formidable enemy for those already infected. But, due to the genetic shaft-shifting ability of coronaviruses, SARS-Cov-2 is a ticking time bomb...


The longer it allowed to spread unchecked, according to virologists, the greater the chance that, at any time, it may morph into a new version that is immune to any of the prospective vaccines currently in development.


This moving target characteristic is the primary reason that throughout the history of more than two centuries of modern biomedicine, no commercial vaccine has ever been offered for any coronavirus, not even the deadly SARS-CoV coronavirus of 2003.


At least three different pharmaceutical companies are currently working on vaccines. Whether the millions of doses required will be ready for distribution before the coronavirus mutates or disappears is, as yet, unknown.


This is Dr. Dan Lee Dimke.


As this global event unfolds, it is important to recognize that 'SARS-Cov2' (COVID-19) has an Achilles Heel - an exploitable vulnerability that is shared by most upper respiratory viruses and all other known coronaviruses.

They are remarkably fragile...


Though they can survive easily for weeks, or even months at temperatures near or below freezing, these viruses die, within just a few minutes when exposed to higher air temperatures...

This is the reason that the cold and flu season occurs only during the fall and winter months.


Indeed, the current coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 didn't show up until after the daytime temperatures in Wuhan, China fell below 4C. (39F.) in December of 2019.


Their aversion to heat forces these types of viruses to live and reproduce only within the coolest part of the body, usually inside the epithelial cells that line our inner nose and sinus cavities.


Because the sinuses are located just behind the cheeks and nostrils, these nasal cavities are often nearly as cool as the outside air we breathe, during the colder months of the year.


But, when outside air temperatures rise, so do our sinus temperatures. Once it gets too warm in there for these viruses to reproduce, they quickly disappear.


This is what happened in the Spring of 2003 during the SARS-CoV pandemic.

Once daytime temperatures rose above 22C-72F, the lethal outbreak suddenly ended - on its own - never to return - and, efforts to develop a vaccine were dropped.


Numerous laboratory studies have shown that most upper respiratory viruses, including 200 different rhinoviruses, picornaviruses, respiratory syncytial viruses, influenza viruses and coronaviruses quickly perish at mildly hot air temperatures.


Several SARS coronavirus survival studies have concluded that it is easily killed in less than 15 minutes at 56C. or 133F.

Copy of studies below display on screen:

As they slowly heated the virus in the lab, researchers observed the outer membrane begin to rupture, and within minutes, it fatally collapsed, unrecognizable, and incapable of recovery, or any further infection. (dissolving images here).


The scientific efficacy of destroying unwanted viruses with the application of mild heat is now well established and is regularly used during the production of various medications and vaccines.


The very same process could be used with patients if we could raise the temperature of a patient's sinuses high enough. The virus would die - symptoms and infectivity would stop - and the outbreak would be over.

The human body, when infected with a severe virus, attempts to do this on its own, by producing a fever. This natural heating response can only raise core temperature by a few degrees.


But even this slight temperature increase is enough to begin measurably slowing down the virus reproduction rate and buying valuable time for the body to begin making antibodies that can target invading viruses and producing interferon that further heightens cells antiviral defenses.


We can enhance these natural benefits substantially by using an external heat source to do something that the body can't do on its own - heat the sinus cavities to just above the temperature that is fatal to coronavirus.


Because the sinuses are, at most, only a few centimeters from the nostrils, this is easily accomplished, without harm or risk to the patient, by simply breathing in hot air.


Suddenly, the coolest part of the body becomes the warmest part of the body and in this now hostile environment, invading viruses almost literally melt.

But what about the patient?


Can we survive exposure to these temperatures?

Not only is the answer yes, but people are already doing this routinely every day, all over the world, when they enter a dry sauna...

Breathing deeply for just 20 minutes in a hot sauna will kill a high percentage of any virus that happens to be invading the upper respiratory system. Most people experience a feeling of almost immediate relief.


However, because some individual virions, that's the term for individual virus cells, may be temporarily shielded from the direct inflow of hot air by natural obstacles within the sinuses, a few of them might manage to survive and later reproduce - allowing the infection to continue.


Fortunately, the mucosal layer that covers the inside of sinuses doesn't remain stationary.


It is constantly forced along by the gentle wave motion of tiny hair-like cilia growing from the sinus walls, that slowly push this mucus coating, along with any microbes that may trapped within it, backward and then down the throat, to be eventually destroyed by the acid in the stomach.


This slow movement will gradually expose any lingering virions that may have been temporarily protected.


Then, by subjecting sinuses to a second or even a third wave of hot air, from a later sauna visit, it is possible to effectively kill any remaining virus - permanently ending the infection.


Though a few types of coronavirus, such as the two SARS coronaviruses appear to be able to survive within the lungs of a very small percentage of patients, the initial infection always starts in the sinuses and usually lingers there for two days to two weeks, before progressing further.


And, it is within the sinuses that the invading virus is most easily defeated.

Just 20 minutes, in a dry sauna, at or above 60C. (140F.), is enough to kill most of the coronavirus within a patient's sinuses. Note that typical sauna temperatures are often even higher than this.

Next, cooling off for 40 minutes, allows body temperature and heart rate to return to normal.


Finally, continuing with just two more of these cycles of 20 minutes of heating, then 40 minutes of cooling, could kill most remaining coronavirus (within the sinuses). Once the virus is gone, symptoms also quickly disappear.


What about situations where saunas are unavailable?


Well, it turns out that there is an even easier way to eradicate coronavirus infection in patients, as well as healthcare workers, and others who may have been exposed to the virus but do not yet display symptoms.


The common, widely available, hand-held blow dryer used for drying hair contains a heating element and a fan that can instantly deliver forced air temperatures at or the above the eradication temperature threshold for coronaviruses.


This approach offers the important added benefit of being able to concentrate the heat onto just the infected area of the body - the nose and sinuses.


So, it can be safely used even if a patient already has a fever. Unlike the motionless air in a sauna, blow-dryers move the hot rapidly - similar to the environment of a convection oven - heating the target area (the nose and sinuses) much more quickly than a sauna will.


So, needed exposure are considerably shorter.


This simple, self-administered therapy, known as the Cold-Arrest Procedure was first proposed in the book, "Conquer the Common Cold and Flu", published by Future World Press in 1984.


Since then, it has been successfully tested and used in more than 55 countries with an extremely high success rate.


In view of the dire situation we currently face, with infections in dozens of countries and thousands of fatalities, here is a detailed description of the original Cold-Arrest Procedure with the suggested times and temperatures carefully optimized for coronavirus eradication:

  1. Turn hair dryer to the lowest setting and then cup fingers over the air intake to slow the air flow and increase its output temperature.


  2. With the other hand, use a wet cloth or a spray bottle filled with water to frequently moisten the facial surface around the nose and mouth.


    The flow of hot air causes the water to evaporate, keeping the face and nose cool while allowing the heat to penetrating deeply into the nose and sinuses.


    Take slow, deep breaths through the nose, with mouth closed, for 5 minutes.


    To minimize any discomfort, turn the blow dryer aside in between breaths so that warm air is directed toward the face and nose only while inhaling. If the air feels warm, but not hot, try a higher heat setting.


    The goal is to raise the inside of the nose and sinuses to the coronavirus kill temperature of at least of 56C (133F) during the entire treatment period.


    So, use the highest temperature you can safely tolerate.


  3. Pause between heat applications for about one hour.


    This allows time for the natural movement of the mucus layer within the sinuses to reposition any potentially shielded virus to a more exposed location where it can be heated and destroyed.


  4. After the cooling period, begin another 5-minute hot air treatment. If no symptoms have appeared, two heating cycles per day should be sufficient for prevention.


    However, if symptoms have already developed, three to five of these alternating heating/cooling cycles per day are recommended, until symptoms disappear.

If widely used as an added prevention step, along with wearing a mask and handwashing, this Cold-Arrest hyperthermia therapy has the potential of helping to halt any further spread of Covid-19.


It also offers an important psychological benefit for those who are currently in isolation, quarantine, or lockdown for a prolonged viral incubation period. Instead of just waiting, helplessly, to see if symptoms develop, patients can take a proactive role by exterminating any virus that may be present.


It is also important to remember that, until the end of the current cold and flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, the 400 other known cold-causing viruses will continue to be active.


The symptoms these other viruses produce are often indistinguishable from a Covid-19 case, at least in its early stages.


Because these other cold-causing viruses tend to die in far less time and at even lower temperatures than coronaviruses require, the daily use of Cold-Arrest Procedure can also prevent nearly all other cold-causing viral infections, as well.


This will allow people living in infection zones to avoid the development of any obvious respiratory symptoms that might otherwise cause them to be turned away from stores, businesses or workplaces.


Cold-Arrest protection can be further enhanced by keeping the immune system strong through getting plenty of rest, drinking at least a liter (quart) or two of pure water each day, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Physical exhaustion poses a potentially lethal risk for healthcare workers or anyone working long-hours in infection zones.


Don't risk allowing yourself to become over-tired.


It is also important to keep the consumption of alcohol, as well as any foods containing added sugar as low as possible - since these have been shown, in numerous scientific tests, to deplete immune system resources.


And, especially avoid the ultra-high-risk behavior of smoking or vaping for as long as the outbreak threat continues.


Though, Covid-19 appears to produce only mild common cold symptoms in most patients, those with compromised lungs appear to at the greatest risk for complications that might lead to fatality.


If health authorities can keep it from spreading to the southern hemisphere *, the current Covid-19 outbreak is likely to subside on its own as outdoor temperatures begin to warm in late April or Early May, just as the earlier SARS coronavirus outbreak did, 17 years ago.


* (Text on screen - unspoken) If not, if the coronavirus is allowed to reach countries south of equator, the outbreak could continue for many more months, or even longer.



However, this deceptively simple procedure may hold the potential for ending this outbreak much sooner, and perhaps saving countless additional lives.


Health professionals are urged to use the Cold-Arrest Procedure to speed the recovery of their existing patients and to prevent further infection in others as well as themselves.


And, everyone under quarantine, as well as those living in infection zones, and coming in regular contact with others who may be infected, are encouraged to use this preventive Cold-Arrest Procedure twice daily, and share it with others, to help prevent new cases of Covid-19 from developing.


Due to their ability to morph into a genetically new strain that no one is immune to, coronaviruses routinely start regional pandemics every few years.


While most of these events are mild, producing nothing more than a large wave of common cold sufferers, the more lethal strains, such as the two SARS coronaviruses, can create deadly situations that grab international attention.


Future coronavirus outbreaks are all but inevitable. But, in each case, these coronavirus cousins will be likely to share the same vulnerability.


If health care providers will administer Cold-Arrest heat therapy immediately, and health authorities will distribute inexpensive blow dryers and spray bottles to those who don't already have them who are under quarantine or are living within infection zones along with a link to this video, or offer instruction in the use of this easy, self-administered, heat treatment, it may be possible to prevent future outbreaks from ever again becoming regional or international coronavirus pandemics.