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December 16, 2021

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This is a step by step guide to reporting COVID-19 related human rights violations.

Some things to consider before you start!

  • This system is built for people around the world who have been victims of human rights violation, including but not limited to:

    • Discrimination in access to entitlements and government services.

    • Employment related injustice, such as dismissal, "redeployment," contract termination.

    • Coercion in any form, including threats of violence or dismissal, towards submitting to unwanted medical treatments.

    • Any form of abuse, bullying, threats or pressure experienced in response to personal choice on medical matters.

    • Censorship, violation of free speech, distribution of faked news.

  • Please familiarize yourself with Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • The success of your report is highly dependent on the accuracy and legal utility of the information you file. Consider the following:

    • Do you have evidence: letters, screenshots, emails, recordings, witnesses willing to testify?

    • Are you willing to devote the time and energy to file full and accurate information?

    • Is your case justified?

Note that our system relies on audits - if your report isn't accepted, it may be because the information supplied wasn't sufficient to pursue the matter further.




Filing a COVID-19 Related Human Rights Violation

Step 0: enter the system

Go to the We Accuse website and click the red "report now" button.





Step 1: identify the accused person

The person you are reporting must be the person who engaged in the actual violation.


  • A shop manager who denies you access on the basis of your vaccination status.

  • Someone targets you online, to intimidate you, or encourage discrimination or violence against you based on your status in relation to COVID-19.

  • A national leader, legislator or official enacting or administering a discriminatory law.

  • A journalist practicing unfair cover or distributing faked news.

  • Big tech owner which illegally censoring / disrupting free speech.

To report the incident, you must supply the full name of that person.



Once you have finished, click the green button "NEXT"


Step 2: supply address of the accused

Here we ask for contact details of the accused.


Contact details of the accused are not required - though we ask that you do your best to obtain an address. This can be crucial in further legal actions, for example for delivering legal notices to the accused.


The country field is required...



Once you completed this section, click the green button "NEXT"


Step 3: supply social media accounts of the accused

This helps us understand who the accused is, and helps us profile the individuals behavior and opinions.


Please make an effort to supply us with as much information as possible: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - any social media presence that they may have.



Once this section is completed, click the green button "NEXT"


Step 4: provide case details

This is a crucial part of the report. Try to give the case a clear, succinct, representative title.


For example:

  • Refusal of service by Redneck Coffee Shop on 5th Avenue, New York.

  • Unjust dismissal by The Redneck Garage for not getting vaccinated.

  • Entry to Redneck City Library denied based on vaccination status.

Once you have chosen the title, please provide as much as details as possible. Tell us the fully story, give as much additional details, including other people involved, and those who can testify.



The final field in this section is the date the incident occurred.


After providing this click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 5: indicate case severity

This part of the report is to help us assess the severity of the case. Severity is an approximate measure of the scale of the problem. It is roughly proportional to the number of people affected, and the magnitude of the impact.

  • high severity indicates that a lot of people are affected, and the impact is large (health, employment, education etc).


    For example: Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the director of health in New Zealand, is enforcing vaccine mandates with no provisions for exemptions. This has dramatic impact on a large number of people.

  • medium severity indicates a situation that may impact a large number of people. but the impact is not severe, or the impact is large, but affects a small number of people.


    For example, a particular corporation dismisses a couple of unvaccinated individuals (few people, high impact).

  • low severity indicates a situation that impacts a small number of individuals, and the effect is not too severe.


    Example: a shop owner didn't let us in because we are not vaccinated.

So… if a city mayor decides to deny unvaccinated individuals access to the libraries, which type of impact is it? (answer: medium).



Once you have selected the severity level, click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 6: document the incident

This is another crucial part of the report.


Our team won't be able to process your report if we do not have sufficient evidence supporting your case. You can drag and drop your evidence files into the white area marked,

"Please drop all your documents here."

You can also click on the blue "Select File(s)" button, and navigate to the files you wish to provide.


You can provide screenshots, documents in any format, photos, data files, logs, in short anything that may be used to prove your case.


You can also add live social media links or webpages that provide further information.



Once you have completed this section, click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 7: select privacy preference

We Accuse is working on an index of reports.


If you allow us to post your report and details:

– we WILL NOT publish your email address or surname.

– we WILL publish the case story.


Once you have made your choice, click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 8: provide contact details

Completing this section isn't required, but is appreciated.


If this section isn't completed, the case will still be filed with us, and possibly help with the overall effort.


However it is unlikely to enter into any legal proceedings. To maximize chances of redress and justice, please do consider filling this section out.

Please fill your name and address.



Once you have completed this section to whatever degree you feel comfortable, click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 9: provide social media accounts of the victim

This section is optional as well, but is once again very useful in our process. Your social media presence can help us quickly and efficiently contact you, and verify your identity.

Please fill as many social media accounts you feel comfortable providing us with (full URL please)



Once you are done with this section, click the green "NEXT" button.


Step 10: submission

Congratulations! You have completed your report.


Before registering your report with us with a final click, feel free to add any comments, requests or additional information that you may have missed in any of the earlier sections.


You will need to supply us with an email address - if you can, please avoid Gmail, iCloud or other big tech companies that may censor our communication.


In the following blog post you can find a list of alternative email services.



Once you are done, click the green "SUBMIT" button and watch for any alerts on the screen.

After we have received your report we'll send you an email confirmation.


You will have to click the supplied link to finalize your submission.