by Sherry Swiney
February 07, 2021
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Sherry Swiney has a B.A. in Business Administration from San Francisco University, and two years of Civil Engineering from Heald Engineering College.

She is Lead Quantity Surveyor for The Venus Project.

Sherry researches quantum physics, as related to spiritual development and physical well-being, archaeology, organic gardening, alternative healing, paranormal

and other unusual topics.

She is a co-author with Jerry Marzinsky of

"An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower."


"People are the gifts;

the people are the power, the genius, the brilliance,

and the vision that has created everything

we see around us.


The current socio-economic structure

of our countries and our world

has failed us all.


Everyday we are witness to

untold assaults on our people and our planet

as the criminals that have taken control,

wage their wars of global domination

and industrial aggregation

in a blind greed that is destroying us

and the exquisite planet we,

and countless others, rely on for life."

Michael Tellinger


The people of Earth are at a fork in the road, a bifurcated timeline right now which can go either way.

  • One timeline is bad news. It heads toward slavery and death.


  • The other is great news. It heads toward freedom and prosperity.

We have,

the factories, industries, distribution systems, skills, talent and man-power to create all we need and more.


We don't need the criminals running our lives.


They have no practical skills.


They are nothing without us...

What are our chances for a Great News timeline...?


That depends on the decisions each of us makes...


There's plenty of news about the world falling apart because of the Covid scandal:

Vaccines to inject eight billion people with rDNA to change us into unproductive virtual game players 24/7...

A New World Order that takes care of everyone's needs - Klaus Schwab style - whether we like it or not:




The population culled (depopulation) from 8 billion to 500 million on Earth (attention turns to Georgia Guidestones in Age of Coronavirus 'Pandemic').


Fake meat.


Fake food.


Digital guaranteed income for everyone based on 'social credits'.


You will obey or risk reduction of access to life's needs. 


They've destroyed our livelihoods and food supply.


They want us to covet the world they have planned.

This is the mainstream news version of life shown on television day-in and day-out.

Television watchers remain in a hypnotic state day-in and day-out and it affects the thinking processes.


Television gifts you with mental slavery.

Like Will Rogers said:

"All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance."

For those who don't know, Will Rogers was a famous vaudeville performer in the 1930's long before television and the Internet existed.


So, you see, you cannot rely on mainstream media, whether newspapers, television, or the Internet.


Real journalism doesn't exist...

Journalism today is 'Opinion' based on who's paying the salary, not news.


Today, you can't even rely on mainstream scientists for accurate information.


They are bought and paid for just like the journalists.


Like so many, most mainstream scientists believe the lies they are told by non-scientists who grant the funding for popular projects.

Out-of-the-box research is not funded by the rulers of this world.


In fact, it is scorned by mainstream and called "pie in the sky" waste of time research, not fundable. Yet, throughout history, every major development in human evolution has come from out-of-the-box thinking. I can give you countless examples but that is not within the scope of this article.


To get accurate answers takes research and I have done a lot of research in my time. 


So have many others who want the truth and do not rely on mainstream stories. These are referred to as alternate news outlets, often dubbed fake news by the mainstream fake news journalists and so-called fact-checkers.


When the Covid news first broke the airways in March 2020,

I was worried - not because I thought there was a deadly virus that would wipe out the world.


I knew better than that.


I was alarmed because so many people did not understand the way television manipulates our minds.

The television and the Internet told us over and over how dangerous this virus was.

They showed us charts and everything.


They showed us people falling down on the street from this thing, and they showed us coffins they said were filled with dead people, all of which proved to be false information.

As people with caring hearts for others, and scared witless, we happily, though sheepishly, complied with the stay-at-home-for-two-weeks order until the alleged danger blew over. 


After all, the television and the Internet told us,

We could kill someone if we were infected and advised the best thing to do was quarantine ourselves.


Those two weeks turned into nearly a year.


These are the signs of an old world collapsing.


The former 'normal life' will never return.


It can't and it shouldn't...


That life was filled with corruption and lies, making it almost impossible for the common person to succeed.


No matter how hard they tried, half the money they earned was taken from them to pay the empire.


You were the prey...

With the house arrests and loss of jobs, the ruler criminals became even richer on your loss.


And all of it was based on twisted information and outright lies - every bit of it...







The good thing about the stay-at-home dictate is that people spent more time on the Internet.

They were introduced to the alternative news outlets.


They saw the research and they began questioning things they had never questioned before.


In a word, the controller's grand plan for total control of everyone and everything began to backfire.


Their scare tactics were beginning to wear off as more and more people realized they'd been duped.

Now, all these months later, with no let up on the restrictions, wearing face diapers that actually harm us, and following other absolutely crazy rules, plus the threat of an untested rDNA vaccine, I am delighted to see that millions of people have begun to come to their senses. 


They are asking valid questions such as:

  1. Where's the proof of this virus? CDC doesn't have any proof. In fact, they have not found a virus.

  2. Why is the PCR test being used to create cases, when it does not test for a virus? It only makes a lot of something from a single something like DNA but it's not a diagnostic tool. A positive PCR test does not mean I have the Covid.

  3. Why quarantine healthy people?

  4. Why can't healthy people go to work?

  5. Why is it safe to shop at the big box stores but not safe to shop at mom and pop stores?

  6. Why are death rates for heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, intentional self-harm, etc., moved over to the CDC Covid column?

  7. Why the rush to vaccinate everyone before it's been proven safe? We are being experimented on and that's not right.

  8. What are the adverse effects of the Covid vaccine?




Of course, answers to these questions are censored.


Censorship shows how insecure the perpetrators are because they know the people are getting hip to their lies. So-called fact checkers say the answers are false information when the answers are in the official documents themselves!


By the way, these fact checkers are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who also funds the vaccine and other eugenics projects.


Now that millions of people are waking up to these things, we are on a strong road toward freedom.


But this is not the time to sit back and watch what happens. This is the time to take notice of the lies and balk at them every time and refuse to comply. Your local sheriff is your most friendly and strongest ally.


Did you know that American sheriffs are more powerful than governors and even more powerful than the President when it comes to their county?


If your sheriff doesn't know his or her power, then send your sheriff this book, "The County Sheriff - America's Last Hope Pamphlet - January 1, 2009"


Remember, rules are not laws. Laws can only be made by elected legislators, not state governors. Governors who claim their rules are laws are lying to you. 


They know better.





So many people are waking up and not complying with nonsense rules...

This is a great thing!


Because of this, we are less likely to end up living as slaves to individuals that are crazed with wanting to rule the world.


Because so many people are asking important questions and not taking lies for an answer, we are more likely to live as free individuals able to be with friends and families, enjoy outings, go to work, and see the end of fake manipulating media.

Where is Earth's timeline going...?


With so many people realizing this huge scam - the scamplandemic, as Joseph P. Farrell calls it - our timeline is heading back to its original track of prosperity and peace on Earth.

The crazed ones took us to their timeline and we have seen how tragic that has been...

Our original timeline is our inheritance, our birthright.


No one can take that away from us unless we give it to them. The more people that see through the lies that have been going on for generations, the more we are likely to live as free people.


There is nothing to fear, especially over this Covid lie...

Take your power back; turn off your television - in fact get rid of it.


Reduce your use of cell phones to lower the electromagnetic field damage to your body and mind.


Eat healthy food to reduce body and mental stress.


Walk every day, preferably with a friend. 


Love your neighbors and your family. 


Be kind to others.


Ignore the haters and manipulators. They have no real power over you...

These are the signs of a new world emerging, the one we were meant to have, not the Klaus Schwab Great Reset or New World Order...

"For the common good," is nonsense.

This means if it isn't good for you that matters not.


The lives of the few are easily sacrificed for the whole. 

Who determines what the whole is...?

Your emerging world is one of prosperity for everyone; one with high spiritual awareness.


One where the primary law is,

"Do to others what you would have them do to you,"

...meaning each person is sovereign to live as they wish and they don't prevent anyone from being sovereign too.


This means that,

no one can force their will on someone else


no one can violate another's property


property is that which a person owns including their body, mind and soul...

In your emerging world, technology can soar to heights never before experienced.

Technology is great in the right hands. No more secrets. No more stepping on the backs of others for profit. All will be for the benefit of everyone.


We are the gifts, the power, the genius, the brilliance, and the vision that has created everything we see around us.


We have the skills. The criminals don't.


All the criminals have done is to violate every natural law that exists.


They need us.


We do not need them, to live in health, peace and prosperity...