by Julian Rose
December 27, 2020
from GlobalResearch Website

Spanish version



The forces at work to subdue humanity into abject slavery are well aware of the rising tide of consciousness sweeping across our world at this time.


They know their own existence is under threat due to the rising momentum of the aspiration for truth.

The human being must now stand-up straight, mask-free and proud.


Because that is the only way he/she will be recognizable as a warm blooded, essentially compassionate living example of the species.

Those using the mask are already signifying obeisance to the lie.


The mask is a symbol of 'retreat into fear'.


What's more in the near future it will be revealed to be the cause of serious health problems in its own right.


This is, of course, one of its roles within the 'great Covid reset'.


The genocide disguised behind 'the mask of caring'.

Once the individual human being grasps the nature of this great deception, stands straight and declares herself/himself to be an expression of the divine omnipotence from whence all life emerges - and where all life is heading - then truly a new springboard for the flowering of mankind is announced.

For in our defeat of fear and all the ill-will presently being afflicted upon humanity, we will have vanquished the final obstruction to our emancipation and enlightenment.

All the 'elite' despotic criminals' plans for the future of mankind presently on display as,

...will dissolve away into nothingness once the light of this great awakening quickens and penetrates the veins of our living planet.

It is not a question of waiting for some 'outside event' to bring-about such a cleansing.


It is our courageous stepping forward in the fullness of our divine human nature which sparks the arousal of benign macrocosmic energies into their conjunction with our innately divine microcosmic mirror energies.

The two must come to meet if we are to be the creators of the real 'Great Reset', which is nothing less than the defeat of the darkest lies that imprison us - by the light of abundant truth.


The truth that sets us free...

Victory is assured.


Do not hold back.


Your soul awaits your command.


Rip away the coward's mask of victim-hood and cease hiding behind the falsification of your divinity.


Step forth, cast aside those who hold this world to ransom.

Brave spirit that you truly are, this is your greatest hour and our greatest victory...