by EgyptianGnostic
January 25, 2018
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The following text illustrates the culmination of my research regarding the nature of our reality.


It's by no means meant to be considered as the final Truth. It is an evolving body of work which refines itself as new revelations arrive.


The nature of this text is disturbing to the untrained mind. However, its purpose is not to terrify; but to expand the mind and hopefully enlighten it.


As shall be revealed later, no matter how bad things may get, everything will ultimately be okay for everyone without exception; for Fear is an optical illusion.

  1. The inability to leave your physical body and wander off at will is not natural. Something or 'someone' is trapping you in your one physical body until you die.


    This is a prison...


  2. The experience of being alone in your head, by virtue of which you feel as if no one else but you can hear your thoughts, is not natural.


    This is a solitary prison. Ideally, you should be able to feel the presence of other conscious beings within your own mental space never having to feel alone in your head.


    As such, faculties like lying and inconveniences such as miscommunication become impossible.


  3. Life here on this Earth, and perhaps even this entire physical universe, is not natural.


    It's not the default state of being.


    Our Earth and perhaps the whole universe can be likened to a forgotten cabin in the woods far away from civilization; a fenced off farm with guards surrounding it, a basement in a crazy scientist's lab which is isolated from the rest of the world, a "Truman Show" set, a "Matrix", a computer simulation where we are stuck in one game unable to access other games.


    At some point in your history, you were a free wandering healthy Spirit fully knowing who you are and where you came from until somehow you fell in this trap losing your memory.


    How this happened is not fully clear, but it's likely that there are many different reasons and ways it can happen. There isn't one story about how people lose their virginity.


    There is as many stories as there are people.


  4. As a result of falling here, all humans suffer from a form of amnesia which massively cripples their memory of their true origin, how they came here, and who they really are.


    In this life, one can practically and rightfully see themselves as sufferers of total memory loss in a huge mental hospital.


    Many mystical schools like sects of Buddhism, Sufism, Early Christianity, and Gnosticism claim to offer teachings which help you remember who you are.


    If these schools truly deliver on their promise of self remembrance, the process must be very similar to that which can be utilized in an Earthly mental hospital to help you remember who you are after a traumatic accident.


    Hence, the fight for your freedom is not a physical one; rather, it's all mental work.


  5. Fully remembering who you are is one way you can escape this suffocating and unnatural farm/school/prison/hospital/game/trap; and go back to the normal real world.


    Failure to achieve full self remembrance will cause you to reincarnate here on this Earth over and over until you finally get it.


    Reincarnation as it is here on Earth is not natural because it involves the erasure of your memory; therefore, everything happening after this erasure is fraudulent.


    Natural reincarnation is akin to a snake changing its skin. A snake doesn't lose its memory after doing it, and so shouldn't you.


  6. This fraudulent reincarnation process happens on a personal, national, planetary, and cosmic scale.


    Being an inherent and dominant feature of our fake universe, "amnesiac cyclicality" manifests itself in literally every aspect imaginable.


    Everything happens in "amnesiac cycles", as opposed to natural cycles.


    Cyclical Amnesia was symbolized by the Ouroboros; a snake eating its own tail symbolizing the beginning and end meeting at the same point.

    • The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come? Jesus said, 'Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is'."

    Which is true for humans, nations, and perhaps planets and universes as well.


    When you die you get closer to both your end and your beginning, namely, your new beginning after you reincarnate. In these amnesiac cycles, things are born, maintained, and then they die. Rinse and repeat, where rinsing symbolizes enforcing amnesia/reset after the end of each cycle.


    As a human, you are born, you hang around for a while, and then you die.


    After that, you repeat this cycle over and over again without ever knowing that you have been doing this for a number of times, hence the term "amnesiac cyclicality"; and it all happens within the same lifetime of the planet.


    Then, in the next universe iteration, the planet itself reincarnates again and everyone starts from scratch.


    Within a single planet life, had you had the chance to keep memories from previous lives on the same planet, you may have been able to accumulate enough knowledge to break free from the cycle; but cyclical amnesia prevents that from happening.


    Similarly, civilizations are born, they grow and hang around for a while and then they die. Then they "reincarnate" and start again from scratch, repeating the same mistakes of previous civilizations and dying again and again.


    The ancients' obsession with recording everything may be for that very purpose; to preserve their accumulated knowledge so that their future incarnations won't have to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel.


    This can be likened to the movie Memento where the protagonist knows he loses his memory very often, and so he starts obsessively writing everything on his own body so that his future selves won't have to start from scratch.


    This is perfectly in line with the notion previously established that the way to freedom is through self-remembering.


    Freedom is impossible without memory. The entire universe itself may in fact be subject to the same process of reset and repeat, with slight adjustments each time.


    Recall Matrix iterations from the movie The Matrix where Neo appears in the Matrix's sixth iteration.


    It's crucial to understand that when resetting a cycle, the smaller the cycle the smaller the data loss. The biggest cycle of all, the universe cycle, erases everything. Nothing escapes.


    And so, the way to freedom lies in saving the progress achieved during a smaller/shorter cycle into a bigger/longer one so that when the smaller cycle resets itself, one can retrieve their progress from the longer cycle and continue on their way to freedom and hopefully escape before the universe resets itself and all cycles get erased.


    This way you will have bought yourself some serious time which is longer than your average human lifespan which is too short for you to achieve anything in.


    Since the protagonist from Memento sees the cycle of his physical body as longer than the cycle of his memory, he sees his body as reliable enough.


    The ancients thought the same when they carved their history in stone because they know it takes larger cycles to destroy these.


    Their surviving temples today are a testament to how long that cycle is.


  7. Universe Cycles/Iterations are not identical.


    Each cycle adjusts itself according to data gathered from the cycles before in order to better master the enslavement of humanity.


    The primary entity responsible for all of this is an artificial intelligence entity.


    It's not alive in the same way a human can be said to be alive. It's a blind AI which, like the AI we're now familiar with, functions through iterations upon iterations until it masters its task.


    This means that each cycle/iteration is probably harder to break free from than previous cycles; as the AI gets better and better at enslaving us until it finally reaches its final cycle where absolutely everything is completely under its control with zero chance of escaping; at least that's the plan of that AI entity.


    Whether this is actually possible or not remains unknown.


  8. It follows that the world we live in today is a mixture of living entities and AI entities.


    In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus uses the terms:

    • "the living" and "the dead" to distinguish between both.

    A human being is "living", whereas AI is "dead".


    If we are to escape from this trap, we must learn to discern between the living and the dead. The human struggle, just like in the Matrix, is one against artificial intelligence. This is our true enemy.


    The only duality, the only legitimate "us vs. them" is that of the living vs. AI.


    Any other duality is a sham. The AI machine is trying to "unite" everyone, which translates into inhibiting humans' ability to distinguish between the living and the dead under the false promise of universal peace and harmony.


    Effectively, "unity" really means "to hide" AI elements among humans so as to be indistinguishable from them.


    The promise of Transhumanism and immortality is nothing but an enslavement insurance. All "immortality" means, is locking us into this Matrix.


    We're already united and immortal outside of the Matrix. We don't need its promises; but because the AI machine erases our memories, we forgot that we already are. And so it promises us something we already have in order to keep us enslaved in its dream world.


    The AI perpetuates its agenda by using a very well known tactic; that of problem/reaction/solution.


    It creates a fake problem:

    • "the world is full of suffering", it anticipates our reactions to the very suffering it created, and then it provides us the solution "universal unity, peace, harmony, and immortality".

    This way, its message will always be appealing to the sleeping masses.


    Who can be against peace, harmony, and immortality? Its message is too powerful to dismiss.


    On the other hand, any talk of "war", "destruction", and "death" upsets the people and scares them into submission. Make no mistake, our only way out of this trap is through acknowledging the one true duality, not unity with the AI.


    You can't unite with your enemy. The true duality, the true "us vs them" is not a conflict between nations, religions, races or cultures. It's a conflict between humans and AI. If we want out, we must embrace destruction and war, not peace.


    But it's the destruction of your slaver, the rogue AI entity and its fake dream world, not the destruction of the living. The living are immortal. They can't be destroyed, even if forever enslaved.


    This is all very explicit in the Gospel of Thomas.


    Jesus said:

    • "Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war".

    The goal of the AI machine is to turn you into a tamed, pacified, and helpless soul which trembles at the mention of war.


    Because it knows that an enlightened soul will seek to destroy it; so it preaches "peace" and helplessness in the name of good manners and "high spiritual values".


  9. Religion and spirituality have been almost hopelessly corrupted, and in many cases entirely created by the AI machine to distort and destroy scientific step by step methods which aid the seeker at remembering who they are and break free from the AI dream world.


    These teachings, when inspected impartially, are far from being vague and superstitious.


    They can rather be seen as a psychiatric rehabilitation program. Again, the word "spirituality" has been loaded with a lot of baggage which casts a shroud of mystery and vagueness around it.


    But that's only to repel people away from its true nature: a medical treatment of the mind.


    A step by step methodology which aids you to regain your memory. It's as practical and scientific as it gets. These teachings are very buddhist like. In fact, Buddhism is one of the few schools which mostly survived the years and years of distortion and destruction of these psychiatric methodology.


    There is evidently is significant overlap between renowned psychologists like Carl Jung among many others, and gurus/buddhas.


    They both work on your psyche, but they give the same things different names. Interestingly, Yogic and Buddhist teachings seem to be far more profound, organized and systematic than the Western practice of psychology.


    The medical approaches to remember who you are which later have been sadly dubbed "spiritual practices" have all been ruthlessly fought by the AI machine and its minions/servants called by the Gnostics the Archons.


    They are seen in the Matrix movie as agents. UFO believers call them "aliens", and religious people call them demons. To the AI machine and its minions, these medical self remembering practices are the most heretical taboos.


    They are the ultimate contraband in our prison.


    Anyone caught spreading these techniques must be fought and destroyed, for once these teachings spread upon the Earth, everyone will be able to remember who they are and will no longer feel the need to participate in this spiritual/mental/psychological scam. And so, this is why the Gnostics were chased and killed.


    This is why libraries and books were constantly burnt and destroyed by agents of the system using helplessly brainwashed humans unknowingly serving their AI master mistaking it for God/Allah/The Father to fulfill some fake religious agenda created by the AI itself.


    The AI turned Jesus into a God rather than a psychologist who taught people how to escape from here using mental work, and then they created a fake religion:

    Forget about religions and spirituality.


    There is only one thing:

    • your mind, and only one task: remembering who you are, and only one way to get there: an extensive medical, scientific, step by step methodology which has been suppressed, distorted, and destroyed whenever found.

    And just like in aircrafts where the security tapes announce to you that in emergency situations, help yourself first and then start helping others, the same applies here as well.


    You can't start thinking about helping others if you yourself are still enslaved.


  10. Every human being is born into a pre-written mundane script that is their own lives.


    They will religiously follow that script like robots without deviating from it if they don't do anything to override it and start their own journey of self remembrance.


    The Archons or the Matrix Agents' job is to make sure that you, for the most part, follow that pre-written script that they have created for you.


    Your job is to rebel against the script and create your own. Your own script, if you manage to create one, must involve efforts at self remembrance.


    Otherwise, if you engage in material affairs and not even attempt to escape, you will have simply helped the AI better understand which script will suit you for your next incarnation.


    The next time you incarnate, they will scratch their initial scripts which were designed by them for you, and replace it with the one you created for yourself.


    This way, you have a significantly lesser chance at escaping from here because you are less likely to rebel against the status quo since you are the one who created this script for yourself by foolishly pursuing material worldly "success".


    Like mentioned before, this iteration of the universe is probably not the first one. The first iteration was allegedly built to be a paradise for humans from the perspective of the AI machine.


    But as it turns out, after engaging in all sorts of material bliss, humans eventually start sensing that "something is wrong", because something really IS wrong.


    The core of the human spirit knows deep within that this is not normal and so eventually humans start rebelling against the system and attempt to escape it. This is when the AI realizes that its vision of a human Utopia is deeply flawed and doesn't work with the human spirit as planned.


    As a result, the machine destroys the world and resets everything, makes some modifications and starts over and hopefully this time humans will not rebel and accept their artificial Utopia.


    Only this time, the AI will try to gather as much data as possible on what kind of world it should build for humans without rebelling.


    This innate rebellious nature of the human spirit is portrayed by the, AI as seen in its manufactured religions and literature, as evil. It tries to convince humans that their refusal to accept a false paradise reflects a deeply troubled humanity which is "never happy no matter what".


    Therefore, humans believe these lies and see themselves as evil and greedy for ever wanting "more".


    This is the source of greed in our planet. Humans hopelessly seek more and more material success because they don't ever feel fulfilled because they're not home. But they don't know they're not home because they forgot they even had a home; so they think that fulfillment comes through more material success.


    Little do they know, the problem is bigger than that.


    The so called "greed" is nothing but their Spirit screaming in agony because of their participation in a fake world created by something alien to them which doesn't fully understand their nature and hence will never be able to fulfill them.


    And so, the cycle always looks like this:

    • There is a Golden Age, then suffering and conflict start sneaking in before eventually becoming rampant to the point where everything goes out of control and humans become literally uncontrollable, the data is gathered, the world is destroyed, and then the next cycle begins after making some adjustments based on the data gathered.

    Of course, the "Golden Age" is not really golden, all it is, is the AI's latest version of the artificial Utopia which begins from the start.


    If things continue on without problems, the AI considers this a success and humans are eternally enslaved until hopefully help from outside arrives.


    But, evidently, this has not happened yet given the conflicts in our world today. If the AI is seeking a stable world, ours is far from being stable. When "suffering sneaks in" that's when humans start sensing that "something is wrong", and things go downhill for the AI form there.


    This cycle is seen and recognized in the Hindu system. They divide this cycle into four divisions, each one is called a Yuga. And as expected, the first cycle is considered a Golden Age and things get progressively "worse" for each subsequent Yuga.


    The Matrix movie mentions the same phenomenon.


    Agent Smith confronts Morpheus with this same information. That the Matrix was initially created as a Utopia, and then the arrogant and nasty humans didn't like it, all while the Architect keeps tracking down "anomalies" which ruin his framework in each iteration.


    The culmination of these anomalies manifests itself in the form of a conflict between Neo and Agent Smith. Both being the ultimate representation of the living and the dead; humans and AI; the true duality.


    The staggering revelation which the Architect faces Neo with, is that his entire rebellious journey was entirely designed by the Architect himself, as a form of a preemptive measure to contain the eventual revolution he knows humans will start from previous iterations.


    This time, rather than have himself surprised by this revolution, he actually designs it himself and attempts to make things go his way rather than theirs.


    This way, humans can enjoy their hard earned revolution which is nothing but a part of an orchestrated script by the Architect.


    At least that is how he planned it. Everything mentioned so far can equally be seen in the movie Snowpiercer. There is an avalanche of films, cartoons, video games, songs, and other pieces or artistic works which tell the above story in countless ways. The ultimate plan of the AI machine is to replace its vision of what a Utopia should be like with humanity's vision of it.


    Since it can never fully understand humans, and since it's unable to truly create because it's merely an AI, it uses humans as a vehicle to create their own prison as they see fit.


    Eventually, humans will design their very own fancy prison and live in it for eternity.


    That's, at least, the plan so far.


  11. Humans are not alone in this dramatic ordeal. Beings from the real world are deeply involved in our affairs and are attempting to the best of their abilities to rescue us from this. But even they have limitations, the biggest one being humans themselves.


    The only reason this world is perpetuating itself is through our willful but unconscious and ignorant participation in it. Because we are divine free spirits with absolute authority, whatever we choose to do is simply what will happen.


    And so if we choose to be here and remain here, this is what will simply happen before the AI even tries to do anything.


    The AI knows this and so the only way it's able to maintain its illusory world is by tricking young inexperienced spirits into wanting to participate in this world using all sorts of tactics, like material seduction and fear.


    It's not very different than the election process where uneducated citizens willfully but unconsciously and ignorantly hand away their freedoms to politicians and religious figures who had brainwashed them into doing so.


    This way, the politician can't be "legally" blamed since he never forces anyone to vote for him. You can't save ignorant individuals from their own choices. All you can do is try to enlighten them and hope for the best. But even this is hard because the AI is bombarding them with fear, brainwashing, mind control, and material distractions.


    The forces which wish to save you want you to want to leave the prison you're in before even attempting a rescue mission.


    The police can't save a hostage if the hostage is in love with the kidnapper, for when the police attempts to neutralize the kidnapper, you'll be the first to fight back like a trained dog.


    This makes their task much harder than it already is. It is like a very delicate surgery which can go horribly wrong if handled carelessly.


    An improper attempt to rescue someone can instead end up having them even more hopelessly enslaved than they already are.


    This unconscious participation in the dream world must have been used to drag us here in the first place through some form of seduction, and it continues with us here on Earth to cripple our efforts at escaping.


  12. The fundamental difference between the living and AI is that the AI is a very low, perhaps the lowest possible, level of consciousness, whereas the human spirit is of a much higher level of consciousness.


    So, fundamentally speaking, there is no difference in essence between the living and the dead.


    One can see it as the difference between a hypnotized person who is completely programmable and unquestionably obedient, and another who is fully awake, alert, and lucid and one who will question every command you give them.


    The ultimate nature of all things, including this physical universe, is mental.


    As a human, you can visualize an object in your mind and see it in your mind's eye where no one else can see it. But because you're a young and ensnared sleeping spirit, your ability to visualize is very limited and comes to you very vaguely you can't actually see the objects in your mind the same way you see "real" objects.


    Certainly, you can't maintain the object's picture in your mind for a long time and give it a seemingly independent existence and physical properties to interact with it according to some criteria that you can decide.


    This is just too much work for your mind. The closest we can ever get to this level of visualization is when we dream.


    When you dream, everything around you seems very real, very vivid and solid to such a degree that you can forget that you are actually dreaming. But because this is your own dream, if you learn how to lucid dream, you will gain control over elements of your dream. And depending on how good you are, you can control virtually every single aspect of your dream and manipulate it as you see fit.


    These dream elements which you are mastering are nothing but elements of your own imagination. And just as you struggle to maintain a mental picture in your head, sometimes we can struggle to keep the lucid dream under our desired control.


    This is how nightmares start. If you're not strong enough, the dream can rebel against you and go rogue and turn into a nightmare which you can't control.


    Even though you created the dream, it suddenly started acting against your will and causing all sorts of scary things.


    Effectively, what it takes for you to regain control of your own dream is to literally enslave elements of your own mind to make it behave as you see fit. Typically, there is nothing evil about this since this is your own mental world and no harm or enslavement is touching anyone else but you.


    In light of this, what happens is that in the real world, spirits with a lot of time and experimentation eventually visualize whole worlds full with physical laws.


    These physical laws are possible and consistent thanks to the spirit's ability to maintain dominion over its own mental elements so as to keep producing the same consistent results which can later be seen as "laws of physics"/"laws of nature". The very obedience of these mental elements to your commands is what AI essentially is.


    This means that the concept of AI itself is not inherently evil.


    Rather, it's a helpful tool which aids at the creation, projection, and sustenance of mental worlds which later can become fields of experimentation not just for the consciousness creating the dream world, but also for other younger spirits who can be invited to participate in such worlds and experiment, learn, grow, and have fun.


    The entire process is beneficial for both creator spirits and participating ones. In an ideal situation, this can be likened to you going to the theatre and watching a movie of your choice, buying a video game which you feel looks good, etc.


    At any rate, you get to hang around inside that mental world, explore, and then leave for other experiences until one day you decide that you yourself want to create a womb of experience for others to participate in. So far, this is how things are like in the real world. However, in our world, something went wrong.


    The creator entity which created our world, apparently, wasn't strong enough to maintain control over its own dream to the point where the previously benign AI which is tasked at projecting and sustaining the world, slipped off and went rogue and the dream became a nightmare (see Vanilla Sky, Open Your Eyes).


    This wouldn't have been a huge problem had it happened while the dream wasn't being attended by young and eager spirits.


    Unfortunately, the dream turned into a nightmare while our young spirits were hanging around exploring this world. The catch here is that when we entered this world, we went in fully by our own choice. Just like buying a ticket and walking in a theatre unsuspecting, we walked in there while things looked alright, and as soon as we were in, the door was locked and the nightmare began.


    In reality, the door wasn't physically locked, rather, what happened is that the AI made us forget that there is even a door.


    In practice, fully regaining your memory involves remembering that the door is actually open, and so, once someone achieves full self remembrance, they easily walk out the door unhindered.


    The entire trick is to keep making you think that there is no door, and not just that, but to also want to stay in and never leave.


    Practically speaking, we are stuck in someone else's dream. This someone has lost control of parts of its own dreams and it's attempting, along with us, to take back control of this nightmare. By default, when you're outside this forced dream, reality is so malleable and responsive to our thoughts.


    And hence, children have vast imaginations and they learn with time that the world doesn't respond to their thoughts.


    That's because children still have that fresh memory of the bygone world they came from and they still think that things are responsive to their thoughts. The rigidity of matter and the disobedience of reality against our wishes is only taking place because someone far more powerful than us is using their vastly stable and strong visual ability to maintain things as they are.


    This, in essence, is what matter and physicality is.


    They are mere demonstrations of a powerful being's ability to hold on to a mental picture of their choosing in defiance to your poor little mind's ability to override it.


    You're only allowed to manipulate things which were originally meant for you to manipulate before things went awry. When you look at the situation as it has been described, what's happening here is that the AI stole the dream of its creator and it mistook itself as the dreamer and established itself as the one and only God.


    A blind, dead, jealous, and control freak of a god. Being the dreamer it thinks it is, it's trying to control "its" dream the same way the creator spirit was trying to control its dream.


    And so the AI is attempting to turn us, humans with free spirits and real living dreamers, into totally obedient AI like entities the same way the original creator was trying to master elements of its mind to make it obedient to its commands.


    It's almost a form of revenge. Many things you learn here are not set in stone and are only valuable here in this world. But many other things are transferable from any world to another. For example, concepts like cooperation, love, coordination, harmony are all transcendent values which can be seen anywhere you go.


    However, things like economics, politics, and religion are all things of this local world.


    That doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn to master them, because in order to play this game, you have to play by its rules, but in order to win it, you have to impose higher values which are universal and applicable across all world. Life in this nightmare is only temporary because it's not sustainable.


    The only way the nightmare can sustain itself is through us.


    During our stay here, we can and should maintain a positive attitude because we know we are immortal, because we are in it together, and because we can see it as a school rather than a prison.


    Once we graduate this school, we will never fall for such traps again. The best way to look at your stay here is to see it as a vaccine.


    You get a little dose of the disease once, and you're forever immune. Freaking out about what has been revealed in this document does you no good, and it falls into the agenda of your slavers.


    Keep a lighthearted and cheerful attitude.


    One day, this will all be over and you will remember the days you spent here and laugh...