by David Icke

August 2020







If you don't know who you truly are,

you'll never know what you really want.

Roy T. Bennett

Dictionary definitions of 'conscious' include:

'The state of being aware of, and responsive to, one's surroundings'; and 'the state of understanding and realizing something'. My definition for the purposes of this book is going to be very different.

I am making a clear distinction between what I will call 'mind' and 'consciousness'.


I will use the term 'mind' and 'Body-Mind' to describe the perception of five-sense reality and 'consciousness' for expanded awareness beyond the walls - firewalls as we shall see - of the five senses. From this perspective those two official definitions can be seen in another way.


Take the first one:

'The state of being aware of, and responsive to, one's surroundings.'

Okay, but aware of what surroundings?


Perceived 'surroundings' (quite the wrong term as I shall explore) are actually illusory when compared with how we appear to experience them. The world is not 'solid', for example. It only seems that way to senses that are not consciousness in its prime form. Our five senses, or information decoding systems, 'sense' our 'surroundings' while not in the widest meaning of the word being 'conscious' or 'aware' of what those surroundings are.


If that was the case we would see through the illusions and mind-trickery to perceive the world as it really is. Then there is that other definition of conscious:

'The state of understanding and realizing something.'

Can anyone truly understand anything, never mind something, when we appear to be experiencing a 'physical' world of 'solidity' which is, in fact, neither? How can we understand anything in the world if we don't understand the nature of the world?


We can't and yet all the institutions of human society are making decisions and forming perceptions based on an illusory reality which is nothing like the one they think they are living 'in'. How can such decisions and perceptions be anything except skewed and misguided?


These are the same institutions of education, science, medicine, politics and media etc. from which all but a few glean their perceptions and make their decisions. Put all that together and it captures in its totality the meaning of the phrase 'the blind leading the blind' or, as I would put it, the unconscious leading the unconscious.


Five-sense mind is not conscious in my definition so much as sensory - 'relating to the physical senses'. It doesn't perceive and instead decodes. I will explain the hows and whys as we go along. This entrapment in five-sense perception is why so many (especially in academia, science and medicine) only believe in what they can see, touch, taste, smell or hear - sense, decode. They are not conscious beyond sensory self.


By my definition, therefore, such people are unconscious and slaves of five-sense mind.


Our senses are not conscious any more than a computer is conscious when it decodes data and presents it on the screen in a form that we recognize.

Figure 16:

The symbolic - but very accurate - depiction of the human plight.

The computer operator (consciousness) becomes disconnected

from the computer (Body-Mind) which is then programmed

with false perceptions of everything to secure mass human control.

(Image Neil Hague.)

Figure 17:

Who are we? We are awareness, a state of being aware.

The body is only a temporary vehicle for a brief experience

by that awareness as a 'human'.

Figure 18:

We may experience ourselves as 'individual',

but we are all expressions, too, of the same infinite flow of awareness

that at one level I will call 'The Field'.

(Image Neil Hague.)

Figure 19:

When our point of attention enters the human frequency band

we should be guided from our expanded levels of consciousness.

Instead most are manipulated to operate only in the realm

of the five senses where the Cult controls what they see and hear.

The result is 'physical' enslavement through perceptual enslavement.

(Image Neil Hague.)


What I am calling 'conscious' is that which operates beyond the merely sensory.


You could think of this as the person sitting at the computer with the keyboard and mouse while sensory mind is the computer which should be responding to that input (Fig 16).


When a computer virus infiltrates a system and takes it over - takes 'possession' - the operator is tapping the mouse and banging the keys without response. The computer takes on a life of its own with something else seizing control. I say this is what has happened to humanity. A 'virus' - the Death Cult and it's non-human masters - have infiltrated human perception and essentially disconnected sensory mind (Body-Mind) from expanded awareness.


We are not our body or sensory perception. They are only experiences for the True Self which is simply awareness - a state of being aware (Fig 17).


Everything in all existence is consciousness, the same consciousness in different states of awareness, and we, like everything, are an expression of that state of Infinite and Eternal Awareness (Fig 18).


Our expression or point of attention is currently having a brief experience called human and our Body-Mind (the symbolic computer) is the vehicle for that experience. Humanity has been manipulated by the Cult to forget our true nature and identify with the 'me' of the five senses and all its illusory labels and sense of apartness and division (Fig 19).


We are meant to retain a connection to the True 'I' (the hands on the mouse and keyboard) and we can open our minds potentially to Infinity itself.

When our minds are closed that influence is lost to our experiencing awareness, or Body-Mind, and we becomes isolated in the 'Bubble' within which our sense of reality is dominated by five-sense perception (Fig 20).


Instead of being influenced by our expanded levels of awareness we become mesmerized by information constantly fed to the brain and five senses by Cult-controlled media, politics, science, medicine and academia while all except a few in those professions have no idea they are serving a Cult-directed agenda.


They are as perceptually mesmerized by their Bubbles as everyone else. Perceptions within the isolated 'Bubble' are programmed to sense reality while not being conscious of reality and this allows the Cult to impose its will via manipulated ignorance on human experience. From this has come the collective madness of war, division and conflict of every kind and this possession of Body-Mind is planned to be completed through the mass-connection of AI to the human brain.


That would take us beyond mere perception programming to full-blown assimilation into artificial intelligence and the force behind it. I don't mean assimilation of the True 'I', but of the five-sense Body-Mind Bubble isolated from True 'I'.


It's like a virus taking control of an entire computer network by bypassing and disconnecting the operators (True 'I') and connecting the system to another source (the Cult and its masters in the unseen). Everything is conscious because everything is consciousness manifesting in infinite states and forms.


Not everything, however, is equally conscious and hence my distinction in this book between what I am calling Body-Mind and consciousness. Observe humanity for five minutes to see multiple states of awareness.


Sensory mind is a form of awareness which is incredibly limited in its perception of reality compared with consciousness beyond the Body-Mind Bubble.


Figure 20:

The whole foundation of human control

- isolation in the Bubble of perception.


What is this 'God'?


Figure 21:

Our 'individual' awareness

 is Infinite Awareness experiencing itself.

We are the 'individual' and the whole.


We are a point of attention within an Infinite state of awareness/consciousness that some refer to as 'God'.


I don't use that term with all its religious connotations and diversions.

For those who do, we are not apart from 'God'; we are a part of 'God'.

We are a unique point of attention through which Infinite Awareness, or 'God', can infinitely experience itself (Fig 21).


Infinite Awareness means Infinite Possibility and Infinite Potential for Infinite Experience. We are all expressions of the same consciousness and separation is a five-sense illusion that the Cult works so hard to maintain.


American cosmologist Carl Sagan said:

We are a way for the universe [I prefer The Infinite] to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from.


We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff.

Figure 22:

Humanity is entrapped in perceptual Bubbles and programmed

by Cult-controlled mainstream information sources operating in the Bubble.

Isolate and program.

What is 'human' except a state of awareness experiencing itself in multiple ways?


The level of awareness of the 'part' is decided by the strength of connection that it has to the whole. The more we lose a perception of self-identity with the whole (I am Infinite Awareness having a human experience) and perceive ourselves to be isolated random 'labels' (I am Ethel on the checkout or Charlie at the drive-through) the more the connection and influence of Infinite Awareness is lost and we become trapped in illusion and forget who we really are.


This can be accurately symbolized as living in a Bubble of isolated Body-Mind in which the perception of everything is formed only from the information available within the Bubble (Fig 22). Beyond its walls lies infinite possibility, potential and awareness that would give you a completely different understanding of who you are and where you are.


The Cult works incessantly to keep humanity entrapped in the Bubble because only then can its will prevail. Isolate Body-Mind from expanded states of consciousness and program Body-Mind with the perceptions and self-identity that allow the imposition of mass servitude.


Crucial to this is to use the inner-core of the secret society network to communicate the nature of reality through the generations of the Cult while keeping that knowledge from the target population.

Descriptions of Infinite Reality that I have outlined here can be found throughout history long before the Cult instigated mainstream 'science' to tell us that we are all random cosmic accidents, that consciousness only comes from the brain, and death is the end. The perceptual outcome of promoting this nonsense has been to embed the belief that we are not an eternal expression of an infinite whole and only a meaningless assembly of randomly-evolved cells.


We are told by 'experts' that the brain is the origin of consciousness and life depends on the brain being active. When it's not then consciousness ceases to be. Selling this Bubble illusion is an essential precursor to mass control.


Cult-created 'education' and academia download this baloney to each generation of young people who largely pass it on to the next generation. Academia and this-world-is-all-there-is 'scientists' have themselves downloaded the same script (otherwise they would never get the job) and their funding and authorities demand that this is what they teach to others in a perpetual-perceptual motion machine in which ignorance speaks lies unto ignorance and calls it 'education'.


For those who won't buy this perceptual program there is the associated entrapment of religion in which some have eternal life if they do what 'God' (the Cult) demands while others are condemned to the Fires of Hell for having a mind - or consciousness - of their own.


Religion in a sentence:

'Do what 'God' (we) say or you'll be in deep shit.'

Ancient cultures across the world knew that consciousness is eternal and their societies were founded on that understanding in the thousands of years before Cult 'science' and religion dropped in to tell and sell another story which was imposed by Cult-orchestrated colonization from Britain and Europe.


The Cult headquartered itself in Britain (hence the British Empire) after its journey of the centuries out of Sumer and Babylon (today's Iraq), Egypt, Asia, and elsewhere.


Italy and Germany are other major Cult centers (so is China) and it expanded into North America with colonization while establishing itself in the pivotal land of Palestine through Sabbatian-Frankism with the creation of Israel (see The Trigger).



Unravelling the illusion


Figure 23:

The foundation of human reality is information

 encoded in wavefields and the illusory 'physical' world

 is a decoded projection of that information.

Figure 24:

A computer decodes information from Wi-Fi radiation fields

 in the unseen into images on the screen that we can see.

Figure 25:

The human brain and five-sense decoding systems

do the same by transforming unseen wave information

 into holographic, illusory 'physical', information that only exists in our 'heads'.

 (Image Gareth Icke.)

Figure 26:

Different parts of the brain specialize in decoding different senses

 and fits them together to form perceived reality.

 (Image Neil Hague.)

Before I explore reality more deeply I should summarize the illusory 'normal' that we are told to believe in.


This requires us to accept that what we appear to be experiencing is really what we are experiencing. Official reality is what the five senses are manipulated to believe in. Can I see it? Check. Hear it? Check. Touch it? Check. Smell it? Check. Taste it? Check. Okay, it exists then. But does it in the form that we think it does? Are we and the world really 'physical' and 'solid'? No.


The sensory system of the five senses is a decoder of information in the same way that a computer decodes Wi-Fi into a very different form on the screen. The five senses decode information in a particular way (again like a computer) which reflects what they have been encoded to do.


A computer decodes information from electronic circuits and Wi-Fi electromagnetic radiation fields into pictures, colors, graphics and text on the screen as radio and television broadcasts transmit sound and images in waves which the television decodes (Fig 23).

We perceive the Internet to be what we see on the screen when in fact the only place the Internet exists in that form is actually on the screen. Everywhere else that same information is expressed as electronic circuits, codes and Wi-Fi fields. Our human reality also consists of electromagnetic Wi-Fi-like wavefields of information and we are interacting with those fields as a computer interacts with Wi-Fi.


A computer is encoded to decode Wi-Fi wave information to produce what we see on the screen while the five senses, in league with the brain, are encoded to decode information from radiation wavefields to produce the reality (the sense of reality) that we perceive as the 'physical world' (Figs24 and 25 on previous page).


The foundation of our reality and the human self is not 'physical'. It is wavefield information (keep thinking Wi-Fi) which the five senses decode into the 'world' that we think we are experiencing as physicality. Observe each of the senses and you will see that this is true. They decode wavefield information into electrical information which is communicated to the brain to be decoded into what we experience as the physical world.


There are specific areas of the brain that process input from each sense and these sources are then combined to construct what we believe to be human reality (Fig 26). Our sense of everything in terms of physicality and solidity is an illusion of this decoding process. What appears to be physical is really holographic - illusory physical. Holograms give the appearance of solidity while being anything but solid.


This illusion can be seen in today's holographics which can look as solid as you and me when in fact they are energetic projections that have no solidity. I'll cover this in more detail in the next chapter. Only at the end of this wavefield-electrical-digital-holographic decoding process does the 'external' world exist as we perceive it (Fig 27).


Nor is holographic 'physical' reality actually external to us despite what our senses may tell us.


The 'world' that we experience apparently 'outside' of us only exists in that form in our heads - the brain. In the same way information on the screen of a computer only exists in that form inside the computer. I have heard scientists claim that the senses de-construct an external reality and then re-construct it in the brain.


This is absolutely not the case and anyone taking even a cursory look at well-established evidence will see that. Our experienced reality, as acknowledged by more aware scientists, is like a computer screen which hides all the codes, circuits and pixels which make the sound and images possible.


In our case those codes, circuits and pixels are information (consciousness) waves that when decoded form our illusory 'physical' reality.


Figure 27:

The human decoding system transforms wave information

into electrical information which becomes digital

and holographic information - the illusory 'physical' world.

(Image Neil Hague.)

Figure 28:

The foundation of the human body

and everything in our reality is information encoded in wavefields.

The foundation of our reality - including ourselves - is wave information fields which are expressions of consciousness and so everything is conscious in some form. Information encoded in the wavefield of a tree is what makes it a tree and not a flower or a thorn bush. What is a 'tree' in a virtual reality game?


It is information encoded to be decoded by the computer into the form of a tree. Every expression of form, every thought and emotion, transmits different wave frequencies that reflect the information the waves represent and contain. Form is information - waveform information.


What is encoded into the human body wavefield makes us appear 'physically' human (Fig 28).


Our reality is the sum total of all these wave information fields within the frequency band of the human senses and I will refer to this totality as 'The Field' - the energetic 'sea' that connects everything while our senses tell us that each 'form' stands apart from all other 'form' with 'space' in between.


That 'space' is filled with the information (consciousness) of The Field which connects everything (Fig 29 overleaf). Wi-Fi technologically mimics 'The Field' and the reason for that will become clear later on (Fig 30 overleaf).


Body-Mind fields are interacting with 'The Field' in the same way that we take information from the Internet and also post information. The Field affects us and we affect it. We are The Field and The Field is us - we are indivisible.


The term 'We Are One' is not some trite esoteric phrase. It describes how everything in our reality and all realities is ultimately one field of energy/consciousness. Apparent division is an illusion of the way we experience reality. The key is to realize that everything is a wave information field which we decode into the 'world' that we think we live 'in' when 'it' really lives in us - Body-Mind.


Understanding the foundation wave nature of 'physical' reality is to truly grasp what is happening in the world as will become clear.


Figure 29:

Everything is connected with The Field

and wave-interacts with everything else through The Field.

Figure 30:

A portrayal of the now ubiquitous Wi-Fi fields

- a technological overlap of The Field

which operates basically the same.


Ears to hear? Tongues to taste?


Figure 31:

A falling tree (and everything else)

literally does only make a noise when we hear it.

Figure 32:

Everything is wavefield information in its base state

 - including food. 'Physical' food is decoded wavefield energy (information).

The hearing sense is the most obvious example of decoding waves into electrical signals.


Our ears receive wavefield information as soundwaves and transmit them to the brain as an electrical communication. Only when the brain decodes that information do we 'hear' sound. People talk about 'hearing' each other speak, but words don't pass between us - sound waves do. Words only manifest at the end of the sequence, not the beginning.


When we speak we are generating wavefields of information from the vocal chords and these soundwaves are decoded by the ears and transmitted electrically to the brain to be decoded into the words that we think we are hearing with our ears. We hear them in the brain and it's the same with all the senses.


Sound is silent to our senses in the form of sound waves until their information enters the brain. Take the example of a tree falling. A falling tree is an electromagnetic wave information field that impacts on the electromagnetic wavefield 'sea' or The Field.


A wave disturbance is generated in the 'sea' from this wave interaction and if no one is there to decode that disturbance a falling tree makes no noise. If an observer is present they will pick up the wave disturbance as electromagnetic (sound) waves and transmit these electrically to the brain to be decoded into the sound of a tree falling. Hence the question 'does a falling tree make a noise?' can be answered by 'only if you hear it' (Fig 31).


All five senses work this way. Food and drink as we perceive them are really energetic fields of information decoded by the senses into the form that we see and taste. The tongue sends electrical signals to the brain to become 'yummy' or 'what's this shit?' It is the brain that tastes within human reality and the same with sight, touch, smell and hearing (Fig 32).


There are pain relief techniques used today which involve blocking the point of pain from communicating electrically with the brain. Unless the brain decodes that signal into 'ouch' there can be no pain.


Food companies, well, they call it food, add taste enhancers to their products to trick the brain into decoding more taste than the 'food' contains. Car seats are now being designed to further trick the brain for health reasons into believing someone sitting behind the wheel is walking.


'Physical' reality is an illusion and the Cult knows this. It works constantly to stop you knowing to make you a sitting duck for its perceptual manipulation.


The famous scene in the first Matrix movie describes the world as it really is when the character Neo has his mind inserted into a computer program to be shown the illusory nature of physicality:

Neo: This isn't real?

Morpheus: What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

That's all it is and everything we believe to be real only exists in the brain or Body-Mind in the form that we experience.


British philosopher Alan Watts, who became well-known in America for his Western interpretation of Eastern philosophy, said:

...[Without the brain] the world is devoid of light, heat, weight, solidity, motion, space, time or any other imaginable feature. All these phenomena are interactions, or transactions, of vibrations with a certain arrangement of neurons.

Outside the brain none of these foundations of 'physical reality' exist in that form.


Mainstream scientist Robert Lanza describes in his book, Biocentrism, how we decode electromagnetic waves and energy into visual and 'physical' experience.


He used the example of a flame which emits photons, or tiny packets of electromagnetic energy, each pulsing electrically and magnetically:

...these... invisible electromagnetic waves strike a human retina, and if (and only if) the waves happen to measure between 400 and 700 nano meters in length from crest to crest, then their energy is just right to deliver a stimulus to the 8 million cone-shaped cells in the retina.


Each in turn send an electrical pulse to a neighbor neuron, and on up the line this goes, at 250 mph, until it reaches the... occipital lobe of the brain, in the back of the head.


There, a cascading complex of neurons fire from the incoming stimuli, and we subjectively perceive this experience as a yellow brightness occurring in a place we have been conditioned to call the 'external world'.


Illusion Confusion

Even movement is a decoded illusion. There is no movement?


You experience moving around in your dreams while you don't move at all. It all happens in your mind. You are lying in bed fast asleep. How can human experience involve 'physical' movement except as a holographic dream given that holographic 'physical' reality only exists in the brain? When people don headsets to play computer games they experience speeding along in a car or falling over a cliff while their bodies are sitting in a chair going nowhere.


A British newspaper writer described how the most striking aspect of playing such a game was the physical sensation of moving without really moving: 'My brain sends signals to my body that create the illusion that it's shooting around like a pinball when in fact I am stationary.' This is how the illusion of human movement works. Colors don't exist until they are decoded by the brain. Each color and shade is a unique frequency that requires decoding to 'see'.


Objects (wavefields) absorb some wave frequencies of color and reflect others. What they reflect we decode and 'see' as their 'color' and what they absorb we don't. All that we visually perceive is reflected light which is why we can't see in pitch black when objects (wavefields) have no light to reflect.


At the two color extremes black absorbs all light and appears black while white reflects all light and appears white. Other colours absorb some and reflect some which gives them their unique light representation that we 'see' (decode) as color. Rainbows are called a spectrum which comes from a Latin word meaning an apparition or phantom (hence 'specter').


That sums it up, really. In the same way that sound can only manifest when waves are decoded by the brain so visual reality can only manifest through the same process. This is the real foundation of the scientific concept of the 'Observer Effect' which says that 'physical' reality only exists in that form when it is being observed or 'measured'.


When it is not being observed/measured reality remains in its wavefield state and only becomes 'physical' when we look at it in some form even through a measuring device. One media headline said: 'Your entire life is an ILLUSION: New test backs up theory that the world doesn't exist until we look at it'.


Andrew Truscott, an Associate Professor at the Australian National University who has studied this phenomenon, said that at the quantum (smaller than the atom) level reality does not exist if we are not looking at it. He added that his team's experiments revealed how,

'...the atoms did not travel from A to B... and it was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behavior was brought into existence.'

Theoretical physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), the celebrated German pioneer of quantum mechanics, said that 'a path comes into existence only when you observe it'.

An article in Epoch Times described the findings of another experiment in an article headlined 'Your Mind Can Control Matter':

Atomic particles were shown to also be waves. Whether they manifested as waves or as particles depended on whether someone was looking.


Observation influenced the physical reality of the particles - in more technical language, observation collapsed the wave function.

Figure 33:

The white crest of a wave and the ocean

are the same body of water.

Humans and Infinity are the same body of consciousness.

They just take a different visual form.

Figure 34:

It all seems so 'real', but it is holographic illusion

 decoded from wave information.


Scientists have long pondered on the strange phenomenon that particles are also waves at the same time. That's impossible, surely?


They have to be one or the other? They don't when you appreciate that particles and waves are manifestations of the same information. They only appear to be different because of the form that information takes (Fig 33).


Waves are the foundation information construct and particles are their decoded holographic representation. 'Collapsing the wave function' is the act of decoding holographic reality which exists in another form at the beyond-human-sight quantum level. Quantum reality is waves of possibility and potentiality and the mind decodes that into holographic actuality.


Scientists say that 'physical' reality only exists when we observe it, but the term missing here is 'decode it'. Physical reality only exists when it is decoded. The act of observation triggers the decoding process. Human reality requires an observer to exist because the observer is making it exist in that form in the decoding system of the brain (Fig 34).


Waves ('non-physical') and particles ('physical') are different forms of the same field of information.


Scientist Albert Einstein said:

'The [wavefield] is the sole agency of the particle [matter].'



He's behind you!


Figure 35:

 'He's behind you'

and when observation decodes reality

true reality is always 'behind you'.

Figure 36:

 Look and see what's not really there

except in your 'head'.

 (Image Neil Hague.)

For reasons I have explained Einstein's contention has to be the case.


The 'observer' principle is like the classic scene in a British pantomime show when a character faces the audience and they shout that someone 'is behind you'. As the character turns around to check this out the person behind moves around as they do. No matter how many times the character turns what he is looking for is always behind him and so unseeable (Fig 35).


Move your focus in any direction and wavefield becomes hologram. We don't see what's 'behind you' (wavefield reality) because the act of observation triggers holographic decoding (Fig 36).


Writer Michael Talbot described in his book, The Holographic Universe, something he witnessed at a family party in which a stage hypnotist was invited to entertain the guests with some mind tricks. At one point a man called Tom was put into a hypnotic trance and told that when he was brought back to a waking state he would not be able to see his daughter.


The hypnotist asked the daughter to stand right in front of her father and the now apparently awakened Tom was asked if he could see her.

'No', he said, she wasn't in the room. He was, in fact, looking right into her belly as he sat and she stood. The hypnotist then put his hand in the small of her back and asked Tom if he could see what he was holding. 'Yes', Tom replied, bemused at such an easy question - 'You are holding a watch'.

He was asked to read an inscription on the watch which he did while his daughter was standing between him and the watch. A mainstream scientist would tell you that is impossible when the explanation is so simple.


The base form of the daughter's body was a wavefield of information operating at frequencies outside the human visual frequency range. Unless she was decoded into holographic form within the frequency band of Tom's eyes/brain she would not appear in her father's 'physical' reality. What's more if she wasn't in his mind holographically she could not block his view to the watch (Fig 37).


The hypnotic suggestion that Tom wouldn't see his daughter firewalled his brain's decoding system from reading his daughter's field and without that happening she would remain invisible to him. This is also a basic explanation for 'ghosts' which are wavefields of consciousness not connected to a human body field and thus cannot be decoded into 'physical reality'.


Most appear as ethereal and not 'solid' because of this although some can project a self-image so powerfully that they may appear to be 'solid', albeit briefly. Neo in The Matrix asks how he can appear to have a body while in a computer program connected to his brain and he is told that his mind is creating a 'residual self-image' - a 'mental projection of your digital self'.


In the context of a 'ghost' it's a mental self-image of the former digital self which will still be imprinted in the 'ghost's' wavefield. Even the illusory 'world' that the brain constructs is manifested from a fraction of the information we receive second by second.


The mainstream Wonderpedia science magazine said:

Figure 37:

If we don't decode something from the waveform

it cannot appear in our holographic 'physical' reality.

(Image Neil Hague.)

Every second, 11 million sensations crackle along these [brain] pathways...


The brain is confronted with an alarming array of images, sounds and smells which it rigorously filters down until it is left with a manageable list of around 40.


Thus 40 sensations per second make up what we perceive as reality.


Figure 38:

The process of decoding virtual reality games

is the same in principle as how we decode the 'physical' world.

Figure 39:

Like the 'physical' world it can seem so 'real'.

Forty sensations or bits of information construct our experienced reality from 11 million received and any gaps are filled in by what the brain believes should be there.


It's hysterical to think what reality is compared with the way we experience it. We can get some insight into the process of reality-manifestation with the ever more sophisticated virtual-reality games and systems which mimic technologically the way we create reality biologically (another form of technology if the truth be told).


Players wear headsets, earphones and gloves which allow electrical information and codes of the game to access and override the decoding of 'normal' reality and trick the same senses into decoding a fake reality (Fig 38). The mind-trick can be so effective that people react as if what is being played artificially to their eyes, ears and touch senses is real (Fig 39).


I have just described human reality and how its illusions are created.



The brain is an information processor


Figure 40:

The brain can decode frequency information from other realities

as it can decode frequency 'words' from the human vocal chords.

We only have to open our minds and breach the Bubble.

(Image Neil Hague.)

This sub-heading may appear to be stating the obvious. Of course the brain processes information.


Yes, on that we are in agreement. It's the wider context that produces the fork in the road that takes me and many in mainstream science in different directions. This involves the contention that consciousness (information) is not only processed by the brain but also originates in the brain. I seriously don't agree.


Oh, but different parts of the brain 'light-up' or switch-on when people are in various perceptual states. Okay, but does that happen because the brain is generating those states? Or because it is decoding those states through specialized areas of the brain related to those states while the information being processed originates elsewhere? I say the latter. Where does the information come from which the brain decodes into what we perceive as our thoughts, emotions and perceptions?


The question has multiple answers in that the nature and origin of that information can come from multiple potential sources. Those locked away in the Bubble will process information through the brain from within their Bubble while those who have breached the Cult's perceptual firewalls and accessed expanded awareness will process information from way beyond the Bubble.


As a result how they see themselves and reality will be dramatically different.


Put aside what you have been told about the brain for  a second and imagine it to be only a processor of consciousness and not the origin - 'you hum it, son, and I'll play it', as the saying goes. Information processed by the brain comes from wavefields of consciousness outside the brain and this can be confined to the five-sense 'Bubble' or be any scale of expanded awareness with which your mind allows itself to connect.


If you do access those expanded levels you are called crazy and insane by those in the Bubble. Information processed by the brain also comes from countless other sources including television, social media, personal experience and the ridiculously-named 'education' system.


The brain will process anything that comes its way so long as this myriad of potential information is delivered within the frequency band of brain activity. It will decode the sound (frequency) of the human voice and also information delivered from realities way beyond the realm of the human voice if minds open to that level of awareness (Fig 40).


When people say they 'hear voices in their head' they are describing the same phenomena as the brain receiving information delivered by the vocal chords as electromagnetic waves which it decodes into words.


The information can originate with another human or from dimensions of reality 'far away' (as with psychics or mediums). It can also be delivered in the form of waves generated technologically to infiltrate the brain's perceptions to misdirect and manipulate a target.


The Cult operates just such a system worldwide today as I will be describing. The brain is a receiver, transmitter and processor of information, not the origin, and it can be a challenge to discern what is 'you' and what is another source of the wave information you decode as thought and emotion.


There are ways of doing that though which I'll get into later.


Figure 41:

The brain becomes what it receives and processes.

The brain may be a processor of information, but it's not a neutral one any more than a computer is neutral when it has been encoded to process information in a particular way.


Program a computer to decode information 'A' and not information 'B' and that's what it will do. We call this a 'firewall' and they are employed in China to prevent the population accessing large swathes of the Internet that the Chinese dictators don't want people to see. The same can be done with the brain and a central factor in this is what is called brain 'placidity'. It was believed until relatively recently that once the brain was formed this was how it remained for life.


Scientists now know the very opposite is the case. 'Placidity' refers to how the brain changes the way information is processed in accordance with the information that it processes (Fig 41).


All information is delivered in the form of frequency. Every thought, emotion and perceptual state is represented by its own unique frequency and as the brain processes information it arranges its neuron networks to fire (decode) in the sequence those frequencies represent. The brain processes particular frequencies of information, thought, emotion and perceptual states and here you have the reason why different perceptions and behavior light-up different parts of the brain which are involved in processing those frequencies.


Consciousness via perception activates those parts of the brain and the brain does not activate itself.


The more the brain becomes dominated by flows of the same information, thought, emotion and perception (frequencies) the more its placidity will solidify the neural networks into a repeating sequence of processing ('firing' - decoding).


The only way this can be changed is through other information, thought, emotion and perception representing other frequencies which then, through placidity, change the sequence of processing. Perceptions are represented by frequency waves and create a self-fulfilling conscious and subconscious feedback loop in which we interact with The Field of possibility only within the frequency band that our perceptions represent. In this way our perceptions become our experienced reality.


The potential for mass manipulation is limitless when the Cult knows this and works to stop humanity knowing. Perception frequencies impact on the brain through placidity to dictate the way it processes information. In the absence of any change the brain goes on processing information in the same way.


Through this sequence solidified perceptions become self-fulfilling prophecies as the brain processes information to match the solidified perceptions and the subsequent neuron-firing sequence which comes from that. We see this in people unable and unwilling to explore another point of view or ways of looking at situations and subjects.


They say 'my mind is made up' (solidified neuron pathways), 'I am right' and 'the science is settled' when it blatantly is not.


Figure 42:

Perceptions create a self-fulfilling conscious

 and subconscious feedback loop in which we interact

with The Field of possibility only within the frequency band

that our perceptions represent.

The term 'a closed mind' is most apt.


People can break free anytime they make the choice to realize they are entrapped by their own unyielding perceptions that lead their brain to process information in ways that appear to confirm those perceptions (Fig 42). Round and round it goes again like a fairground ride apparently moving while going nowhere.


This is not helped by the system employed by Internet giants such as YouTube which recommend information based on your past viewing.


Hey look at this - something else to confirm what you already think. The very idea that we can form solidified perceptions while being aware of a fraction of 0.005 percent of what exists in the Universe is a fair definition of insanity.


Religions go even further and insist that all people need to know can be found between the covers of a single book within a fraction of a fraction of 0.005 percent of what exists in the Universe. As a measurement of crazy, that is world class.


It becomes clear why the Cult has always sought to control the information that people see and hear worldwide. Information dictates the way the brain processes information and becomes the person's sense of reality which, in turn, becomes their experienced reality.


There's a lot more about this to come in relation to current events which look very different from this perspective.



Time? What time?


Figure 43:

'Past', 'present' and 'future' are only perceptions.

All is happening in the same NOW.

I understand why people find it so difficult to comprehend that there is no time when 'time' is the very foundation of human society. Everything is driven by the perception of 'time' - time is running out, look at the time, how time flies and where has the time gone? Yet the only moment within the entirety of Infinite Reality is the NOW. There is nothing else.


What we perceive as past, present and future are all happening in the same NOW. I know that sounds incomprehensible to most people, but look at it from this perspective: Where is the 'present'? In the NOW.


Where are you when you think about the 'past'? In the NOW. Where are you when you think about the 'future'? In the NOW. Where does the perceived 'future' eventually happen? In the NOW. Where did the 'past' happen? In the NOW. There is only the NOW (Fig 43). As you read this book in what is perceived to be the 'present' all your thoughts and memories of the 'past' exist in your conscious and subconscious mind in that same 'present' as do all the wavefield perceptions that you will experience as the 'future'.


They are all vibrating in the same field of NOW. I see scientists speculating about how the future can affect the present or even the past. Some of their experiments make it seem that way when in fact 'past', 'present' and 'future' affect each other because they are all happenings and connections in the same NOW.


'Time' is a decoded construct of holographic reality. Wavefield happenings in the NOW are arranged in a holographic sequence by the brain so that one appears to follow another.


The apparent speed that Body-Mind runs this sequence leads to the perception of 'time' and our personal mental and emotional state affects how fast or slow 'time' appears to pass. When we are doing things we don't like 'time' seems to pass slowly while activities we enjoy make 'time' appear to pass quickly - 'My goodness, where's the time gone?' and 'Time flies when you are enjoying yourself'.


Einstein called this 'relativity' as in 'time' being relative to the observer - the observer or decoder again. He was describing this in terms of the speed and location of the observer relative to what was being observed, but it goes much deeper into the speed at which the observer processes information.


A sequence of events ('time') comes into existence only when we decode that sequence into experienced reality and the passage of 'time' is dictated by perception - one person says 'time is flying by' while someone even in the same room will say 'time is dragging today'.


Figure 44:

Different scenes on a DVD appear as past, present and future

when they all exist on same disc in the same NOW.

Our perceptions of them creates the illusion of 'time'.

(Image Neil Hague.)

Figure 45:

'Time' is real when you cross an invisible line

and change the 'day'?

Time does not exist.

We make it appear to exist.

(Image Neil Hague.)

'Time' seems to pass quicker the more information the brain processes and as ever more information is processed today, especially with instant news, social media and the Internet, 'time' seems to be speeding up for many people.


Studies with soldiers have shown how time is in the mind. Three groups were taken on a march of the same distance but at one point each was told they had been marching for different times even though they had not. One group was told the correct time or miles they had been marching; the second was told they had been marching for less time than they had; and the third was told they had been marching for more time than they had.


The fatigue of the three groups matched the time they thought they had been marching when the time/distance involved was the same. A movie on DVD exists in the same NOW and I think everyone could agree with that. We experience the movie, existing in the same NOW, as a sequence of 'time' as one scene follows another.


Where you are on the DVD will appear to be your 'present' while your 'past' is the scenes you have already watched and your 'future' is the scenes you have yet to watch (Fig 44). A DVD in totality in the NOW is still experienced as 'time' passing from past through present to future and that's how we experience the passage of 'time' when there is only the NOW.


Philosopher Alan Watts described 'individual' events as 'different sections of one continuous happening'. This is a good analogy, as with the DVD, and there is also the symbolism of experiencing a journey along a river as a series of moments in 'time' when the whole river exists in the same moment from source to sea.


Each perceived 'moment' following past 'moments' are really 'different sections of 'one continuous happening'. Time as we perceive it is quite obviously a human construct in that it involves clock-time which is so ridiculously manufactured that you can pass an invisible line called the International Dateline and instantly be in tomorrow or yesterday (Fig 45).


People in Australia enter each New Year long before those in the United States and yet if an American in his today calls an Australian in his tomorrow they talk in the same NOW.


The speed of ageing is connected to the perception of 'time' that doesn't exist except as a decoded illusion. While the body's wavefield stability remains the same the body hologram cannot change. Ageing is an interaction between mind and body. There is a sequence in the body blueprint that leads to a cycle from birth to death.


After all we wouldn't want to stay in this one band of frequency forever when there is infinity to explore. The speed of this 'ageing' sequence, however, is down to the mind and its perceptions. People think they must age in a certain cycle and period only because almost everyone else does.


Once again we have a self-fulfilling prophecy in which ageing is driven by the perception of ageing gleaned from experiencing the 'norm' of ageing.


This is a quote that captures the time-illusion theme:

Time doesn't exist, clocks exist. Time is just an agreed upon construct. We have taken distance (one rotation of the Sun), divided it into segments, then given those segments labels.


While it has its uses, we have been programmed to live our lives by this construct as if it were real. We have confused our shared construct with something that is tangible and thus have become its slave.

A slave to the Cult 'gods' and the manipulated construct of illusory 'time'; but we don't have to be.


Once we understand how the mind and a perception of 'time' interact we can start to control time. Top sportsmen and women already do this without realizing. Researchers at the University of London found that those taking part in sports involving fast movement of a ball (tennis, baseball, cricket etc.) are able to slow down time.


Their focus during play processes information so fast that its holographic movie sequence runs slower than the general population.


The crowd in a tennis match with their heads lurching left and right to follow the ball perceive one speed while the players are experiencing another. This allows them to accurately hit a ball which at 'spectator' speed would defeat them. You often hear it said about great footballers that they seem to have more 'time' than everyone else.


They do through the way they process information. They assess a situation on the pitch (process information) so fast that they can respond quicker than others who process (and so react) slower. Remember the game is happening in the minds of players and therefore it must be mind that decides the outcome.


When this is more deeply understood by the world of sport we will see performances of all kinds improve by amazing leaps.


The limit of sporting performance - as with life itself - is decided only by the self-imposed perception limits of the mind. There is an altered state that top sports people know well called 'the Zone'. I experienced it myself as a footballer and it is not confined to sport.


I go into the Zone when I am writing and during speaking events. In sport the Zone slows down 'time', the sound of the crowd dissipates to silence, and any nerves or worry about the outcome disappear. You access a level of awareness beyond what is called the 'conscious mind' which can be full of self-doubt ('You think too much').


What follows is a calmness and level of focus that is only interested in doing the job and not worrying about what the outcome will be. In these moments come the best performances which self-doubt and emotion can otherwise sabotage.



The speed of light? It's pedestrian


Figure 46:

The night sky seems so far away,

 but it only exists in that form in your brain.

What happened to 'space'?

(Image Neil Hague.)

Figure 47:

All existence shares the same 'space'

on different bands of frequency just as analogue radio

and television stations share the same 'space' without being aware

 of each other unless they are very close on the dial.

(Image Neil Hague.)

The collective programmed perception limit of speed and 'time' is the speed of light which we are told is the fastest speed possible.


What crap that will be seen to be. We live in an infinite reality of Infinite Possibility and there is no fastest or slowest anything. The speed of light at 186,000 miles per second (and the perceived physics associated with that) apply only to the frequency band of current human perception and even then they are malleable through the perceptions of consciousness.


The speed of light is only the inability of Body-Mind to consciously decode reality faster than the speed of light and there is a reason for that which I will be exposing. The already-measured speed of communication by consciousness is infinitely quicker than the speed of light - as in instant.


When cells from the same person were located 40 miles apart they responded instantaneously to changes in the other. This both revealed the myth about the speed of light and confirmed the truth about wave communication over what we perceive as enormous 'distance'.


Physicists led by Juan Yin at the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai estimated the speed that photons (tiny packets of light) interact at ten thousand times the official speed of light.


'Time' changes along with much else when you approach the speed of light and the limits of the Body-Mind decoding system within the human frequency band. Space and distance are further illusions of holographic decoded reality. Scan the night sky and everything you think you 'see' in the form that you think you 'see' exists only in your 'head' - the Body-Mind decoding systems (Fig 46).


In fact, it's not even your head but an area at the back of the brain where visual reality is decoded and your personal visual movie constructed. Computer games appear to have both time, as scenes change, and space in depth and perspective. Yet they are only codes written for the computer to decode. Space as we perceive it is defined by holographic form.


Where there is no form we call this 'space' and people think of this 'space' as 'empty' when it is a consciousness field full of information - The Field.


What we refer to as 'space' is only the absence of form or 'things' and it is absolutely not 'empty'. Infinity exists in the same 'space' where you are sitting or standing now while only an infinitesimal fraction can be perceived by the human decoding system (Fig 47).


We are told that light from stars travels billions of light years to get to us when there is no 'space' to 'cross' or 'time' to 'travel' except as an illusion of decoded perception. What you believe you perceive and what you perceive you experience.


Change what you believe and you change what you experience.



Evidence galore


Figure 48:

Enormous numbers of people have described

leaving five-sense perceptual focus and entering

a vastly different reality in a near-death experience.

We have evidence of other realities and levels of consciousness from literally millions of people living today who have had what are called 'near-death experiences', or NDEs.


This is when the body dies and people apparently experience their awareness being released to another point of observation outside the body (Fig 48 overleaf). Reality that I have outlined so far explains why near-death experiencers describe what they do. The number of NDEs must be many hundreds of millions and more throughout history with near-death experiences described in ancient Greek and Roman texts and medieval works.


Modern experiencers report how they see medical staff trying to revive 'them' (or rather their temporary vehicle) while being perceptually detached from the body. Many are able to accurately recall what staff were saying while 'they' were officially 'dead'. Many describe looking down on their body and no longer identifying with that as part of them.


NDEs have many common themes of passing through a tunnel (though far from always); meeting long-dead friends and relatives (often looking far younger than when they 'died'); and experiencing stunningly beautiful places while enveloped in indescribable love.


They report an extraordinary sense of calm and peace and how they felt free for the first time. Not everyone's life changes for the better after they return to the body, but that is the case with most once they have come to terms with living in a world they know is not what it appears to be.


One experiencer said:

'I don't fit in because I don't “toe the line” and just agree with things.'

This happens when you see through the illusion.


Others report feeling more tolerant, loving and compassionate and no longer obsessed with materialism and personal status. The most common trait of a near-death experience is that people no longer fear death. Humanity in general is haunted by the prospect of death when there is nothing to fear.


The Cult doesn't want us to know this when fear of death (fear of the unknown) has so many uses in pursuit of control (see the Covid-19 hoax). I have read a long list of near-death accounts over the years and the great majority are very positive. Rarely do you find people who prefer human life to what they experienced in 'death'.


They return because they are told their experience is not yet over or they don't want to leave children and other loved ones behind. Most are transformed by their experience and what it showed them about reality beyond the myopia of the body which focuses our attention within the minuscule frequency band of visible light. 'We' don't die - only the illusion does.


My own findings were confirmed by a team of scientists from the University of Liège in Belgium and Canada's Western University who found that in 158 written testimonies about near-death experiences positive responses far outnumbered negative ones.


Canadian paramedic Adam Tapp, who was clinically dead for eleven minutes, said:

'It was just like waking from a nap in a place I have always been and there was no fear or anything, just complete contentment and happiness.'


Figure 49:

 My mother's picture with the life-force

 that had departed her body at the time of 'death'

which was nothing more than a transformation

of her point of attention.

Figure 50:

Our experienced reality is like a torch light

 in a pitch-black 'warehouse' and all we perceive

is within its beam.

Figure 51:

When we leave the body it is like all the lights

of the warehouse are switched on and we realize

that reality is far greater than we thought.

Oh, just a little bit.

I went to the funeral parlor when my mother 'died' and saw her body lying on a table.


I touched her hand and it was cold and lifeless as you would expect; but alongside was a big picture of her which my brother Paul had arranged to have at the funeral and that picture was alive with energy and radiance (Fig 49). Cameras don't only record an image we can see. They capture the energetic life-force - the True 'I' - that takes temporary residence 'in' the body.


The life-force that I saw in my mother's picture which was no longer in her body - that's who we are. Switch off the electricity to a piece of technology and it 'dies' or ceases to work while the electricity itself, the life-force of the machine, continues to exist. A body devoid of its life-force decomposes because the energy sustaining it has gone.


A near-death experiencer described our world as like walking through a pitch-black warehouse with a torch when all you can see and be aware of is limited to the narrow beam of light (Fig 50). She said leaving the body was like all the lights in the warehouse are turned on.


You see the enormity of what you are and where you are when before you were aware only of that within the torch light (Fig 51).


Another constant theme of experience outside the body is the feeling of being at 'one' with everything and connected to everything. A near-death experiencer said he was aware of his hospital environment in Los Angeles and could also hear conversations of family members in India. He said he felt everywhere in the same moment.


This is what happens once our awareness is no longer focused through the visible light myopia of the body - the torch light - and we access the perceptual reality of waves that connect with other waves beyond the illusions of distance and time. There is still the 'individual' sense of self and at the same time the feeling of a seamless connection to all that exists.


This can be simply explained. We are a unique point of attention within a seamless flow of Infinite Awareness and we are both the 'individual' attention and the whole at the same 'time'.


Human disconnection from awareness of the whole as manipulated by the Cult means that 'incarnate' consciousness experiences reality from a sense of isolation and apartness - the Bubble (Fig 52).


A near-death experiencer described beyond-the-body reality:


Figure 52:

Burst the Bubble and freedom awaits.

...everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously.


I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of place.


I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.


Figure 53:

Religion is the greatest form of mind control

ever invented never mind which name may be

on the temple door.

(Image Gareth Icke.)

Figure 54:

Create religions and then play them off against each other

- and within each other -

to divide the target population into conflicting groups.

(Image Gareth Icke.)

Exactly. That is life beyond the limited focus and decoded illusions of Body-Mind.


Think how different our world would be if humanity realised that we are experiencing a temporary illusion or movie and that we are ALL expressions of the same Infinite whole in which, despite what our five senses may tell us, there is no time, sequence of events, limitation, distance, period or place and we can be anywhere we want to be simultaneously.


How would you pitch race against race, religion against religion, sex against sex, politics against politics and income against income if everyone knew these are temporary and illusory labels and experiences and that we are all each other? The Cult must perpetuate this illusion or its divide and conquer manipulation is over.


Religion is one of the greatest forms of mind control ever invented (by the Cult) and up there as the greatest form of divide and rule (Figs 53 and 54).


Do people really think that when they leave the body they are still Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, black, white, man, woman, transgender, rich, poor and so on?


Some may wish to believe so, but it's delusion. Are those suffering 'physical' or psychological handicaps still handicapped when they withdraw from a body where the handicap manifests? We need to urgently see the fundamental difference between the experience and the self.


That realization alone will change the world.



You are what you believe

Some near-death experiencers report amazing health transformations with even late-stage cancer disappearing.


They say pain goes with release from the body and that must be so. Pain is a phenomenon of the senses and not beyond-the-body consciousness in its infinite form. They describe how they can see, touch, hear, taste and smell without attachment to the five senses and in a far more advanced way. How can you see without the eyes of the body? It's all illusion.


Expanded awareness is aware across all 'senses' with no need for the perceptual confines of the body to allow it to see; but if incarnate awareness is so body-focused and programmed by the illusions of eye-only sight then it will experience that reality until it's released from the body. People see visions in states of meditation and altered states of consciousness when their eyes are closed. Do we think that we see our vivid dreams through our eyes?


Blind people describe how they could see once they leave the body. Blindness is the inability to decode visual information through the eye/brain connection within the human reality of visible light.


Once they withdraw from visible light they see with consciousness whose awareness is filtered out by body systems during a human experience. Other common themes of near-death experiences are 'life-reviews' when they feel the consequences for others of their actions - nice and not so nice.


Many describe having an infusion of knowledge about life and reality when they are released from the body information filter and consciously connected to awareness, insight and knowing that the Cult works to perceptually firewall. An experiencer returned with a deep knowledge of quantum physics that she didn't have before and had never studied. You can, however, access such information while in the body and I'll be describing how to do this.


Mainstream academics and scientists ignore this mountain of evidence from the experiences of multiple millions because it demolishes their version of reality. They work on the basis that if they can't explain it then it can't exist which launches self-deluding arrogance into the stratosphere.


I call it the arrogance of ignorance.

'What about the laws of physics?' they will cry.

What about them? They only apply in theory within the frequency walls of human reality.


They don't apply anywhere else and they don't need to apply here once we grasp what reality really is and how it really works. Manifestations of this are dubbed 'miracles' ('defying the laws of physics') when there is no such thing as a miracle - only understanding that Infinite Possibility means anything is possible.


All will become clear as the book proceeds.

Most people have blissful experiences when they leave the body, but some don't. Others see religious figures, but most don't. There are many reasons for these differences including the saying 'death is no cure for ignorance'. Near-death does not have to be a cure for perceptual programming, either, although it certainly can be.


If you believe that Jesus is your savior then you may see Jesus in a near-death experience and let's not forget that consciousness beyond the body is trying to communicate information and concepts to you. If you associate love with Jesus then that image may be used to symbolize love and give you comfort in a bewildering situation.


It doesn't mean there is literally a Jesus and of course no one knows what 'he' looked like even if he had been real. I don't believe for a second that he was, but I can relate to the character that appears in many guises and under many names in different cultures to be a symbol for expanded states of consciousness.


This would make sense of 'No one comes to the Father except through me' - only through expanded states of consciousness can you be aware of the Infinite Whole.


The basic 'Jesus' story was told in versions all around the world long before the period when 'Jesus' was supposed to live and each could be symbolizing states of expanded awareness. They represent a recurring narrative put into different historical and cultural settings using different names for the hero.


There is not even a physical description of 'Jesus' in the Bible.


The image that people have of 'Jesus' came from far later artistic imagination and interpretation and yet those who claim to meet 'Jesus' in near-death experiences see this classic version of 'him'. It's all in the mind, but then everything is.


The New Age 'Jesus' is called 'Sananda' and claimed to be an 'Ascended Master'.


Guess what?

He is portrayed in virtually the same way as the Christian 'Jesus'.

I don't accept the literal existence of 'Jesus', but as a symbol of expanded awareness, well, I'm open to that.


Your state of consciousness when you withdraw from the body will massively influence your experience until the truth dawns that what you believed about life and reality is to say the least not quite how it is. Those who have some understanding of reality will be aware of the process that follows 'death' while those with their awareness welded to Cult perception programs can be seriously bemused and bewildered as so many near-death experiences have confirmed.

Your state of awareness most certainly affects the experience of psychoactive drugs which activate areas and channels of the brain to access realities normally denied to human perception.


These have been used for thousands of years as a major source of shamanic comprehension of reality. I took ayahuasca, a psychoactive rainforest potion, over two nights in Brazil in 2003 and had a fantastic experience over a total of seven hours.


For five hours on the second night a clear, loud, powerful voice taking a female form gave me chapter and verse about the illusory nature of 'physical' reality. I refer to the communicator as 'The Voice'.


During an explanation about the illusion of 'time' and 'space' The Voice said:

'Why do you fly from point A to point B when you are point A and point B and everything in “between”?'

When I returned home with total recall of what was said I began to research the subject at length and found that mainstream science (especially quantum physics) already had the evidence to prove that physical reality is illusory, but the controlling hierarchy still sought to push the case for this-world-is-all-there-is and you are only your brain.


This is the Cult narrative for reasons I have explained. Some have had nightmare experiences with psychoactive drugs and in my view they only open brain channels that allow access to deeper levels of yourself which can still reflect your current mental and emotional state and what is happening in your subconscious.


I have known people who have taken drugs like LSD hundreds of times and they were no more enlightened than someone who has had nothing stronger than a cup of tea. It is not only about opening your mind, but what level of awareness you open to. Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of the extreme climate group Extinction Rebellion, is a psychoactive potion-taker who thinks she is enlightened as a result and wants others to partake.


She told the BBC that the idea of creating Extinction Rebellion came to her when she prayed 'in a deep way' while taking 'psychedelic medicines'. Her subsequent 'enlightenment' led her to establish a Climate Cult operation which is a fundamental threat to human freedom as I will be exposing.


She confuses demands for global centralization of power to 'save the world' (exactly what the Cult has been seeking all along) with an 'awakening'. Such 'enlightenment' is really a fast- track to even greater enslavement and I repeat:

Psychoactive drugs only take you to where you already are subconsciously, if not consciously, and that will dictate the level of awareness beyond human reality that you connect with.

These drugs, like death, are indeed no cure for ignorance, but they can be for some. Perception is the key and who is in control of that? We are - if we make that choice and stop allowing others to tell us what to think.

The scale of the reality illusion, which is mercilessly manipulated by the Cult, can be seen in the fact that mainstream science believes that (illusory) time and space are among the fundamental building blocks of the Universe.


This systematically-imposed ignorance ('lack of knowledge, understanding, or information') is the foundation of human control and it must end before, as Martin Luther King put it,

freedom can ring...