by Mind the Matrix
June 27, 2015
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Christianne van Wijk



DISCLAIMER: This film offers OPINIONS and FACTS.

In the case of people's personal experiences shared in this documentary, it is of the utmost importance that you DO NOT accept and believe everything you hear and see without doing your own research and feeling what your own truth is, as seen through your own personal filters.

This film is to invite people to wake up and find the truth how they see it.

Everyone's experience is different and it is within the crossovers that we find a commonly accepted reality.

The makers of this film also do not encourage the viewer to drink Ayahuasca.


This film is not about this medicine plant. It is only mentioned in the beginning of this film whereby the narrator shares an experience.


However the rest of the film does not focus on this plant.


Attending an Ayahuasca ceremony is not for everyone and should be very carefully considered.

Since the release of this film, the filmmaker believes humanity's collective consciousness has expanded considerably to make a significant collective change in the matrix template.

Our external reality is an expression of what we have collectively created together and we consider this to be REALITY.

Reality in this case means 'OUR THOUGHTS REALIZED'.


So, yes, it is a form of reality indeed...

However, a lot of the realities we have created are not in harmony with our true being and planet earth.


Western society is a slash and burn reality where what we take is not given back. This will eventually result in the exhaustion of resources of our planet.

The way we treat planet Earth is a result of how we treat ourselves and thus others.

We tend to think in a linear way and not in a cyclical way where what goes out comes back in and vise versa:

A dance between our internal eternal spirit and the physical external realm.

It is like we have become so mesmerized that we believe that the external world is all there is. We hang on to it for dear life and since we know our resources are finite, fear and greed put us into a constant survival mode.

In the mean time our true being is not integrated as much as is healthy for our wellbeing.


It is like we walk around like zombies; cleverly reflected by the large amount of zombie movies that have come out over the past 10 years.

The film 'Mind the Matrix' looks at all this and with the help of various experts, hands the viewer tools on how to get back to our natural state of inner and outer harmony.

This is where global change will start. With ourselves. Once we have rediscovered the nature of who we really are, this will automatically be reflected outwards.


Our 'reality' will then be adjusted all by itself.

By remaining focused outwards, we as humans may just get exhausted of trying for change and not seeing any.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said,

'Be the change that you want in the world'.

Christianne van Wijk





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