by George Kunnath

August 21, 2019
from UpliftConnect Website









Stillness is Life in its Fullness

We are in the moment like the wind.


Everything is 'now' - it changes all the time like the wind. The wind blows all the time... from a gentle murmur of a breeze to a hurricane. Sometimes it is a cool gentle breeze; other times it is a strong wind, yet other times it is a whirlwind.


Some other times it becomes a storm and some other times a hurricane:

between them, it is movement and in the center are always moments of stillness.

The dancer is all the time in a still moment depicting grace and beauty:

rhythm and balance...

The perfect dancer is in absolute stillness, in perfect balance and harmony with the wonder of the Universe.


The musician creates breathtaking melodies from the depth of stillness while it flows through his flute or reverberates from the depth of his being.


Soul-stirring music always rises from stillness and merges with absolute stillness.

  • Nature is always still

  • The universe is still and harmonious

  • The heart of all matter is still

  • Life is still

  • All life forms are still amidst apparent chaos...

It is a paradox...

The mute question is how one can be still or attain this stillness with nature in a turbulent and strife-torn world?

The answer is that there is no instant pill or quick-fix solution.


One needs to begin by,

going back to nature. Be in nature by observing and listening. Tune in with the rustling of the wind, songs of the birds, warmth, and colors of the sunrays, listening to the waves of the sea, seeing the mountainous landscapes. Watch the changing of seasons.

Everything in nature happens in stillness - whether the birth of a new life or mass destruction and chaos.


Out of stillness emerges everything. At the root of everything is nothingness. The infinite source of everything is nothingness and this nothingness is all deep stillness.

When we are still,

We merge with nature, the Universe, and the Absolute.


We go with the wind; we fly with the birds, we float with the waves, we stand with the trees, rise and set with the sun and moon.


We change with the seasons; we flow with the rivers, we shine with the stars and orbit with the planets.


We are no longer separate from the universe; we become one with everything in the universe, glowing in the beauty and wonder of the universe.

Our life becomes very simple and we are in paradise.

The beauty of stillness is indescribable; it is to be listened to, felt and experienced; it is to be lived in the wonder of the Universe. Stillness is everything:

it is love, joy, peace, energy, power... It is life...

Stillness is life in its fullness.