by Toucher Terre
May 18, 2020
from YouTube Website





As Master Yoda used to say,

"In the world of the dark side, enter, you must"

"But what's over there?" Obi wan asked him.

And Yoda said, "What you'll bring to it."

The young Jedi rise up today, in the face of this declared war of conscience, and no longer want to hide…


They demand freedom and fight for a new world, sometimes on the journey of their reputations or the security of their lives… which they bequeath with love and generosity.

A thought to parents in these tumultuous times, especially to these brave and caring mothers, whom neither fear nor the gaze of others can now silence.


Those who see with new eyes and who fear neither rain, nor wind, nor storm… nor death! But who are sometimes terrified that a criminal system might touch their children.


For our children are THE target, by which they try to keep us in submission, silence and inaction.

To those who think they are isolated or a little too marginal, who feel the call in their hearts but who still fear reprisals, I would like to say this:

we may not be the most numerous or the most visible, but we are not alone, and above all, we are the image of tomorrow's world...

It is time to come out of the shadows! Your integrity is your weapon, and your power protects you.

And finally, to all those parasites, which have sabotaged our lives for millennia, we are the embodied souls that nothing can stop, the fireflies and the stars, the force of the Living and of nature that defends itself,

And to everyone else,

...You are great, you are the RE-EVOLUTION!