by Sabine Launius
September 07, 2019
from In5D Website



Sabine follows Shamanic as well as Wiccan traditions and enjoys creating metaphysical items. 


The path of spiritual awakening might be a lonely one, maybe even painful at times, but a powerful one nonetheless...


We might not know what hit us and why, but we will definitely know when it reached us because things will change overnight for some of us, for others the changes might be a little more subtle at first but the "journey" will take its course either way.

I have been on such a journey for almost three years and I am writing this for all of you who might be experiencing similar "weird" phenomena, but are unsure what to make of them, how to deal with them, to try to explain them to others or maybe not as your surroundings will definitely take notice and judgment of the "new you" will happen...


It's human nature and it always has been...

When you come to the point where you don't even recognize yourself anymore


When you begin to realize that there is a path for you even though it is still unclear what it may be


When you start to notice that some friendships just don't work anymore because the energies suddenly collide, you certainly have made progress


When you get visions of some of your past lives, maybe even people from these lives coming in as someone else and you might even recognize them but they don't recognize you and maybe never will, in this lifetime at least, then you are well on your way to experience the art of spiritual awakening.

When you begin to hear about "soul contracts" and understand what the four "Clairs" are,

  • clairvoyance - clear seeing

  • clairaudience - clear hearing

  • clairsentience - clear feeling/sensing

  • claircognizance - clear knowing,

...then you are right in the middle of it.

A word about "soul contracts":

we may have signed many soul contracts with different people during various lifetimes and we did it for a reason - to learn a lesson!

Some Shamanic approaches consist of the assumption that it is possible and desirable to change these contracts.

Maybe it is. For myself, I have to say that I am not going to change any contract as it has a specific purpose that is still valid in this lifetime.


It's almost like "tempting" karma.

Whatever opinions people might have in terms of soul contracts, there is no right or wrong but merely freedom of choice which is exactly what we all want and need.


And it's about respect for each other - a must have we can never give up or compromise on.

As this is very personal and totally unique experience for every single one of us it might be difficult to find people who can relate to you and what you are going through or might be able to explain to you what are some of these "weird" things are, but never give up because you are not alone...!

Why can we suddenly see auras, feel energy, have a high level of vibration that might even cause an "overload" in your system because your body is not used to it...?

Maybe some of you might have experienced physical reactions like,

extreme sensitivity to some crystals, sound bowls, drums, meditation, uncontrollable shaking, feeling sick etc.

For the longest time you have no clue what causes these symptoms until one day you finally find someone who knows because they have experienced the same thing and have "mastered" this challenge to a certain degree.

Maybe some of you have discovered remote viewing of places they have never been to. This gift of course is given to us for healing and helping others.

Whatever practices we follow,

to do shadow work, space clearing, land healing, energy clearing, balancing and so many more, determined by who we are.


Again, there is no right or wrong approach, just choices.


We might try different things in order to narrow down the path and also to connect with Spirit and to find balance. I practice Shamanic traditions which help me to connect to the elements, to ground and to find balance - within myself and around me.


It's the Shamanic way and whatever we discover during the "journey" is really what we have done all along, at least in some of other lifetimes.


The "new" is really the "old"...

Grounding is very important and at least for me not that easy to achieve. A work in progress but at some point it will become a routine and you won't have to remind yourself to ground or feel the consequences if you don't.

Maybe some of us have experienced physical changes where people that you have known for a very long time don't even recognize you anymore.


Some of us might have seen bizarre lights, have heard distorted voices, developed psychic abilities, become mediums - whatever it may be - know that others might be experiencing similar things.

And the search and experiences will be ongoing while people around you keep noticing the changes.


The old saying,

"people fear what they don't understand" is true to this day...

We have to be able to integrate ourselves in this society but at the same time stay true to who we really are. If we can do this without being judged, criticized or ridiculed we have already won.

Each of us can contribute in their own unique way.


For me I have discovered that I like to be creative, participate in and offer meetups/circles to reach out but also to create community for like-minded people.

Wherever we are on our path, we are not alone.


And even though some of us might be solitary practitioners of whatever we choose to do, we will still be supported by the community. This is especially true for introverts.


The path will reveal itself - eventually...!