by Teri Wade

May 20, 2019
from In5D Website

Spanish version



Nothing in this Universe happens by chance even the most insignificant event is there for a purpose. Life is a journey of experiences and everyone of your experiences holds value.

Throughout our life we meet different people that play different roles and serve different purposes.

Some teach us life lessons and some leave no lasting impression at all.


Some are meant to stay with us forever and some are not.

There are people that are meant for you to meet in your lifetime just to Awaken you...


These Awakeners are agents of change. They might at first ruffle your feathers and make you feel very uncomfortable but there's a reason for you meeting.

They are there to directly or indirectly initiate change.


These people will make you realize that you will not move forward unless you initiate some kind of change.


These people will awaken your inner dormant potential that would've remained asleep if you would've stayed stagnant.

There are those people that are there only to remind you, to remind you to stay focused on your purpose in life.

These people are there to remind you of who you truly are.


These people show you how to grow and stretch your mind.


They show you things that you are not able to learn for yourself.

Then there are people that play an insignificant role in your life.

People you meet on the subway, in the coffee shop, at the grocery store etc.


These people are mainly meant to hold space for you.


These are people you make small talk with and have no connection beyond that.


These insignificant encounters are there to cheer you on your journey.


They are members of your soul family playing an important role in your life in very small fragments of time.

The ones that stay and stick by you forever are rare to find but are the most precious ones.

They are our closest friends, partners and immediate family.


Most of them are members of your soul group.

These people are with you because they usually share a similar mission...