by Rosanne Lindsay
November 27, 2018

from NatureOfHealing Website

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  • Do you have trouble waking up?


  • Does a tight feeling in your gut cause you to pull the covers over your head to return to your dreams?


  • Are you wide awake at 3 AM?

If you have woken any day over the last two years to discover major anomalies on the planet, you are not alone. This awakening is the beginning of the storm before the calm.


We, as a humanity, are getting ready for a spiritual upgrade.

  • For those who are ready, we are moving from 3D to a higher dimension.


  • For those who are not, you are still moving up to a new version of this dimension.

Depending on how you choose to lead your life will determine which path you take.

The tremors and quakes taking place on Earth, both emotionally and physically, natural and man-made, are far from over. They reflect a transformation on all levels of existence. Control is the foundation of this timeline and fear is the default frequency.


We are living in a construct of greed, lies, and evil playing out as child trafficking and pedophilia by top authority figures and Hollywood elite.


Some might call this time a hell on earth. New international treaty laws serve to bind, limit, and constrict. New mandates such as Adult Immunization Plans prevent choice and lock-in in a Master-Slave relationship.


A trend toward a cashless society reinforces a credit-debtor relationship through a hierarchy of power - the many, ruled by a few.




Lies in the Skies



We are not being told the truth about our solar system. Irregularities in our skies feature two suns and a hole in the moon. Reports disclose that there is a sun simulator pretending to be our sun.


It's enough to leave an inquiring human with more questions than answers.

Most of us can see that Climate Change is really Climate Manipulation and that there is no Global Warming (hence the name Climate Change).

  • Why does the government fail to mention that Grand Solar Minimum is expected to usher in a 50-year cooling period?


  • With weakening solar cycles, get ready for longer, colder winters.


  • Will we adapt if the sun stops shining as brightly?


  • Is the sun simulator a replacement or is it being used to cloak other objects in space?



Spiritual Evolution

We can no longer trust what we are being told.


And we can no longer be distracted by what we perceive through our limited senses. In the big picture of human evolution, physical senses are less sensitive than non-physical senses.


Can we be so sure of what we are seeing or not seeing?





If you didn't know it, we are in the throws of a spiritual evolution that cannot be contained.


More of us are now coming to realize that we do not have to conform to deceptive systems that are leading us to Artificial Intelligence where the soul is secondary to computer integration of the human species.


This binary planetary system of zeros and ones (opposites), has always been a Matrix 'construct' set up to divide humanity and prevent the natural evolution from proceeding.

The Hell on Earth construct that we have all helped to co-create through our consent can be transformed simply by remembering and returning to our divinity.


In order to construct Heaven on Earth we need to reject the U.N. agenda and New World Order of a genderless society. We must return to our divine nature. That is, the divine masculine and divine feminine - our connection to Source Creator.

We return to Source by accepting that we are a body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit all rolled into one.


The biophysical and the metaphysical are aspects of our true Self. We are sovereign beings, born under Natural Law. Nature's laws supersede man's laws every time. We have only forgotten our birthright.


Attempts by authorities to control freedoms are out of alignment with our true nature and will naturally fall apart.


Resistance, for the resisters, is futile.

Power grabs by systems… political, governmental, religious… using fear-based tactics, are a desperate, last gasp effort to maintain control.


To the extent that they achieve any control is only because we allow it. We allow others to control us when we give up responsibility to nurture our divine selves.


When we consent to draconian laws, and beg for rights, we ensure our enslavement. Natural rights are inherent rights. Rights granted by governments are mere privileges that can be taken away, on a whim.


All government law is contract law and ignores the spirit of the law because it ignores the spirit.



During this time of awakening, you may feel out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You may experience migraines, joint pains, and sleep problems.


These are normal and natural during soul growth spurts. You may experience breakdown in relationships, a job, or your health.


You can choose whether your awakening process will be experienced as a roadblock or as a steppingstone by the choices you make on a daily basis.


Question whether you automatically resort to drugs, which only suppresses symptoms.

As always, you are not faced with anything that you are unable to handle. You are a soul living in an Earth suit. You are multidimensional and limitless.


Don't limit yourself by what you see in the mirror. This is an exciting time to be alive. Be proactive instead of reactive, positive instead of negative.


In order to adapt to the shift you have to shift with the shift, not against it.

The most important thing when faced with a storm is to know who you are. We do not require any outside technology since we came here with everything we need.


We only need to remember a few things:


  1. Move Out of the Head and into the Heart


    Move from thoughts to feelings.


    Listen to your body through your heart center, the vessel of your feelings. All feelings come from love or lack of love. Love is the highest vibration. Fear is a lack of love, the lowest vibration. Fear represents falsehood and panic, hate, and greed.


    Turn off the TV programming that keeps fear alive. Fear cannot exist in love. Stay in your heart and tune out the chatter of your head, which is your ego. Ego prefers to maintain control through the mind.


    Use your breathe and meditate to connect to Source to recapture love.


    Be love to find peace.


  2. Treat Your Body as a Temple


    Honor your body. Refrain from putting toxins into it.


    We are extensions of the Earth which gives us life. Earth toxicity equals human toxicity. Avoid toxic injections, toxic products, and toxic foods, including refined, processed and genetically modified foods.


    These are dead foods that take more energy for the body to process than is provided by the foods themselves.


    Eat as close to the earth as possible; food in its original packages. Grow your own food or support a local, organic farmer. Listen to your body's wisdom. As your body moves to a higher vibration you will notice physical changes that are temporary.


    Support the transition to a lighter density by eating lighter, drinking clean water or herbal teas, and getting enough sleep.


  3. See Yourself as More Than a Body


    Think big. You are an Energy Being.


    Everything is energy and energy is vibration. We experience this energy through our senses and our extra-senses, in terms of being, feeling, sensing, intuiting, and knowing.


    As more of us reconnect through the heart to our vibrational selves, we see our connection to divinity, which is our true power and freedom.


  4. Ground to the Earth to step into your power


    When you ground through Earthing, you plant your bare feet on the ground to increase the flow of negative ions into your body which:

    1. increases your energetic biofield


    2. resets your self-healing systems (nervous, immune and endocrine systems)


    3. cleanses your aura. It is a similar experience for the Earth after a lightening storm

    The negative ions from the lightning clear the air of toxins and contaminants. Our nature IS nature.


    We are our environment, and more.





  5. Appreciate Your Life


    Thank the Universe/God/Creator for all you have.


    To appreciate means to increase in value. If you do not appreciate what you already have, what makes you think you will be happy with more?


    Be grateful for the gifts you came here to share. You know what they are. They reflect what you are passionate about. They are the desires of your inner child. They are your purpose.


    Once you know and use your gifts, opportunities present themselves and things seemingly fall magically into place. Your vibration attracts what you are, whether it be through people or events.


    Why not consciously create rather than unconsciously?


  6. Create Heaven on Earth


    Releasing fear reconnects us to love.


    We are able to bypass the artificial constructs of this world to take us into a new world that we co-create. We realize that nothing material can ever fill the void.


    Releasing control of wealth and possessions liberates us to walk a new path where these are unnecessary weights. Moving to a higher, lighter density means we'll be released of burdens to co-create in new ways.


    In the shift that we are now experiencing, we must let go of societal and belief systems that do not resonate with love or truth.


    Truth is found through the heart, right next to love.

It's time to prepare the foundation for a new world built with gratitude and love.


We must only ask what serves our hearts.


The answers are found within and are expressed as caring, compassion, and unconditional love. These are the most important assets in the awakening process and in preparing for the storm before the calm.